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  • Mrs. Mix Up

    by Candace Harper
    A secret crush. A mix-up in paperwork. And suddenly, a fake marriage that lands two women in one hotel room--and face to face with their denial. After six months of simmering attraction, librarians Sofiya Anderson and Molly Andersen are ready to burst. There's a magnetism between them that threatens their commitment to professionalism, and not even a librarian's stern shushing can quiet it down. But they've managed to hold themselves in check...for now. Until a mistake at a regional conference... more
  • Night Safari: A Romance Novel

    by Kin Writer
    Shelby’s excited to finally be in Africa and she’s dying to go on her first Night Safari. The pictures she’s seen in books she knows can’t compare to what she’s going to see in real life! The guides are finally retiring from the long day of work yet Shelby has just arrived... Will she find someone willing to take risk of a night Safari... All is good until the last guide returns and no one is willing to take her on a safari because it is getting late.. Well, not for her. May... more
  • Hands of Grace

    by Brenda S. Anderson

    She’s always looked for love in the wrong places.
    He wants nothing to do with love.

    Rita Dunlap has a history of looking for love in the wrong places, but this time, she’s got it right. Her heart surgeon boyfriend has hinted at proposing, along with letting her sickly mother live with them once they’re married.

    But then she learns her boyfriend isn’t a doctor at all, but a drug trafficker who’s involved her in his scheme. Not onl... more

  • Home Another Way (the Potter's House Books #18)

    by Brenda S. Anderson

    Can a senator's daughter and a convict's son overcome their differences and learn what it means to love?

    Realtor Dani Chamberlain’s passion for bringing attention to the homeless, regardless of the method, has once again backfired. Along with being sentenced to one-hundred hours of community service feeding the homeless, she’s also being kicked out of her home—by her own mother! She has less than two months to find a new place, or she’ll ... more

  • It's Not PMS, It's You

    by Rich Amooi

    Ruth “Ruthless” Harper is on the verge of becoming managing partner at her all-male consulting firm and she won’t let anything stand in her way. That includes men, relationships, and that dreaded F word, FEELINGS—distractions she eliminated long ago.

    After the worst day ever (a near-death experience and a public wedgie, for starters), Ruth realizes she doesn’t want to live and die alone. She puts together a business plan to find the perfect man and dives he... more

  • Only For Makayla

    by Melanie Bennett
    Re-Released FE/2019 An explosive friendship escalates into a complicated love. I found Makayla that night. Her bruised, battered body and crushed spirit, cut my heart to pieces. The blackest, most sinful part of me, ached to destroy the sick coward. To end his life and have payback for his brutal attack on her. I made an oath that night. Our undeniable bond survived, but months have divided us and pushed our fragments so far apart. I can't have Makayla and risk my friendship with her br... more
  • The Last Goodbye (Seaside Sisters Series Book 1)

    by Kay Lyons


    Widower Dominic Dunn isn’t sure what to think of his wife’s pre-planned trip for him a year after her death. It’s her effort to force him from his work desk to the coast and the peacefulness she’d found at the Carolina Cove Inn.

    Innkeeper Ireland Cohen is a single mom with an impressionable son, and after the kid gets himself into trouble, Dominic offers to lend a hand. It’s the least he can do when... more

  • Triple Attraction: A Love Story

    by Duke Dupree
    Ben Willis is now president and CEO of the company his grandfather initiated and his father/uncle nurtured into a large corporation. After Ben's aunt and uncle adopted Ben and his sister Linda when they were five and three years-old, respectively. They could have grown up as snobs and associated with only the upper class, but their aunt wouldn't hear of it. They were sent to public schools and grew up with children from all walks of life. Ben discovers the love of his life as does Linda, but a... more
  • When You Know

    by K. L. Cottrell
    Many would call being able to see the future a ‘gift,’ but twenty-six-year-old Hallie Lark calls it a useless, bewildering bother. She does in her own head, at least, because no one else knows about her ability. Not only is she an introvert and part of a cold family, but her glimpses of the future are as impossible to prove as they are to prevent. They're a bother, indeed, always leaving her feeling ineffectual—she doesn’t know why they plague her, and she wishes they wouldn’t. Until a tru... more
  • Kill for You (A Warrior for Her Book 2)

    by Ayden K. Morgen

    I never believed in angels until I saw her standing in the middle of a crime scene, covered in the blood of a girl she knew nothing about. One look and I knew I needed to know more. Turns out, Faith Donovan is the answer to a lot of prayers…and my one shot at taking down Los Zetas, the biggest drug cartel left in Los Angeles.

    The way I feel about her has nothing to do with my job though. She makes me want to wrap her in my arms and keep her for myself. Too bad for me, sh... more

  • Gisela's Passion

    by Astrid V.J.
    Ever since she can remember, 18-year-old Gisela Winry has wanted to dance. Her strict father sees dancing as the path to immorality, licentiousness and debauchery. Devastated at his wrath after she secretly auditions and wins the title Harvest Queen of Ylvaton, Gisela turns to her best friend, Hilarion, who proposes a path she cannot take. With their friendship broken, Hilarion retreats to the solace of the forest where he lets his hatred and jealousy fester. Meanwhile, Gisela meets Vincent... more
  • Lady of Secrets (Ladies of the Civil War Book 1)

    by G.S. Carr
    Her secret mission. A country divided. His impossible love. Henrietta Wright is a Free Colored woman who teaches reading and writing to anyone who enters her classroom. At least she was, until a drunken night with friends catapults her down a path of intrigue, coded messages, and intelligence operations. All in service of the Union Army. She can’t tell anyone what she’s doing, including the handsome Irishman she knows she shouldn’t want, but can’t seem to resist. Since stepping onto Americ... more
  • Arrested Heart: Book One of the Arrested Series by H. L. Nida

    Learning to trust a man again, yeah sure, that sounds easy. It's hard when you're a struggling single mom with a beautiful daughter, that you feel you have to protect. My past is full of hurts and an ex-fiancé who was unpredictable and abusive. At times, I’m surprised I’m still alive. As much as I'd love to have a man in my life, he's going to have to prove that he's worth it this time.Five years of being alone would make any woman wonder what happened to the sexy side of her. My best friend thi... more
  • Visa to Paradise

    by Cécile Rischmann
    Enticed into accepting an all-expenses-paid exotic vacation, young and rebellious Annette Carmichael is heading to an unknown destination along with her friends for fiesta decadent week of fun and frolic. However, to their shock, they end up at a dilapidated psycho-spiritual center instead! Dave Carter, an attractive American celibate, with a successful track record of turning rebels around, is asked to take on Annette and her troop. Dave is horrified as his last experience with a woman left ... more
  • A Christmas To Cherish: A Sweet and Wholesome Christian Novella: (Cherish Series Book 2)

    by Josie Riviera

    There’s nothing a Christmas kiss won’t cure. Except perhaps a shattered heart…

    When Emmanuelle Sumter steps off the train in Cherish, South Carolina—a town simply glowing with the promise of Christmas—she finds herself praying God will help her find the broken pieces of her life. Shattered, like her beloved harp. Her dreams. And her trust in men.

    Her friend Dorothy told her Cherish is a safe haven. But she never expected Dorothy&rsq... more

  • A Valentine To Cherish: A Sweet and Wholesome Christian Novella (Cherish Series Book 3)

    by Josie Riviera

    Valentine’s Day is all about love. And God has a special plan for a small-town woman and a road-weary singer.

    When Scarlett Evans meets Grammy-nominated Christian singer/songwriter Joseph Slater, their attraction dances like the intricate melodies he plays on his guitar. The way he looks at her—like she’s perfect, just as she is—is a balm to her recently broken heart.

    But who is she kidding? Stars like Joseph pick slim, demure, beautiful b... more