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  • My Accidental Future (Hearts of Nashville)

    by Jenilee Wallace

    Julie Adams is a personal stylist to Nashville’s hottest music stars. With her career exactly where she always dreamed of being, and an amazing group of friends, her life is perfect… Kind of. She’s just missing one thing. Love. She fell head over heels for Justin at a friend's wedding, but he wasn’t willing to commit, leaving her wondering if she will ever be the one saying ‘I do’. But a drunk night in Vegas lands her in bed with Justin, which threatens to shatter her heart once more.

    J... more

  • The Only Future I Want (Hearts of Nashville)

    by Jenilee Wallace

    Hunter Harris is a heartthrob country music star and notorious playboy. Men want to be him, women want to be with him. Monogamy was not a word in his vocabulary until he found himself drawn to his friend, Sherry. Can he give up his wandering ways to give an actual relationship a chance or will his past haunt his future?


    Sherry Carter is a make-up artist to the stars and currently employed by Nashville’s hottest star, Renee Cutler. She is plagued by self doubt and a lo... more

  • The LoveLock

    by Eichin Chang-Lim
    Life changes on a dime. Few understand this painful truth quite like Violet and Dylan, former college sweethearts united by their troubled childhoods. When a gut-wrenching tragedy strikes in their adult years, they're torn apart—their relationship unable to survive the blow. Though they go their separate ways, they remain connected by a meaningful token: a locket, which Dylan bestows upon Violet on a blissful day by a gorgeous beach in Coronado, California—to which he holds the key. This ... more
  • From Shards to Sea Glass

    by Michele Wilder
    A riddle left by Claire's deceased parents leads her to a town on the coast of Maine. Her handsome landlord introduces her sea glass, and she uses it in the mosaic she designs for the local church. Falling in love with a man she cannot have, discovering her family's troubled past, and being plunged into danger after solving the riddle challenge Claire's faith in God and the inner peace she craves.
  • The Tobacco Barn

    by Tennessee Gunns
    Hook – Define success. Mickey Starr’s achievements are numerous and yet a yearning for something more drives him to the brink of destruction. Friends and family vow to love Mickey through the turbulent and sordid trials of life. How far will a man go to keep his promise? The Tobacco Barn is an 79,100-words. Southern Fictional. Back Cover- When wealthy businessman Mickey Starr loses his wife, Nedra, and his fishing boats in the same year, he’s motivated to enlist his grandson Tipp and singer... more
  • A Not So Immaculate Conception

    by Crystal Estell
    “KNOCKED UP meets THE PROPOSAL in this guaranteed laugh-out-loud romantic comedy!” Lacey Winters had a perfectly plotted life. Then, she had the most toe-curling dream ever—only it wasn’t a dream. And the blurred image of the charming, hot guy she once considered a figment of her imagination, just became the poster boy of her worst nightmare when she finds herself pregnant with no clue who the mystery man is. The reason for her foggy memory? A case of transient amnesia brought on by… we... more
  • Blood and Ballet

    by Melissa Mitchell

    "Blood for dancing, Cece. Blood for pain. Your choice." 

    In Anghor Manor, there is always a choice. When ex-ballet dancer Celine sees something she shouldn't in the alley outside of Vienna's hottest nightclub—owned and frequented by vampires—she is offered three choices. Each choice is as frightening as the next. Unable to make up her mind, Cece bides her time. She wrestles with memories of her old life, a life she was forced to abandon when a devastat... more

  • Relatively Sane

    by Whitney Dineen
    Catriona Masterton’s family is not normal. Her father has a passion for taxidermized animals that he dresses in the family plaid. Her mother has a penchant for hoarding kitchen gadgets and other oddities that leave her sanity in question. Her grandmother, Nan, has never met a swearword she doesn’t like. Despite all this, party-planner Cat leaves the hustle and bustle of New York City to move back to her tiny hometown outside of Chicago. She even buys her parents' farm with plans to turn the b... more

    by Ruth C Howard
    Years of observing human nature in many different situations led author Ruth C. Howard to adapt from her own experiences this story, her seventh novel “Table for Eight,” which follows four couples from completely different backgrounds and from completely different areas of the country who meet on a cruise, highlighting passage through the Panama Canal. Eight different personalities share the same table in the ship’s dining room. Their differences lead to the development of many story ... more

    by Ruth C Howard
    It is 1958. Fifty professional musicians (24 singers, 26 instrumentalists) leave New York to tour the country as the James Wilton Chorale under the leadership of the Chorale’s founder, Jimmy Wilton. There are eight main characters, five singers and three instrumentalists. As this racially and religiously mixed group travels south, tensions rise and the specters of segregation, racism, anti-Semitism, and other prejudices plague the Chorale. Conductor Jimmy Wilton struggles to keep the grou... more
  • Now Playing on Outworld 5730

    by R. T. W. Lipkin
    If you can afford an elaborate vacation, you can spend your riches on an immersive experience on Outworld 5730. For Ephraim, it’s the ideal opportunity for revenge. For Violet, a job on the remote outworld is a last resort. But the two are drawn to each other—and drawn into the lethal schemes threatening to turn this into the deadliest of holidays.
  • A Note from an Old Acquaintance

    by Bill Walker
    A best-selling author on the brink of despair revisits the city of his youth to find the lost love he left behind.
  • Ridorkulous (Dorky Duet Book 1)

    by Mary Frame
    Awkwardland. It’s where I live. And I’m the president, mayor, and sole citizen. Reese Jackson is living her safest life. This polymath is tired of trying to fit in with a small town that never knows what to do with her. Her absentee family may have forced her into dorm life for her own good, but she goes from her classes to her room and back—no parties, no dates, and no drawing attention. Until one noisy night, when Reese gets kicked out of her dorm. Fitz Moreland is living his okayest... more
  • Wayfarer

    by Eileen Troemel
    Adara Stone, pilot, seeks a ship to fly. Decker Flannery needs an experienced pilot to fly his ship. When the two meet, they immediately clash. As Adara struggles to overcome past losses, she develops a new family on the ship including her captain. She strives to hide her growing attraction to the captain out of fear of losing him and her place on his ship.
  • Love Along the Esplanade

    by Sarah E Stewart
    A light and fun romantic comedy with a twist!