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  • Duke of Debauchery (Sins and Scoundrels Book 5)

    by Scarlett Scott
    He's notoriously wicked. She's a wallflower guarding her heart. Book 5 is now available in the Sins and Scoundrels Series. Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited! The Duke of Montrose has perfected the art of being a scoundrel. Mistresses? He’s had an endless procession of them. Gin-soaked nights? He’s experienced more than he can count. He’ll do anything to distract himself from the demons of his past. Until the day his devil-may-care ways leave his best friend gravely injured. Now, he’s det... more
  • Loving Dr. Martin

    by Christiana Jones

    Doctors can't fall in love with their patients... can they?

    Dr. Serena Martin knows the human heart exists to pump blood, no matter what the poets say. She used to be a romantic, belting out soulful tunes in a college band alongside her sexy-as-sin guitarist boyfriend. But her feet are solidly planted now, and her new surgeon boyfriend understands that lasting contentment isn’t found in roses and lyrics, but in compatibility and mutual goals.

    Across the pond, Michael Dun... more

  • Dancing with the Enemy

    by Christiana Jones

    Her career... or the man she loves?


    Dr. Lisa Johnson, a dedicated and astute emergency room physician, has shattered everyone's expectations. She's made it from her family's working-class roots in Akron, Ohio, to Harvard Medical School. Now, she is on the verge of becoming Chief of Emergency Medicine at Boston General Hospital. She should be thrilled, except she's not sure the dream she's spent half her lifetime pursuing is hers.

    HE HAT... more

  • Till Medicine Do Us Part

    by Christiana Jones

    A doctor who has it all. A marriage in jeopardy. One false step could cost her everything.

    Haunted by a professional embarrassment from her past, Dr. Makayla Jackson pursues success at work with a single-minded focus. From the outside, she has it all: a successful Boston medical practice, a loving husband, and a sweet daughter who packs a punch in her Little Dragon martial arts class. Makayla juggles many roles—healer, mother, breadwinner, wife—and her marriage is starting t... more

  • Passions in Paris: Revelations of a Lost Diary

    by Rusty Blackwood
    A forgotten diary, lost for forty years, reveals the story of a rediscovered love nearly lost in 1999 Paris. An unforgettable romance filled with danger, intrigue, and love without boundaries, Passions in Paris: Revelations of a Lost Diary tells the story of forbidden love, salacious adultery, cunning jealousy, and unrequited passion. This complex and stirring story, revolving around star-crossed soul mates, Canadian author Joy Wychmere, and Irish actor Cullen Malone, tells how their immeasu... more
  • Must Keep You: A Billionaire's Surprise Baby Romance (Darling Cove Book 5)

    by Deborah Garland
    It started as a forbidden kiss with his best friend… ~ ★★★★★ Wonderfully fantastic! When best friends play just the tip, sexy-time gets out of control, and a casual fling turns serious and complicated. Now Lily is pregnant with a billionaire’s baby. No problem, until Carter’s father tries to marry him off to someone else. Not so fast. Lily, with her tattoos and piercings, is the woman who got this trust fund guy’s engines revving. He’s ready to do anything to keep her. Including goin... more
  • A Must for Christmas: A Family Drama Holiday Romance (Darling Cove Book 4)

    by Deborah Garland
    Christmas just got complicated… “Please tell me what stupid-ass thing I did so when my wife, the mother of my sons wakes up, I can do whatever the heck it takes to make it up to her.” All I want for Christmas is for my wife… To be a stay-at-home mom. What’s wrong with wanting to support my family? Why does Faith (and everyone else) look at me… Like I have ten heads? Now my pregnant wife has turned distant. I lost her once, I will not lose her again. A medical complicati... more
  • Must Be Crazy: A Single Dad Fireman Romance (Darling Cove Book 3)

    by Deborah Garland
    It's getting hot in here. So take off all your clothes... I’m a single father, a volunteer fireman, and an architect by trade. I sleep alone every night, pining for a woman I can’t have… To avoid dragging her into my nightmare. When her world goes up in flames, I rescue her. Now it’s her turn to rescue me. Let me taste, touch, feel what I’m missing in my life… Her. She makes my legs weak and my son smile. Then I find out her secret… She’s the lawyer for the man suing me... more
  • Must Have Faith: A Second Chance Small Town Romance (Darling Cove Book 2)

    by Deborah Garland
    A decade lost. A love that still burns. “Say the word, Faith, and I’m yours tonight.” Greg possessed her mouth like the night he took her virginity. “All night.” Ten agonizing years ago… The love of my life left me at the altar. Now, she’s back. She wants to be my friend. From fiancée to friend. WTF! Should I hate her or kiss her… Until neither of us can see straight? She’s the only woman I’ll ever love. I don’t want to blow my last chance with her. But she’s hiding... more
  • Must Love Fashion: An Enemies to Lovers Office Romance (Darling Cove Book 1)

    by Deborah Garland
    Meet the new devil who wears Prada. Andrew Morgan is the marketing king of Prada so do NOT sit on his throne. He doesn’t need a PR know-it-all telling him how to run a fashion show. He's an ex-model for crying out loud. And there’s no way he can work with the stranger he took to bed last year, the woman who gave him the most incredible night of passion. The woman he’s not been able to forget. Gwen Mallory may have told a few fibs at her job interview to get the PR Exec job at Prada. She’s ... more
  • Slayer (Shadowborn Rebellion Book 1)

    by Cyndi Friberg

    General Malik Xett doesn't have time for romance. His one and only concern is curtailing the power and influence of the ruthless Sarronti elite. Still, the human female working with him lingers in his mind and fuels his imagination.

    Though Kara O'Leary has been attracted to Malik since they first met, she never dreamed he returned her feelings. One kiss ignites a hunger neither can deny, but the timing couldn't be worse. Hostilities rapidly escalate and new threats are revea... more

  • Resistance: A Common Elements Romance

    by Regina Kammer

    Passion flares when duty confronts ambition…

    Kace Jaager, former Army archaeologist, now Superintendent of Fort America National Park, has a duty to preserve and protect the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the United States.

    Madison Danes, ambitious CEO of Danergy Mining & Hydraulics, has a government contract to conduct fracking on federal land at Fort America National Park.

    Sparks ignite as ideologies collide. Yet uncontrollable att... more

  • Runaway Heart: A Texas Romance

    by Phyllis Kerr

    London, England 1859

     Catherine Wilmershire runs away from her London home in the middle of the night with a plan to create a new life for herself in America. In her haste to be free, she fails to take into consideration the fact that the world is a dangerous place for a beautiful young girl alone and even the best of plans can go awry. But she learns this fact the next morning when she awakens in a brothel snuggly wrapped in the arms of a handsome stranger. Undaunted, she uses her... more

  • TRULY: Too Much is Never Enough (The Too Much Romance Trilogy Book 3)

    by A.M Jaxon
    TRULY: Too Much is Never Enough To conquer your demons, you must face them alone. No one else can truly banish what only you know. The final instalment of the Too Much Romance Trilogy finds Seb and Natasha torn apart by a lie. Abandoned by the Mancini family, Nat fights for her future becoming the strong soul she was always meant to be. No longer camouflaged in ordinary she shines to finally rid herself of all her alters. Revenge and jealousy are discovered at the evil heart of the a... more
  • DEEPLY: Too Much Too Late (Too Much Romance Series Book 2)

    by A.M Jaxon
    Deeply: Too Much Too Late. Book Two of the Too Much Romance Trilogy. Sometimes no matter how hard you clean the slate, some stains stick. The second book of the 'Too Much' Romance trilogy continues to explore Natasha Perry and Dr Sebastian Mancini’s deeply passionate attraction, which is as potent as it is combustible. Their desire for each other is like fire and gunpowder burning with an intense, incandescent flame that ultimately consumes its makers. Seb's powerful father, Renzo... more
  • MADLY: Too Much Too Soon (The Too Much Romance Series Book 1)

    by A.M Jaxon
    Madly: Too Much Too Soon Book One of the Too Much Romance Trilogy. We all sin. It’s the choices made after, that define us. Natasha Perry is most comfortable camouflaged in ordinary. She escaped a stripper past to find salvation in music and by turning into a weaker person: Tash, a woman madly ruled by alter-egos Goldilocks and The Slut. The cost of controlling her alters’ psychotic-storm is a need to hide behind a mask of controlled nothing special, with a song in her head. All t... more