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  • All My Roads

    by Cortny Joy
    Even the most painful paths can be guided to divine destinations... A single father and former Army Ranger, Ken Holbrook struggles to reconcile his resolute faith with immense grief. When Stacey James, a skittish but alluring newcomer, crosses Ken’s path and immediately bonds with Ginny, his young daughter, his world tilts further off balance. Slowly, Ken softens to Stacey as he realizes her poise in the face of hidden atrocity and the ease he feels in her presence. Stacey’s trust doesn’t com... more
  • Fighting Chance

    by Anni Lee
    How can you write a love song before you’ve felt one? Roland Finley is convinced he has what it takes to win the Battle of the Bands, a reality TV show where up and coming musicians compete for a record deal. But between college, work, and band practice, he hasn’t had time to experience any of the romance he sings about, and his amateur writing needs a lot of work. This is never more apparent than when a stranger in the park stumbles upon his notebook and tells it exactly like it is. Jay M... more
  • Leaving the Shadows

    by Brooklyn Ann
    Lead guitarist and apprentice mage Sylvis Jagwolfe has always been the quiet member of Rage of Angels. Though she enjoys spending time with her bandmates, she treasures moments of solitude when it’s just her, a guitar, and the wolf that’s been glued to her side lately. However, when battles against the Evil One’s horde accelerate, and her wolf turns out not to be a wolf, Sylvis discovers that she can’t remain in her shell any longer. She must emerge from the shadows, embrace her growing powers, ... more
  • Lubricious

    by Theo Von Cezar
    The Desires and Pleasures of Aelia hang in her quest for freedom. Being a woman with an open-minded sexual attitude in a world where sex is out of the question is not easy, neither will it be for Aelia—the High Marchioness of Novastar. Struggling with her burning passions and desires, she does everything possible to satisfy her hunger; however, satisfying herself is no longer pleasuring enough.Arcadius has been in her dreams for fifteen years. Aelia now believes that he is the only one who can q... more
  • Stop My Bleeding Heart

    by Victoria Anders
    Jade Diamond once had the world at her fingertips. That is, until a robbery gone wrong left her an orphan. Then, on her eighteenth birthday, her boyfriend breaks up with her and her stepmother kicks her out of her childhood home. With nowhere else to go, Jade moves in with a distant aunt and her home of foster kids. She’s living in an all new world, trying to reconnect with cousins, making new friends, and unraveling the mysteries of the boys surrounding her. Including two who seem to be v... more
  • An Inconvenient Attachment

    by Vincent Magnani
    its a love story a friendship story and a self help story
  • His Wallflower White

    by Tammy Andresen
    He’ll keep her safe no matter the cost… When The Honourable Patrick Cranston is hired by the White family to guard a duke’s sister, he’s relieved. Watching one debutante is a fair sight easier than bareknuckle boxing, at least that’s how it seems. At first. But as trouble swirls about Lady Millicent, threatening the delicate beauty, he realizes her circumstances are far more dangerous than he first imagined. Her life is at risk and it’s his job to protect her. But that isn’t what scares him t... more
  • Trusting Uncertainty

    by Terry Odell
    Moving on means moving forward. He thinks he can reset the past if he tries hard enough. Travis “T-Bone” Bostwick thinks volunteering for op after op will absolve him of the guilt he carries after a rescue went bad. When he’s sent on a simple ‘search and find’ mission as a favor to a colleague, he has no idea finding the woman will uncover something far more sinister. She’s determined to be independent. Chelsea Goldman has spent most of her life avoiding her controlling mother hen of... more
  • Lady Brazen

    by Scarlett Scott
    From USA Today bestseller Scarlett Scott comes the passionate, emotional conclusion to The Notorious Ladies of London series. Lady Philippa Shaw had it all: a husband who was madly in love with her, a sweet baby daughter, and a house in the most exclusive square in London. Until a shocking discovery after her husband’s death revealed her happy life was a lie. Now, his past crimes are returning to haunt her, bringing danger, devastation, and the one man she’s spent the past few years despising... more
  • Trucker Daddy

    by Elizabeth Rose
    ◆◆◆Trucker by trade. Daddy by inheritance.◆◆◆ Cal Reeves is used to being a loner, with only his dog, Burrito at his side as he trucks cross-country for his job. When his sister's death brings him back to his hometown of Sweetwater, Michigan, he discovers he's been named guardian to his sister's baby in her will. He is no daddy, and totally at a loss with what to do with a baby. With a shipment to deliver, he has no choice but to bring little Maggie with him as he makes his way back to Tex... more
  • Finding Christmas

    Healing Heartbreak through Love, Family and the Spirit of Christmas Josh Daniels successfully avoided Christmas for years. Side-stepping his family’s calls for him to come home, office holiday parties and even Bing Crosby. Not that Josh has anything against Christmas, in fact, he loves it. At least he did. Since his divorce, the holidays mean one thing to him – he has to let his daughter go for the holiday break. His life in Hawaii with his daughter, Kaya, is temporarily shattered, leaving hi... more
  • The Nativity

    Shop owner Allison Tancredi trying to carry out a long-standing tradition of displaying a Nativity scene in front of her store. In the guise of political correctness, the daughter of the town’s mayor and Allison’s nemesis, Lizzie Faslee, sets out to force the display’s removal, by whatever means necessary. Allison fights a losing battle to keep her gift shop open, never mind maintain the Nativity scene. Reporter Ryan Talley takes interest in her case and embarks on an ambitious mission to he... more
  • Can We Fall Again

    by Akhin Abraham
    Can We Fall Again is about a young boy named Charlie who is on a journey to find true love. He falls in love but ends up getting heartbroken. He finds something more precious than love. He found that true love can come from friendship too. He believes in the magic of the universe and that the universe will bring two people together no matter how far they, if their love for each other is true.
  • Intoxication (Serendipity #1)

    by Charlene Namdhari

    "Take a risk. Just for the pleasure of it."
    My past:
    He was my lover

    My present:
    He's my future father-in-law

    My future:
    Who do I choose? Promises are not meant to be broken. Are they?

    NOTE: Please be aware that this book deals with sensitive topics like cheating.

  • How the Scot Stole the Bride

    by Laura A. Barnes

    When fate opens a door, one must …

    She was destined to become a Duchess. He wanted to claim her for himself. Before the wedding vows are spoken, can they explore the depths of their attraction?

    Selina Pemberton’s father arranged for her to marry a duke’s son when she was a young girl still in the nursery. Their marriage would unite two dukedoms and lay the foundation for a powerful dynasty. However, he was... more

  • Enchanted Memories

    by Karla Brandenburg
    After a near-death experience when locating a strangling victim, psychic police consultant Madeleine Stephens is content to keep to herself and redecorate her new house. The community of Hillendale, Wisconsin has been quiet, but the spring weather brings out the neighbors, who want to learn more about her and her knack for finding things that are lost. When Deputy Kyle Jakes and his K-9 approach her to help find a missing person, Madeleine is hesitant—particularly if the woman might have had ... more