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  • Unknown Variant

    by Sara Grover
    A dystopic romance, set in the near future after all the glaciers have melted and the seas have risen, causing society to reorganize in a way that only benefits the well-off. Layla, a prostitute by profession to provide for her mother and siblings, and Adonis, a young doctor, and son of a senator, are star-crossed lovers. They struggle against the adversity of genetic segregation, and their inner demons in the hope of making a life with each other in a society where their illegal love can have d... more
  • On the Edge of Daylight: A Novel of the Titanic

    by Giselle Beaumont

    Esther Bailey is Titanic’s newest recruit and one of the first female officers of her time. Although she’s braced herself for the duties ahead, she never expected to clash with her own mentor, First Officer Murdoch. His cool dismissal of her only turns colder as they bicker throughout their forced partnership, with Esther’s short temper challenging his own. But as Esther begins to prove her worth, blurring the line between subordinate and superior, she and Murdoch find themselves que... more

  • Arduous Love

    by James H. Waggoner
    Since her break-up with William and after months of self-reflection about why their relationship failed, Samantha is finally ready to take a second chance at love when she meets Bryson - an attractive young executive who appears to have all of the attributes she yearns for. Though Samantha and Bryson think they are ready to move forward in a committed relationship, they both quickly realize that they have a lot of healing to do from the emotional scars of their past. James is brave enough to a... more
  • Picture Imperfect

    by Mary Frame
    You’ve heard this story a thousand times. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl have a fake relationship. Then they actually fall in love. This is not one of those stories. It should be. I mean, he’s Brent Crawford. He’s the new tight end for the New York Sharks. He’s one of the sexiest men alive. But his sponsors are threatening to drop him, and his job is in jeopardy due to allegations of assault. He needs someone to help recover his image. She’s Gwen McDougall, former fashion model turn... more
  • Within the Walls

    by Dre Keeton
    Perfect opposites in a far from perfect world. Jackson and Lenah are from two different worlds. Lenah is among the elite in Sundale City. Jackson, on the other hand, is broke, Psycho Infected and has a criminal record growing by the minute. It’s safe to say, in another life, the two would never have crossed paths. But when Jackson is assigned to work for Lenah in an effort to use his PI abilities for something productive, things get complicated. As their worlds collide, they realize how... more
  • A Dangerous Love Affair

    by Colin Guest
    The story starts when John, a struggling author attends a book launch in London. He has gone in an attempt to obtain an agent to represent him. Unable to do so, he retires to the bar to drown his sorrows. To his astonishment, Sally, a famous best-selling author comes up and starts to talk with him. She invites him to join her for lunch during which she gives him her phone number. Despite being twelve years older than him, they get on well. John first thinks Sally could help him with his writing,... more
  • The Trophy Wife

    by Kate Loveday
    Full of courage and resolve, this is a story about reinventing yourself, and the intrigues of fate. A story of love, friendship, disillusion and retribution as a woman strives to change her life. It seemed as if it would be a fairy tale existence... Erin McDonald is young, attractive, and unworldly. Giles Brightman is wealthy, successful, and looking for a pretty wife. Aden Marlowe is a lawyer, hard-working, compassionate, and unhappy. Giles charms Erin, sweeps her off her feet an... more
  • The Jade Dragon (The Greenwood Witches Trilogy Book 2)

    by Rowena May O'Sullivan
    Ensorcelled in a jade dragon, Warlock Gregori has a secret that could destroy his future with the one woman who could save him from turning rogue. Charged with guarding the jade dragon, Alanna is shocked when Gregori shatters not only the stone imprisoning him, but also the invisible barriers she has placed around herself to hide a secret far greater than his. A secret that could destroy not only her close relationship with her sisters, but also her life as a witch and most of all, any hope of a... more
  • It Could Only Happen at Sea

    by Margaret Cahill
  • Dares, Lies & Geminis

    by Kat Alexander
    Two women, different as night and day. Tristana likes to keep to herself, devotedly working all day so she doesn’t think about all she is missing in life. Seraphina, shrouded in mystery, hunts at night, surreptitiously looking for someone good, noble, and honest, while proving to herself they don’t exist. Two men who won’t succumb to failure. After his brother’s death, Peter spends his days trying to build a life as far away from the accusatory eyes of his hometown. Nathan has a nightly... more
  • The Long Road to Serenity

    by M.L. Garcia

    "A journey through life, loss & love.”

    Young Astraea Salvo and Gabriel Varon discover a new friendship after separate tragedies change their lives. Together, they develop an affinity that quickly grows into an incredible bond despite the challenges of distance and the turbulence of adolescence. Unfortunately, nothing could prepare them for what was yet to come.

    With war comes invisible wounds which are the toughest to heal. After combat in the Middle East, Gab... more

  • The Sterling University Series: Complete 3-Novella Box Set

    by Rebecca Heflin

    Romancing Dr. Love, Book One

    She says it’s all about the chemistry. He says it’s all about the romance. Samantha Love has based her entire academic career on the hypothesis that love is simply a chemical reaction. Ethan Quinn thinks she’s taken love and all its mysteries and reduced it to something as romantic as a cholesterol test, and he sets out to prove her theory wrong. Is it chemistry or romance? Or a little of both?

    Winning Dr. Wentworth, Book Two... more

  • Where I'll Find You

    by J.A. Owenby

    We’re all a little broken sometimes.

    Nobody knows this better than the beautiful and intelligent Hadlee Jameson. She had the love and support of her family until death claimed her father causing her mother to withdraw and become a heartless ice queen.

    Burying her past to the point of denial and struggling to live in the present, Hadlee chooses to focus on college, work, and her close friends. That is, until she meets the charming and mysterious Kaisen Sinclair. After their i... more

  • Breaking Free: Rahab Faith Story

    by Carolyn Ayers
    Breaking Free is a fiction story of a young lady who found romance through trusting in biblical principles that changed the lives of women in her culture and her finding happiness with a handsome princess and gaining a family of her own which was a dream that she never thought could happen for her. An amazing story a must read the miraculous transformation of this young lady life and how she was able to enhance her family life as well.
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  • Darkness Surrounds: (Living A Lie Part Two) (Living A Lie Series) (Volume 2)

    by M.L. Kacy
    Darkness surrounds me, a dreary, cold, place with no escape. Feeling lost, alone and confused I’m sucked deep into my own mind. A place I soon became comfortable in, a place where I can hide. The darkness becomes my respite, my shelter. A buffer from the devastation of my own broken dreams. Trapped in my own mind I search in circles for answers. Surviving but not living, my heart bleeding and broken from my loss. Torn up by guilt, thoughts of being punished for some perceived fault. Confusion an... more