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  • Scrooge's Folly - Saving Jacob Marley

    by David Jay Weinberg
    Award-winning, but down on her lucky playwright, Andrea Smilow, is commissioned by The Playhouse in Connecticut to save it from bankruptcy with a new work. The Playhouse is inhabited by the real Jacob Marley’s spirit, and he wants her play to be about him…to set the story straight about how Dickens ruined his life with A Christmas Carol. Andrea comes to believe he needs to be reunited with the spirit of Ebenezer Scrooge, who lives in the caretaker house. It is all Scrooge’s idea. He has been ... more
  • From LA to London, With Love

    by Elizabeth Luly

    Move over Chris Evans, Hemsworth, Pine and Pratt, there's a new Hollywood Chris in town...

    Sophie Shah thinks dating an American movie star is a terrible idea. For a start, she’s got her hands full with her baby son and new business venture. And she’s just not that interested in red carpets, fancy parties and private jets. Anyway, there’s no way the man recently voted the “sexiest man alive” would be interested in a b... more

  • Summer Sounds : Part of the Summers in Seaside Series

    by Mel Walker
    WHEN THE MUSIC HITS, ALL YOU CAN DO IS FALL. Hailey Stop the world I want to get off. I gave up my career to race home and save my family, only to be overwhelmed. We are behind on the mortgage; our family band is struggling, and my two younger brother’s constant bickering has escalated to Def Con three. The Seaside Music Festival is our last best shot – if we don’t land a music deal, everything will be lost. So why exactly am I kissing a stranger under the boardwalk? Marshall I’m a music... more
  • March & Feather

    by Emma Saska
    At Stony Point Homeschool Academy, high school senior Audra Dunne spends her time hanging out with friends, cooking and baking, and dreaming of her not-so-distant future at the Culinary Institute of America. Sure, she wishes she were comfortable enough to talk to her much-older sister about something other than AP calculus. And sure, she wishes new kid Matthew Harwell would stop invading her friend group. But Audra finds comfort in her digital persona, Feather, exchanging texts with her best fri... more
  • Sometimes You Just Know

    by Bill VanPatten
    Can a thirty-year-old man overcome his fears and find love? Arnie Violet is the son of an alcoholic mother and a father who abandoned him at the age of ten. Believing himself unlovable, he lacks self-confidence in everything from work to romance. Then, Arnie meets eighteen-year-old Peter Jordan. Peter is the opposite of Arnie: self-assured, frank, and assertive. There is an instant attraction between them, but warning bells sound in Arnie’s head. His relationships never last long, there is... more
  • Eiliyah

    by Umme Pritam
    When Ellie moves in with her father after her mother’s death, her long-gone nightmares begin. Eiliyah aka Ellie turns out to be a kind and feisty twenty-one-year-old despite having a tragic childhood- a childhood that no child deserves. A childhood that was shattered by agony, heartbreak, and a big betrayal from her best friend. While her tragic past keeps haunting her and she is in grief from her mother’s demise, she meets her neighbor- Raiyan: a charming, full of life, soon-to-be college grad... more
  • It Takes Two

    by Nicole Sallak Anderson
    Twenty years ago, Willow Dwyer nearly died in a school shooting that stole the life of her true love, James. Now she's forty, infertile, newly divorced from a man who refuses to leave her alone, and on the brink of a breakdown. Even after all this time, she still finds herself unable to move forward from the dream of a life and family she lost that day of the shooting. At the suggestion of her therapist, Willow takes up the tango, the dance she’d mastered with James before his death. It seems... more
  • Stars to Light the Sky

    by Dennis R Crocker
    A story about healing, hope, and love—oh, and the person who left her for dead! Daizon May, a former Special Forces soldier turned actor, saves a woman left for dead on the edge of his rural mountain escape in Maine. Days later, she wakes from a coma with tubes threaded through her and cannot move. Her only clue to who she is are her silver earrings, which have the name Amia etched within a heart. Daizon commits himself to a two-month psychiatric wellness program to secure a role. Amia com... more
  • Tickets for 2: An Unexpected Romance (The High Holiday Series- Special Edition)

    by JM Grant

    Sera won a trip for two, but before she could tell her boyfriend, he dumps her for her mom.

    Oof. Sera knows it’s not her mom’s fault. Her boyfriend took advantage of a delicate situation, and she’s done. Thank you, next.

    But there’s still the matter of the trip for two she won – she doesn’t want to waste the visit to the little town that goes overboard for Christmas and frills with white horses, snow, decorations, and Christmas music.

    So s... more

  • Knight of Destiny (Sisterhood of Secrets)

    by Jennifer Monroe

    In this sweet Regency romance by USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Monroe, a strongheaded woman meets her match when an arrogant knight vows to take over the very theater she cherishes.

    A Knight with a destiny. A secret that can unravel it.
    Sir Aaron Kirkwood knows no woman can resist his good looks or charms. With no time for romance, his focus is on the local theater, which he hopes to turn into a gentlemen’s club. His first point of re... more

  • Lady Briar Weds the Scot

    by Fenna Edgewood

    From the bestselling Regency romance author Fenna Edgewood comes an enchanting and passionate story about a mismatched young lady and a stubborn laird who surrender their hearts to one another despite their best endeavors…

    Beautiful and eligible, Briar Blakeley is the beloved youngest sister of a duke. Eschewing the London marriage mart, she has no plans to wed anytime soon... until she’s abducted alongside her family's handsome Scottish garden... more

  • Haunt

    by Christina Maraziotis
    A young woman who learns to become strong in the face of impossible circumstances, and a man who finds light in the midst of overwhelming darkness. Prepare yourself for the first book in a haunting new series...Loveletting. Fleeing from her home after escaping the murder of her mother, inexperienced and petrified by reality with her horse as her only companion - Charlotte is met by the most notorious serial killer of the nation. His dark past and her dark future collide, in a world filled wit... more
  • The Fox and the Rebound (Fox Family Book 2)

    by Mary Frame
    She made a deal with the devil and he’s determined to collect. But when passionate sparks fly, all bets are off. Piper Fox hates clocks. With her confidence shattered by a bad break-up, the creative welder can’t stand another minute of her debilitating artist’s block. So with time running out on her deadline, she tests a wild theory that the best way to get over a jerk is to get it on rebound-style with crazy-rich and broodingly handsome Oliver Nichols. Oliver Nichols curates a cool facade... more
  • Not In Want of a Wife: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (The Other Paths Series)

    by Amanda Kai
    Mr. Darcy is not in want of a wife. At least, not one that only loves him for his money. Ever since he came of age, Darcy’s been an object of prey to fortune hunters– greedy ladies and their scheming mamas who would do anything to get their hands on his ten-thousand a year and his luxurious estate. Tired of being the most eligible man in any room he walks into, Darcy decides the only way to stave off the fortune hunters is to make himself unavailable to them. Elizabeth Bennet is convinced tha... more
  • The Queering: The Life and Death of Brooke Skipstone

    by Brooke Skipstone
    Trapped between a homicidal brother and a homophobic podcaster eager to reveal her lesbian romance novels, a seventy-year-old grandmother seeks help in Clear, Alaska. Suffocating in a loveless marriage and lonely existence, Taylor MacKenzie lives only through her writing, using the pen name Brooke Skipstone, her best friend in college and lover before her death in 1974. Afraid of being murdered before anyone in her family or community knows her life story, Taylor writes an autobiography a... more
  • A Merry Wicked Winter

    by Scarlett Scott
    From USA Today bestselling author Scarlett Scott comes a heartwarming holiday novella featuring a long-lost Winter sister and the gruff Scot whose heart she heals... With Christmastide approaching, Miss Sybella Clarke is traveling to a country house party being hosted by her newly discovered half brother, Devereaux Winter. She’s eager to join the large family she’s never met, but a snow storm and a carriage accident land her in far more trouble than she bargained for. When Sybella is left str... more