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  • Reluctant Hearts

    by Linda Griffin

    Four couples, four stories: Darien Francis and Richard Li meet during a bank robbery, but she's afraid to love again. Shane Kenniston and Beth Parker are reacquainted years after she had a crush on him, but she is a recent widow, and Shane's life was upended by a false accusation. David Early and Kate Howard meet in the laundromat, but her life is consumed by the needs of her disabled child, and David isn't ready for the responsibility. Realtor Frank Ellison meets Kayla Barnes at ... more

  • Haunt: A Novel

    by Christina Maraziotis

    Darkly romantic and wickedly twisted; a young woman who learns to become strong in the face of impossible circumstances, and a man who finds light in the midst of overwhelming darkness. Prepare yourself for the first book in a haunting new series...Loveletting.

    Fleeing from her home after escaping the murder of her mother, inexperienced and petrified by reality with her horse as her only companion - Charlotte is met by the most notorious serial killer of the nation. His... more

  • The Fox and the Rebound (Fox Family Book 2)

    by Mary Frame
    She made a deal with the devil and he’s determined to collect. But when passionate sparks fly, all bets are off. Piper Fox hates clocks. With her confidence shattered by a bad break-up, the creative welder can’t stand another minute of her debilitating artist’s block. So with time running out on her deadline, she tests a wild theory that the best way to get over a jerk is to get it on rebound-style with crazy-rich and broodingly handsome Oliver Nichols. Oliver Nichols curates a cool facade... more
  • Not In Want of a Wife: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (The Other Paths Series)

    by Amanda Kai
    Mr. Darcy is not in want of a wife. At least, not one that only loves him for his money. Ever since he came of age, Darcy’s been an object of prey to fortune hunters– greedy ladies and their scheming mamas who would do anything to get their hands on his ten-thousand a year and his luxurious estate. Tired of being the most eligible man in any room he walks into, Darcy decides the only way to stave off the fortune hunters is to make himself unavailable to them. Elizabeth Bennet is convinced tha... more
  • The Queering: The Life and Death of Brooke Skipstone

    by Brooke Skipstone
    Trapped between a homicidal brother and a homophobic podcaster eager to reveal her lesbian romance novels, a seventy-year-old grandmother seeks help in Clear, Alaska. Suffocating in a loveless marriage and lonely existence, Taylor MacKenzie lives only through her writing, using the pen name Brooke Skipstone, her best friend in college and lover before her death in 1974. Afraid of being murdered before anyone in her family or community knows her life story, Taylor writes an autobiography a... more
  • A Merry Wicked Winter

    by Scarlett Scott
    From USA Today bestselling author Scarlett Scott comes a heartwarming holiday novella featuring a long-lost Winter sister and the gruff Scot whose heart she heals... With Christmastide approaching, Miss Sybella Clarke is traveling to a country house party being hosted by her newly discovered half brother, Devereaux Winter. She’s eager to join the large family she’s never met, but a snow storm and a carriage accident land her in far more trouble than she bargained for. When Sybella is left str... more
  • Missing: An Elusive Marquess

    by Tammy Andresen
    Lady Rebecca has seen a ghost… Three years after the death of her fiancé, the Marquess of Northhampton, she swears she sees him walking down the street. Why now? She can’t afford to lose her mental faculties after all this time. But then again at his father’s funeral, she sees his specter. That can’t be him under the trees. Because if somehow, he’s alive and not lost at sea, after three years of unspeakable pain, she swears, she is going to kill him. But when danger begins to circle, Rebec... more
  • Angela’s Letter

    by Mark Roddy
    They say one never forgets his or her first love. So, what does a man do when he receives a letter from his first love – over 40 years after they last spent any time together – suggesting they reunite now that both are single and in their 60s? Angela’s Letter is about two people and the challenges and joys they face trying to see if they can rekindle the love they shared many years earlier. Jack is a successful, retired widower just beginning to think about restarting his life 15 months after h... more
  • Makeda’s Ring – Part 1

    by Alfred Wallner
    For Markus the choice was stark: - Leave Austria, the homeland he both loved and hated. - Flee from Lizzy, never more than a pale substitute for Laura, the love of his life, shattered to pieces by a bomb. - Flee a country still overshadowed by the aftermath of Nazism. - Make for Ethiopia, that land of all mysteries, magical and captivating, sombre and dangerous, luminous and healing. There, as he sets out to fulfil Laura’s dream of finding her uncle’s grave, Markus is forced to face his deep... more
  • He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

    by Aimee Brown
    Dax Hartley has made flowers his entire life, just like his late father did. When his dad's old florist’s shop is up for sale, he has to have it. Only problem is, he'd need to sell a kidney to afford it. The reality show Battle of the Blossoms is the perfect opportunity to win the money he needs, but when his childhood crush blows back into his life, distractions risk taking his eyes off the prize. He needs his head and heart to start working together to ensure he doesn't miss the opportunity... more
  • Highlands Christmas: Wishes Come True

    by Amy Quick Parrish
    Christmas wishes do come true. Melissa MacKenzie is an American interior designer with a seemingly happy life — until her husband Dave reveals he's been cheating on her and wants a divorce and the house. But when a letter informs her that she will inherit a home in Scotland, things start looking up. At the airport she inadvertently meets Colin McGregor, a charming Scottish-American lawyer who happens to be her husband's divorce lawyer. She's taken by his sexy Scottish accent and charm and, as... more
  • The Taste of Light

    by Giovanna Siniscalchi
    The Count of Almoster, a cynical aristocrat, is enjoying a life of dissipation when Anne Maxwell, the naive sister of his rival, appears on his doorstep. Before he can recover from the dazzling vision, an accusation of regicide turns both into fugitives. To prove his innocence, they plunge into an ocean of intrigue and passion. When a conspiracy is revealed, he must rise above his past, or his true love will be lost forever.
  • Operation Mom - My Plan to Get my Mom a Life & a Man

    by Reenita M. Hora
    Ila, a Mumbai-based teenager, is going nuts with Veena, her controlling, single mother who prevents her from stalking her pop idol, Ali Zafar. Veena wants her daughter to date real guys in the lead-up to finding a husband. But Ila decides that the only way to get her mom off her back is by finding her a boyfriend instead.👩❤️👨 With the help of her best friend Deepali, her crush Dev and her mother’s best friend Maleeka, they will come up with a plan to make it happen by setting up a profile in d... more
  • Mea Culpa: A Haunted New Orleans Novel

    by Rayvn Salvador
    A witch on the run from an evil cult has found solace working for a paranormal reality TV show in New Orleans, until a blast from her past suddenly returns to shake the very foundations of her life.
  • Come As You Are: A Gen X Romance

    by Jess K Hardy
    He’ll win her heart one mixtape at a time. Ashley Cooke will do just about anything to save her struggling ski hill. When she hires the men from a local sober living home for the season to cut costs, even she thinks she’s gone too far. With her credit cards maxed, her cheating ex-husband intent on buying the mountain out from under her, and record-breaking snow in the forecast, she can’t afford to be distracted by the six-foot-tall bearded and tattooed sober living home owner moving onto her ... more
  • It Could Happen : A Slow Burn, Enemies to Lovers Romantic Comedy

    by Melissa Baldwin
    I don't like change. That's fine, because I, Tori Hayes, am quite content with my single status and fulfilling sales career. I'll make an exception and step out of my comfort zone to be a part of my college bestie's wedding party. Anything for a friend, you know? But this—this is not what I thought it would be. Suddenly, I'm thrown into drama that only a Southern belle bride and her friends can stir up. The secrets, the lies, the deception—it's more than I can take. Not to mention that grooms... more