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  • Within the Gray

    by Jenna Ashlyn
    Life as she knew it was over...or so she thought. Full of delicate strength, Terra, a young widowed Mother, endures a psychological journey in a series of dreams that leave scars on her heart as well as her mind. Through her struggle, she discovers it's not easy to live when faced with rumors of a deceased husband's betrayal and a friend's aggressive advances. As more traumatic events unfold, life seemed hopeless until a NEW friend steps in. Will she finally accept her loss and be able to trust ... more
  • An Unexpected Find: Book 1 of the Silver Falls Series

    by Hayleigh Sol

    A chance discovery of a handwritten love scene leads to friendship and undeniable chemistry for two people who’ve sworn off love. They might be perfect for each other...but they haven’t actually met.

    Will they continue to play it safe or will they risk another heartbreak for a chance at love?

    **Note: An Unexpected Find was originally published with the title Book Review. This revised version (12/2020)... more

  • Grounded in January

    by Savannah Hendricks

    Kate Wilson hates to admit it, but she's unhappy and can't figure out why. Fearful of flying yet determined to find a reason for her unhappiness, she boards a flight headed for her Washington hometown.

    Inn of the Woods owner and pilot, Oxnard Swanson struggles with accepting his multiple sclerosis diagnosis, realizing his dreams of marriage and a family might be over. Determined, he bides his time managing the inn, piloting his Cessna, and training his rescue dog, Bayou.

    S... more

  • Exit Through The Jungle

    by Alicia Crofton
    Jolie Boulard is one of Instagram’s top influencers and appears to have it all, but she’s broke and desperate in real life. She decides a trip to Costa Rica is just what she needs to revamp her brand, but her plans veer off course when a selfie goes wrong. Kai Greene isn’t looking for trouble, but trouble keeps finding him. He didn’t mean to kidnap the girl. It was an accident, really. Now he must betray his own brother to protect a jewelry heiress. A clash of fate brings Jolie and Kai tog... more
  • High Plains Redemption

    by GP Hutchinson

    A young woman in desperate trouble. An injured bronc rider's spur-of-the-moment decision to help. What will she give now to stop the bounty on his head from becoming a noose around his neck? 

    GP Hutchinson's action-packed new novel, "High Plains Redemption," offers readers an intriguing peek into Gilded-Age America and the still-wild West with all of the era's optimism, fears, drama, and power-mongering. From a mustanger's ranch on Colorad... more

  • Unbroken

    by Aparna Gayle

    Getting hurt, by someone who vowed to love and protect me, was something I never thought would happen to me. But it did, and even after I thought I escaped that monster, I found out that I really didn't, because it doesn't matter how much I wished it to be possible, or how much I prayed for him to go away, he wouldn't leave me, at least not alive.

    I battled him night, and day, afraid of running into another man who wouldn't value me, or didn't I have any value left a... more

  • Deeper Than Love: Losing You

    by Aparna Gayle

    After being forced to leave home and go into hiding, Cassandra has to learn how to retake the reigns of her life without Giovanni, especially for the road ahead.

    With Cassandra getting ready to welcome the newest member of the family, is she emotionally stable enough to continue after losing contact with Gio, or will she crumble before it all?

  • Deeper Than Love

    by Aparna Gayle

    Destiny, it can lead you on a path filled with pain and sorrows, or it can take you on a journey of happiness and love. Sometimes you’ll get everything, both pain and happiness, it’s only up to you to decide if your happiness is worth all the pain you suffer through.

    Cassandra never imagined she'd fall in a love so deep that it would tear her to pieces if she ever lost it. Giovanni didn't believe love existed, until a certain Jamaican crashed into his life and showed... more

  • So True

    by Serena Bell
    A passionate first love. A deep betrayal. One last chance to make it right. Jax Walker left Chiara Campbell behind without a word, but he’s never forgotten how it felt to love that fiercely. Not that it matters—he can never go back to Tierney Bay, because the secret he’s keeping would tear them both apart. Chiara has written Jax out of her life and her memory—until he shows up at the shop where she works. All the hurt she thought she’d buried is still there, and so is her fiery attraction ... more
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct

    by Shanna Swenson

    They don't call him Ares for no reason!

    Travis Redmond, the ram of a running back for the Atlanta Gladiators, may be a lot of things—hot-headed, arrogant, rash—but a cheater isn't one of them. Until cheating is the only option he has to save his brother, Tucker, from the clutches of a dangerous criminal mastermind.

    When his impulsive actions get him an UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT penalty and he ends up suspended and back in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas, the l... more

  • Sentinel

    by Cyndi Friberg

    Determined to spend some time alone with the feisty human he wants as his mate, Salvo Xett invites Natalie Marino to Ghost City. He’s afraid she will find the abject poverty shocking after the relative luxury of the other villages, but he must know her reaction before he claims her. Ghost City is his home. His mate must be able to see beyond the scorched ruins to the forgotten people desperately needing their help. No sooner do Salvo and Natalie arrive in Ghost City than they are asked ... more

  • Ticket To Ride

    by Sarah Hegger
    Everybody know Claire Winters is …*ahem*… not a nice person. She struts into town in her designer heels only when she wants money from her estranged father. Except for retired special-forces straight talker, Finn Williams, who came to Twin Elks searching for the peace and contentment missing in his life. Finn likes Claire just fine and is not shy to show it. Irresistibly drawn to each other, will mistrust, lies and deceit destroy Claire and Finn’s happily ever after before it begins?
  • Mixed Business

    by Livvy Zoe
  • Sugar Ellie

    by Sarah Hegger
    he's all that's sweet... They call her Sugar Ellie and she’s sweet, sassy and sexy as all hell. She’s also the pint-sized feisty madam of a cathouse in Rattler’s Gulch, Colorado. Forced to escape her scheming family, Sugar turns to smooth talking gambler and fast gun, Cole “Whisky” Mansfield. But Cole has his own demons to wrangle as he faces a past that sent him west. Thrown together by necessity, and held together by their fierce attraction, Cole is also about to discover just how un... more
  • Born In Water

    by Sarah Hegger
    An ancient prophecy binds them. The women in Bronwyn Beaty's family are cursed; they die young and suddenly. Alone in the world following her grandmother's death, Bronwyn is desperate for answers. Her search leads her to a castle in the south of England, and so much more than she bargained for. A beautiful mysterious stranger sweeps her off her feet. A castle inhabited by four strange women matches one she’s seen for years in her dreams, and strange things—perhaps even magical things—happen al... more
  • Hollywood Flirt

    by Alexa Aston

    From internationally bestselling romance author Alexa Aston - Book Two in the exciting Hollywood Name Game – a stunning new contemporary romance series. Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

    She’s Hollywood royalty whose trail vanished a dozen years ago.

    He doesn’t do relationships and thinks commitment is a four-letter word.

    They Google each other . . . and sparks fly . . .

    Sydney Revere, the daughter of a famous movie couple, left Hollywood behind ov... more