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  • The Formidable Earl

    by Sophie Barnes
    He's breaking the rules for one woman, and coming dangerously close to falling in love… Simon Nugent, Earl of Fielding, knows he's flawed. He's arrogant, possessive, and haunted by a terrible choice he made long ago. So when a former friend's daughter gives him the chance to do a good deed, he grabs it. Except he'd like to grab her as well and teach her a thing or two about kissing. If only she weren't so damn stubborn. Ida Strong wants one thing – justice on behalf of her father. She has ... more
  • In the Deep End -Book Two

    by Nicky Webber

    When Alex Jones’ wife suddenly dies, it makes perfect sense to invite him into Amira and Fred’s marriage. After all, they have been life-long friends. But hiding their secret arrangement from the outside world is no easy task.

    Set in California and New Zealand, can this threesome love and laugh together for the rest of their lives? At first, happily, ever-after looks possible. But Fred Davis struggles to suppress his jealousy and resentment. Can she love two husbands for bet... more

  • Wooed in Winter

    by Scarlett Scott
    The Marquess of Haven has finally decided to do his duty and settle upon a bride, preferably before the new year begins. What better place to find her than a country house party? There’s just one problem. The beautiful widow who once owned his heart is also in attendance. Surely there’s no harm in indulging in one night of passion with her, just to get her out of his mind. But Haven is about to discover old habits are hard to break, especially when the consequences last forever…
  • In the Deep End - Book One

    by Nicky Webber

    This is Book One in the series, In the Deep End. Set in New Zealand and California, two couples are lifelong friends who move between both countries as two of the protagonists reveal their life-long secret love affair.

    This riveting romantic suspense explores human nature and challenges convention. A moving family saga which contradicts moral stereotypes and defies love-bonds that should last a lifetime. With unexpected twists and turns, this contemporary romance uses humor and poignanc... more

  • Chasing the Sun

    by Melanie Hooyenga
    The new boy. The quiet girl. Will they find love during the solar eclipse? Neb Connelly has looked forward to the solar eclipse for as long as he can remember. When his only friend in his new town invites him on a school camping trip to watch it, he’s there. And only 67% of his wanting to go is because of the quiet girl on the group text his friend started. She gets his jokes, doesn’t mind when he geeks out about the eclipse, and for the first time in months, he’s ready to chase more than the... more
  • Bernie & Bertie (Serial Killers Need Love Too)

    by Michael Owens
    They looked alike, dressed alike, shared the same food preferences, finished one another's sentences. What were the chances that, in a world where opposites attract and likes repel, two people so similar in every way, including their successful careers as serial killers would meet, fall in love and form one of the deadliest duos ever? Bernie and Bertie did just that, and this is their story.
  • You & I Erotic Tales Trilogy

    by E. A. Barker

    The series was designed for women to safely explore what it might be like to be a bad girl who lives out her sexual fantasies. Each novelette length story is published separately so readers can select the fantasy they most want to dive into without being forced to commit to stories which may not interest them. Each tale begins with love letters which introduce the characters and create a setting. By writing in the first person, it is hoped the reader will feel less like a voyeur and more like... more

  • Reasons

    by David Scott
    Vic Fontaine was enamored with Dulce Bravo. Circumstances separated them for twelve years. Circumstances bring them together again. They meet in Laguna Beach, California. Will Vic and Dulce find love? Find out in Reasons!
  • Blackhorse Road

    by Merida Johns
    A compelling tale of emotional maturation, coming-of-age, romance, and womanhood that chronicles family conflict, a generational clash of beliefs, and the transforming power of choice, gratitude, and forgiveness. It’s the turbulent mid-1960s, and Luci, an eighteen-year-old Southern California girl, is on the quest for self-determination and new beginnings. Three powerful forces influence her values: the grit of her Irish great-grandmother, Lucinda McCormick; the philosophy of choice of her f... more
  • Duplicity

    by Nicky Webber

    A true story of a high-class hooker I interviewed as a journalist in Cape Town 30 years ago. Names, places and some details have been altered to protect her and her family’s privacy:

    Sophia Huston eldest daughter of a wealthy Sydney family is intelligent, shrewd and absolutely stunning. She plans to work at the UN or operate as a foreign Ambassador.

    Unable to have children, she forsakes marriage and is driven to be a business success. After graduating from university, her mother s... more

  • April's Heart

    by Shilah Ferr
    Some would say cheerleader April Schweiter and Mitch Hudgins develop a surprisingly passionate, albeit on again, off again, relationship for such young people. It was that particular passion that guided, or misguided them for years to come. Although finally a happy couple, a decision was on the horizon. They would be going to different schools in different towns far away from each other. Would staying together have any chance of working out? But they were crazy for each other! Would breaking... more
  • Making the Switch

    by Tara Eldana

    Kristin Meadows loves her nights at KinkLink. The club is her outlet to release her desires and as a domme she anticipates the play — controlling her sub, gaining their trust, their loyalty. She loves it all. So why in the heck is she panting after her best friend’s husband’s brother? Yeah, the guy equaled sex on a stick but he was no more a sub than she was, and two doms don’t play. And to top it all off, the father she never knew she had, turns out to be a thug and s... more

  • My First Life

    by David H. Spielberg


    The story is entirely in first person, present tense, except for the occasional flashback. The story is told from MICHAEL ROTH’s point of view. In the beginning, he describes his lower-middle-class temporary living arrangements after his divorce from his wife, SHARON. Emotionally scarred by the ordeal of his divorce, he attends psychotherapy sessions, described in a kind of grammatically unstructured format. The first session reveals the back-story to his divorce.

    <... more
  • Marked Prince

    by Michelle M. Pillow
    Prince Jaxx's inner dragon-shifter is at war with his human side. He knows what is right and what is prudent, and those two impulses rarely line up. With so many people in need and the planet in chaos, how can he even think about finding a mate? But when he helps to rescue the alluring Fiora from her captors, something inside him shifts, and all he can think about is winning her love. A Qurilixen World Novel
  • Glass Secrets: Shattered Cove Series Book 2

    by A. M. Kusi
    She guards her past. His heart is off-limits. Can they break the walls between them and build the love they crave? Mia Garcia is tired of running from her past. So with a new home offering small-town charm and a fresh start, she’s ready to leave her history behind and open the yoga business of her dreams. But after an infuriating encounter with her rude-yet-so-sexy neighbor, she can’t decide if she should be angry… or aroused. Andre Stone knows better than to fall for a pretty face. After ... more
  • A Fallen Star: Shattered Cove Series Book 1

    by A. M. Kusi
    She's the only light in his dark world... He knew the rules, but he couldn't help himself. Broken and beaten, Mikel Evans knows his place. And it's not with his best friend's sister. Used to his isolated and dark life, Mikel isn't prepared for the deep desire Remy Stone sparks in him. Her forbidden and untouched body tempts him in ways he can't fathom. After all, he's known her his entire life. Mikel refuses to succumb to this one carnal need. She'll do anything to have him. Remy Stone i... more