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  • Finding Nirvana: Black Shamrocks MC #5

    by Kylie Hillman
    It's said that only in our darkest hour do we find light. That may be true for the lucky ones. When your light has been extinguished and pitch-black bleakness has taken hold, you could be excused for doubting that it will ever be reignited. In the past when people mentioned Joel O'Brien, they talked about "the quiet one". The boy who was the family's voice of reason and their go-to guy for wisdom well beyond his years. Nowadays, they whisper about the "crippled one". The man who radiates dark... more
  • Soothing Suffering: Black Shamrocks MC Novella #1.5

    by Kylie Hillman
    With the woman he loves—the woman he failed— fading away before his eyes, Mikhail Kennedy knows he needs to do something drastic to save her. To save himself. If she flinches away from his touch one more time, his guilt-ridden heart is going to shatter into a million pieces. Madelaine O'Brien knows she's drowning. The after effects of what happened to her are slowly killing her will to live; yet, she can't find the strength to stop it. Keeping everything a secret is the only option. Her inte... more
  • Conquering Circumstances: Black Shamrocks MC Novella #3.5

    by Kylie Hillman
    Wendy Markham. Gentle. Compassionate. Loyal. Step-mother to five headstrong children, long-time partner of the cantankerous ex-President of the Black Shamrocks MC, and the woman everyone turns to in a crisis. Patrick “Beast” O’Brien. Brutal. Merciless. Duplicitous. A father in name only, traitor to his own Club, and a man living on borrowed time. He’s broken all of the rules, hurt the one’s closest to him, and then run away like a coward. She’s been left behind to clean up his mess. Pourin... more
  • Tempting Fate: Black Shamrocks MC #4

    by Kylie Hillman
    Revenge or the love of his life? Her soul mate versus her family? Whatever they chose, someone loses. Mik and Maddi. Mad Dog and his Angel. Mikhail Kennedy and Madelaine O'Brien. One without the other just doesn't seem right. They're made for each other; soul mates who've survived every obstacle thrown in their way. It should be smooth sailing from now on. Mik taking his rightful place as the President of the Black Shamrocks MC with his woman by his side. Maddi free from the demons that... more
  • Seeking Redemption: Black Shamrocks MC #3

    by Kylie Hillman
    Rock bottom… Some would say Benjamin O’Brien has finally reached it. When you’ve ruined your life and brought your loved ones to their knees in the process, you would assume you couldn’t fall any further. Lacey Marquis is done. Broken. Shattered. Ruined. Deserted by the man she thought was the love of her life, she’s reached her breaking point. It takes a lot to make the Black Shamrocks MC abandon their family, yet Benji has almost managed it. When the Club discovers Lacey’s involveme... more
  • Making Choices: Black Shamrocks MC #2

    by Kylie Hillman
    From the outside, it appears that Juliette Patrice has the perfect life. Her career is her number one priority, matched only by her desire to fulfill her parent’s enormous expectations. Lucas 'Timber' Blake is the Sergeant-At-Arms of the Black Shamrocks MC. A violent man who cares only for his Club and his family, he's wrong for Juliette in every logical way. Still dealing with the fallout from the explosive events earlier in the year, Lucas is tested further when Juliette is dragged into ... more
  • Seizing Control: Black Shamrocks MC #1

    by Kylie Hillman
    When a monster owns your past, can you control your destiny? Only daughter of the volatile President of the Black Shamrocks MC and long-suffering sister to four overprotective brothers, Madelaine O'Brien has survived circumstances that would have broken a lesser woman. Mikhail "Mad Dog" Kennedy is her salvation, her reward for continuing to fight, and the matching piece of her soul. With her life happy and on track, will the reappearance of the monster from her past be the event that f... more
  • Beyond Every Mirror

    by Christine Church

    Beside his own image, Dane Bainbridge sees another; a ginger haired beauty with stunning emerald eyes. He's seen her his entire life, a life filled with glamour and fame... and loneliness. For the woman in the mirror is his one true love. But, this he does not know, not until he is dragged into her world--one of beasts and lands beyond imagination. One where his sacrifice is all that keeps her and the world in which she resides alive.

    Once they are together, he remembers it all, and... more


    by Artemis Milchon
    M.J. Storm was a force of nature. Strong. Artistic. Caring. And her world was falling apart. Living in the run down racing track, she was desperate to get herself and her foster sister, Squirt, out of the tyrannical Razor’s control and in a better situation. Going to the club to pitch Squirt’s engine to some of the top drivers had seemed like a good idea. It might have been if someone hadn’t decided to kidnap her. Aquos was dying. The balance Sally had brought to their world hadn’t helped him. ... more
  • Tender

    by Anne Meredith
    Rachel Sheppard is running from a forgotten past when she travels to Colonial Williamsburg with her best friend, Camisha. She soon learns that the man who raised her has been keeping a dark secret from her for twenty years and blackmailing Camisha. Now, he'll do anything to stop Rachel from revealing his secret. Rachel and Camisha take shelter at Rosalie—a tobacco plantation with a storied past. No sooner does Rachel arrive at the old plantation than she’s swept into the arms of Grey Trelawney, ... more
  • Immortal (The Trelawneys of Williamsburg Book 2)

    by Anne Meredith

    Rachel remembered nothing of the past. Her sister Merrilea remembers too much.

    IMMORTAL continues the saga of the Trelawneys of Williamsburg, which began in 1746 with the love story of Rachel and slave-trader Grey Trelawney. IMMORTAL is the story of Merrilea Miller, the younger sister of Rachel, who has been raised in hiding by her grandmother, Hannah Hastings ("Nan"), an English woman with a stormy, sorrowful past and many secrets.

    (Please note this is the second in a s... more

  • Always You

    by P. L. Byers

    Losing a friend is never easy. But losing a friend and knowing the blame resides entirely on your shoulders is something else entirely.

    Tessa Shay had spent her life surrounded by a father and two brothers who loved and protected her. Having lost her mother at a young age, Tessa quickly learned that to survive growing up in an all male household she had to become strong and fiercely independent. It was easy to do, knowing that they always had her back. Then one day her youngest brother ... more

  • Two Worlds Collided

    by Karen Michelle Nutt
    Evie Reid on a whim agrees to travel back in time to 1997 to change bad boy Bellamy Lovel's path of destruction. She's smart with a college degree, but she is still fan-girl crazy for the rock band, Civilized Heathens. Evie knows despite all Bellamy's smiles and enthusiasm on the stage, he's destined to end it all on one lonely night in a hotel room unless she can change his path. Bellamy isn't keen on having Evie as his personal assistant, hired by his band mates to watch over him, and keep ... more
  • Dear Heart: The Courting Letters

    by Judith Pinkerton Josephson
    In 2010 teacher Lisa Anderson has almost given up on love after a failed, longtime relationship and Internet dating disasters. In a cluttered attic, she discovers an antique writing box labeled “Courting Letters.” Untying the beribboned packets inside, she finds tattered envelopes, their contents penned more than a century before. As Lisa begins to read, she learns that in 1907 in Ipswich, England, the authors, Gertie and Fred, meet. Just as their friendship deepens into something more, Fred and... more
  • The Titty Dancer, Her Bitch DJ, and Their Love of '80s Madonna

    by Mike James
    Who says you can't find love in a strip club? On the day he is released from Harris County Jail, Jay, down on his luck, is taken to lunch by his artist, stoner landlord to a strip club called Gold Dust that just so happens to be hiring for a DJ. Jay applies, gets the job, starts work that very night where he is thrust into a wild world of bisexuality, drugs and money when he falls head over stilettos for a Madonna loving stripper named Karma. And that's just on his first night of employment!
  • Military Romance: Fly Me High (Book 1)

    by Elen Free

    Get ready to immerse yourself in a new love story!

    Fly Me High is a short military romance story about quickly sparked attraction between college girl Amelia and hot pilot named Spencer. Two different worlds, two different people. One - a girl, trying to finish college and get over a recent breakup, the other - a military guy, trying to live his dream being a pilot. Discover all the difficulties and doubts emerging in their way as they try to ... more