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  • This Crazy Heart

    by S. H. Pratt
    Austin Green would follow Fiona into the deepest depths of hell and back to prove his love for her. For Fiona Harper, he only has to follow her to Montana to find it. The Lazy D Dude Ranch was the source of every nightmare that plagued her and only Austin’s love kept her sane. When Fiona’s doctor proposes an intense therapy to help her manage her trauma and nightmares, Fiona reluctantly agrees to return to Montana and her sister’s dude ranch… but only with Austin. Deep in the Crazy Mountains of... more
  • This Crazy Love

    by S. H. Pratt
    To say that Fiona Harper hated Montana was an understatement. The state, the town of Big Timber, and more specifically the Lazy D Dude Ranch induced terror, panic and fury. Only a deep and powerful bond of love for her sister, Brianna Rose, could bring Fiona back to Montana. Knowing that Briana needs her, Fiona agrees to return to the Lazy D Ranch in Montana, in spite of her desperate terror that her sanity and life hang in the balance. Austin Green wanted the simple things in life… a quiet lif... more
  • Seeking Peace

    by S. H. Pratt
    Scottish-American Kyle McCoy always knew what he wanted. A life without cubicles. He dreamed of a musician’s life where he could write and record his music. He always knew that was the life for him… until he got what he wanted. As his concert tour ends, Kyle finds himself at a crossroads in his life. One road leads to stardom and fame, as his alter-ego Keegan, at a cost he isn’t sure he can accept. The other road seems to lead to a claustrophobic cubicle-bound life that he’s certain will be his... more
  • Reclaiming Peace

    by S. H. Pratt
    Home. All Dexie McBride wanted was to go home… to the people she loved. Driven from Peace, Montana by the greed of BJ Harrington and the nightmare of his son, Brent, she has spent years searching for a way back to her home. When news that her mother is dying reaches Dexie, she knows her best chance to return home has finally come. As she mourns her mother’s death, Dexie struggles to repair friendships that have been neglected for ten long years, especially the one with her best friend, Draven ... more
  • Beyond the Dark

    by S. H. Pratt
    Malaki James knows the darkest recesses of life – knows the terrors lurking there. He’d fled the Pacific Northwest in an attempt to elude the horrors that had plagued him since childhood, vowing never to return. When life’s cruelty forces Malaki back to Washington State, he finds an unexpected light in Emsley. Emsley Dalton is no stranger to life’s dark twists. Struggling to find release from the vows that hold her bound and the soul-deep agony of loss, she finds herself wholly unprepared for t... more
  • The Knowing: JB Straton's Story

    by Brit Lunden
    Bulwark- a wall or stockade that protects or sometimes hides the truth from the outside world. Bulwark, Georgia, isolated, hidden. Who knows what strange things can happen when the rest of the world can't see you? JB Stratton is alone in the world, and all he has left are the memories of his beloved Ellie. Dirt poor JB and wealthy Ellie feel an instant connection that is as intense and primal as the blood red earth of their home. Unseen roots connect them, pulling them into an impossible relatio... more
  • The Secret Ingredient

    by Kilby Blades

    Winner of the 2018 Stiletto Award (issued by the Contemporary Romance chapter of RWA)

    Finalist in the 2019 Sexy Scribbles Contest (issued by Passionate Ink, the Erotic Romance chapter of RWA)

    TV chef Cella journeys to an idyllic seaside town to write an Italian cookbook. She's also mourning a failed restaurant project, dodging her predatory agent, and finding respite from soul-crushing fame. When she learns that her new neighbor, Max, is the n... more

  • Hold Fast

    by Sebastian Nothwell
    Morgan Turner, agent to the Winthrop estate, owes everything to his benefactor. When the late baronet’s will tasks him with finding the lost heir and making a gentleman of him, he is determined to succeed. Thirteen years ago, Evelyn Winthrop ran away to sea. Now that his hated patriarch is dead, the ancestral home he returns to is more shadowed than what he left behind. Ungrateful relations and old friends alike tie a knot of scandal and depravity only a sailor could hope to unravel. And all ... more
  • Off The Grid (To Catch a Thief Book 3)

    by Kay Marie

    One part Pride and Prejudice.

    One part Romancing the Stone.

    All the feels.

    Don't miss this laugh-out-loud, action-packed romantic comedy, new from bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis, writing as Kay Marie.

    Agent Leo Alvarez is on his way to Hawaii when his partner calls in a favor--the mob is after a pastry chef in NYC, and he's the only one who can get to her in time. With his dreams of Mai T... more

  • Breaking The Sinner (The Breaking Series Book 4)

    by Ember Leigh

    The newest gym bad boy, Cobra, promises to help a religious cult escapee, Gen, to complete every item on her list of New Experiences. Except for one: fall in love.

  • Jake's Redemption: The Angel Eyes Series Prequel

    by Jamie Schulz

    An imprisoned cowboy. An empowered woman.
    When true love is forbidden, opening their hearts could destroy them both…

    Chained and enslaved, Jake Nichols is convinced he’ll die alone. In this new order where men are stripped of all power, he endures brutal torture at the hands of his female captor. But when he’s hired out to build a ranch home for an outspoken beauty, his dreams of escape transform into visions of... more

  • Mr Warren's Profession

    by Sebastian Nothwell
    England, 1891. Lindsey Althorp, the only son of a wealthy baronet, has never worked a day in his life. Aubrey Warren was born in a workhouse and hasn’t stopped working since. Buoyed by Lindsey's optimism and fuelled by Aubrey's industry, the two men strive to overcome the class gulf between them. But a horrific accident reveals a betrayal that threatens to tear them apart forever.
  • Laura the Explorer

    by Sarah Begg

    At twenty-seven, Laura Baker finds herself single for the first time in her adult life, her now-gay ex-husband the only man she's ever slept with.

    Moving into an apartment on Sydney's Northern Beaches, Laura's two new eclectic roommates convince her that she needs to get herself out there and start dating (and sleeping with) as many men as possible.

    But as Laura's fun new lifestyle kicks off, her work ethic begins to slip. Her mum won't stop pestering her about... more

  • The Show Must Go On

    by Kate Karyus Quinn

    After a freak accident changed her whole life, a guilt-stricken girl put as much distance as she could between her hometown and herself. Now, over a decade later, she must find the courage to return home and face the music.

    Ever since her thirtieth birthday, Jenna’s been battling a bad case of the blahs. Hoping to shake up her life, she agrees to take the lead role in a theatrical production pitched as Annie meets Fifty Shades of Grey. However, b... more

  • All those Tears We Can't See

    by Gita Audhya
    When a first generation Indian-American girl named Monica falls in love with Brandon, an American and a Christian, her mother believes that this will put an end to Bengali traditions for future generations. In Gita Audhya’s All Those Tears We Can't See, published by Austin Macauley, we see how a clash in cultures greatly affects Monica and her happiness and if is not accepted by her family, specially her mother it creates unhappiness and even family break-ups. Although Monica loves her parent... more
  • The Ravenhurst Legacy

    by Jamie Boltman
    Evil has an unquenchable thirst, knows no bounds and comes for you when you least expect it…whether it has a reason or not. Blood spilled forth, dark crimson pooling around them. They were dead. Murdered by the man standing over their lifeless bodies, the bloody knife still clutched in his hand. Slowly he turns and reaches for her. As the clouds part and the blood moon bathes the room red, a mysterious stranger suddenly pulls her to safety. Cassandra Lockhart’s nights are haunted by this... more