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  • Passion's Exile (Medieval Outlaws Book 2)

    by Glynnis Campbell
    A runaway bride fleeing to a convent is ambushed by a once-noble sword-for-hire who awakens her passions and destroys her best-laid plans.
  • Danger's Kiss (Medieval Outlaws Book 1)

    by Glynnis Campbell
    A beautiful thief can squirm out of trouble with a wink and a smile, until she meets the most feared lawman in the shire, who can't decide whether to kiss her or kill her.
  • The Reiver (Medieval Outlaws Book 0)

    by Glynnis Campbell
    A cattle-thieving Scottish lass chooses the wrong cow to steal and tangles with a laird who heals her heart and tames her wild ways.
  • My Hero (Knights of de Ware Book 3)

    by Glynnis Campbell
    A damaged knight seeks refuge as a man of the church, but a beautiful healer from his past challenges his vow of silence and reawakens his passions.
  • My Warrior (Knights of de Ware Book 2)

    by Glynnis Campbell
    A bold English knight sent to secure a Scots castle discovers the warrior defending it is a beautiful lass, and her weapon is a double-edged sword aimed at his heart.
  • My Champion (Knights of de Ware Book 1)

    by Glynnis Campbell
    A spirited young merchant is certain she doesn't need a hero—until she's kidnapped by an infamous pirate and must trust a stranger in disguise with her life and her heart.
  • The Handfasting (The Knights of de Ware Book 0)

    by Glynnis Campbell
    A French knight betrothed to a Highland heiress falls in love with his spirited bride, then realizes he's been tricked into wedding the wrong sister.
  • A Rivenloch Christmas: A Wee Holiday Tale (The Warrior Daughters of Rivenloch Book 0)

    by Glynnis Campbell
    A holiday reunion at Rivenloch turns into a desperate search for three missing seven-year-old cousins, lasses who are as impetuous and daring as their warrior mothers.
  • The Storming (The Warrior Daughters of Rivenloch Book 0)

    by Glynnis Campbell
    A cursed knight storms a castle to claim his reluctant bride, but when they’re trapped in a deadly rockslide, they must fight together to conquer despair and triumph over death.
  • Knight's Prize (The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch Book 3)

    by Glynnis Campbell
    A lovely lady with a secret proves a welcome but dangerous distraction for a mercenary bent on hunting down the mysterious outlaw known as the Shadow.
  • Captive Heart (The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch Book 2)

    by Glynnis Campbell
    A fierce warrior maid tries to save her sister from marriage by abducting the groom's right-hand man, a plan that goes awry when her hostage is all-too-willing to succumb to her demands.
  • Lady Danger (The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch Book 1)

    by Glynnis Campbell
    A beautiful female warrior has never had trouble turning away men, but when she marries a powerful lord to save her sister, she soon finds herself losing the battle over her heart.
  • A Yuletide Kiss: A Warrior Maids of Rivenloch short story (The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch)

    by Glynnis Campbell
    A half-Viking shieldmaiden has until Yuletide to choose a bridegroom…or one will be chosen for her.
  • The Shipwreck (The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch Book 0)

    by Glynnis Campbell
    A Norse marauder ends up shipwrecked and at the mercy of a Pictish warrior maid with a grudge against Vikings and a little girl in need of a father.
  • Mad About Moon

    by Melissa Foster
    Can true love strike twice in one lifetime? Josie Beckley refuses to believe there is a limit on happiness. A decade after she escaped her abusive parents and lost touch with her siblings, the death of her husband leaves her and her son homeless. But Josie has never been one to wallow in sadness, and when she takes a chance on reconnecting with her siblings, a sinfully handsome bright light from her past shows up and offers to help her find a way out of the darkness. Most people wouldn't ... more
  • Dusting Down Alcudia: A Nina Esposito Novel (The Nina Esposito Adventure Romance Series Book 1)

    by D A Nelson
    The first in a brand-new romantic adventure series by award winning Scottish writer, D A Nelson. “When top archaeologist Nina Esposito finds a famed treasure hunters’ journal, she knows it will lead her to a long-lost Roman necklace. But when an ex and a rival archaeologist come on the scene, things don’t go quite to plan as the pair battle out for the right to her heart. Added to the mix is the shady character of a local billionaire who will stop at nothing to snatch the jewels from under her... more