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  • A Heart Purloined

    by Lisa M. Lane
    Amanda Goodwin first encounters Jack Strawman when both of them are robbing the same house, so she knows he's a thief. But she needs his help to retrieve a miniature of great value to her grandfather. Which will get them in more trouble, his lying ways or her brutal honesty?
  • Lonely in Paris: A fun, lighthearted, closed door billionaire romance set in the City of Love (Longing for Home Series Book 1)

    by Lisa Stanbridge

    Jane's #1 rule in Paris: Don't fall in love

    After ending a disastrous relationship, Jane accepts a job in the City of Love. The trouble is she speaks very little French, has no friends to enjoy Paris with, and she's awfully lonely.

    Then she meets Jacques DuPont.

    Rich, handsome, and the cream of the Parisian crop, Jacques is living the dream. Just not his own. His father wants him to follow in his footsteps, but Jacques wants to earn his success. Tr... more

  • The Real Me Because of You

    by MJ Apple
    Luisa “Isa” Macayo’s life seems to turn for the better when her high school crush, Ryan Marks, moves in below her. Their promising professional and romantic relationship gives both of them hope, but will it be enough to overcome entitled family members and overzealous coworkers who are attempting to sabotage their happiness?
  • Dallying with the Diamond

    by Andrea K. Stein
    Leonidas Croft Atherton, former cavalry officer turned society artist, has ferocious carnal appetites and little use for the Society that shunned him after his father, on his deathbed, pronounced him another man's son. His revenge on those high-in-the-instep members of the ton involves painting lascivious portraits of peers' mistresses and doing even more scandalous things with their wives. When the shared journal in which he and his friends have recorded their sexual exploits goes missing, L... more
  • The Serpents Revenge: The Morgantown Serpent series (Morgantown Serpents Series Book 1)

    by Angela Richards
    Bianca lives in a town that has the people in power dipping their toes in a underground sex trade. When her drug addict dad sets his sights on her she knows she is in trouble. She thought her boyfriend who is in a motorcycle club would help her but something happens to make him leave her. She is stuck between wanting him back and dealing with the bad guys in a branch of the mafia. Will Oliver come to her rescue when she needs him the most or will help come in the form of one of the bad guys. Mor... more
  • TopKnotch Adventures With Our Clueless Human

    by CJ Thomas

    In TopKnotch, three Shih Tzu girls—Ginger, Hapi, and Missy, scheme to extricate their late 20’s-something owner, Robin, from a series of foibles. Robin is an engineer who works for her uber-successful, but domineering dad, Fritz. She’s engaged to marry Sean, who works as the intellectual properties attorney for their firm, Rosencratz & Dessein. Determined to connect Robin with an upgrade, they are always on the prowl for a new boyfriend to replace ... more

  • Crossed Stars

    by BayMar Publishing
    Just as the feelings of a determined realtor and a grieving landowner begin to flourish after hostilities, family secrets and revelations of historical exploitation threaten their budding romance. Civil war has devastated the cobalt nation of Stardade. Lands, families, and lives have been destroyed, and its citizens struggle to rebuild six months on. Phillip Wesley, heir and sole survivor of his own family, has only his land and a supportive childhood friend to sustain him. Anna Adamos, h... more
  • Drawn to Death

    by Kat Shehata
    Ghosts visit Evelyn in her dreams. The secrets of the dead could get her killed. The city is ripe with crime, and the freshly dead need help solving their murders. Evelyn is a reluctant psychic / medium who channels the dead through her art. Leo is a skeptical homicide detective who believes in evidence, facts, and witness testimonies—when the information comes from the living, not the dead. When a ghost feeds Evelyn clues about a string of unsolved murders, she teams up with Leo to tra... more
  • Drop Dead

    by Danielle Bird
    Ethan Jimenez is a brutal vampire hunter who would like nothing more than for all bloodsuckers to suddenly drop dead. Killing the monsters that go bump in the night is how he keeps the bad dreams at bay and how he copes with the deaths of his parents and sister. But when Ethan meets (and is subsequently bitten by) frazzled newborn vampire, Simon, his life is forced to change overnight. \tNow, Ethan is Simon’s “servitor” or human protector, making it impossible for him to hurt his hot mess of a ... more
  • Sunrise in Saigon

    by Patrick Greenwood
    With echoes of Tom Clancy and Jack Higgins, “Sunrise in Saigon,” is Patrick Greenwood’s first book in a new series about cybersecurity, passion, and international espionage. Intrigued by the country of Vietnam since the age of 11, Jack Kendall long remembered the fall of Saigon in 1975 and its painful aftermath. Jack learns from eyewitnesses about the long shadow of the Vietnam war, its atrocities, and its aftermath. He comes to know a couple who met under the most extreme circumstances, one o... more
  • Waiting for Alfie

    by Fenella Fenton
    As he looked up, he saw a sailor in uniform with a hat that had a white star above the peak. He tried to make sense of it in the darkness, but it was futile. However, he did notice the same sailor had a long, jagged scar on his right cheek. Holding out his weather-beaten hand to steady him, the sailor watched as he staggered; observing everything around him, it was then that he realised he was one of only a few saved that night…
  • June Storm

    by Ramona Lee Soo-Jun
    Tessa joins a mysterious dating app. Soon after, every time it rains in London, she bumps into an eccentric cocaine addict, who drags her into his world ruled by the Law of Attraction. He guides her through various dates, until the two cross a fine line between his imagination and Tessa's reality.
  • Tell Me Everything: An Rx Chronicles Book

    by EeJay Enekwa

    A year after being robbed at gunpoint during her shift at the pharmacy, Nichole continues to experience recurring nightmares. The dreams are so vivid that when she shows up for her first therapy session, she feels confident that her self-diagnosis of PTSD is correct. However, it is much more complex; what she walks out with is a myriad of issues to address and no idea where to even begin. A night of over-indulging in tequila at her friend's pre-wedding party leads Nichole to unleash her m... more

  • Sleigh Bell Serenade: A Sweet Winter Romance (Winter Wishes Book 2)

    by Shanna Hatfield
    Bowen Jensen struggles beneath the weight of responsibilities. He's raising his teenage sister, running the family ranch, and managing a sleigh tour business. He has zero time for himself, and doesn't realize how lonely his life has become until he encounters a beguiling woman. She leaves him wondering if there isn't more to life than just trudging through one day after another.
  • Deadly Betrayal

    by Sheila Kell
    When trusting the wrong person can be deadly. From Romantic Suspense BEST-SELLING and AWARD-WINNING Author • What happens when a former FBI analyst quits her job to become a PI and ends up partnering with the man who left her fourteen years earlier? In Sheila Kell’s riveting novel of secrets, deceit, and romance, two people rush to find a killer while reckoning with their growing attraction.   Cassie McKay was tired of being passed over as a FBI field agent. She quit her job as a FBI analy... more
  • The Fourth Reason

    by Safa Shaqsy
    Eighteen-year-old Amal Mati who suffers from trust issues, and works in a small restaurant in New York City, where she serves customers as a waitress with big dreams. Amal thinks she wasn’t meant to be a waitress, instead, she was supposed to work as a logo designer in a big company. Amal’s mother lives with her and has been her guardian since she gave birth to her daughter. Her mother thinks that her mental condition won’t allow her to be a better parent to her daughter, which makes her hostile... more