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  • Seeking Fortune: A Regency Inspirational Romance: (Seeking Series Book 1)

    by Josie Riviera

    There are lies more believable than truth.

    Losing his wife and daughter to influenza shook James Colchester’s faith in God. As another epidemic threatens, he’s torn between what’s best for his fragile son: fleeing to his Welsh homeland, or staying put. In a moment of weakness, the black-haired, green-eyed Gypsy’s delicate touch on his palm quells his fear…and her beauty ignites a warmth he hasn’t felt in years.

    Desperate to re... more

  • Love, Trust, & Pleasure (A Brothers of Kemet Book 1)

    by Kai Leakes
    In the magnetic world of Atlanta, there is a secret shared between women who want to forgo love and their everyday reality. Pleasure, sex, and sensual associations guide these women to a special enigmatic foundation of men known to tailor to their wildest desires: The Brothers of Kemet. At the head of B.O.K is president, Kwame Hughes, one of Atlanta’s sexiest men and a wealthy bachelor who happens to not trust in love, since the tragic loss of his wife. His needs are masked in the desire to m... more
  • Chocolate-Box Hearts

    by Josie Riviera

    Cozy up with your favorite beverage, and lose yourself in the joyful seasons of love.

    A Chocolate-Box Christmas

    This short and sweet romance is a #1 Amazon Bestseller.

    Love is sweeter with a touch of mischief.

    Judging a chocolate-making competition for the women’s shelter’s annual fundraiser should be an easy, even pleasurable, assignment for Maise, new food critic for the Bloomingfield Daily Dispatch. Too bad just the sme... more

  • A Chocolate-Box New Years: (Chocolate-Box Series Book 2)

    by Josie Riviera

    Fresh pasta isn’t the only specialty that takes extra time…

    The extra time and expense of Julie Elliot’s old-school cooking methods are worth it, but that means The Pasta Junction’s bottom line is often stretched thin—much like herself. Even during the holidays, the restaurant’s busiest season.

    When she carves out time in her brutal schedule to meet with Bloomingfield weatherman Lorenzo Rossi, she crushes her reaction to the t... more

  • A Chocolate-Box Christmas: (Chocolate-Box Series Book 1)

    by Josie Riviera

    Love is sweeter with a touch of mischief.

    Judging a chocolate-making competition for the women’s shelter’s annual fundraiser should be an easy, even pleasurable, assignment for Maise, new food critic for the Bloomingfield Daily Dispatch. Too bad just the smell of chocolate makes her stomach roil. By the time she reaches the last table, she hopes her face isn’t as green as her holiday sweater.

    But the tall, square-jawed man behind piles of fudge ... more

  • A Chocolate-Box Valentine: (Chocolate-Box Series Book 3)

    by Josie Riviera

    It’s your last love who truly matters.

    Owning a candy store should be a fun and delightful profession. Besides, what candy could beat Sally’s Elliot’s signature coffee chocolate fudge? None, except for the unique infusion candy she designed for Valentine’s Day.

    Unfortunately, the signature chocolate required for the candy won’t be delivered on time. No problem. She’ll pick up the order herself. When she reaches the diner where ... more

  • Seeking Rachel: (Seeking Series Book 4)

    by Josie Riviera

    When faith is adrift, the heart is the compass leading the way home.

    Rachel Lockhart grew up running wild and free with nomadic Gypsy children on her father’s estate. Craving adventure, her imagination conjured up an impossibly perfect, grey-eyed man to share it with.

    Now grown, her outspoken ways are about to send her home from London in disgrace. Until she unexpectedly clashes with an impossibly perfect, grey-eyed man. And the back of her mind echoes with... more

  • A Season to Love (Seasons of Northridge Book 2)

    by Rebecca Heflin

    Kristen McKay and Tyler Kincaide have a past—one that has left her with a bone-deep animosity for him. And a secret.

    After seventeen years away, Tyler has returned to his hometown of Northridge, complicating Kristen’s life and dredging up conflicting emotions she’d rather not confront: the shame of that night so many years ago, coupled with the confounding and unwelcome physical attraction she has for him; the desire to keep her secret and the guilt over doing just tha... more

  • Love, Lies and Redemption (Historical/Western Romance)

    by Kelli A. Wilkins
    Love, Lies and Redemption Shot and left for dead, Sam Hixton stumbles into a general store on the Nebraska prairie and collapses into the arms of Cassie Wilcox. Cassie’s world is turned upside down when the handsome stranger drops into her life. Sam is another complication she doesn’t need: her business is dying and her trouble with the townspeople is escalating. Yet she’s determined to keep the store open — no matter what the cost. As Sam recovers from his injuries, he hides the truth ... more
  • A Winter's Madcap Escapade (Brides By Chance Regency Adventures Book 4)

    by Elizabeth Bailey
    Can a daring young girl take control of her future? 1804, England. Alexander, Lord Dymond’s life is thrown into chaos when he finds young Appoline Greenaway hiding in his coach. Having lost her father, Apple is on the run from her scheming cousins, who are determined to cheat her out of her inheritance before she comes of age. But Apple is not all that she seems. Her inheritance is tied up in a mysterious trust — and no one knows who set it up. As Alex and Apple grow closer it becomes apparent t... more
  • Knight For A Lady (Brides By Chance Regency Adventures Book 3)

    by Elizabeth Bailey
    Can a seasoned army colonel become a gallant lord? 1804, England. After unexpectedly inheriting an earldom, Colonel Niall Lowrie must manage his neglected estates while learning gentlemanly conduct. However, he is soon longing for the freedom and adventure of his old army life. Niall’s boredom subsides when he meets the witty and intriguing Edith Westacott, the vicar’s niece. Newly arrived from Bath, she feels suffocated by village life and strives for independence. But it seems that Edith has b... more
  • A Chance Gone By (Brides By Chance Regency Adventures Book 2)

    by Elizabeth Bailey
    Will Marianne ever be able to confess the secrets of her heart…? 1803, England. Marianne Timperley has been in love with Justin Crail for as long as she can remember. But he is heir to an earldom, and she had been taken in charitably by his family at Purford Park – with no dowry and no title. Justin promised his late father he would wed Lady Selina Wilkhaven, the most eligible daughter of the Earl and Countess of Sessay. And Marianne now feels she must end their close friendship to protect her h... more
  • On A Cloudy Day

    by Imani Lewis
    Jordan, a college student in Atlanta, and Malakai, a college student in San Francisco, are both going through major changes in their lives. They meet each other through unlikely (and unearthly) circumstances, finding themselves forming a friendship they never knew they needed. When the violent storm brewing in their lives tries to destroy everything they knew, they only have each other to turn to for shelter...
  • Seducing the Dragonfly (Graciella Book 2)

    by Sara Ohlin

    Returning home to the Oregon town of Graciella after twelve years away, international real-estate guru Turner Brockman intends to make amends for having disappeared, then vanish again. He didn’t plan on meeting a figure from the past he tried to escape—beautiful Lily Moreno, now all grown up and the independent creative owner of Dragonfly Design & Construction.

    Lily never expected to see Turner again and she’s determined to hide the love she’s felt for him since ... more

  • Slave (The Ghost of Cambria Book 2)

    by Joseph Stone
    A handsome stranger with steel-blue eyes makes love to Kristen Cole each night in her dreams. She presumes the men in her life are manifesting her nightly erotic experiences. But when Kristen awakes one morning to see the stranger vanish from between her legs, she fears she is losing her mind. Confident that poor sleep caused her hallucination, she gives up alcohol, takes up exercise, and adopts a guard dog to watch over her. This morning, after a wild night with her boyfriend, Kristen... more
  • Inheriting Fate

    by Christine McFarland

    Reading an ordinary diary provides an extraordinary adventure.

    ​Cassie McAllister miraculously survived an attack by her ex-husband. But her breaking point comes when she starts hearing a voice in her head saying, “Save her.” She retreats to an old farmhouse in Idaho she inherited upon her mother’s death, with plans to fix the place up and fix herself in the process. Hidden in the attic, she finds a century-old diary. Upon reading from the charmed book... more