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  • Queen of Hearts

    by Tammy Andresen
    She hates the Earl of Edgemere with a passion… Arabella White can confess that if she’s going to root out the thief from her gaming hell, she’s going to need assistance. An idea she hates. But the dark and mysterious Earl of Edgemere is as conceited as he is dastardly. Never mind that he’s also handsome as sin. He’s the last man she’d allow into her business that she’s sacrificed everything to obtain. Because this earl? He might just steal it all…including her heart. An unlikely earl… T... more
  • Wild Days Out:An Adventurous Excursion

    by Ritasha Puri
    Have you ever heard of Risk says "we are life, not danger....." if not then? An existing story wild days ...... emerging unique concept. people must learn " critical situations are proven to be as fearless as Adventure".this specific book contains genres Adventure, Fiction, Romantic, Comedy, Poetry, Mystic. some of the benefits for avid readers i.e to prepare them in case of convolution, Don't run from situations. Readers will develop a positive attitude. Develop various skills i.e imaginat... more
  • Natasha's Prison: Healing From Your Prison I Never Knew I Was In

    by Stefan Stevens
    Natasha’s Prison is a heartfelt story written about Harry and Natasha. The harmonious relationship between the betrothed ended abruptly, leaving Harry in despair and fighting for freedom from his depression. He uncovered a web of twisted truths and many riddles. The phoenix rose from the ashes.
  • Allure

    by Gina Ferguson
    A young female entrepreneur who finds out taking on a skilled partner is hot-blooded business, especially when her new partner is the most handsome eligible man in town and he knows it. The connection is made when passionate bodies collide, no matter the sexual device. Unfortunately, not all good business is legit and past dealings chase after those involved. Will the burns of the past ruin a desirable future? Or will a promise massage out all illegal games?
  • The Labyrinth of My Life

    by Kay Alahakoon
    Sakunthala Ranaweera (Saku) is an independent young woman fighting her own demons working on her life plan. She doesn’t have any delusions about herself; she happily leads a vanilla way of life being true to her values. Scared by her childhood best friend, Niranga, Saku only trusts a handful of people and can be a praying mantis that bites off the heads of men who are not careful around her. She is also not one to forgive and forget easily. When Niranga returns years later, wanting to reconnec... more
  • Fruit

    by B. B. Calais

    Love is a tender fruit to be savored before it rots.
    Raff's life was simple, superficial, and safe.
    He knew his place in the world, his relation to those around him. He reveled in it.
    He was on a straight track until he followed a young woman into the far corner of the local diner.
    Can Raff keep his head through the relentless onslaught of raw emotion this action brings?
    Mature content.

  • It Started with a Note

    by Meg Easton
    It’s their second chance at love—but this time their obstacles include thousands of miles, a cultural barrier, and a world-famous chocolate empire. Avery Parks is proud of her farm girl upbringing, and now she loves her job in Admissions at the local college. But it’s nice and predictable, just like every other aspect of her life. Maybe it’s time to take a huge risk and have an adventure of her own by traveling to Belgium to see her childhood friend. Nicolas Servais hasn’t chosen much abou... more
  • Suddenly Married

    by Carmen Falcone
    Kira Jones is determined to make a new life for herself in the Big Apple. The catch? Babysitting a hot French bad boy zillionaire and keeping tabs on him in exchange for enough cash to open her own business. Easy, right? But after a paparazzo exposes her in a very compromising position with her new boss, the tables are turned—and she ends up agreeing to marry him! Luc Beauford wants one thing—destroy his estranged father’s empire. If that means going along with this ridiculous PR stunt, so be... more
  • Dimensional Jumper

    by Yanet Platt
    Lyla Luna, who from this world and century, ventures off on a hiking trip to escape her troubles from feeling unwanted. Along her path, she is accidentally transported into another dimension, where she becomes labeled as a Dimensional Jumper. As Lyla aids the mesmerizing Werewolf, Latravious Ellwood, due to a menacing relative attempting to take his life, she instantly falls in love. But her presence near Latravious is at risk, for her life might become endangered as well. Thus, she is secretly ... more
  • The Playboy Peer

    by Scarlett Scott
    A roguish earl accidentally compromises a jilted lady in this deliciously wicked tale of love lost and found again... Lady Isolde Collingwood’s future was happily secured until the man she intended to marry threw her over for another woman. Heartbroken and betrayed, she has every intention of running wild across London and setting polite society on its ear. But when she becomes embroiled in a scandal with a wicked earl, there’s only one way to solve her latest dilemma if she wants to protect ... more
  • Louisiana Latte

    by Rebecca Henry
    In 1989, at the age of twenty-two, Deb was in a life or death situation. As the engines started, accompanied by the fasten seat belt sign, Deb felt her skin crawl with immobilizing fear. She had two choices, either get off the plane or die in her brand-new Gucci stilettos. Deb couldn't get on a plane for love that day, but she could do it twenty years later for money. Money was worth dying for. Fast forward to present day with sisters Deb and Becky, waiting to board a Boeing 737 to Louisiana ... more
  • A Bandit's Vow

    by Kate Condie
    She never dared to dream of a love of her own. He never dreamed marriage would be his most dangerous exploit. Eloise Morris always puts her family first, and she spends her days working hard to support them. Marriage has never been part of her plans, but when Eloise is suddenly faced with the prospect of losing their family farm she does the unthinkable and accepts an offer of marriage... from a man who is little more than an outlaw. By rights, Aaron Harder should have been dead by now.... more
  • The Valet

    by S.M. LaViolette
    Stephen Chatham is everything Jo Leather ever wanted. Despite Stephen's tragic past, he's kind, brilliant, and the best employer Jo’s ever had. Falling for him was easy. Stopping him from discovering that Jo is actually Josephine—and keeping him from hating her when the truth inevitably comes out? That will be infinitely more difficult. Stephen doesn’t have much experience with love, but he’s known enough betrayal to last two lifetimes. Emotion doesn’t come easily to him. Neither does passion... more
  • The Bastard

    by S.M. LaViolette
    His was a face that women carried with them into their nightmares, not their fantasies… John Fielding is not a gentleman. His brutal past has left him scarred, mind and body. But the scars are a valuable reminder of what’s truly important. Revenge. And John will have his vengeance on the man who abandoned him when he was just a child. In fact, he’ll make the entire bloodline pay for the sins of his father. No one can stop him. Except maybe Cordelia. She’s everything John is not—kind and... more
  • Found: Bare with a Baron

    by Tammy Andresen
    The Baron Brightmore is the exact sort of rake a debutante should stay far away from… Not that Miss Alexi Starlit need worry about rogues. She’s too busy blending into the wall to catch the eye of a man like that. That is until this wallflower stumbles across a derelict and drunk baron having a tryst in the garden with an unknown lady. And when that woman escapes into the dark, Alexi is left alone with the worst sort of lord. She can’t imagine the situation could get any worse until her hosts... more
  • Take Two

    by Libby Waterford
    Jay Orlando used to be a lot of things—notorious heartthrob, second lead on cult favorite teen drama Sawyer’s Cove, and in hopeless first love with his costar Camille Corsair. Now he’s a humble bar owner reluctantly trading on his onetime fame while she's a certified star. When Cami walks into his bar, the last thing he expects her to say are the words “reboot” and “contract.” While Cami is tempting as ever, Jay has no intention of reprising his role—on the show or in Cami’s life. Cami’s fled... more