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  • The Bachelor Duke

    by Cecilia Rene
    The Bachelor Duke meets a beautiful, curvaceous lady. Remington Warren, The Duke of Karrington, lives his life by the name society has thrust upon him. Having witnessed cruelty against the fairer sex with his own eyes, he vows never to marry to prevent himself from becoming like the monster who raised him. After ten years of being The Bachelor Duke, his life is irrevocably changed when he sees Lady Olivia St. John across the ballroom floor. Having lived a sheltered, pampered life, surrounded ... more
  • Pleasure Pleasing

    by Maureen Stevenson
    1 day. 3 people. Pure Pleasure.
  • First Quiver

    by Beth C. Greenberg
    Immortality is no fun at all for the 3,375-year-old virgin of Mount Olympus. Cupid’s humdrum existence takes a sharp turn for the worse when a love-tipped arrow fired at the wrong rump gets him banished from home. Reunited in present-day Indiana with his long-lost best friend Pan, Cupid delights in his novel erotic prowess and apparent freedom until he falls deeply in love for the first time and realizes the full measure of his punishment: he must unite his beloved Mia with the Right Love she de... more
  • Elephant Creek

    by Donna Munro
    Steamy, sexy, romantic suspense set on the Gold Coast will intrigue and delight. Emma Jarvis has a dilemma — keep dating rock-star handsome Wade or pursue her crush on sexy, silent, probably-married Noah? Noah Cooper and his Down’s Syndrome daughter, Hope, are due for a fresh start. But a car accident propels Emma into their secretive world. Will Noah put his guard down long enough to let love back into his life? Emma finds, convincing Noah of a police conspiracy is one thing. Avoiding ... more
  • Earl of Gold

    by Tammy Andresen
    Why did he need love if he had gold? The Earl of Goldthwaite had spent his entire adult life accumulating wealth. It was his life’s goal to never end up as his father had, penniless and rotting in some debtor’s prison. He has no time for such silly notions as love or romance. When he eventually marries, he’ll find a nice heiress to increase his holdings. But when Miss Penny Walters waltzes into his life, he knows she’s all wrong for him. As poor as her name implies, she’s nothing that he want... more
  • A Book for Me and A Ring for You

    by Raine Leggett
    As a newly hired author, Dawn has a lot on her mind. However, after meeting a woman named Evie she finds a new love for storytelling that sends her high.
  • Winter's Woman

    by Scarlett Scott
    The reigning toast of the Season, Lady Evangeline Saltisford is betrothed to the most eligible bachelor in London and a scant few weeks from having everything she has ever wanted. Until danger comes calling, and she is forced to accept aid from a decidedly unlikely—and infuriating—source. Devil Winter is the illegitimate offspring of a wealthy merchant and a prostitute. He detests fancy aristocrats and has no patience for a cosseted duke’s daughter. But he will do anything for his family, and... more
  • The Lighthouse Inn

    by A. M. Kusi
    His ambition brought them together. Her secret could tear them apart. With love on the line, will they invest in their hearts? Innkeeper Jasmine Evans yearns to transform her struggling bed-and-breakfast into a huge success. As the single parent of a daughter conceived from a nameless one-night stand, she has no time for romantic entanglements. So when a handsome new guest arrives with a startlingly familiar face, she must guard a life-altering secret: He’s the father of her child. Atlas R... more
  • Trashy Romance: Back-Alley Treasure Trove (Trashy Romance, #2)

    by M. Lorrox

    Businesswoman Dawn Bradford isn’t normally uptight, even if she walks like it sometimes. Hot-shot cook Michael Marshall knows that sometimes you have to go deep for the prize, but is he in over his head? As they explore deep, dark, and secret places, the tension between them boils over. Can he learn to be humble and follow someone else’s lead? Can she learn to appreciate the finer aesthetics of life and his unique passions?

    Trashy Romance: Back-Alley Treasure Trove is t... more

  • Trashy Romance: Curbside Pickup (Trashy Romance, #1)

    by M. Lorrox

    When Jackie kicks her boyfriend to the curb, sexy garbageman Luke Montero is there to help her take out the trash… But can he also help her throw away her preconceptions about casual sex? Can she show him that he’s more than a hot night of sweaty fun? They come from different backgrounds and lead very different lives. The question is, can they come together in love?

    Trashy Romance: Curbside Pickup is the stand-alone first novel in the Trashy... more

  • Hanging Around for You

    by Stacia Leigh

    Forget something? --Abandoned by her free-spirited mother, Pinecone Rudd has been left with the only “family” she’s got, her mom’s ex-boyfriend, a seasoned biker named Hammond Barba. Together, they’re hiding a grievous secret, which has Pinecone making up stories, like how her mom is simply overseas, practicing yoga, and living her dream...but when a new, good-looking senior named Beau Smiley shows up at school, asking questions and hanging around, ... more

  • Everwish: The Primati Witches, Book One

    by Amelia Oz
    A paranormal YA romance mystery about an immortal Ottoman Prince and a cursed girl from Portland who cannot be loved without bringing about her own death.
  • Chasing the Duke: A Steamy Regency Christmas Romance

    by Tracy Sumner

    With her final season in the ton a surprising success, Lady Camille Bellington retires to her family’s Yorkshire estate for Christmas with a marriage proposal in hand. Beautiful and charming, but too independent for society, Camille has given up on the hope to marry for love. So she will marry for duty. The man of her childhood dreams hasn’t been home in three years, even to secure his dukedom, and her heart went with him.

    His best friend's little sister is lost to him&h... more

  • Evangeline Goes West

    by Julia DeBarrioz

    Bored out of her mind with the burbs and her abusive husband, former-farmgirl Eva packs up her paints and heads for the wilds of Wyoming. Hiding out at her friend’s guest ranch, she’s determined to find her old self that she lost somewhere along the way. What she doesn’t count on finding is Chase McCoy, a handsome young cowboy whose cavalier smile works like a balm for her weary soul. But Eva has resolved she is not looking for a man again. Especially not a cocky cowpoke who... more

  • Under The Kissing Ball

    by Susan Carlisle

    A Christmas kiss between friends is simple, until it isn’t…

    Clarissa Chalmers Simmons’ world is in turmoil. After fleeing an abusive marriage and her divorce, all she wants is to heal and create a calm, safe environment for her children. She’s returned to her ancestral home and the comfort of family, which includes a trusted childhood friend, Roger. She finds him handsome and sweet, but too set in his ways for her taste. With Roger’s encouragement and help... more

  • Talking To Herself

    by Melissa Powell Gay
    It's Christmas. The year is 2049. Amara Vivian Graves is mourning the death of her husband John Darnley. While undergoing bio-nanochip treatments for depression, Amara finds herself hurled back in time to 1999. There she meets others who've suffered the same fate and the younger version of her future husband. Over the course of living her second Christmas of 1999, Amara must decide to stay in the past or return to her reality of day-to-day living without her one true love.