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  • A Scot to Keep

    by Tammy Andresen
    She’s sworn never to marry… Lady Lily Morningstar has learned the hard way that men often let a woman down. She’ll make her own future, thank you very much. She’s trained to be a midwife, a career that will allow her to provide for herself. Except for when Lily is travelling on the road late one night after attending a patient, she is attacked by thieves. When a lone man rescues her, she begins to question the validity of her plan to brave life alone. Are there good men out there after all? O... more
  • Miss Tavistock's Mistake: Brides of Mayfair, Book One

    by Linore Rose Burkard

    England, 1811 Young Miss Tavistock is promised in marriage to Captain Rempeare by the wish of her dearly departed papa. But the captain’s been at sea for a decade. When she finally meets him, sparks fly, and she impulsively adopts a daring false identity. Going by “Lady X,” she vows never to marry such an infuriating man.

    Captain Gabriel Rempeare is prepared to fulfill his duty and marry Miss Tavistock—if only he can clap eyes on her. One circumstance or another ... more

  • Fake Play

    by Carla Swafford

    Connor Ellison, one of Atlanta Edge’s best wingers and biggest prankster, is given an ultimatum by the coaches and the PR department. He must stay married until the end of the run for the Cup or be available for trade.

    Lily Jones wants nothing to do with the insane demand. But he convinces her the best decision is to play along. If they remain married and pretend to be in love, he offers to save her family’s ice rink from bankruptcy. Anyway, it’s only until the e... more


    THE ENCOUNTER - A NARRATIVE PART ONE is superior to the 'Fifty Shades' series and is better written and much more fun. The story is a mad-cap original fast paced romp about old fashion family values alive and well in the modern day world and chivalry ain't dead. The writer is not just an author. He is an artist who is painting pictures with words. He grabs you and brings out questions of "What is normal?" and most of all - he is fun! He will leave you wanting more. The ... more

    THE ENCOUNTER - A NARRATIVE is a madcap romp and an original satire about old fashion family values alive and well in the modern day world and chivalry ain't dead. The author is an artist who is painting pictures with words and nobody writes like this guy. He actually takes you 'There'. He asks you questions of "What is promiscuous?" and you have to answer that in your own mind. The back cover reads; "Our saga involves Celeste (a nursing student) who runs into Erik (an engineeri... more
  • Run and Hide

    by Maggie Clare

    Special Agent Mike Flynn owes his friend a favor, and the instructions are clear. Find Lucia Costa. Keep her safe. But Lucia doesn't want to be found. She's investigating her brother's brutal murder and trying to stay alive.

    When the hot FBI agent knocks on her door in the middle of the night, Lucia has to admit, she needs his help. She's out of money, on the run, and the files hidden in her motel safe could take down a deadly human trafficking ring.

    As Mike and Lu... more

  • Sing for Me

    by Maggie Clare
    Jake Evans isn’t looking for love when he walks into a dive bar while on leave, just a beer and a no-strings hookup. Fiona Flynn isn’t even looking for a date. She’s got a musical career to launch and a past heartache to overcome. When Jake sees the stunning singer on stage, he knows he wants her – maybe for more than one night. Fiona can’t deny the chemistry between them, and she can’t ignore her growing feelings for the hot sailor with the easy smile. Their sweet, sexy, long-distance lov... more
  • In My Dreams

    by T. A. Moorman

    Reina and Ricardo have a relationship that’s as close to perfect as one can get. Coming home after a romantic honeymoon, they’re ready to settle down and begin their life together.

    But when Reina literally bumps into someone from her past, their future turns into a thing of uncertainty, and her life begins to unravel. Things are no longer as they seem when this dangerous stranger embeds himself into their lives.

    Will this vampire and his bride survive a wizard bound an... more

  • Punto and Me

    by Richard Walker
    Punto and Me by RG Walker Plot synopsis It is 2002 and Lisa Walters is at the height of her career, a world famous virtuoso with a raft of secrets she’s hidden all her life. She’s now preparing to write her memoires. From an early age Lisa is drawn to music and begins to study piano with her mother at home. She is young when her family moves to the City, a large center in the heart of the prairies. Her father starts a business and becomes increasingly absent from her life. By the ti... more
  • Savor This

    by Ariella Talix

    In this passionate and unpredictable story, Halden Dahl is a successful glass artist and total ladies’ man. Handsome and talented with an ego as big as all outdoors, has he finally met a woman who will bring him to his knee?

    Madison Lassiter is the new girl in town, and as soon as Halden lays eyes on her, he wants her. Halden has always been a thrill-seeker with a strong sense of wanderlust, so Madison has her doubts that he’s the man for her despite their obvious chemistry.... more

  • As Maryam's Tree Stood Witness

    by Ali Kasem
    Salem is seven years old when his sister Maryam is murdered in his native Yemen. The honor killing comes after an innocent and joyful love blossom beneath a palm tree with a member of a hostile tribe. False rumors that Maryam is pregnant incite the killing of the sister whose smile brightened Salem’s life as she told him fairy tales each night. The violence continues, and when Salem grows to be a young man, his father urges him to flee so that he will not become the next to die. In England, he m... more
  • The Staycation

    by Michele Gorman
    Two families. One cancelled flight. And a last minute house swap... Things get desperate for strangers Harriet and Sophie when they become stranded with their families in Heathrow's Terminal 5. Each woman has her own reason for really really really needing the family holiday they've anticipated for months. But Iceland's volcano has other plans for them. When their flights are cancelled, the families swap houses and discover that sometimes the best things in life happen close to home. This ... more
  • Mkvpoker

    by yulia hasyanti
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  • Baron of Bad

    by Tammy Andresen
    He’s bad to the bone… and she looks oh so good. The Baron of Baderness is too dark, too dangerous for any clear minded lady to consider. And Lady Grace has her choice of men. So why can’t she stop thinking about the one man she shouldn’t want? Lady Grace isn’t his type of woman at all. She’s too beautiful and far too perfect to ever be with a man such as himself. All she knows is drawing rooms and pretty gowns, while he has fought his way from the dregs of society. He shouldn’t want her an... more
  • Unforgivable Lust & Release Book 3 of the Unforgivable Series

    Forever is what Keera wanted. An unbreakable love only one could dream about. Keera found what she was looking for with Bryce. A magnificent relationship like her parents had. Their romance was scorching hot, passionate and wild from the moment their eyes met. Keera never expected her life to change drastically. But it did. When a new acquaintance derailed it. Now that Keera has experienced many amazing sexual fantasies, will her taste for more, blind her judgement? A violent stalker who s... more
  • Unforgivable Lust & Restraint Book 2 of the Unforgivable Series

    Hot, Dominant, Firefighter, Bryce Hamilton came into the beautiful Keera Johnson's life like a firestorm, engulfing her with the flame of desire. Saving her, from not only a life of loneliness but from an obsessive stalker. A stalker who lashes out by leaving notes and setting fires. A skilled arsonist he's quickly becoming. Bryce and Keera's love, consuming, scorching hot, passionate and wild from the moment they laid eyes upon each other. He was her addiction. She was his. A habit neither one... more