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  • How to Love a Dangerous Rogue: A Royal Regency Romance (Royals and Renegades Book 1)

    by Scarlett Scott
    From USA Today bestselling author Scarlett Scott comes a dazzling new forbidden, age-gap Regency romance between a ruthless king and the daring lady who wins his jaded heart... Lady Tansy Francis has been a loyal lady-in-waiting for most of her life. In the eyes of the ton, she has come to London for the formal betrothal announcement of the princess who is like a sister to her. But secretly, Tansy has become caught up in the plans for a revolution in her homeland. She finds herself with no ch... more
  • The Eighth Potion: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Romance Novel (Order of Magic Book 7)

    by Michelle M. Pillow

    Paranormal Women's Fiction & Romance from NYT & USAT Bestselling Author Michelle M. Pillow.

    After a fake psychic scammed her mother out of her retirement, Cynthia Clarkson has made it her life’s mission to expose every single one of those charlatans. So when she hears a rumor that a group of women in Freewild Cove are claiming to help loved ones move on after death, she’s all over it.

    Josh Adler is just the latest in a long line of victims. Cynthia is det... more

  • When Cowboys Fall

    by Réal Laplaine
    At some point in our lives, we all step across that proverbial line where the road ahead of us is suddenly, and sometimes, shockingly, shorter than the one we have been traveling. It's a visceral and profound moment, often times bringing on the mid-life crisis, where one realizes that over half of their time on Earth has passed. Trent McCallister, born and raised on a cattle ranch in Alberta, Canada, eventually morphs from the life of a cowboy to a white-collar job with the Canadian Embassy. A f... more
  • A Good Man/Soul Ties

    by Elle Teller
    Some ties bind together while others tear apart. Armand and Camille's love for one another is undeniable. But is it strong enough to keep them together? With what seems like a lifetime of challenges packed into just one year, will the couple be able to hold on to the rare love they've found? Or will they fold under all the pressures they are facing and let go of it all? Falling in love is easy but merging two lives together with extra baggage will take a lot more work...
  • A Good Man/Soulmates

    by Elle Teller
    A troubled past can't keep 'A Good Man' - . Armand thought he’d die in the toxic nightmare of a situation-ship that he was in for the last two and a half years. Armand didn’t stay with Beckie out of love. He didn’t even stay out of obligation. He stayed because he had felt hopelessly trapped! All it took was one chance encounter with Camille to change it all.
  • A Sparrow For You

    by Shreejit Nair
  • Dominating the Duke: A Steamy Enemies to Lovers Regency Romance (S∂¥, Lies, & Forbidden Desires Book 6)

    by Andrea K. Stein
    Captain El Goodrum has many secrets, but this one could destroy her... Perseus Whitcombe, Duke of Chelmsford, has never married and is hell bent on molding his younger brother into a suitable heir. The only woman he ever loved disappeared suddenly from his life, and for all he knows, she’s probably dead, lost at sea long ago. But he refuses to look back. Captain Eleanor Goodrum can’t stop looking back. She remembers each excruciating detail of her life as the thirteen-year-old daughter of ... more
  • Sweet Honey Bumblebees

    by Auteanna Bay
    For those who enjoy a classic love story this is for you. Dasia is the sweet woman who lost her parents when she was young. Leaving her older brother DJ to watch over her. DJ has many secrets and witnessing his parents death has changed him. No one is good enough for his sister. Especially not Josiah. Josiah is the young man who knows exactly what he wants. Josiah has held eyes for one woman and that's Dasia. Regardless of their trials and tribulations Josiah would do anything for Dasia. ... more
  • Even If We’re Broken

    by A.M. Weald
    Still reeling from being ghosted by her girlfriend, bioarchaeologist Kate Roth agrees to join an estranged colleague to teach at his field school at a Viking-age archaeology site in the wilds of Newfoundland. While welcoming the escape from Colorado where she’s been medicating resurfaced anxieties with wine and angry rock music, she’s wary of three important facts: 1) she’s had a crush on Viking Cowboy Ben for half her life, 2) Ben is a family man who lives in Norway, and 3) all her romantic rel... more
  • Dawn: God's United Reich

    by D. Alexander

    Take the blind leap and fall into true love, even if you fall to it means your death. Over a century ago, God’s United Reich, a tyrannical religious ideology, conquered the American Republic, transforming it into a holy utopia. The heart of this oppressive regime is the Divine Leader and his unwavering military force called the NiBorr, which demands unquestioning obedience from its flock. Leon Grady has the perceived holy life: he’s the star of his high school baseball team and is... more

  • The Wishful Governess (False Rumors)

    by Laura A. Barnes

    How many wishes must one make for a dream to come true?

    A lady who dreamt of the impossible. A gentleman tempted by fate’s calling. Would destiny show this couple the love they hold for one another?

    Grace Penrose fled to Scotland to avoid the vicious rumors circulating about her in London. Though they were false, they forced her to accept a position with an insufferable Scottish lord. When he wasn’t questioning Gr... more

  • Kindly Evil: A Serial Killer Romance

    by Nicole DiCicco

    Kindly Evil is a psychological profile.

    Can you fall in love with a serial killer? The answer awaits, shrouded in the pages of a love story like no other.

    In the underbelly of Brooklyn, a chilling avenger roams, driven by a haunting past and an unyielding mission. Jason Greco stalks those who inflict pain upon the innocent.

    Twelve years ago, fate brought him face-to-face with Ellie, the woman who would become not only his best ... more

  • Everything in Between

    by Emma Wilde
    Widower and Silver Fox Dr. Jack, otherwise known as a total goofball, fondles the avocados in the produce section of Blissful Bay’s only grocery store while hoping the woman he keeps running into around town will walk in. He's decided today is the day he's going to find the courage to ask out free-spirited, beach yogi Daisy Lane. Will he dare ask her to join him for a cup of coffee? Will she dare to say yes? Will he risk having his heart broken for a second time? Will she risk tellin... more
  • The Bodyguard

    by Bella Reves
    There is a fine line between Fan and Fanatic. Kacey's world is unexpectedly rocked when she finds out that one of her fans has gone…a little overboard in their interest with her. Until her stalker can be tracked down, Kacey is stuck with Everett, an unnecessarily handsome protective detail whose only goal is to keep her safe. Sparks fly as Kacey and Everett try to adjust to this new arrangement. What lengths will Everett go to in order to protect his beautiful new client? And why does he have... more
  • Fiona's Fury

    by Roxy Blue
    This chilling but hysterically sardonic thrill-ride is hard to put down. Smart, sexy, and deeply revelatory, it will send you on an enthralling emotional journey you won’t forget. Fiona Turner, CEO of Fiona’s Flowers floral shop, hasn't the time nor inclination to bother with men until she finally meets the face on the other end of the phone. Having remained friends, she never suspected her ex-husband, Quade, would morph into a terrifying, controlling, law-bending monster. When Fiona exhibits... more
  • Burning Hope

    by Lori McAfee
    Burning Hope tells the love story of Gabby and Griffin, complete with all the twists and turns that threatened to take them away from each other and God. As their story shows, we all long for love. We can all feel abandoned, ashamed and full of despair. And we all can get entangled in worldly pleasures when walking between the twin flames of romance and faith. In the end, God teaches that facing our pain is the only way out. Then, through the gentle breeze of grace, we can be guided into unex... more