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  • Blind Copy

    by Olivia Gaines
    A ten-year-old running for her life climbed into the back of Mr. Exit’s shop. She had one request, help me save my mothers. Operating solely on the intel of the kid, he stages a rescue operation. Mr. Exit stopped worrying about all the things leaving his life and began to concentrate on three people who entered his world with a bang. He placed a call to the Archangel, Gabriel Neary, who liked Mr. Exit a great deal. He was a smart man. A learned man. He wasn’t a thug with a rifle who liked t... more
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    by Alas Mine
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  • Earl of Infamy

    by Tammy Andresen
    He’s been given a mission… The Earl of Infamy must escort one mourning lady out of London and hide her away in the country. Should be easy. But from the moment he steps into her life things get…complicated. Not only is she far too pretty for his liking but she’s got a knack for telling him no. "No, I don’t want to go to the country with you." "No, I won’t share your room." "No, I won’t marry you, I don’t care that we’ve been alone." Is the woman daft? What lady in her positions turns ... more
  • Incendiary Attraction

    by Sarah Andre

    Everything about this mission stinks. Including falling for his sexy new boss.

    FBI Agent Jace Quinn has a massive chip on his shoulder. Held back to an inferior rank because he hasn’t finished his degree, the decorated former SEAL has a problem with authority, especially the female kind. So when his new boss turns out to be the woman he flirted with at a cousin's wedding, he's horrified. Worse, so is she. Assigned to infiltrate a dangerous white supremacis... more


    by Jackie Lynaugh
    A captivating story to the world of luxury on a private island in Palm Beach, Florida. Eve had always been the attention-getter. The big sister who was ahead of her time, and never the girl next door. Gab, the little sister, always felt she had to catch up with Eve to find her way until she graduated from college. And life caught up with both sisters. Will secrets derail their chance to find love? Danger lurks nearby, and it forever changed their life when Alva McGyver, an alpha male, e... more

    by Jackie Lynaugh

    Never say Never!

    Explore a unique setting on a citrus plantation in southern Florida and discover the shocking outcome about the phony pretender bamboozling family funds with death do us part in the last will and testament with a snap of a finger in PLANTATION HILL second series, NECTAR. A place where money grows on trees. It’s as juicy as the nectar of a navel orange. A story about settling the score for vengeance is mine in love and loss—and she's all out of sugar and ... more

  • Plantation Hill

    by Jackie Lynaugh

    A quest for the last ultimatum until death do us part becomes evidence. Would you be willing to give up everything? For years, rumors about the Hart family shocked the core of Orange County, a quiet rural town in central Florida. In early 1990, when handsome Tee Hart went missing, the locals immediately assumed his wife, Irene Hart, had something to do with it. But Irene had nothing to say as her past caught up with her. Irene was hauled off to jail. A trial prevailed, a verdict of guilty, an... more

  • More of Us to the West

    by Trinity Dunn
    I wanted to disappear...and then I did. On a trip to reignite the spark in her marriage, Alaina Grace’s upgraded first-class ticket places her far from her husband and next to the notorious Jack Volmer, a former teen actor who’d previously hung on posters in her childhood bedroom. When an unusual storm forces their plane out of the sky, her ticket will save her life and require her to question everything. Ripped from the comforts of her world and injured, Alaina finds herself on an island ... more
  • Love, Only Better

    by Paulette Stout

    In this spicy debut novel, Paulette Stout introduces an adorable gal with an intimate secret.

    For Rebecca, sex is a joke missing a punchline. No crashing waves. Only pangs of inadequacy. No way she’s dating anyone again. At least, until she can take “clueless in bed” off her dating resume.

    When Kyle moves in across the hall, his blue eyes and black motorcycle are impossible to resist. It’s the worst time for her to meet someone this dreamy. If he lea... more

  • Forever Burn

    by Trinity Lemm
    Tatum Everley is a freshman at Western Michigan University. Due to an emotionally and psychologically abusive past relationship, Tate struggles from Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She has been working on controlling her symptoms and flashbacks, but when she meets Axel Burne at a fraternity party, who is notorious for sleeping around and getting into fights, she tries her best to dodge the bullet. Axel starts to become intrigued by Tate, but she’s better off choosing Lucas— the sweet guy... more
  • Mary's Addiction

    by Damien Dsoul
    Donald and Mary Clauston are a rich, white couple. They own a lovely mansion in Sherman Oaks, and three lovely kids, and they’re both happy with each other. Or are they? Their life takes a drastic turn one Friday night. Three black hoodlums take advantage of Mary while her husband Donald is forced to watch. To Donald’s shocking surprise, Mary seems to enjoy the activity and becomes smitten by the hoodlums. Now Donald has to contend with how best to deal with his wife’s new-found life, as crac... more
  • The Couples of South Pointe Lake

    by Damien Dsoul
    A Black-American couple move into an idyllic suburban neighbourhood and gradually a change begins to occur as many of the white couples find themselves unknowingly being sexually mind-controlled.
  • What a Duchess Does

    by Judith Lynne
    She's in no position to turn down a duke. They both know it. That doesn't mean the game is over... Selene's mother is deathly ill, and there's little a poor housemaid can do. Working in her cousin's house, grateful for the roof over her head, Selene doesn't dream anymore of a titled marriage. Only a little of falling in love. Nicholas Hayden, the Duke of Talbourne, learned early in life never to show what he wanted. But sad experience, and silence, won't help him conquer his passion for ... more
  • Stepping Off the Porch

    by Amy Watkins
    Can one mistake cost you everything? Lovey Patello is under a lot of pressure. Her parents pressure her to be the perfect child. Her friends pressure her into losing her virginity. And she pressures herself to achieving her life goals. When heartbreak steers her away from pleasing her parents and more towards pleasing her friends, it sets her down a destructive path that may ultimately ruin her destiny.
  • Claudine Rebero and George Mugohe

    by Jean Baptiste Rufatabahizi
    George Mugohe is in conflict with his kin ghosts, including his first wife's ghost, and his wonderful wife Claudine Rebero. As a Christian teacher in Kigali, he refuses to betray his faith by honoring his kin ghosts. Because of his rejection, his wife Caroline becomes mad and dies. Diviners and his wife's ghost intervene and advise George to offer a cow to his kin ghosts on behalf of his dead great-grandfather if he wants to get a new wife. He refuses and instead marries Claudine. As a punishm... more
  • The Cracks Between Us

    by Caitlin Moss
    It was intoxicating. Thrilling. It was so unlike her. Aila was always a good wife. Never reckless. Always faithful. Until she wasn’t. Aila Sorenson doesn’t know what happened to her marriage. She actively participated in building the life she and her husband, Ben, created but she no longer recognizes herself when she remembers the role she dreamt up fifteen years ago. While Ben has been building a successful career as an attorney in Seattle, Aila has remained in the shadows taking care of ... more