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  • Shadow

    by Maryam Shafiq
    Layla, the biker moves with her mother from New York to Leavenworth but she does not know what's gonna happen to her there. Her life takes a turn when she meets another bike racer there. Dylan, who is hiding many secrets. They fell in love with each other but due to some hidden government orders, Dylan is supposed to do some stuff. He does not want to put Layla in danger. Let's hop in to see where life takes them.
  • The Duke of Drury Lane

    by Tammy Andresen
    Dubbed the DIFFICULT DUKE Drake Ducat is a man of particular tastes. He craves perfection and he has the power and presence to shape his world to his needs. Which is why he hires the beautiful Lily Grey to help him decorate his box at the Drury Lane Theater. Her unique eye and attention to every detail make her an ideal designer. But what starts as a simple job is turning into so much more… Because velvet drapes are best touched, and fur throws laid upon, and feather fringe… The sizz... more
  • Viscount of Villainy

    by Scarlett Scott
    From USA Today bestselling author Scarlett Scott comes the next highly anticipated, deliciously wicked installment in the Sins and Scoundrels series. A brutal phaeton accident left Viscount Torrington’s memory in tatters and his body broken. But certain parts of his old life prove easily relearned. Drinking, gambling, and wenching? Check. Torrie is on a one-man mission toward complete debauchery. Anything to distract himself from the misery of the night he lost everything. Until an accidental... more
  • The Catch

    by Jenna Miles

    Poignant and powerful, The Catch is a contemporary second-chance romance that effortlessly captures the nostalgia of young love and relatably reflects the trials that come with family, motherhood, and responsibility.

    Julia Dunphy’s husband just left her for the second time, her thirteen-year-old won’t stop swearing in public, and to top it all off, her four-year-old just asked to buy condoms. Needless to say, this isn’t how she’d expected her lif... more

  • Best Face Masks For Glowing Skin – Recommended By Jeannotceuticals

    by jeannot ceuticals
    Are you a skin lover? There is no harm in it. At present, everyone should be a skin lover. We should cherish our skin. In a hectic day to go outside to work in a polluted environment, all you need is hydrated skin and a glowing face. But how is it possible to maintain such skin with today's activity? We have a solution for you. Through this article, you will find out various skin masks available in the market to cherish your skin and prevent it from the dusty environment. The mask contains the p... more
  • The Cruel Dark

    by Bea Northwick

    Millicent Foxboro is haunted.

    Not by ghosts, but by the anguish of her past and the uncertainty of her future. After all, even in the progressive year of 1928, most people would balk at hiring a woman who’d spent two months in a mental ward for traumatic amnesia. So when an uncommon assistantship to a reclusive Professor of mythology falls into her lap with an ungodly salary attached, her desperation for stability overrides her cautious nature.

    To Millie’s di... more

  • Shadow Hawk

    by Alianne Donnelly
    Three years after humanity devolved into the bloodiest conflict in centuries, the Shadow war is far from over. Laura Belden is at the end of her rope. Her community is under the tyrannical control of a sadistic madman, and her people are depending on her to find a way out. The last thing she needs is the boy she once loved showing up out of the blue, as if he hadn’t broken her heart and then disappeared right out of her life. The problem is, he might be the only one able to help. After all, F... more
  • How to Ruin a Wedding

    by Sophie Andrews
    Tilly and Tyler have been through it all together: acne and bad haircuts, school detention, sun poison during spring breaks, and family tragedies. He has been her support system, and she’s been his right-hand gal, and now he’s engaged to someone else. After a whirlwind romance with the petite and annoyingly sunny Sarah, Tyler is getting married and wants Tilly to be his Best Woman. She agrees, and even gets roped into helping plan the wedding, but is only doing so to break Sarah and Tyler up... more
  • Love on Deck: A Fake Dating Romance (Arcadia Creek Book 1)

    by Kasey Stockton
    He calls it fake dating, but she calls it caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Lauren Foley and Jack Fletcher already tried to be amicable once—on a blind date that ended in complete disaster. Now, years later, they have to put up with each other for the sake of her sister and his best friend, who are eloping on a cruise to the Bahamas. But that’s not the worst of it. No, Lauren’s in even deeper water when she finds herself agreeing to play Jack’s fake girlfriend for the duration o... more
  • Painting Stars

    by Bea Teal
    When a security expert returns to her childhood home after a tragedy, she finds safety where she least expects in Bea Teal’s warm and witty debut novel about love, loss, and the family we create.
  • Magickal Trouble

    by Michelle M. Pillow

    When warlocks play matchmaker, things are bound to go wrong.

    Warlock Bruce MacGregor likes his life exactly the way it is. He has his art, his books, his freedom. But lately his family has become marriage obsessed. As one of the last single men standing, they're all looking at him to find eternal happiness...and they're not above casting a few spells to ensure it happens.

    Magic, Mischief and Kilts!

    From the Highlands of Sco... more

  • Daisy

    by Evelyna Starikova
    An ordinary woman struggling through each day wins the lotto and decides to buy a drowning Entertainment company in order to save and protect her favorite Idol, but this leads to a romantic struggle as well as a ring of chaos she never saw coming. Moon Ji-Young is an ordinary woman, who is struggling every day just to get through to the next. One day she decides to play the lotto and ends up winning the jackpot of $828 Million. With her winnings, she decides to buy a drowning record label ... more
  • That Special Something

    by Racheline Maltese
    Culinary school dropout Callie Giordano never intended to wind up in a small town with a terrible name, but after surviving a serious cycling accident in New York City, she needed a change of pace. At 26, she is now the sole doughnut entrepreneur living in Fly-Debate, Maine. But Fly-Debate isn’t just a one-stoplight town deep in lobster country. It’s also home to the cast and crew of hit historical heist TV series, Hidden Cove. Beckett Brown, its star, may as well have a resume that says 44, ... more
  • Until Now

    by Naomi Speakman
    It Ends With Us meets the After series in this suspenseful tale of love, tragedy, and heartache, when innocent 17-year-old Frankie Johnson enters a physical relationship with playboy Archer Toban--all the while crushing on Archer's best friend, Chase Maverick. And when Archer's temper is revealed in a series of guttering events, Frankie settles for Archer, believing Chase can never be hers. But Chase is keeping a secret of his own...
  • Abbeydon Attraction

    by Roxanne Blackhall
    The only thing standing in the way of Cat renovating her late grandmother' s inn is one annoying handyman. If only he wasn' t so sexy.
  • Serenade of Solitude

    by Asif Hossain
    Set against the picturesque backdrop of Portofino, Italy, Serenade of Solitude explores the compelling journey of a young adult boy named Firo as he grapples with the burden of loneliness. Firo, an introverted and introspective character, struggles to find his place in a world that often feels distant and uninviting. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters a chance romance that gradually transforms his perception of companionship and self-discovery. Vivid descriptions of... more