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  • The Closer (An enemies to lovers dark romance, The Hustlers Series, 3)

    by Rowan Rossler
    Ten years ago, I met the man of my dreams. A stupidly gorgeous and wildly talented venture capitalist named Dallas Evener. I was the fiery yin to his dominant yang. He set my entrepreneurial heart aflame. Our destiny was clear as day … and then he had to go and ruin it. I swore never to do business with him. A decade later, I’m eating my words. A scandal rocks my startup passion project and I’m left in a lurch when the lead investor backs out. My only hope for money? Dallas. But that me... more
  • Living by His Will

    by Lynne Stewart
    After mourning her master's death, Athena is shocked to learn that his last directive devises not only his legal possessions but also his living property (i.e., his submissives, including her). What's worse, Donovan O'Malley, the man her late master chose for her, seems to fall short in comparison in just about every way. Torn between the desire to honor her lifelong commitment to her late master and her fear of more heartache, Athena must decide if she will recognize Donovan's claim to her. ... more

    by Kimberly Biggerstaff

    Nick Foster was the best U.S. Marine he could be. After suffering a devastating personal loss early in his career, he rose through the ranks and became a four-star general. Nick was now at the Pentagon as Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps. Gia Lorenzo enlisted in U.S. Marine Corps at seventeen years old. A smart, beautiful woman of Italian ancestry, she lost her Marine husband when his plane crashed. Looking for a change, she put in for orders and moved with her young son to the Washington ... more

  • A Con Affair: A Rom Con - A Gay Comic Con Love Story

    by Joe Glass
    Romance, sex and spandex all collide in this romantic drama that considers if love and career can co-exist, or are they always just a crisis waiting to happen. Arran Wilson is an aspiring comic book writer. Cameron Perkins is an avid cosplayer. When they meet at a London comic con, the pair hit it off immediately, in every sense. As they start hooking up at comic cons all over the country, what at first seemed like a bit of fun starts turning into something more. Then Arran gets his first ... more
  • Her Vixen Actress

    by Violet Cowper
    One has a fiery temper. The other is governed by rigid self-control. Will an unexpected pair become a comedy of errors or a legendary love story? England, 1782. Grace Dashwood longs to woo London's theater-goers. But the up-and-coming actress's glamorous good looks and sexy charm aren't enough to win her a place on the city's cutthroat stage. Until she meets an earnest lady playwright who has the connections she covets... and a ravishing beauty she wants to explore. Frances Smythe clings t... more
  • Maggie and the Pirate's Son

    by Rose Prendeville
    Once upon a time, Maggie Mackintosh Budge yearned for handsome rogues and breathtaking adventure. Now widowed after a disastrous marriage and desperate to escape her still-matchmaking father, she stows away on the nearest vessel because sometimes the only solution is running away to sea. Bastian MacLeod never chose a life of piracy, but after coming of age under the brutal regime of Auldfarrand’s Revenge, his world has been limited to placating the volatile captain and staying one step ahead... more
  • Walter Times Two

    by Annika Champenois
    When a stranger shows up on her doorstep and proposes, BYU student Aurelia freaks out. Realizing she doesn't know him, Walter soon tries to explain that he has traveled back in time and apparently gone too far, but the damage is done: Aurelia thinks he's a crazy stalker, and Walter has to find a way to get her to date his other self.
  • Pride of Arms

    by Andrea K. Stein
    12 Days of Christmas, 4 well-intentioned matchmakers, & a chorus of ghostly cats. Widowed headmistress Grace Phippen seeks a mature husband for her niece Lucy to tone down the young woman’s obsession with volatile science experiments. Lucy can’t stop concocting dangerous chemistry in her tiny closet laboratory, but she’ll do whatever it takes to help her aunt keep their London young ladies’ academy afloat. Cupid’s arrow may run afoul of an excess of mistletoe, but true love strikes wher... more
  • Thirty Days Hath September

    by Ronald Dwinnells
    Wealthy fourth-year medical student Jack is miserable and mean. An elderly patient seeking her long-lost lover, is about to send him on the journey that will change his life. Aimless Jack Maizel is a slovenly medical student who is unlikeable, arrogant, and slightly manic. Persuaded by his influential parents to pursue a medical career, he cannot hide his contempt for the profession and even for some of his neediest patients. His classmate, Ahgri, a well-mannered and gentlemanly former Tanzania... more
  • Althea's Awakening (School of Enlightenment Book 3)

    by Maggie Sims
    A widow with no knowledge of carnal desire, a rake bored with even the most hedonistic pleasures, and a game of truth or dare… Lady Althea Egerton's late husband secured her independence when he left her his apothecary. After two years of growth, she is ready to expand the business...if she only had capital. Finding a wealthy husband would solve that problem, but Althea refuses to subjugate herself to another man. She prefers an investor. Unfortunately, the only one she knows is the golden go... more
  • Dark Awakening: The Crown of the Seven Realms Series

    by A.L. Hampton
    When vampire Rhyland crosses paths with Danica, their instant connection defies his vow to never love again. But sinister forces lurk in the shadows, intent on keeping the star-crossed lovers apart. As Danica unravels the truth about her mysterious origins, she and Rhyland find themselves drawn together on a dangerous quest. Will their bond withstand the darkness rising against them? Dark Awakening kicks off an addictive new series filled with forbidden romance, high-stakes adventure, and mystic... more
  • Forever Her Marquess

    by Scarlett Scott
    From bestselling author Scarlett Scott comes a scorching-hot series that returns to the Notorious Ladies of London world. Six friends, one house party, and a whole lot of scandal... Lady Clementine Hammond may be polite society’s most notorious matchmaker, but she’s perfectly happy remaining unattached herself. A series of unfortunate missteps at a country house party, however, leaves her with no choice but to feign an engagement to the last man in all England she’d ever want to marry—the ann... more
  • Dive Babe

    by Suzie Quint
    Claudia MacAllister, the manager of an upscale hotel bar in Galveston, Texas, can't go to the police about her stalker because she fears they'd laugh themselves silly when she tells them her on-again, off-again friend-with-benefits is stalking her with matrimonial intent. In an attempt to dissuade his amorous pursuit, she tries to convince her stalker she's involved with someone else. Talk about being in the right place at the wrong time. Joe Sweeny, the part owner of a scuba diving excu... more
  • A Nurse's Revenge: Fight to Thrive Book 1

    by Rebecca Hemlock
    When Travel nurse Michelle Blackburn’s twin has been murdered, she comes back to her hometown to find her killer. Things quickly turn complicated when she comes face to face with the man who shattered her heart. Detective Aiden St. James is determined to solve Anne Blackburn’s murder, but too much about this case doesn’t add up. The Westview PD has had their hands full with a local drug ring and a new lead makes Anne their prime suspect. But Michelle is certain her twin wasn’t a criminal. ... more
  • Protecting the Mountain Man's Treasure (Brothers of Sapphire Ranch Book 2)

    by Misty M. Beller
    Jude Coulter is far more comfortable in his family’s sapphire mine tucked in the Montana mountains than on the bustling streets of New York City, where he’s been sent to deliver a shipment of gems. His relief at boarding the train for the first leg of his journey home is short-lived when an accident renders him unconscious. Angela Larkin worked hard to earn this assignment for the Treasury—an undercover mission to determine the source of the sapphires brought each year for auction in the city... more
  • Returning to You

    by Gwen Tolios
    Monica’s relationship with her father is falling apart, made more obvious when her return to Madison after years aboard results in him throwing her out of the house. Lisa Carson, her BFF and old college roommate, takes her in. Turns out Lisa has her own issues with her parents – they’re pushing her to date despite her lack of desire. So when Monica joins a Carson family dinner, she lies and says it’s starting a relationship with Lisa that brought her back to America. Lisa goes along with ... more