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  • A Second Chance

    by Bernadette Marie
    Sometimes love is right where you left it. Carlos Keller was finally moving on. He'd asked Kathy to marry him and now he could forever put behind him the disappointment of his failed first marriage to the only woman who ever held his heart, Madeline. Madeline can only assume karma is out to destroy her life. Her second marriage has ended. Her doctor has told her she has breast cancer, and now the only man she's ever really loved is getting married. Even though divorced, Carlos and Madel... more
  • The Executive's Decision

    by Bernadette Marie
    Regan Keller fell in love with a wealthy and powerful man once. He was her boss. When that turbulent relationship ended, she swore she’d never again date someone she worked with. That was before she literally fell into her new boss’s lap. Zachary Benson is the head of a successful empire and used to getting what he wants in the boardroom and outside of it – and what he wants is Regan Keller. He’s determined to convince Regan that even though he’s her boss, they can share a life together. H... more
  • Fit to Love

    by Jessica Kreger
    Debut author Jessica Rachel Kreger tells a heartwarming tale of a woman whose struggle for fitness leads her into the studio of an irresistible trainer who needs her more than she knows… After her mother’s tragic death from diabetes, mousy Daisy Day embarks on her own life-saving mission to lose a hundred and fifty pounds. Handsome personal trainer and Army veteran, Eric Anderson, seems like the answer to her prayers, but he’s way out of her league…not to mention taken by a picture-perfect mo... more
  • The Color of Truth

    by Stacy Monson
    Truth isn't always black and white. Sometimes it takes the unexpected to reveal its true colors. Throughout his life, Sam never measured up to cop his father’s expectation. From childhood, Marti was told she’s a screw-up. Now her poor choices have put her sister in danger. She and Sam must reveal secrets, lies, and half-truths they never intended to share. If they don’t, the consequences could be deadly.
  • Mask by Mask

    by Tyler Kyle
    We wear masks to interact with colleagues, family, and lovers, but what about the masks we use to hide from ourselves? MASK by MASK is a character study of fiercely independent and unabashedly carnal Ada as she returns to Barcelona in search of a hole in her memory. She has everything the modern woman could want: a stunning career as a sought-after wedding photographer, clothes to raise the envy of fashionistas, loyal friends, and a list of lovers rich in body and pocket. After accepting the pro... more
  • Momma Knew

    by Cynthia Hoosier
    Deeply rooted in an upbeat urban setting, Momma Knew tells the story of Angela, a feisty and romantic young woman on her quest to find true love. She is forced to come to terms with the remembrance of her mother's beliefs about how to find lasting love. Angela's story inspires readers to never give up when searching to find new love!
  • Chasing Shadows

    by Bernadette Marie

    Someone has decided to become the moral compass for the women in town, and now they're turning up dead. It will be up to Detective Lacy Pratt to find their killer before her relationship with lawyer Declan Matthews, brother to one of the victims, marks her as a target.

  • Scars for Sophie

    by Cheryl Rau
    Former journalist turned best-selling romance author Liz Harper was enjoying her comfortable life until the hallucinations began. Deeply disturbing visions for which no cause or cure could be found tormented her week after week. With her second marriage unraveling and her drinking spiraling out of control, Liz's lucrative livelihood along with what remains of her sanity are threatened. Contemplating suicide one night, Liz is shocked to discover that the little girl and man she sees in her troubl... more
  • Muse

    by Susan Daugherty
    The fast-paced excitement and romance of Groupie continues with its sequel, Muse. ******* The show must go on. Even as country superstar Jack Morgan and his physical therapist, Lexie Travis, nurse their shattered hearts in the midst of a tour. Despite her best efforts, she had fallen for the one man she swore she wouldn’t. Their newfound happiness slipped away when one fateful decision led to one rash retaliation. They continue the tour together in hopes of one day becoming friends aga... more
  • Love is Not Arrogant or Rude

    by Lila Diller
    The first installment of the "Love is..." Series, based on the Bible's definition of true agape love in 1 Corinthians 13, is a contemporary Christian Romance that introduces the saga of Morgan Maxwell. Set in a fictional college town in North Carolina, Morgan Maxwell is a young secretary beginning to have feelings for her boss, Jason Scott. Just as romance begins to bloom, her old flame Tony Brown bursts back into her life and tries to woo her. Morgan thinks her heart has made her choice, bu... more
  • The Matchmakers

    by Zara Hoffman
    Love is a science in the 23rd Century. Rosemary is only seventeen years old. So why is she being Matched a year early—to the President’s son? When her sister is tied to a terrorist attack, Rosemary must discover her society's secrets—and consider that maybe the Matchmakers were wrong. Is it possible to find love in a society controlled by logic and science? The Matchmakers is a young adult dystopian romance novel. Zara Hoffman's immersive world, three-dimensional characters, and ... more
  • The Belgrave Legacy

    by Zara Hoffman

    A Reluctant Heroine. A Snarky Angel. A Big Mess.

    Fawn doesn't believe in magic. But it is very real, and has made her a vulnerable target.

    Caleb is sick of Hell. When the Devil offers him a way out, he immediately says yes.

    Can this young witch trust the dark angel assigned to romance and seduce her? Or will his betrayal tear them apart forever?

    The Belgrave Legacy is an upper-young adult paranormal romance. Filled with magic, witches, angels, and demons, ... more

  • Mélisande

    by Philippa Lodge

    Lucas de Granville—pious, respectable, impoverished, lonely—will do nearly anything for the godfather who raised him, even though his godfather doesn’t seem to want to do anything for him.

    Melisande—mundane, illegitimate, dirt poor, lonely—will do nearly anything to make sure her mother and brother have shelter and food, even though they are critical of her lack of magical talent.

    When Melisande’s father, a pious comte, sends his godson Lucas to... more

  • Henri et Marcel

    by Philippa Lodge

    Henri de Cantière has been surly since he returned from visiting his family at Versailles, but he doesn’t want to burden Marcel Fourbier, his longtime lover, with his problems. He can’t sleep and hurts all over at exactly the time when everything else seems to be falling apart.

    Marcel can barely keep up with his usual duties of running their household and creating beautiful furniture in the de Cantière factory when more burdens fall on his shoulders. His estran... more

  • The Chevalier

    by Philippa Lodge

    Emmanuel, Chevalier de Cantière, youngest son of a baron, is happiest raising horses far from his complicated family. When news comes his mother is deathly ill, he races to her side only to find she has apparently recovered and moved on, leaving behind her companion, Catherine.

    Catherine de Fouet blends into the background, saving up so she’ll never have to wait on waspish, scheming old ladies like the baronesse again. She has no interest in a resentful gentleman, estranged... more

  • The Honorable Officer

    by Philippa Lodge

    France, 1668
    Hélène de Bonnefoi’s spirit has been squashed by the ever-critical aunt and uncle who raised her. Serving as nanny and stand-in mother to her cousin’s child has saved her from the convent, especially after her cousin’s death. When suspicious accidents threaten the toddler, Hélène overcomes her near-blindness to seek the help of the child's father, a colonel in Louis XIV’s army.

    Jean-Louis, Colonel de Cantiè... more