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  • Emotional Encounter

    by Roxy Dallas
    When recently successful actress Lexie Dertman attends to one of Hollywood A-list celebrity parties she meets Luka Rivens, a gorgeous millionaire and director who is immediately captivated by her singular charm, but after a life surrounded by tragedy, finding happiness again would be almost impossible for Lexie. Enrolling into a new relationship was hard already, given her past, and Luka’s own demons would only make this even harder.
  • Living Love

    by Ava Bleu
    Kim and Christopher Jenkins are getting on each other’s nerves. They love their daughter and their hometown of Ivyhurst but their family vision is a little off track. Kim wants a home like the ones she sees on cable DIY shows. Chris wants to work more than be at home with his family. And despite the fact that they both hold down jobs, they can’t seem to make ends meet. Now their hometown of Ivyhurst is showing signs of stress, too. Which begs the question, what does a loving marriage look like... more
  • The Reinvention Cafe: The fresh laugh out loud romantic comedy about best friends (Carlton Square Book 2)

    by Michele Gorman
    New mom of twins, Emma, is desperate to get back into the grown-up world. But she can’t exactly stash her toddlers in an office drawer while she works, so instead she opens a café in her neighbourhood. But Emma isn’t looking for the best employees. She hires the ones who most need the help. It’s a bit like asking which cakes taste okay in a bakery. No fancy decoration or mouth-watering icing. Someone else will gladly have those. Emma wants the ones that are irregularly shaped or might have fa... more
  • The Wedding Bluff: The hilarious happily ever after romcom about best friends and tying the knot (Carlton Square Book 1)

    by Lilly Bartlett
    When Emma’s boyfriend Daniel pops the question with a ring the size of a small country, she realizes just how different their worlds are. Her family can only afford a low-key wedding while Daniel’s mother is expecting a society party that their high-brow guests won’t forget! How will Emma put together a sophisticated champagne-sodden celebration fit for Lords and Ladies when her dad can’t accept any help from Daniel’s family, her best friend Kelly has become a world-class Bridesmaidzilla and... more
  • The Immigrant

    by Asha Cudjoe
    Ava is an illegal immigrant residing in New York. She was born in the islands of Trinidad and Tobago and brought to the United States as a child. After her mother died, she faced many woes and found herself engaged in activities & relationships she chastised. The character plays the cards that she has been dealt with to survive life in the Big Apple.
  • Mari: Why I Needed to Return from the Future

    by Winfried Sedhoff
    What if you discovered your greatest potential for self-realization and happiness was tied to a woman living over a hundred years before you were born? Earth, 2184 AD. Ben Ecclestone is an advanced arbitrator, trained to keep the peace and to assist others in fulfilling their most heartfelt desires. Offered the opportunity to be Earth’s new ambassador in an enlightened and distant world, Ben embarks on his first interworld mission. Disaster strikes and his ship crashes through time and space t... more
  • Anne's Family Plan

    by Libby Malin

    A sweet romance about a woman not able to bear children (and comfortable with that fate) who then has to learn to deal with motherhood when friends start announcing pregnancies and she herself falls in love with a widower with kids....Civilian physical therapist Anne Lee meets and crosses swords with pilot Eric Bankwell at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. Eric is a widower with two daughters on the cusp of young adulthood, a time when tenderheartedness is masked by...snark. His new life... more

  • Home

    by Michael Golvach
    Alexis Woods' violent and unpredictable brother has spent his life making sure she remained untouched by other men.But when his reckless actions ensure her imminent death, her only lifelong friend must expose his deepest secret to save her.It’s a secret that could put more than just the two of them in mortal danger and turn both their worlds into a living hell.
  • fiX

    by Michael Golvach
    Happily ever after. The hard way. David Fitz is a small time drug dealer and con artist who funds his habits and that of his girlfriend, Juno, through drug sales and petty crime. Both are eager to get clean and start a new life, far away from the dangers of the city. They hatch a plan, with an ambitious police officer, to provide evidence against David’s boss. Together they will bring him to justice in return for witness protection. It sounds simple enough, but as soon as they kick their habit... more
  • Missing Pieces

    by Michael Golvach
    Mandi Wexler grew up in a dysfunctional household, suffering unspeakable abuse. As she grew older, she lost more and more pieces of her soul until at last she matured into a hollow, haunted shell of a human being. Now she is an abused automaton who bends to the will of vicious and evil men, shutting out the good in the world and resigning herself to a life of misery, giving up all hope of becoming the vibrant young woman she could have been. Michael Skyler grew up in a military family, becomi... more
  • Learning Curve

    by Andi Jaxon

    Alister Bennet

    Loyal, reliable... predictable even, I’ve always done what's expected of me. Stay out of trouble, get my teaching degree and build a respectable career as a college professor. The job comes with a long list of rules and at the top of that list is no fraternizing with students. Following the rules seemed easy enough, until a dark, tortured boy sat outside my office waiting for me. His voice told me it was his grade he was worried about, but the ... more

  • Craze

    by Andi Jaxon


    Annabelle calls me Psycho, she doesn’t realize how accurate her choice of name is. I want her, always have. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s mine. When the time is right, I will claim her. Until then, I’ll watch over her and remind her she’s not alone.


    Annabelle is my best friend. I'm all she has and I'll do whatever it takes to protect her, even if it's from herself. She's keepi... more

  • Stay (Odd Jobs Book 1)

    by AJ Alexander

    Against all odds, the dog walker gets the girl...


    I never thought I deserved to have the white picket fence life - until her. The last thing I expect to find when I knock on my client's door is the answer to my deepest desires.

    One look and I know Addison is out of my league. That will not stop me from trying to make her mine... but my past might.


    Never knowing if someone is genuinely interested in me or my fam... more

  • Served (Odd Jobs Book 2)

    by AJ Alexander

    Against all odds, the bartender gets the girl...


    I pour drinks, while other people pour out their hearts. I'm great at giving advice, but following it... not so much. The last time I listened to my heart it didn't work out so well. I chased it and nearly destroyed my friendship with the girl of my dreams.

    I can't keep bottling up my feelings, when I know Heather feels the same. I may not deserve her, but it's last call and I&#... more

  • Trade In (Odd Job Book 3)

    by AJ Alexander

    Against all odds, first love gets a second chance at forever... 


    The people I serve may be toasting to remember or sipping to forget... but I'm drowning in regret... more

  • Slaved: Last Chance Series - 2 (Romantic Suspense)

    by A.L. Long

    "I could feel her heart beat
    even though we were miles away"

    Rescued from the only life she had ever known, Alannah Jackson learns what it means to be loved and not controlled. Finally able to let go of her past she begins a new life with the man who has shown her what love is. Faced with the truth, Alannah finds she can never escape her past or who she is. She will never love, only serve.

    Roman’s love for Alannah is tested when he finds that she has been slav... more