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  • He's My Future (Hearts of Nashville)

    by Jenilee Wallace

    Aspiring country music star Renee Cutler finds herself exactly where she’s always wanted to be: in Nashville with a recording contract. One thing she didn’t count on was falling in love with a member of her band. A complicated past makes trust and love difficult for Renee.


    Tyler is a hot headed drummer that has been kicked off so many jobs, working with Renee is his last chance in Nashville. Can he make it work? Or will he find his last chance going up in flames... more

  • Secrets & Seduction

    by Cheri Blossum

    Best Erotica of 2015.

    The first anti-porn anti-bondage porn bondage satire which delivers titilation and buzzkill at the same time.

    What 50 Shades omitted, Secrets & Seduction takes on. In other words, Vanilla meets Hardcore. Not exactly the fireworks of a typical romance. 

  • Dragon Prince (Qurilixen Lords)

    by Michelle M. Pillow

    Grier’s fiery passion for Salena might be everything his dragon ever wanted but loving her might just lead to the destruction of everything he’s trying to save.

    With all that is happening in his land, the upcoming shifter mating ceremony is the least of Grier’s concerns. Even though he is heir prince of the dragonshifters, he doesn’t have the authority needed to help the humans stranded in dragon territory, nor can he banish those who ruthlessly control... more

  • Sins of the Flesh

    by Natasha Raulerson
  • Nobody's Fool

    by Sarah Hegger
    In Sarah Hegger's latest Willow Park Romance, long-held crushes and past frenemies reunite--and wonder if there's ever a second chance to make a good first impression. . . Holly Partridge had no plans to return to Willow Park, Illinois, until her troubled younger sister Portia fled her home and aimed herself straight at Holly's high school nemesis--too-gorgeous-to-be-true Josh Hunter. Riding a manic bipolar high, Portia's only a danger to herself, but Holly needs to find her before she crashe... more
  • The Iron Fin

    by Anne Renwick

    Isa McQuiston is caught between two worlds. Strange creatures are attacking her people, their injuries beyond her medical expertise. More than one fisherman has been tossed ashore by the waves, drained of blood, a severed tentacle piercing his flesh. To find answers, she must forge a cautious alliance with the outsider making inquiries… even if he does present an almost irresistible temptation.

    Dr. Alec McCullough, an injured naval officer, is restless and bored. ... more

  • Someone Else's Fairytale

    by E.M. Tippetts
    Ordinary Chloe Winters has what every woman wants--the heart of Hollywood's hottest celebrity Jason Vanderholt. Falling for a hot shot A-lister is the last thing on Chloe's mind. She has no interest in romance--or his scene, especially the crowd of people who surround him. After all, Chloe's more wrapped up in finishing college--not fraternizing with Hollywood's elite. Her best bet is to stay under the radar and steer clear of everyone's leading man. But Jason can't get his mind off the timid... more
  • Before We Ever Spoke

    Cleveland, Ohio. 2006. After a chance encounter, three people soon find out that life can sometimes thrust us into the public eye - even when taking great measures to avoid it. Cooper Madison was the best pitcher in baseball after being drafted number one overall in 1996 from the small Gulf Coast town of Pass Christian, Mississippi. One year after announcing his sudden and shocking retirement, he finds himself seeking anonymity in Cleveland, Ohio. Cara Knox is the youngest sibling to three older... more
  • Nobody's Angel

    by Sarah Hegger
    In this evocative new series from author Sarah Hegger, a woman returns home after a long absence--and wonders if two wrongs really can make a right. . . Nine years ago Lucy Flint ran away to Seattle, taking her friend's boyfriend and leaving her high school sweetheart without a word of explanation. Now she's back in Willow Park, Illinois, to help care for her ailing father--and it's no surprise that her ex, Dr. Richard Hunter, is still angry. Still, she's a different Lucy now. Sober, wise... more
  • Polished

    by Bianca Sommerland
    Prison or a life of luxury? Let me think… Reluctant thief Alec Tremaine would rather be behind bars than face his brothers after his first attempt at grand theft auto goes horribly wrong. Desperation had him agreeing to their crazy plan—better to be a criminal like the rest of the Tremaine clan than starve on the streets—but when they abandon him, he’s forced to face the most powerful man in the city. And given the opportunity to climb out of the gutter. Right into the bed of Xavier Ash... more
  • Sweet Lavvy

    by Amanda Gale
    On a blustery Maine winter’s morning, facing a monumental decision, Nick seeks solace by visiting his father’s grave, expecting to find the snow-covered cemetery deserted like every other day. Instead, he meets an old man who tells him the tale of Lavinia and Theodore, a passionate, peculiar romance between a shy young seamstress and her star-obsessed husband. After Theodore was lost at sea in 1857, Lavinia insisted he returned to her in ghostly form, and she lived out her days as if nothing had... more
  • Zeus: Lost Gods Book 1

    by LaVerne Thompson
    What if you woke up one day and found out you used to be a god? But you don’t care when you can’t save the one you love. Unless you claim your legacy and your powers, even if you have to kill your father to do it. Ze found he would do whatever he must to make sure Kassia lived. She was an innocent. Kassia lived her life for the last year under a death sentence. She had an end date of three months. This was her last chance to save herself against the thing killing her from the inside. Eve... more
  • Fractured Magic

    by Emily Bybee
    As the world’s worst witch, Maddie is mistreated by her own kind. She was born a Defect. Most of her spells blow up in her face, literally. While witches search for the long-lost power of the earth, Maddie spends her time in the science lab. There, Maddie discovers a clue to the lost power. The only other witness is Jax, a smokin’ hot bad-boy who Maddie can’t decide if she wants to kiss or kill. When she fails her magic final, the council orders her magic stripped. Maddie’s only chance to keep h... more
  • Entrance (Thornhill Trilogy Book 1)

    by J. J. Sorel
    Clarissa Moone’s a smart, quirky art history grad with an almost unhealthy obsession for vintage clothes. When she lands a job working for the enigmatic Aidan Thornhill, she doesn’t quite know what to expect—but certainly not romance. Aidan is a self-made billionaire whose early life is shrouded in mystery. Fleeing a scandal, he joined the army and, years later, returned from Afghanistan with a head full of bad memories and a million dollars left to him by a dead friend. Now, he’s one of LA’s w... more
  • Folly at Sausmarez Manor (Majestic Estates Series)

    by IreAnne Chambers

    One act of chivalry is all it takes and good sense turns to folly.

    The folly begins when Lady Cordelia "Delia" Rutledge and her family visit Sausmarez Manor on Guernsey Island in the fall of 1801. And why not? It’s the perfect stopover on their way to the continent for reasons that can only be discussed in confidence.

    Marshall Compton, Marquess of Daventry and archaeologist extraordinaire, certainly isn’t aware of their visit until he offers to escort Lady De... more

  • Fading to Black (Uninhibited Book 2)

    by V.H. Luis
    We’re flawed. Both full of scars and tormented by the shadows of our past. But in each other’s arms we find solace, we find perfection. Adam Black. Gorgeous, demanding, a sinful dream that once was my reality. I was his… until I walked away. For months I’ve managed to curb my Adam addiction. I’ve focused my energy on my painting career. I’ve found success. Still there is a dangerous urge within me I can’t resist, one that tempts me to be reckless. My life isn’t complete. Something is... more