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  • Holiday Home

    by Shanna Hatfield
    Widow Britta Webster can hardly remember life before her village was overrun with German soldiers during World War II. All she wants is to live a peaceful existence and raise her child. But she will do anything to protect Joshua, even if it means begging a stranger to take her to America where her son will have a safe place to call home. Honor, grace, and duty are the driving forces behind Bryce Coleman’s approach to life, even as he strives to survive in war-torn France. Severely wounded, he... more
  • Once Upon a Kiss

    by Carina Rose
    When Lacey Winters escapes her stressful New York City life for a relaxing winter vacation in the Caribbean, she’s ready to get some sun and enjoy a little time to herself. But her plans for peace and tranquility are shattered when she finds that her ex-boyfriend is already at the same resort—and with the same woman Lacey found him cheating with. Reeling from the shock and determined to prove she's moved on, Lacey impulsively kisses a handsome stranger she spotted on the beach for all to see.... more
  • In the Shadow of a Wish

    by Maci Aurora
    In the Kingdom of Kaloma, women are forced to marry by the age of 26 or face terrible consequences. It is the law. Four sisters living in the remote village of Sevens, the northernmost point of the kingdom, are without the means to make a love match. Trapped by their circumstances, they attend to their proper obligation to the law, but time is running out. When one sister discovers an enchanted, golden key deep in the Whitling Woods, it may have the power to change everything, but will the... more
  • Romantic Short Stories

    by Deandre Dean
    Three short stories in one book. Find out if marriage can be broken when sexual fantasies are deemed abnormal. Or read about Alec and his college crush on his hot guy friend. Eboni has the fairy-tale life, but the release of her tell all book has some issues with confidentiality and legal battle with her friends who she used in her book without letting them know. Will this destroy their friendships or is greed more powerful than love?
  • Dreamer of Destiny

    by Barbara Woster
    ​An epic journey that will test a young woman's will to survive, and will lead her into the arms of destiny. Christina begins having dreams after a bout of pneumonia. Can she interpret the dreams in time to save herself...and a People of whom she has no knowledge?
  • Whispers of the Heart

    by Barbara Woster
    Tragedy shook their worlds, but they found a new beginning in each others' arms. Dalian Rivers and Kathryn McMurray thought love would never find them again, until providence lent a hand. Now, the two of them face further adversity that will test their new found relationship. Will Dalian’s love be enough to protect the woman who whispered to his heart?
  • Love Through Time

    by Barbara Woster
    Savannah and Tyeshia are the best of friends, but can that friendship withstand the test of time? ​Tyeshia is a statuesque black beauty with a romantic heart who captures the attention of a 200-year-old ghost bent on mischief. Savannah is responsible for opening the door that brings that mischievous specter into their life, and now she must find a way to close it before Tyeshia is lost forever, but can Savannah focus on what needs to be done when she’s distracted by a ghost of her own?
  • Fate's Intervention

    by Barbara Woster
    Marcelle is as free-spirited as the horses she trains, and just as stubborn. Can Matthew capture the heart of this strong-willed, mischievous woman, or will Fate need to intervene.
  • Only One

    by Barbara Woster
    In her darkest hour, only one can save her. Nefarious businessmen have determined that they want what isn’t theirs, and they will resort to whatever measures are needed to obtain it. Lara Esterhaus is unyielding in her stance not to let them take what belongs to her, but when her family members start dropping like flies, can Lara do the impossible before she loses everything – including her life? Philip and Andrew Bensley know what it’s like to lose everything and will do whatever is neces... more
  • Victim of Love

    by Barbara Woster
    One woman's fight to survive will lead to a shocking conclusion. In an era when cultures maintain a cautious truce; one man’s pursuit, in the name of love, endangers all those he cares for; while another man’s obsession spawns a devastating drive to massacre all who stand in his way ~~ trapping one woman between them; the victim of love.
  • The Recoding of Ryker Wallace (Crimson Crew Book 2)


    Ryker Wallace, #17 of the Harvard men's lacrosse team, is always up for a fight, be it on the field or off. The muscled, tattooed attackman has more penalty minutes per game than any other player in the whole Ivy League. He also scores more than anyone, in the game or otherwise, save perhaps his teammate and buddy Noah Riley, #33.

    Even as Ryker helps the Crimson Crew establish an illustrious winning streak, his brutal anger disguised as insatiable hunger begins to tear him apart at ... more


    by Morenike McFaal
    Salou Kassai can’t remember her own name— or anything else for that matter. After a tragic accident that took her memory and much of her mobility, she wakes up in a Parisian hospital confused and scared. As she relearns how to use her mind and body, she finds herself torn between a past she hopes to recover and a future she’s beginning to build. Promising resident neurosurgeon Benjamin Gardé de Soos is having trouble keeping his mind off his newest patient. Placed on Salou’s case, he finds h... more
  • The Higher Education of Noah Riley (Crimson Crew Book 1)


    Noah Riley, now in his third year at Harvard, is a fine-tuned specimen with exceptional good looks and an outstanding talent both on the lacrosse field and theater stage. His popularity and celebrity on campus are unrivaled, save perhaps by Lainee Reed, a brilliant biochemist in the making who isolates herself behind her studies, stoicism and the long, haggard scar along one side of her face.                 ... more

  • Kiss or Dare

    by Charlie Lane

    This enemies-to-lovers Regency romance by Charlie Lane, shows what happens when sparks fly between a flirty second son of a duke and an inventor’s daughter.

    She’s risen like a Cinderella.
    He’s more charming than any prince.
    They shouldn’t be together, but fate can’t resist.

    A new year and a new Season means a new Lillian Clarke. She’s transformed herself from wallflower to incomparable. But she’s no Cind... more

  • The Next Best Thing

    by Sandi Perry
    Evie DuPont has it all—a trust fund lying in wait and a man or two who love her. But she doesn’t want any of it. She creates EvieDu Designs as a way to free herself from the ethically-questionable family till. When the economy hits a snag, she has no choice but to load her client list with the one-percent elite she knows too well. Ethan Brandt, a brilliant tech-entrepreneur, is chasing after her. He isn’t exactly a movie star, but Sullivan Pearce is. This mega-movie star/former high-school swe... more
  • Connection: Gifted Book Two

    by R.L. Merrill
    Retired Army Captain Jackson Howe views his ability to "connect" with others as invasive and inconvenient, but he deals with it by only using his power to help others. He's found purpose at Havenhart Academy using art therapy with child victims of trauma and his friends have embraced him and his quirky behavior, but after meeting Delaney's friend Cassidy—and developing a stronger than usual "connection" with her—he fears he's destined to forever be on the outside looking in. But when Cassidy'... more