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  • My Life as Marlee (My Life Series Book 3)

    by Victoria Anders
    I'm officially a sixteen-year-old insane hermit, thanks to my best friend moving away. Until I meet Noah. Noah is my oxygen. He's those fleeting, deep breaths keeping my world from going black, from drowning into the darkness of my past. He's the one who helps me find my passion for swimming again, even though it's a direct reflection of my nightmare. As my mom moves closer to the deep end, barely treading water, Noah's the only thing holding me afloat. My fear is that her ill... more
  • B07X8L3XK4

    by Linda Vanek
    What happens when Snow White's vicious stepmother has her kidnapped by a sleazy brothel procurer and there is no prince to save her? Meet the true seven dwarfs and find out their real names and occupation. Yes, Happy and Dopey do get their nicknames from certain activities they sneak up in the hayloft and do. The first stand-alone novella is the premiere of another dysfunctional medieval kingdom that ties in with other upcoming tales as did the first 7 tale storybook created by Ms Vanek. An enth... more
  • Chasing Cleopatra: A Novel of Love, Betrayal, and Suspense

    by Tina Sloan
    To the untrained eye, Cleopatra Gallier appears to lead a charmed life in Honolulu’s paradise. She is impossibly beautiful, clever, wealthy and...trained to kill. When she enters into a love affair with the much younger, irresistibly handsome rogue, Jake Regan, she finds herself colliding with an intricate terrorist plot. Her secret past, like Hawaii’s smoldering volcano, is ready to erupt. In the four days leading up to Christmas, two stunning betrayals and a terrorist attack threaten to re... more
  • All the Days After: 1st in the Foothills Romance Series

    by Carrie Thorne
    “Just promise me one thing... don’t sleep with my brother.” No problem, right? Trouble is the last thing Sophie Jones needs. Ex-Navy SEAL Asher Sutherland is not the rogue he used to be, but he doesn't have a clue who he is now, either. The one thing Asher knows for sure is that he wants Sophie. Settle in and watch the sunrise in this tempting contemporary romance set in the Pacific Northwest.
  • The First Feelings of Love

    by Tierra Montgomery
    Christine Davis is moving, but not for good. Just moving into a house with two other people for the summer as she had gotten a new job as a translator. She is nervous of the new prospects at hand. Not only is this the first time she has been away from her family, but also the first time she has fallen for someone. This story journeys the falls and triumphs of love, through journal entries, as Christine Davis battles her way a new romantic relationship and her own sexuality. Will she survive thro... more
  • His Rival's Daughter

    by Catherine Woodville
    When William Stafford, Baron De Broke, learns that Jane, his first and only love, has been commanded by the king to marry his long-time rival, he vows to get even. Not only has John De Vere, Earl of Harmton, stolen his lands and wealth, but now he will have the woman William planned to wed. William plans the perfect revenge when he learns that John De Vere has a daughter of marriageable age. Elizabeth De Vere, the Earl’s beautiful daughter, would rather become a nun than wed the man her fathe... more
  • Chasing the Wind

    by Paula Scott
    A beautiful, half-Indian girl raised by the Californios finds her fate intertwined with an American frontiersman haunted by his past in 1850 California.
  • Labyrinth: A Medical Romantic Suspense

    by C.D. Samuda
    On the verge of a scientific breakthrough, Julian McConnell goes missing. His Medical Technology Company is thrown into chaos and his business associate scrambles to fix the mess left behind. Somewhere in a remote location, a man wakes up with no recollection of who he is. However, the beautiful doctor caring for him triggers more than just his memories, she awakens his heart. A love story that goes beyond the ordinary. Two people thrown together in a dangerous situation must work together... more
  • Too Wicked to Wed: Regency Romance (Chronicles of a Bluestocking Book 3)

    by Tammy Andresen
    A rakish lord and a lady with a vendetta…. Lady Caroline knows all about rakes. One ruined her after all. Allow a rake to kiss you once under a flowering pear tree, shame on him. But allow another to kiss you beneath a full moon of the summer solstice, well, shame on herself. She’s not falling for that sort of trick no matter how handsome Lord Marksman is or how alluring his strong arms or how tempting his achingly wicked lips are. Caroline’s learned a few lessons. In fact, she’s even recorde... more
  • Savage Island

    by victoria dougherty
    On the remote, South Pacific island of Niue in 1944, Angelie is dying of boredom and eager to get involved in the war effort. Then she meets Will. As a series of vivid dreams about ancient deserts and long forgotten prophecies ensnares them, Will and Angelie not only discover love, but a powerful fate that began for them at the dawn of civilization.
  • Lessons in Love

    by Melanie Brodie
    Anne Spencer is a small town elementary school teacher. Romance isn’t on the radar. When she discovers the school she dearly loves is being shut down, Anne and the town must come together to save it. To complicate things, Anne is wooed by a handsome local politician who is running for mayor. Anne looks to her best friend Roman and their neighbors for support. Anne is faced with the distraction of new romance, but must ultimately figure out what she really wants. Will love solve all her problems,... more
  • While We Were Shopping

    by Karla Brandenburg
    Shep harbors a secret crush on Cady, his coworker. He hates his job, can't find any redeeming qualities in their jerk of a boss, and wants to start his own company, but he isn't good with risk. When the boss throws Shep and Cady onto a project with a short deadline, the long hours should give Shep the chance to tell Cady how he feels. But why is she buying gifts for the boss?
  • Storm Country

    by Deanna Madden
    Sofia Ramirez, fleeing violence in El Salvador, has succeeded in reaching the U.S. but at a terrible cost: the loss of her 3-year-old son, taken from her by immigration authorities when she crossed the border. Six months later she still has no idea where he is. Mark Judd arrives on Mustang Island after a friend disappears while investigating Sofia’s boyfriend Carlos Ruiz, a drug trafficker and owner of the bar where she works. He hopes that Sofia will be the key to learning what happened to his ... more
  • The Dark Loving Tale

    by Glossaydian
  • An Orchid Falls

    by Julia O' Greene
    Divorced. Single Mother. Words that Calli never imagined she'd use to describe herself, but today, she would sign those fateful papers and bring the words to life--her life. Her career is going well enough. With the financial arrangements in the decree, she'd be able to maintain a solid middle-class status. Her plans for the future are set...keep on keeping on. Maybe one day, her mother could accept her divorce. Maybe one day she'd be comfortable alone. Maybe one day, her life would turn out... more
  • Not in the Cards (An Oracle Bay Novel Book 1)

    by Amy Cissell
    Sandy Franklin is on the run from her old life and her almost-ex-husband. Lured to Oracle Bay by a too-cheap-to-be-believable apartment and attached tarot reader shop, she found an opportunity to hide from her past while building a new future. The one thing Sandy couldn't predict was how hard she'd fall for the man who could crush Oracle Bay and her hopes for a new life. Will Sandy get a second chance at true love with the man whose past might be even more dangerous than her own?