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  • Abducting the Ambassador: SciFi Alien Romance (Galactic Courtship Series Book 5)

    by Lily Thomas

    Susan Mallery, the Ambassador of Earth, deals with disputes, some big and some small, but all treated equally. She’s on her way to such an assignment when suddenly the ship she's onboard is attacked. As Susan attempts to save her body guard, she's shot. When she wakes, she finds herself being sold off to a Vrak'rir. Does he mean her harm, or does he want to capture more than just her influence over Earth's government?

    Rylnuhn saw her once a long time ago and knows ... more

  • Escaping the Hunt: SciFi Alien Romance (Galactic Courtship Book 4)

    by Lily Thomas

    Skyler is a powerful opponent in the women’s boxing ring, but her skill and experience may not be enough to keep her alive after she’s kidnapped and dropped off on a Hennian hunting planet. Completely out of her element and desperate to survive, Skyler warily agrees to accept the assistance of Kyux, a Krocosian who claims to be her mate. As the two work together to escape the planet, Skyler is surprised and intrigued by the chemistry between them. Could this alien be the strong pa... more

  • Good Girl

    by Susan A. Buchanan
    Tech marketing VP Asia Daniels is kidnaped. However, her captor, the man in the silk hood mask doesn't want ransom, he wants pleasure. He also wants Asia to want the same pleasure too and is determined to introduce her to a world of passion and desire she never thought possible. How can a stranger elicit such desire and passion in her? The stranger behind the mask could be someone much closer than Asia thinks.
  • Paid for the Night

    by Susan A. Buchanan
    Andrew Cho paid for one night of passion. Kate's assignment was easy, one night with the handsome businessman. Things are rarely easy in life and never what they seem, especially when these two light up the sheets.
  • The Duke and The Enchantress (An Enchantress Novel Book 2)

    by Paullett Golden
    Some fairy tales begin with the kiss. Drake Mowbrah, the Duke of Annick, needed a wife. After choosing an acceptable bride, he traps himself in a marriage of convenience and must tap his creativity to woo his frigid wife and fuel her passion. Drake battles scandals, duels, and his own carefully crafted reputation to win her heart. Charlotte Trethow dreamt of a fairy tale marriage to the perfect man. When she marries the Duke of Annick, all her dreams should have come true, but no one told ... more
  • The Earl and The Enchantress (An Enchantress Novel Book 1)

    by Paullett Golden
    Not all scars can be healed with a kiss. Sebastian Lancaster, Earl of Roddam, harbors a family secret so dark he has forsaken marriage to hide the past. When fate introduces him to Lizbeth, he believes he has met his perfect match—a woman with whom he can share passion without commitment. Lizbeth Trethow risks everything to follow her heart until Sebastian’s past returns to haunt them. Desperate to hide the blood on his hands, he sabotages their happiness. Everything depends on Lizbeth unravel... more
  • The Gold Fish

    by Danel Aiken
    What if your husband is your own worst enemy? Throughout her life, Grace abides by the insidious vagaries of Lars, which kill every joyful moment of their family life. After the divorce, Lars was never fully able to leave his favorite victim. Drawn to the success of Grace through his lack of money and the pleasure he derived from her manipulation, he was not going to go down without a fight. Lars’s last visit forced Grace to make a decision. She found the strength to free herself from his shackl... more
  • All The Pretty Girls: A Novella

    by Saurab Kumar
    Like many immigrants, twenty-four-year-old Ifran straddles two worlds. Although he’s assimilated to life in the United States, he’s still deeply rooted in his Indian culture and Muslim faith. At times he feels like an outsider, but working as a journalist for LA Daily is the perfect opportunity to broaden his horizons. Ifran’s first assignment is to interview a woman arrested for showing an anti-Islamic movie at a gay-pride parade. When he arrives at the prison, Ifran is shocked to learn ... more
  • Luna and Sol: A Forbidden Love Story

    by A. M. Kusi

    She's fallen in love with her father's enemy...

    After the sudden death of her mother, Luna battles with a secret that she knows would kill her father. Luna is sure she is destined to a life of disappointment trying to live up to his expectations of her. She knows the time is coming when she will be joined in an arranged marriage, as is the duty of the chief’s daughter.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the river that divides the Net lands fro... more

  • Captivating the Doctor: SciFi Alien Romance (Galactic Courtship Series Book 3)

    by Lily Thomas

    Zoe doesn’t need a man in her life – she’s confident, successful, and happy with the freedom of her single status. She simply can’t imagine settling down with any one guy. That is, until she is literally lifted off her feet and kidnapped by a strong and sexy Daen’su captain. Determined to regain her freedom, Zoe is willing to use any means necessary, even if it means seducing her captor. The only problem is, she might be falling into her own trap instead.

    J... more

  • Xacier's Prize: SciFi Alien Romance (Galactic Courtship Series Book 1)

    by Lily Thomas
    Xacier was once king of the proud Kell Empire, but after his cousin's betrayal he is enslaved in the fighting arena. The only way to survive? Kill everyone and be the champion. With his strength and skill, only a few battles now stand between Xacier and his freedom, and he will stop at nothing to get out and get his revenge. But when a human woman is thrown into the arena, Xacier will find himself fighting to defend her, at the risk of losing his freedom - and his life. Samantha is crossing t... more
  • The Earl on the Train

    by Catherine Stein
    An earl with a problem. Nicholas Masterson, Lord Sharpe, has a problem with potions. He won’t drink them, he craves them, and they’re getting weaker by the day. When his spymaster uncle requests that he travel from London to India to investigate, he reluctantly agrees and hops on an early morning train. A woman with a plan. Ida Quimby has set herself a goal: begin a new life as an elite perfumer, selling potion-based perfumes to the highest tier of London society. But when her good-for-... more
  • He's My Future (Hearts of Nashville)

    by Jenilee Wallace

    Aspiring country music star Renee Cutler finds herself exactly where she’s always wanted to be: in Nashville with a recording contract. One thing she didn’t count on was falling in love with a member of her band. A complicated past makes trust and love difficult for Renee.


    Tyler is a hot headed drummer that has been kicked off so many jobs, working with Renee is his last chance in Nashville. Can he make it work? Or will he find his last chance going up in flames... more

  • Secrets & Seduction

    by Cheri Blossum

    Best Erotica of 2015.

    The first anti-porn anti-bondage porn bondage satire which delivers titilation and buzzkill at the same time.

    What 50 Shades omitted, Secrets & Seduction takes on. In other words, Vanilla meets Hardcore. Not exactly the fireworks of a typical romance. 

  • Dragon Prince (Qurilixen Lords)

    by Michelle M. Pillow

    Grier’s fiery passion for Salena might be everything his dragon ever wanted but loving her might just lead to the destruction of everything he’s trying to save.

    With all that is happening in his land, the upcoming shifter mating ceremony is the least of Grier’s concerns. Even though he is heir prince of the dragonshifters, he doesn’t have the authority needed to help the humans stranded in dragon territory, nor can he banish those who ruthlessly control... more

  • Sins of the Flesh

    by Natasha Raulerson