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  • Lizzie Bennet's Diary

    by T. K. Marnell
    When free-spirited writer Lizzie Bennet meets handsome lawyer Will Darcy at a party, she's smitten...until she overhears him reject her as a potential girlfriend in the cruelest way. Hurt, Lizzie decides he's the last man in the world she would want to date anyway. But as the two cross paths again and again, Will proves he has a warm heart under his frosty attitude, and Lizzie must admit her wounded pride might have made her a teensy bit prejudiced.
  • My Life as Kelsey

    by Victoria Anders

    A roller coaster ride of discovery about love: letting it in, handing it out, and releasing it to the wind.

    Nothing amusing about working at an amusement park for the summer--until Stone Maverick Avery walks in with his designer sunglasses and rock star attitude. He's totally out of my league.

    Oh, did I forget to mention, I'm not allowed to date?

    My mom, who's afraid I'll end up an unwed, single teen mom like her, keeps me on lockdown from friends and boys. S... more

  • Dream of Her Heart

    by Shanna Hatfield
    Days before he must ship out to prepare for a dangerous mission in the Pacific, Lieutenant Zane West crosses Oregon to see a good friend who has been wounded in action. He arrives at the veteran’s hospital, only to discover the army captain has disappeared without a trace. As Zane searches for answers, he finds himself captivated by a beautiful and spunky nurse who offers her help. Is she the key to his future, or an unwelcome distraction from his important wartime mission? Step back in time t... more
  • Primal Shifters

    by Kira Shayde
    Three paranormal romance novellas in one overarching story of sociopolitical conflict. In an alternative Africa, the animal predators are human, territorial hostilities have led to war, and loving outside your boundaries can get you killed. Bane of Her Desire: A first-caste daughter of Parliament opposed to the lion-hyena conflict searches for her missing brother. The hardened military commander, shunned by society for his fur color, refuses to provide her with answers. Desires at War: Cri... more
  • Julia's Star

    by Bonnie Phelps

    You chug along life’s highway, minding your own business, and all of a sudden - wham - something smacks you upside the head. For smart and sassy widow, Julia Marlowe, it was something as simple as a flat tire that landed her squarely in the path of swashbuckling film star, Jason MacKenzie, who slams into her life with the force of an 18-wheeler.

    She doesn’t want to like the guy. The lifestyle he represents stands contrary to everything she believes in. He has that Holly... more

  • My Army Ranger

    by Bonnie Phelps

    Ex-Army Ranger, Cam Rodriguez, lost a leg in Afghanistan. Broken, he returns home to his small Texas town to figure out what to do with his life. What he finds is more frightening than the battlefield he left behind. The life of his childhood friend – and secret childhood crush – is threatened. He’s not the warrior he once was but is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice if that’s what it takes to save Crystal.

    Crystal Kincaid likes her quiet life and wishes, mo... more

  • My Texas Heart

    by Bonnie Phelps

    Divorced from one woman who put her career ahead of everything – including their young son, Chad – Josh Kincaid isn’t about to make that same mistake twice. If he ever falls in love again, it’s going to be with a woman who puts family first. Chad is the most important thing in Josh’s life and he’ll do whatever it takes to be an active part of his life. But his ex has other plans and painfully shy Josh has to step up and fight for his son.

    Feisty and d... more

  • My Sexy Veterinarian (The Texas Kincaids Book 2)

    by Bonnie Phelps
    Nate Kincaid, wants to get out of debt and get his family off his back about his relationship status. The second means he needs a serious girlfriend, but after the death of his fiancé, he isn’t ready. No one knows about his nightmares—the ones that chase him into the dark places of grief. Dealing with debt means his fledgling veterinary practice must be successful—business before anything else. Always. Maybe a pretend relationship would solve his second problem so he can concentrate on the first... more
  • My Rodeo Man

    by Bonnie Phelps

    He’s not the man she wanted – in fact, he’s everything she’s trying to avoid – but he’s the man she fell for… hard.

    Zach Kincaid was definitely not what Ashley Drayton was looking for – one more risk-taking, bad boy to add to the long list of men who had broken her heart – the last one leaving her nearly penniless and homeless. Hoping for a fresh start, Ashely moved half way across the country to Texas. From here on out players need... more

  • Warlord

    by Cyndi Friberg

    Sci-fi Romance

    When Shivon Roxtin tries to incite a rebellion among the human females on the Outcast planet, she's sent to the Relentless. The ship's commander, Warlord Torak Payne, thrives on challenge, so he's looking forward to taming the fiery human. Still, war with the Sarronti is creeping ever closer, and the last thing he needs is an unruly mate. Tempers flare, and sparks fly from the moment they first meet. Their battle of wills is quickly surpassed by their consumin... more

  • Discovering Leigh: A Dark Romance

    by Gerry Pelser
    Something's Bound to Happen... Photographer Leigh McCabe’s life was going just well until she met Mikey. It would have been just another boy meets girl event, but things are never quite as simple as that. Especially since Mikey transforms into ‘Sir Michael’ on weekends, and caters to the certain singular needs of those more interested in the darker parts of the human psyche, a part Leigh herself never thought she would want to wade into, let alone jump in at the deep end. On a journey s... more
  • The Line Between

    by Tamsyn Bester
    There’s a fine line between love and hate, so fine that you don’t know you’ve lost balance until it’s too late. I’m not sure exactly when I lost my balance, all I know is that he was to blame. Dane Winters. The boy who’d spent most of his life hating me for reasons I never understood. ** ** ** ** ** ** It was no secret that I hated her, but only I knew why. She was off-limits. And then our separate worlds collided with one tragedy. It wasn’t her fault, I knew that, but I wanted her t... more
  • Forbidden: The Adrsta Chronicles - Book Two

    by Canada Jackson
    "When everything you desire is strictly forbidden." Everything about Sam’s life since the devastation of Earth and the move to a new solar system seems to be forbidden. She works as a nanny in the household of the widowed young overlord and alien Prince Shihlo of Throm - partly responsible for the annihilation of Earth and fully responsible for being the most intoxicatingly magnetic creature she has ever met. Shihlo is the most eligible bachelor in the solar system, but: he would certain... more
  • Amnesia: The Adrsta Chronicles - Book One

    by Canada Jackson
    Amber wakes up after a crash landing to find herself on a hostile planet with a "man" beside her that "shifts" into into a demon warrior whilst protecting her against the wild creatures they run into. She can't remember him, nor can she remember the end of Earth and how she came to be in a new solar system with an alien who claims they are lovers. Even though she is wildly attracted to him, something feels amiss, especially his recount of how they came to be together after Earth's ending, and... more

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  • Half Breed Haven 1 Wilde-Fire

    by A.M. Van Dorn Van Dorn

    A gun battle on the streets of a fiery ghost town is only the beginning as the Wildes of the West plunge headlong into danger in another exciting western adventure. It’s do or die against some of the baddest men in the west and the price for failure will mean certain death and the end to their fight for justice along with their scorching escapades with the willing men of the west.

    Saddle up for the ride and be immersed in all the action, adventure, romance and family drama that co... more