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  • Sonnelles

    ‘Sonnelles’ is a series of 48 poems based loosely on the classic English sonnet. Mr Sterling has admired those of past poets, especially Shakespeare and, based upon such inspiration, has composed poems with their spirit in mind. You might call them modern adaptations, because they do not adhere to the strict iambic and rhyme schemes of the past, hence the title “Sonnelles.” This is refreshing and new. The spirit is alive, as is love. They speak of the joys and pain of love and relationship. Fort... more
  • The Streetdweller

    by Fiona West
    Abbie's had it. Sick and tired of being sick and tired, the heiress of Brevspor strikes out on her own, armed only with her wits, a stolen passport, and a determination to live (or die) her own way. Will the help she finds be the kind she needs, or send her further into despair? Join this headstrong sixteen-year-old as she tries to keep her identity a secret and navigate new friendships...and rivalries. The Streetdweller is the first prequel novella in the Borderline Chronicles.
  • The Ex-Princess

    by Fiona West

    How do you tell your best friend you can’t marry him after all?

    Abelia is content in her menial job and tiny apartment. When royal emissaries arrive to enforce the marriage contract she thought was void, she has no intention of going with them across the Unveiled. But the alternative means losing the chance to say goodbye to her dying father and letting five years of silence be the last thing they share...

    Edward is handed his kingdom unexpectedly when his brother goes off t... more

  • Shattered Moon: When a romantic dream turns into a nightmare

    by Renata Lanzoni
    Shattered Moon is based on a true story. The book explores the heights of an unexpected romance, the lows of despair and the terrors of violent abuse. The purpose of the book is to show you are not going crazy, you are not alone and that there is hope on the other side of pain. An Oxford graduate, lawyer, dependable mother, Maddy has been living a secluded life since her teenage son run away from home three years ago. Her grief for his loss and her sense of guilt have been plaguing her ever ... more
  • Asia: Good Girl

    by Susan A. Buchanan
    Following an exciting day at the office filled with emergency Board Meetings, top-level firings and an acquaintance nearly taking advantage of her, VP Asia Daniels, wakes up in a bedroom that isn't her own. What in the world is going on? She's told that she is here for her safety and protection. Then, she’s issued a challenge. Let go of her good girl persona for one day and come over to the dark side. Allow the man in the hooded silk mask to introduce her to pleasures that she's never known. How... more
  • The Slave's Secret

    by Kimberley Jackson

    "Become my pleasure slave."

    Samara is torn when the handsome Magistrate Marcus offers her a tempting deal which would make her a free woman. He’s different from the Patricians she’s met so far, and he’s definitely more charming than her abusive master Aaron. His nearness evokes previously unknown emotions in her, but the idea of sharing his bed is as intimidating as it is thrilling. Can she trust him, or will he turn out to be just as cruel and ... more

  • Whispers On The Wind

    by Dana Wayne
    A killer stalks a small Texas town. Dire warnings from a voice only he can hear makes Sheriff Cooper Delaney doubt his sanity. When a body is found matching one from a recent nightmare, he believes he’s gone off the deep end. The dead do not talk to the living. Or do they? One body becomes two. Are there more? Heart broken by betrayal, Dr. Samantha Fowler finds herself starting over at thirty-three. When she meets the local sheriff, the attraction is instant and fierce, threatening to cru... more
  • Web Designing

    by anu priya
    Ranging from HTML, CSS, and XHTML codes to scripting languages like Java Script. Website layout has a vast facts considering it's miles a fairly young career. Website layout uses complex codes to create net pages further with programs assisting inside the introduction.Our employer is the topmost internet site designing employer in kerala which became founded within the yr of 2012.The predominant services of this company are internet web design company kerala ... more
  • #Toots: A romantic comedy built on white lies, pink elephants and grey areas

    by Linh Le
    What if you could swipe left on everything you hate in your life? A romantic comedy built on white lies, pink elephants and grey areas. Four sisters are taking charge of their own destiny, one cocktail at a time. Louise dreams of an exotic lifestyle, miles away from Hackney. Nick comes along. Famous, fit, funny and filthy rich. Louise will stop at nothing to seduce him. Louise will fake it till she makes it. All the way to the ka-ching bling ring. But the little white lies soon ... more
  • Spirit Warrior

    by Crystal Mary Lindsey
    Serenity (Rena) Charles knew nothing about the heavenly battle between good and evil, angels and demons, but she was about to be recruited as a Spirit Warrior and find out! Fleeing from a desperately precarious situation following her grandmother's death, she risks the danger of dark and stormy night to make her escape. Unbeknownst to her, it is the beginning of a spiritual adventure that will at first bewilder her, before increase her knowledge and trust in God’s love and protection. When... more
  • Cherished Encounter

    by Crystal Mary Lindsey
    The Australian Outback with its unique panorama is the destination of a young female doctor. She leaves the secret of her parent's murder behind unaware in doing so; the past will finally be exposed. Dr. Ariana Ross’s journey takes her to a medical practice in an Outback country town, where her impact on many - brings surprises. Passions explode when she meets Zane Lombardi, one hunk of gorgeous Italian male. Zane is a Christian and Apple Orchard owner. He is also strongly adverse to the wil... more
  • Eternal Devotion

    by A.R. Jackson

    Kevin was bound to be a star. He grew up in a sports-driven family and was groomed to play football all of his life. Things were going well, as he had just received a full-ride scholarship to play in college. On track to excel professionally, life throws a wrench in his plans after being kicked off the team. This results in the loss of his scholarship, quickly followed by the loss of a good education.

    Lost and unaware of what the future will hold, the curve balls continue to come. After... more

  • Drove All Night

    by Sarah Hegger

    Out of luck, out of hope and out of diapers, Poppy Williams is so far out on a limb she’s clinging by one broken fingernail. Strong, silent-type Police Chief, Ben Crowe has seen it all, until Poppy’s minivan runs a red light and she leaps into the road begging him to arrest her. Stranded in Twin Elks, Colorado, can the town filled with warm, funny characters help Poppy find the way back to hope again, and can Ben find the faith in himself to join her there?

  • love handles

    by emerald la court
    Serenity Spa is a one-stop resource for its lady clients. Has your husband lost interest in sex? Serenity's handsome cadre of instructors will fill the void. Has surgery destroyed your body image? Serenity will restore it. Can a well-loved local studio survive when a fierce chain comes to town? Only if you are clever and a bit nasty. A wonderful cast of characters you already know.Lots of laughs. An occasional tear. Come along for the ride. An intimate exposé of a ladies’ spa. Lives of characte... more
  • Beneath the Surface (A Gray Ghost Novel)

    by Amy McKinley

    Russian sleeper agent, Hannah Miller has spent nine long years installed within America’s intelligence agencies. When the private plane carrying a secret weapon she and her boss are on is hijacked—her wait to be activated is finally over.

    Jack Davis, ex-boyfriend and former Navy SEAL, is sent in. His primary mission is to recover the secret weapon, but he refuses to leave Hannah behind—not when he still has feelings for her. When mounting evidence points to Hannah as a traitor, Jack mus... more

  • Both Sides Of Love

    by Kimberly Wenzler

    Lizzie Adler has everything a young woman could want: she is bright, beautiful, and has both a best friend and a handsome boyfriend with whom she is deeply in love. In one fell swoop, calamity strikes, stripping Lizzie of everything she holds dear. Forced to rebuild her life, she struggles to pull herself together: physically and emotionally. When she becomes friends with a fellow mom at her first PTA meeting, Lizzie (now known as Beth) will face her past head-on. A page-turner that... more