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  • Before Autumn Ends: Season's Love

    by Greer Rylie
    When Elyse McCray returned home to help her mother, the last person she expected to run into was the boy that stood her up on prom night sixteen years ago; nor did she think she’d ever need his help. Dillion Taylor never forgot the girl that stole his heart in high school and, when they end up working together, he vows to make her understand that he never stopped loving her and leaving her wasn’t his choice. Will Elyse and Dillion find love again before autumn ends, or will they come to re... more
  • The Witch in the Envelope

    by Laura Detering
    This forbidden attraction could be her greatest downfall…or her saving grace. Escape to 1998! The Witch in the Envelope is addictive, romantic, & an unexpected fantasy with a flurry of holiday mysteries perfect for fans of Stephanie Meyer & Kristin Cashore. As a child, nightmares of a hauntingly beautiful yet vicious witch plagued Liddy Erickson. But when she wakes one morning with a deep gash on her chest in the same place the witch attacked her, she realizes these were no ordinary dreams... more
  • Into the Lion's Den: a Paranormal Shifter Slow-Burn Romance (Secrets of the Northland Shifters Book 1)

    by A.S. Green
    Mountain lion shifter Reese Fitzpatrick never expected to be running his father's business--a luxury resort hidden away in Minnesota's Northland. But when his father is killed by a hunter's bullet, it's up to Reese to keep his father's legacy alive. The job would be hard enough without the arrival of Sarah McAvoy, a mysterious woman with secrets of her own. While she quickly has Reese’s mountain lion purring inside his skin, she's also such an irritating distraction he wants nothing more t... more
  • Must Love Cat

    by DJ Krimmer
    Emily - I like simplicity, calmness and I love routine. So you can imagine how much I disliked having to find a new place to live and a new roommate. River is cluttered, she is a tornado of personality, sarcasm and nerdiness that makes my left eye twitch. Not to mention her hellcat, Gizmo, who wants to kill me in my sleep. But, once I looked past the wall of sarcastic remarks and attitude, I saw the real her, the one that she couldn’t show to the world and seeing her in that light became a drug.... more
  • Fox: Hel's Ink # 1

    by DJ Krimmer
    Janie When my father passed away, I assumed my grieving would be as simple as closing a book and starting another. Only, he had other plans. Leaving me his beloved tattoo shop, I’m stuck to figure out what exactly to do with it, all while being constantly reminded of him. Selling it was the easiest option, but after hearing some of the artists elated at the idea because they swore I’d ruin it if I took over, and reading the fine print of my father’s will, I’m determined to prove them wr... more
  • Closing the Distance

    by DJ Krimmer
    “I can promise you this. As long as you want me around, I’ll be here to remind you what a beautiful and amazing person you are.” Being a survivor of abuse, a single mom, and not fitting into society's version of attractive– I never thought I would hear those words, especially from someone who was my nemesis on my plant enthusiast message board. So when Jack Kettler, a man much older than I, took notice of me and treated me in a way I had only seen on tv, I couldn’t help but want to open mysel... more
  • Love in Sayre Valley

    by Dennis Carr
    When fate draws two musicians from opposite ends of the music spectrum together in West Virginia and both look to own the same stunning piece of real estate, sparks inevitably fly. Courtney Meadows, lead violinist with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, inherits her ancient family homestead called ‘The Meadows’ in Sayre Valley, West Virginia, and decides to flee her boring life and move to the property abandoned for decades. At the same time, Rob Wilson, frontman for the underground grunge ba... more
  • You Can't Be My Oxygen

    by T.K. McCann

    A 16-year-old girl from Detroit is shipped off to her grandmother in Wyoming after suffering violence at the hands of her cousin. There she disguises her past and strikes up a complex relationship with a classmate named Jakey. It is a classic “fish-out-of-water” story in the realistic urban genre.

  • The Millionaire Marquess

    by Scarlett Scott
    A daring housekeeper meets her match in a sinfully seductive marquess in this scorching-hot addition to the Unexpected Lords series from USA Today bestselling author Scarlett Scott. Ruthless businessman. Coldhearted cynic. Jaded rake. The Marquess of Greymoor has possessed a great many titles in his life, but there is none he despises more than the one he unexpectedly inherited as a lad. Call him what you like, Grey has never fit the societal mold. Instead, he is unabashedly determined to ... more
  • Andreas (Book One): A Sweet and Spicy Romance: Heart of the Galante Legacy: A Romantic Family Saga

    by Kris Holbeck
    Starting from the ground up, the Galante family has developed fame and fortune as the owners of the Galante Gallery in San Francisco. Andreas, the oldest son of the wealthy art gallery owners, arrives in New York to attend a special exhibition for new artists. Being autistic, he finds it difficult to make connections until he meets Haley, a struggling artist. "Yet another trip with my twin brother Lukas, as we go scouting for new artists and art pieces for the Galante Galleries. Growing up... more
  • What We Never Say: Bold Journeys Book One

    by Paulette Stout
    SOMETIMES SECRETS ARE TOO BIG TO IGNORE. After a lifetime of lacking confidence at work and in life, Rebecca has finally found her voice. Her blog for women is gaining traction, even getting noticed by the world’s top fashion magazine. When they request an article, Rebecca is beyond thrilled. So why is her boyfriend Kyle so concerned? Kyle has a blank spot in his past he won’t share—not even with Rebecca. But his secret is blown when a powerful woman from Kyle’s fashion past, becomes despe... more
  • Could It Be You? Love in Dunes Bay Book 3

    by Lynn Crandall
    A broken detective. An EMT who’s seen too much pain and loss. A connection that brings them together. A past that could keep them apart. In the final book in the Love in Dunes Bay series, Lynn Crandall offers a touching love story and a fast-paced suspense to keep you turning the pages. Dobson Ramirez is starting a new life at Dunes Bay Police Department. A new home, a new job, and a fresh take on life were what she needed when she left the Chicago Police Department. She is completely focused... more
  • XOXO

    by Kathryn R. Biel
    Here lies Ophelia Finnegan, Hopeless Romantic. Not to be dramatic, but I'm pretty sure that's what my tombstone is going to say. During my thirty years on this planet, I've made a lot of poor decisions pursuing my ideal man. It may have something to do with my slight obsession with romantic comedies, especially those of the British variety. I mean, if Bridget Jones could find her Mr. Darcy, surely I can too, right? And if I can't live it, I can at least write a steamy romance novel about ... more
  • Sundowners

    by R.L./Rochelle Merrill
    Vampire Creed Lowell works with the elderly as a night nurse while looking to avenge his harrowing past. Grad student Roman San Angelo is struggling to handle his courses, teaching schedule, and research for his dissertation on an obscure cult all while mourning the fact that his beloved yet demanding grandmother Frances was moved to an assisted living facility. His pain is eased as he becomes fascinated by her night nurse, who is able to bring out the inner light which had faded during her batt... more
  • Autumn Kissed: A Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance

    by Kimberly Quay
    I answered Fate’s call. I got the mate I never knew I wanted but can't live without. Now the Vampire Queen wants both of us. I found my fated mate in the one man I’d sworn to hate forever. He’s nothing like I thought he was, and I’m not mad about it. We should be enjoying our newly found mate bond, instead we have a new threat looming over our heads. When vampires show up at the local Season Shifters Academy, endangering the lives of the shifter children, we have no choice but to fight the... more
  • The Pilgrim Soul in You

    by Martin Mutka

    The Pilgrim Soul in You is the poignant narrative of Will Merritt, a bright college graduate from the East who moves to San Francisco in the early ‘80s to pursue his MBA.  There he meets Laura McKenzie, a beautiful, young law student from a prominent Northern California family.  The two are drawn to one another by a similar sad event in their past and that connection fosters a relationship that blossoms into affection and commitment.&... more