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  • The Shifter Bachelor: A Rare and Unknown Romance (The Rare and The Unknown Book 1)

    by Shai August
    Imani has always wanted to be just member of her herd but with her overbearing matriarch mother and grandmother; she's never been given much of a chance. When Imani accepts a job several states away from the rest of her family the only thing on her mind is proving that she can be independent and more than just a breeder for the Herd. Ansel is under constant pressure to mate and have children, many, many children as his shifter race is on the verge of extinction. So much pressure, that his mot... more
  • No Romance Allowed

    by Kana Wu

    Weeks after no one acceptable has answered Rory’s ads for a female roommate in Irvine, California, a professional woman from London offers to pay six month’s rent upfront, shorter than Rory had hoped. On moving day, Peter shows up with a letter from his sister that the agreement has to be canceled because of a sudden illness. Not willing to stay on the top ramen diet any longer, Rory accepts Peter’s offer to continue the agreement because he needs a place while replacing his... more

  • Gift of Grace

    by Shanna Hatfield
    Ready to begin a new life far away from the sad memories of the Civil War, J.B. and Nora Nash head west on the Oregon Trail. They settle into the small community of Pendleton, Oregon, on a piece of land where they’re excited to build a future and their dreams together. A devastating tragedy leaves them both reeling as they draw further and further apart. Nora blames J.B. for her unhappiness while he struggles through his own challenges. Only a miracle can bring them through their trials and r... more
  • The Confetti Pact

    by Michele Gorman
    Nelly Roberts needs a fiancé – fast! When she’s left in the lurch with not just a wedding but also the country’s biggest magazine feature on the line, social media star, Nelly, has no choice but to substitute one groom for another. Luckily, Rafael Moreno Cortes needs a visa, so they make a deal: act the perfect couple for as long as it takes to get them both what they want. The catch? Absolutely nobody can know the truth. With the magazine following their every move, Nelly’s ex re-emerges ... more
  • Summer Seduction

    by Aria Glazki

    When Jeremy meets romance author Taralynn Harwood in a hotel bar, he’s glad just for the opportunity to buy her a drink. When she takes him back to her place and has him sign a non-disclosure agreement, his imagination—and libido—run wild. But after she kicks him out of bed, the blow to his ego forces him back to her, ready to just about beg for an opportunity to perform better. He’s willing and eager to learn the art of pleasure from one of the hottest romance authors... more

  • More Dangerous Heroes: Sizzling Tales of Timeless Desire

    by Brenda Jernigan

    USA Today & Award-Winning Authors present 1600 pages of Romance, Adventure, English Lords and Highland Warriors, and heart-stopping romance.

    The Time Traveler's Desire - Amy Jarecki

    A man's life can fall apart in an instant...

    Tougher than oxhide, Lachlan Wallace can take about anything except a breakup call from his wife two minutes before competing in the Karate Championship of the World. Arriving home with a loss, he agrees to watch his uncle's cat over the ho... more

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  • Hived

    by Lily Guim
    For as long as I can remember, my dream has been to become a ballerina at the National Ballet. I have worked my entire life for it. Forsaken family-time, friend-time, and established my most unwavering rule. Well, being me, it’s easy to keep this rule intact. But that was before Mr. Grumpy-Bossy went from being a mere morning run someone to my Home EC partner. And before the terrifying plane ride to Kelowna. And much before the life as I knew changed forever. Before I changed forever.
  • High Fae Academy - Year One: Fae Paranormal Romance

    by Kaylin Peyerk
    A prophecy foreseen centuries ago. Powerful love written in the stars. One woman destined for it all. Five incredibly hot fae males, one woman. What could go wrong? Tiana is an elemental fae who can control all five of the Earth's elements, but all she's ever wanted is to have a normal life. Because of this, she has spent her entire existence avoiding the High Fae Academy for gifted supernaturals. After a successful twenty-one years of avoidance, a prophecy describing the next Gre... more
  • All About Eva

    by Jayne Marlowe
    My name is Evadne Cavell and I have an embarrassing secret. I go to dark theaters and let anonymous men fondle me in the dark. Why do I do this? Because I’m the proverbial “good girl,” the youngest daughter of a prominent family. Because I’m stuck teaching at a private Denver college with a new administration intent on taking the “liberal” out of liberal arts. Because I need a way to vent my sexual frustration. The men I encounter don’t want big, beautiful Black women like me—not out in th... more
  • Ain't Nothin' but the Devil

    by Lorelai Watson
    Nothing about my life is as it seems. From the inside out it looks perfect, like a real-life fairy tale. But the truth is…it’s not. Being married to a billionaire is not a one-way ticket to happiness like most people would think. Behind closed doors and away from the limelight he’s not the man he pretends to be. My marriage is failing. My heart is nothing but broken pieces of pain and disappointment. My mind has become the battlefield of the war between me and the depression threatening to... more
  • Adeline's Aria

    by Laynie Bynum
    What would you give up to be with your idol? Your reputation? Your best friend? Your sanity? Addie is a small-town high school senior with a best friend to take care of and college plans to figure out. Jude is a British rock star turned actor and one-half of Hollywood's favorite "it" couple along side his co-star Lana Thatcher. When the two cross paths at a music festival in Addie's hometown and begin an undercover whirlwind romance, the press becomes vicious, his faux fiance flames rumors... more
  • Creeping Beautiful

    by JA Huss
    McKAY I wasn’t the one who broke her but I played my part. She came to us when she was ten. I raised her. I loved her. I taught her how to survive in a world of evil men. But it wasn’t enough. ADAM I wasn’t the one who saved her but I did my best. She needed me as much as I needed her. Bought and paid for on the auction block. But not for the reasons you think. She was my weapon. DONOVAN I wasn’t the one who lied to her but I hid her truth. She was broken before I got there. ... more
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