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  • Parenting Love: Clever Ideas Learned From Raising 200 Children

    by Kathleen Paydo RN
    Parenting Love: Clever Ideas Learned from Raising 200 Children outlines parenting techniques and discipline strategies. Using experience gained from raising 200 foster children, this book will explain a multitude of ways to parent many children—from tots to teens. Parenting Love provides a boots-on-the-ground approach with real-life stories for traditional, blended, and foster families. It explains how to guide children through childhood experiences, to develop their natural abilities, and to... more
  • Positive Thinking as a Way of Life

    by Louise Pearce
    Penned with a profound desire to aid individuals grappling with mental hurdles like depression, dwindling motivation, and self-assurance, this book serves as a companion in your journey towards self-betterment. Through its affirming lines and a special emphasis on the EODs - daily nuggets of positivity, the author aspires to instill a renewed sense of self-worth, nudging you to stand tall, gradually bolstering your confidence and self-esteem with each passing day. In the face of today’s global a... more
  • Impact Parenting

    by Rachel Gunn
  • Help! My Room Exploded

    by Annie Eklöv
    Main Points: The focus of this book is three-fold. First, it dives into the root of the problem for many families struggling with ADHD which is parent/child relationships. The question arises how can we have positive relationships and interactions with kids who are constantly on the verge of explosion? Parents can take heart there is an explanation for why you pull away and feel disconnected from edgy, disruptive children. It’s not your fault! You can only take so many negative interactions... more
  • Bad Shot? ASAP: Detox!: How My Own Poisoning Revealed the Truth About the Covid Shots

    by Christine Padovan
    Back in 2013, Christine Padovan met a young woman who became the key to her understanding years later that the Covid-19 shots and most mRNA shots had a similar problem. Christine and other family and friends were slow poisoned by this disturbed woman with heavy metals hidden from view of regular doctor and hospital tests by nano technology. Fast forward to late 2020 through today, and the same symptoms people have experienced when they have received one or more Covid-19 shots were the same sy... more
  • Unthreading The Mysteries of Cancer: A Journey Through Research & Awareness

    by Abu Khatib
    Offering a captivating exploration into the intricate complexities of this pervasive disease. From delving onto the underlying biological mechanisms to examining the latest breakthroughs in treatment modalities, this book takes readers on a compelling journey through the forefront of cancer. With insights from leading experts and compelling narratives of resilience from patients and caregivers, it illuminates the ongoing quest to unthread the mysteries of cancer and offers hope for a future free... more
  • Getting Ready for My Surgery: Preparing Kids for Anesthesia

    by Fei Zheng-Ward
    Getting Ready for My Surgery is a gentle, reassuring guide designed to prepare young children for what to expect when they have surgery. Through a simple and engaging narrative, this book takes readers on a journey through a day at the hospital, from checking in at the desk and getting a special wristband to waking up after surgery with a new superhero cape (also known as a hospital gown). Along the way, children are invited to participate in a playful scavenger hunt, spotting items like white c... more
  • Diets Demystified A Critical Evaluation of Popular Plans

    by Michelle Hall
    Sixteen of today's most popular diets are summarized in one read. With a special section for fitness goals, a pull-out section for grocery lists, and progress charts.
  • The Nine Shifts: The Mind-First Method to Transform Your Body and Your Life

    by Deekron Krikorian
    How many times have we heard the worn-out advice “eat less and move more” as a way of changing our body? Traditional approaches that only focus on diet or exercise often fail to deliver long-term results. That’s because they do not account for the mental, physical, and external obstacles that can derail us from staying consistent with our habits. Accordingly, challenges such as emotional eating, a lack of motivation, an aging body, or life obligations can prevent us from maintaining the bo... more
  • The Alzheimer's/Hearing Aid Paradox: In Search of Sanity

    by Robert Keefer
    In everyday language, the book explains how Johns Hopkins scientists and the NIH showed that 30 million Americans with hearing loss have up to 500% higher risk of dementia (including Alzheimer’s) and falls with broken bones, and yet the vast majority (80%) don’t use hearing aids. It serves as a easy-to-use guidebook to overcome three obstacles (including Medicare policies), so that people can get hearing aids that work as well as advertised and that can dramatically reduce their risk of Alzheim... more
  • Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog

    by Cyndi Smasal
    In "Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog," Cyndi Smasal offers a compassionate guide for pet parents navigating the challenging waters of canine liver disease. Drawing from her personal experience with her dog, Norman, Cyndi presents a holistic approach to healing that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit of our four-legged companions. This 20th-anniversary edition is enriched with two decades of research and practical knowledge, featuring natural treatments, liver-friendly recipes, and ... more
  • Strong to Save

    by David Emerson Frost
    Be stronger to die harder and later (as in 7 to 10 years later than most of your demographic peers. Grip these words of strongman Mark Rippetoe, "Strength is a most important thing in life. Whether you believe it or not." Believe Mark and trust me! May I paraphrase what he contends? The essential cornerstone of your physical bank is functional strength. You want and need to move and put things in motion for the next ~ fifty years. I’m not clairvoyant, so I cannot see into the future of 2073 A... more
  • Crafting with Cookie Molds

    by Anne L Watson
    Anne L. Watson, author of "Baking with Cookie Molds" and "Cookie Molds Around the Year," shares tips and projects for using contemporary cookie molds to shape polymer clay in mixed media crafts.
  • Breaking the Cycles of Pain: Soul Secrets

    by Dr Queen Shamala Bessie Davis Smith
    Breaking the Cycles of Pain Soul Secrets is a coming-of-age memoir about a promise that five-year-old Doris made to herself. Her oldest sister had been hurt. Driven to understand her dysfunctional family, Doris began to eavesdrop, question and investigate the world around her. Growing up "Colored' in the segregated South during the 1950s and the 1960s provided Doris with many opportunities to examine her family, the society and herself. When Doris writes well enough, she put the story about her ... more
  • Fildena 50 mg | ED Pill Online At Chipset Price

    by health sympathetic
    Fildena 50 mg, available for purchase, stands as a testament to its effectiveness in promoting men's health, particularly in the realm of addressing ED concerns. With its optimal strength, swift onset of action, and focus on precision, this medication offers a reliable and targeted solution for those seeking to enhance their sexual well-being. By prioritizing men's health and confidence, Fildena 25 mg opens the door to a fulfilling and satisfying approach to intimacy.
  • Doc, What Would You Do in My Shoes?: How to Circumnavigate a Cancer Diagnosis

    by Gemaine Owen
    Written from both a physician and patient view, it is intended to empower and guide patients along with caregivers on cancer interventions. It discusses survival, ability to work and end-of-life issues. Critical to good outcomes are nutritional status, ability to forgive and ability to plan ahead. This is a new and focused angle on the patient and how to self-advocate.