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Health, Diet, Parenting, Home, Crafts & Gardening

  • The No-B.S. Guide to Breastfeeding: Advice to the new mom from an experienced lactation consultant.

    by Jennifer Harris
    This book is a comprehensive review of the common concerns parents face when they are breastfeeding their child(ren). It covers the basic information about breastfeeding that parents desire, easily explained by an experienced Lactation Consultant. This book covers both normal expectations of the breastfeeding experience and practical considerations. Throughout the book, topics such as leaking, latching and weaning are discussed, with multiple solutions provided to suit any mom's lifestyle. Addi... more
  • Psych Meds Made Simple

    by Ashley L. Peterson
    People living with mental illness are often left out of the loop when it comes to understanding how exactly medications work. This book will explain pharmacology in a simplified way to help you understand the effects, both positive and negative, of psych meds, and why these effects occur. It's everything you didn't realize you wanted to know about medications! The book begins with the essentials of pharmacology and moves on to cover all the major classes of psychiatric medications. You'll lea... more
  • Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis

    by Ashley L. Peterson
    Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis aims to cut through the misinformation, stigma, and assumptions that surround mental illness and give a clear picture of what mental illness really is. The book pairs diagnostic criteria and descriptions for a variety of mental illnesses in the DSM-5 with nineteen first-hand narrative accounts of what it’s like to live with those conditions. The book is also infused with the author’s own experience as a mental health nurse and person living with depressio... more
  • Managing the Depression Puzzle

    by Ashley L. Peterson
    Managing the Depression Puzzle provides a comprehensive look at how to manage depression. The goal is to provide a wide range of pieces that might fit in your own unique depression puzzle, so you can pick and choose what does fit for you. No one strategy (or set of strategies) is going to work for every individual, but having information about what the options are will put you in a better position to make choices about your mental health. The book begins with an overview of depressive illness... more
  • Eat Healthy Live Longer - Foods That Heal

    by Sylvia Black
    Jeremiah 33:6 ESV Saying, “Behold, I may bring to it health and healing, and I may heal them and reveal to them abundance of prosperity and security.” \tAs a senior I know how important it is to change your eating habits and improve your health. You can follow these simple healthy eating habits I put in my book and start changing your life forever. You can stay healthy, young, active, vibrant from this day forward. Start now with what you have and defy your age and improve your health like I di... more
  • Fostering Love: A Glimpse into Foster Care

    by Kathleen M Paydo, RN

    "I finished this book. [It's] OUTSTANDING! I cannot believe how enlightening and inspirational it was. I cannot say enough about it. All the stories, the ups and downs, and [the Paydos'] incredible attitude and selfless acts. It is mind blowing. A lesson for all. My understanding of foster care is so different now." - Reader

    Families are the foundation of society. When we care for and protect children, we ensure that future generations thrive as well. The devastat... more

  • Stop Additional Hair Loss: Fuller Hair: Using and Keeping Your Hair Safe and Healthy

    by Dino Dondiego
    There are now advanced technologies described and shown in this book that will “Stop Additional Hair Loss”. This book explains what can speeds up additional hair loss, so you know what to avoid. There are many products and techniques that add additional hair and products that hide hair loss that works and make people happy BUT… that cause additional hair loss which everyone needs to know about, including hair professionals too.
  • Raising 4 Dimensional Children in a 2 Dimensional World

    by Tim McCarthy
    It's the Owner's Manual you didn't get with your child! With hundreds of references to scientific papers, it helps you understand your child's capabilities at each age from infant to adolescent in all 4 dimensions of human endeavor: The Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. Once you understand how your child is thinking, it gives you over 400 activities to help your child reach new milestones in each of the dimensions to help you prevent or solve behavior problems. This book has the an... more
  • A Way Out of Chronic Pain: How It Happened and What to Do about It

    by Stephen Gobel
    This book provides the reader with the neurobiological and musculoskeletal explanations of chronic pain. It helps you to understand why an episode of chronic pain happened to you and what to do about it. The book is written for everyone over the age of fifty. It is written for everyone who has experienced chronic pain in the past and wants to do something to try to prevent future recurrences. The book discusses the roles of sedentary life styles, posture, chair design and the loss of range of mo... more
  • Tap Talk, Tidbits, and Tips for Dilettante Tappers: The World's Only Completely Nonessential Guide to Tap Dancing

    by Bernard M. Patten
    If you're looking for an old-fashioned honest chapbook about the experience of being an amateur tap dancer, look no further. Welcome to the world's first and only tap book written by a student of the art-not a teacher, a studio owner, or an expert. Delve into these real-life tap adventures and let them inspire you to bring the magic of the dance into your own life. This humble chapbook will open your mind to the world of this unique form of dance in ways that only a student of the art could. ... more
  • Essential Factors To ConsiMoissaniteder When Purchasing Earrings

    by Jonh Robinson
    When you choose the right pair of earrings, you will make a perfect finish to your outfit, turning almost all heads in the room. Still, choosing the wrong pair of earrings can quickly be the most major fashion fail and a painful experience. The best of all news is that Moissanite earrings have a wide variety to select from, and the purchase process is easy. Some of the crucial considerations to never assume include; Design... more
  • The Cellular Wellness Solution

    by Bill Rawls, MD
    The Cellular Wellness Solution delivers a new look at the critical role that healthy cells play in avoiding chronic illness as we age. Dr. Rawls shares how overcoming his own battle with chronic illness revealed the natural and powerful solution—herbal therapy—and why it is key for defending against microbes. Readers will better understand the simple but essential role cells play in our health and learn how supporting cells with herbal phytochemicals every day is one of the most powerful defen... more
  • Your Maternity Leave: The Ultimate Practical Guide (1st UK Edition)

    by Nathalie Koren
    Maternity leave can be a challenging time for any woman, but with good preparation, a clear understanding of your rights, and a positive attitude, managing this crucial phase of your life has never been easier! Packed with checklists and handy tips, this book covers a full range of relevant practical situations to guide you through the various stages of your maternity. It will provide you with the information, advice and reassurance you need to successfully transition out—and also back into—t... more
  • Grow a Pizza Garden

    by John Benzee
    This step-by-step gardening guide will help children learn how to successfully grow tomatoes, basil, oregano, peppers, and onions. They will then learn how to make pizza sauce with these homegrown ingredients and add it to a pizza. Simple, easy to follow recipes teach kids (with adult help) how to make a pizza themselves. With tips along the way, kids can get their hands dirty planting, caring for, and harvesting their own vegetables and herbs. A big garden is not required, only a patio or... more
  • Our Side of Paradise: The Magical Love Garden

    by Michael Boyajian

    Join the author and his wife Jeri as they share their love for each other while finding creative inspiration in that love that allows them to effectuate a fantastic Hudson Valley garden and official wildlife habitat that is landscape designed in the style of  Frederick Law Olmsted and in the approach of both The Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the New York Botanical Garden as well as all the historic estate gardens in the region where there is always abundant blooming throughout the gro... more

  • GG Forgot My Name

    by Cynthia Hughes
    A heartwarming story about a little girl and her family who helps her GG through Alzheimer’s! Alzheimer’s can have a big affect on our loved ones, but there are still many ways you can help them! Join GG and her family as they learn to adjust to their new circumstances. Throughout the book, actual situations that occurred throughout the progression of GG’s disease, and the questions four-year-old Everly asked about GG, will demonstrate the value of helping children to understand aspects of Alzhe... more