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Health, Diet, Parenting, Home, Crafts & Gardening

  • Health 4 Ever

    by Greg Wilson
    Australian health expert Greg Wilson has crafted a concise, A-Z reference guide of health facts, tips and fascinating information all explained in simple terms with many captivating ideas on living a healthy and happier life. NOT just another health book, focusing on hints and tips for a happier life; relationships, family matters, children, etc. Includes interesting hints and tips along the way that make us think and make this enjoyable to read and to keep for a future reference. Improvin... more
  • Let's Talk About It: A Guide for Talking to Children After a Suicide of a Loved One

    by Laura Camerona
    This is a book for adults to read with children after the death of a loved one by suicide. This book explains suicide and supports all feelings using gentle, but honest words. This book includes colorful inclusive illustrations that are relevant to all kids no matter their family dynamics, culture, or race.
  • Functional Training for the Mind: How Physical Fitness Can Improve Your Focus, Mental Clarity, and Concentration (Moving Your Bo

    by Jeremy Bhandari
    Accomplish Your Aims Through Physical Training “The brain that dwells in a static being is not the same vast engine that resides, and rapidly runs in a physically active individual.” Physical exercise, as an independent act, provides one with a plethora of mental and emotional benefits, yet, because of the endeavor’s bodily nature, these wondrous perks are often overlooked. In Functional Training For The Mind, Jeremy Bhandari, the author of Trust The Grind, spotlights these under... more
  • Different brands of Carisoprodol | Health Naturo

    by Alice Dcoz
    Carisoprodol is a muscle relaxer that is used to treat moderate to severe muscle pain. It is effective for such health issues and many doctors recommend taking the muscle relaxer to get better health benefits. It reduces body pain after 30 minutes of intake of the doses. This effective muscle relaxer is available in different brands in the market. The muscle relaxer brands are to be found in different strengths with similar eff... more
  • Dad in a Cheer Bow

    by Patrick Riccards
    Cheer dad! The incredible lessons from this middle-aged man learned coaching a team of tween girls. When Patrick first became a “boy cheer coach” a few years back, he had no idea what was in store for him. He had agreed simply because his daughter asked him to. Once the deal was done, there was no turning back! Initially, Patrick struggles to fit in with a group of women and feels out of place. Will he ever truly belong? Working with 19 tween girls and absolutely no understanding about cheer ... more
  • Health Hiccups From an I Witness

    by Salene Hill
    Health Hiccups From an I Witness is a collection of health, dieting, and medical daily advice. The collection covers men and women health, nutrition, exercises, and dieting tips. You will learn to love your body and mind, or create a unique way of becoming a healthy person.
  • Mulch For Sale

    by E. G. Creel
    The day Mom needed mulch for her garden turned into the most expensive bad of mulch she'd ever bought. As the family spontaneously decides to buy newly hatched chickens, the to-do list for the day continues to grow, and grow, and grow! Follow along as this unplanned purchase turns into a messy, funny, and heartwarming family adventure.
  • Cannabis Lullaby

    by David Sharp
    The essential resource for painsomniacs pondering whether—and how—to use pot. Until his mid-40s, the only leafy plant material that health journalist David Sharp consumed recreationally was Earl Grey tea. Then chronic pain and insomnia struck. Desperate for relief, he nibbled a brownie made with a special ingredient. No, not walnuts—weed. Sharp’s pain soon melted away, and he slept that night like a hibernating bear. Thus began Sharp’s 15-year quest to unlock the secrets of cannabis, the world’s... more
  • ADHD and Emotional Intelligence: Positive Parenting Techniques to Use When Raising an Explosive Child with Attention Deficit Hyp

    by Roxana C
    An ADHD diagnosis may last a lifetime… but that’s no reason for it to define your child’s life. Are you feeling tired, strung-out, and out of patience with your child’s ADHD, even though you know it’s not their fault? You are the only one who can truly advocate for your kid… but you also get to a point where you need some help and support yourself. ADHD requires a super-advanced level of parenting skills – but the good news is that those skills are within your reach… and the extra effort you... more
  • Never Enough: Three Pillars of Food Addiction Recovery

    by Sandra Elia
    If you've spent the better part of your life waging a war against the numbers on the scale, you won't be surprised to learn that certain foods trigger overwhelming 'feel-good brain chemicals' and actually overtake your brain's reward pathway-and as a result, you can't stop eating. Literally. This makes it so that every diet program you've ever started was destined to fail. From the beginning. And it's infuriating. From the leading pioneer in food addiction recovery, Sandra Elia, comes Never E... more
  • Peaceful Discipline: Story Teaching, Brain Science, and Better Behavior

    by Sarah R. Moore
    In Peaceful Discipline: Story Teaching, Brain Science, and Better Behavior, we explore: - The body-brain connection to behavior, why most "consequences" don't work, and what to do instead - How parents and children can regulate their nervous systems to foster greater connection, even in the thick of adversity - How to use different types of storytelling and play as effective and benevolent teachers It covers these topics from the contexts of neuroscience, attachment theory, and best practic... more
  • Nurse Florence®, What is Polymicrogyria?

    by Michael Dow, RN, MS, MHA, MSM
    Jean goes to see Nurse Florence after school to ask for information on polymicrogyria since a relative just got diagnosed with that. Nurse Florence uses images from the internet to explain the disorder. Jean leaves feeling informed and with a better understanding of what their relative is going through.

    by Jennifer Wheeler
    In Whole Dog Parenting, husband-and-wife experts Jennifer and Ovidiu have teamed up to bring readers a holistic guide to raising a dog in the urban environment. With over forty years of combined experience training and caring for dogs in New York City, the authors offer city parents and their pups a one-stop resource that covers everything from socialization and puppy training to obedience and dog park etiquette.
  • TINY BUT MIGHTY: Interactive Book (My Beautiful teeth)

    by Tasneem Omran
    "My Beautiful Teeth Series" is a comprehensive and engaging guide to dental health for children aged 5-7. Written by a pediatric dentist, this 3-part series is designed to educate and inspire children to take care of their teeth, while also raising awareness about the importance of oral hygiene. Part 1, "Tiny but Mighty" explores the importance of teeth and how they help us talk and eat properly. It also teaches children about the different types of teeth and why babies don't have any teeth ... more