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Health, Diet, Parenting, Home, Crafts & Gardening

  • 9781739814908

    by Jonah Y Joseph
    Find out how to make sustainable lifestyle changes to dramatically improve your health and take control of your blood sugar for good. Diabetes is a growing health concern worldwide, and in the US alone, about 1.5 million new cases are diagnosed each year. Of those cases, almost 95% are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. While the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes is a concern, there is some good news: both Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes -- an early warning sign that Type 2 diabetes could be round ... more
  • The Caregiver's Journey: A Roadmap for Navigating Your Path

    by Pamela S. Showalter
    What began as an effort to manage stress through journaling, The Caregiver's Journey chronicles five years the authors spent caring for a loved one who lived hundreds of miles away. Realizing their hard-earned lessons could help smooth the path of those in similar situations, The Caregiver's Journey serves as a roadmap for anyone navigating the role of caregiver. The chronological narrative, interspersed with tips and recommendations, helps readers better understand their path as caregivers, whi... more
  • Staying Healthy Living Longer-7 Powerful Principles for a Healthier You!

    by Mary DiCaro

    What if what you've been told about aging is wrong? Is there a way to prevent and even reverse the chronic diseases of aging?

    These are important questions few of us consider until we are confronted with declining health, chronic pain, or a life-altering diagnosis. 

    Rates of chronic disease continue to rise steeply because the focus has been on symptom suppression and not the root causes and prevention of disease.


    The good news is the body provides... more

  • Grand Theft Weight Loss

    by Michael Alvear
  • Maternal, Morbidity and Mortality in the Bahamas

    by Clarice Ingram
    In her work as a community health nurse, Clarice Ingraham has discovered that traditionally, Bahamian woman play a major role in the country's society, as do women in all developing countries. The nation is both family-orientated and tourism-dependent. Women are housekeepers and often the sole bread winners in their families. They often work in the hotel industries that comprise about 75 percent of the workforce. Maternal morbidity refers to the rate of incidence of disease, whereas the mortalit... more
  • Triple Life Threat

    by Donald Lyman
    The U.S. medical industry is entering a new revolutionary phase with the discoveries of DNA telomeres, telomerase activators, and stem cell therapy that will create alterations to conventional medical procedures. The general public is unaware of these changes that will help to prevent, treat, and reverse complications of diseases like diabetes, COPD, and Alzheimers. There are 25 nutrient deficiencies facing our senior citizens causing many underlying conditions, one of them being obesity. Th... more
  • Six healing Qigong sounds

    by Ricardo Serrano
    The theoretical basis of Six healing Qigong sounds (Liu Zi Jue) is the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (metal, wood, water, fire and earth), and Five Solid Viscera (heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys). The Six healing Qigong sounds gently vibrate, and massage our internal organs, boost our immune system, clear stagnation and stale energy from our body, harmonize our emotions, balance our body and spirit creating a state of inner peace and radiant energy. The sound Xu tonify... more
  • Saturdays with Daddy (Zaria's Garden)

    by Katrina Johnson

    Saturdays with Daddy, the first book in the Zaria's Garden series, teaches kids the fundamentals of gardening, helping them build skills that will last a lifetime. Readers will learn about seeds and soils, a return to a more sustainable approach to living and growing food, and how to bring the food that we produce to the family table.

    About Daddy

    Patrick Johnson has been active in the sustainable agriculture and sustainable living movements for over thirty yea... more

  • Om for the Home

    by Carrie Leskowitz
    Your home is a more than an address-it's a reflection of your soul. Your living space mirrors your inner space, telling the story of your life through your physical home. Function and feeling go hand in hand. The sacred place you call home supports the foundation for your inner balance and an empowering, fulfilling life. When limiting beliefs, negativity, and stress surround you, it's time to dive deep into who you are to build an environment where you are at home within yourself. In OM fo... more
  • The Extraordinary Pause

    by Sara Sadik
    The Extraordinary Pause is a keepsake testament of the pandemic of 2020-2021 and a tribute to the simple and remarkable efforts people made in the face of the unexpected and unknown. Whether reflecting on what was lost or gained, this book is a wonderful tool for discussing the physical, mental, and emotional impact of this extraordinary event. The text is complimented with thoughtful and poignant illustrations with a minimal color palette and plenty to explore for the young audiences, as well a... more
  • TBI or CTE

    by Mark Tullius
    An author with a reckless past set his fiction aside to tackle a critical mission: Help those around him struggling with head trauma and chart a way forward. But a fateful visit to the doctor upended his entire world... Former fighter and Ivy League football player Mark Tullius wanted to support his friends with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). But when presented with a scan of his own grey matter, his life changed forever. After years of lying to hi... more
  • The Paradox of Ageing

    by Patricia Gogay
    Almost every country in the so-called developed world is facing the paradox of ageing. Thanks to science, more effective medication and higher living standards, more and more of us are exceeding the “three score years and ten” theoretical limits of the past despite the physical and mental impairments that develop with ageing. For those who are spared dementia or chronic pain, a long life is reason to celebrate. We will have a party when we are 80, an even bigger one if we reach 90 and if we hit ... more
  • Understanding COVID-19 with your teacher: A long spring break

    by ZuZu Ismail
    Book 1 "Understanding Coronavirus with your Teacher" beginning on the last day of school before the "extended" school spring break right before the national shutdown due to the pandemic goes into effect. Young Jabore and bestfriend Ahmed take a learning journey in book 1 on how to remain safe during the pandemic. They learn how long to wash their hands, how many feet social distancing is with examples for teachers and students and what emotional effects being away from family and friends they m... more
  • understanding modern health care

    by steve fredman
    The Tin Woodsman, Dick Cheney was given a new heart and the scarecrow, Joe Biden, was allowed to keep his brain. (He had an aneurysm that bled). But we don’t live in Oz and there is no wizard. The book starts in the late 1700s when only a few eccentrics believed the world was full of invisible creatures that made us sick. It tells the stories of two centuries of research, disease, and care (including HIV, transplantation and CRISPR) and it ends when John Cain turning down his thumb and allow... more
  • The Autoimmune Warrior's Healing Key

    by Jo Pronger Faulkner
    Author Jo Pronger Faulkner was diagnosed with four autoimmune conditions in seven years. Thinking she and her partner, Mike, were going to Nicaragua simply for a long-term get-away, they stumbled upon a new way of living that sparked her interest in the power of plants. Jo's mission became to learn all she could about autoimmune illness, the lifestyle components that contribute to it, and how making different decisions can change everything. The Autoimmune Warrior’s Healing Key is a bala... more
  • Mum, Dad can you hear me?

    by Despina Mavridou
    This book is about communication between parents and kids during the divorce period. Irene, the protagonist of the story, offers insight that can help children and divorcing parents work together so the children can experience comfort and healing through this emotional time of their lives. The list of 11 things that Irene asks from mum and dad is the message that all parents should keep in their hearts as they proceed in their separation.