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Pop Culture & Sports

  • Fond Memories from the Forgettable Decade

    by Jim Bellano
    For sports fans, the much maligned 1970s was actually quite an exciting time to be alive. This is especially true with regard to the dramatic events that transpired on the baseball diamond and the football field. Now, relive those nostalgic times in Jim Bellano’s engaging sports memoir, Fond Memories From the Forgettable Decade: A Sports Fan’s Attempt to Rehabilitate the 1970s. Travel back in time through the streets of the Bronx, the suburban neighborhoods of Yonkers, NY, and a coal mining tow... more
  • The History of Fantasy Sports

    by Larry Schechter
    Fantasy sports have become as ingrained in American culture as baseball and apple pie. And they have spread worldwide. There are versions of these games for football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, cricket, bull riding, bass fishing, Iditarod and many more. It is one of the most popular forms of entertainment today. But the millions who play mostly have no idea about the people and events that created this phenomenon. The History of Fantasy Sports provides the first complete telling o... more
  • Rock Music, Authority and Western Culture, 1964-1980

    by James A. Cosby
    The history of rock and roll music can be seen in a long arc of Western civilization’s struggle for both greater individual expression and societal stability. In the 1960s, the West’s relationship with authority ruptured, in part due to the rock revolution. The lessons and implications of this era have yet to be fully grasped. This book examines the key artists, music, and events of the classic rock era—defined here as 1964 to 1980—through a virtual psychoanalysis of the West. Over these year... more
  • Train Like A Champ, Harnessing Peak Performance

    by Dr. Cate Coker
    Train Like A Champ, Harnessing Peak Performance is full of various champion athletes and the musings of their victories. From the figure skater, the surfer, the basketball player and the soccer player, step into the shoes of a champion, identify with the desire to rise to full potential, and deeply take in the limitless possibilities of your own athletic endeavors. In this book, you will learn about some of the elite practices of athletes and the incredibly intelligent body systems that support ... more
  • Courtney Goes For Two

    by Perry Johnson
    With a short time before her basketball championship game, will 9-year-old Courtney be able to make sure no one notices that she is having problems with her vision. Will she tell someone, or will her actions show that something isn't right. There is a lesson to be learned as she 'Goes For Two'.
  • 1000%

    by Dee Shaffer
    Sports has turned into a machine that has ground the athlete's spirit from passion to defeat. Mental health issues are consuming young athletes today and the book 1000% confronts the reasons why and leads athletes to hope and healing.
  • Winning Numbers

    by Jeff Copetas
    What would you do if you won the lottery? In 1998, James Hayes won $19 million. Why did he end up in prison twenty years later? A winner in Massachusetts receives $1 million a year for life. Why does he still have a flip phone and live in the same small house? AR Platinum spends six figures every year on the lottery ... and constantly loses. How does his losing make him a comfortable income? In this book you will meet the cast of characters from behind the scenes, in front of the cameras, ... more
  • Boobs of Steel - Decoding the Amazon: [Busty Heroines vs. the Culture War #1]

    by J. Ishiro Finney
    Boobs of Steel: The tendency for the strongest physical female fighter in a group or cast to also have the largest breasts. -TV Tropes Lara Croft... Power Girl... Tifa Lockhart... They're three of the most loved and loathed characters in all pop-culture. Since the late 1990s all three have also been favorite targets for outraged feminists and woke keyboard warriors who believe that a bountiful cup size is a crime against humanity. Within these pages, sci-fi author J. Ishiro Finney chronic... more
  • George Varnell: The Life and Times of a Pioneering Sportsman

    by Jeff Burlingame

    George Varnell: The Life and Times of a Pioneering Sportsman is a meticulous biography that illustrates the life of a star athlete, groundbreaking Gonzaga University basketball coach, record-setting Rose Bowl referee, and renowned sportswriter whose unheralded life story appeals to sports fans as well as those who are intrigued by the impressive power of the humble human spirit. Varnell was:

    • A two-event competitor at America’s first Olympics in 1904
    • Universit... more
  • The Joy of Costco: A Treasure Hunt from A to Z

    by David & Susan Schwartz

    David and Susan Schwartz are two of the biggest fans of Costco in the world, yet they live in one of NYC’s smallest apartments (450 square feet). On a search to get answers to all things Costco, these superfans have visited over 200 of Costco’s 850 warehouses in 46 US states and thirteen countries! On this amazing adventure, they’ve experienced the behind-the-scenes magic of Costco from visiting depots, vendors, and even a pre-opening party, all in an attempt to get answers ... more

  • Video Games and Pop Culture: Odyssey Two

    by Robert B. Marks
    The year was 2016. The culture wars were deepening, with no end in sight. As the marketplace of ideas faded further into memory, one writer tried to bring it back – and succeeded. In September 2016 Robert B. Marks’ Garwulf’s Corner returned to The Escapist for another year, presenting a moderate and mature look at many of the hot-button issues facing pop culture. Months after Garwulf’s Corner’s second year came to an end the Escapist was sold to another media company – and its new editor-i... more
  • Garwulf's Corner: An Odyssey Into Diablo and the World Beyond the Video Game

    by Robert B. Marks
    At the dawn of the 21st Century, the video game industry experienced a period of wild creativity, fighting for recognition as an art form while making the transformation into a media juggernaut. And as it did, Garwulf's Corner was there, watching and commentating. One of the earliest, if not the first, video game issues columns on the Internet, Garwulf's Corner ran every two weeks from 2000 to 2002 on Written by Robert B. Marks, author of Diablo: Demonsbane and The EverQuest Com... more
  • An Odyssey into Video Games and Pop Culture: The Collected Garwulf's Corner from The Escapist and More

    by Robert B. Marks

    A pioneer in video game commentary, Robert B. Marks was one of the first - if not the first - video games issues columnists in the English language. In March 2015 he returned to take a fresh new look at video games and pop culture. Thought provoking, controversial, and insightful - and with new introductions - this collection includes: All 29 installments of Garwulf's Corner from the pages of The Escapist, covering issues ranging from outrage culture to diversity to the culture war over t... more

  • Sport It!

    by Pria Dee
    Bop it sock it roll and rock it! Jump and slam-dunk it! What’s your sport? From basketball to yoga to rock climbing to paddle boarding, this rhyming picture book celebrates a variety of ways to stay active and have fun moving! Lively, playful dinosaurs in all shapes and sizes, also capture the spirit of sport for young kids. A fun read-out-loud book about all the sports a child can play to stay fit, and healthy.
  • Jackson Haines: The Skating King

    by Ryan Stevens
    The legend of The Skating King has been one of the most enduring stories in figure skating history. Jackson Haines left America during the height of the Civil War and toured extensively through Europe. He translated ballet to the ice. He performed for Czars and Emperors. He inspired the formation of many of the world's oldest skating clubs. He changed the world's most exciting winter sport forever and our fascination in him has never waned. In this meticulously researched biography, figur... more
  • Of Bairns and Wheelie Bins: An American guide to what those British detectives are saying on the telly

    by Mary T. Wagner

    What, exactly, do "barmy," "grafter," "bothies," and "porkies" have in common? If you need to ask, then you ought to be reading this quick and light-hearted guide to understanding what our favorite British detectives are saying while solving crimes across the pond!!

    Ideal for fans of Midsomer Murders, Vera, Shetland and more, this insightful and essential list is designed to help every American fan of British detective fiction who longs for a... more