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Music, Performing Arts, Travel

  • Acting Games for Improv

    by Sam Marsden
    Teach students improvisation with this easy-to-use book. These exercises are suitable for all ages and skill levels, from advanced students who are passionate about the craft of acting to beginners who are just developing the superpowers that come from practicing improv. Teachers and directors can employ these techniques to add practical and fun theater work to their classrooms and rehearsals, improving students’ confidence, creative courage, speech, listening, imagination, teamwork, empathy,... more
  • Tokyo Outdoors: 45 Walks, Hikes and Cycling Routes to Explore the City Like a Local

    by Matthew Baxter
    Tokyo Outdoors is the only guide you’ll need to fully explore Tokyo and the surrounding Kanto region. On foot, by bicycle or hiking, this book not only takes you to the main tourist spots, but also countless off-the-beaten-track spots. From famous historical landmarks such as the Imperial Palace to modern attractions like the Tokyo Skytree, this travel book offers something for any kind of person, whether you’re a visitor to Japan or living in the capital.
  • Ties That Bind

    by Brent Antonson
    You’re about to ride along on train travels over 12 years, on 16 trains in 13 countries—as diverse as North Korea, Belarus and the United States of America. A father and his two sons took five railway trips over a dozen years and went around the world. They travelled on renowned and unknown railroads, including PKP Polskie Linie, Amtrak, and Russian Railways. They rode trains as varied as the Trans-Mongolian, the Ocean Limited and Ukraine’s Д67. They ventured into unexpected and underappreciated... more
  • Complete Creative Control

    by Nick Braren
    Quit dabbling in audio and learn the step-by-step process to get you high-quality, professional-sounding results from your very first recording session. You don’t need expensive mics, preamps or mixing desks – all you need to do is focus on the right methods. With the information in this book, you will immediately be empowered to record your own music whenever and wherever you choose. Kickstart your music career and 10x your creative output with the simple but elusive secrets of music p... more
  • Tango Guitar Method

    by Guillermo Marigliano
    For individuals who desire to learn how to play Tango music, this book serves as a learning manual. It is not a solo guitar arrangement book. This book explains several techniques to accompany a vocalist or oneself, from the most basic tango rhythm to the most complex. Beginning with basic traditional rhythms, we move through the styles of some of the most renowned tango composers (Carlos Gardel, Anibal Troilo, Astro Piazzolla). The book includes chords, rhythms, variations, ideomatic tango sin... more
  • The Tenth Muse: How Maria Antonia Advanced the Pastoral Opera

    by April James
    Take a captivating trip to the opulent courts of 18th-century Munich and Dresden, where Maria Antonia Walpurgis Symphorosa was known to be a visionary and extraordinary patron of the arts during her lifetime as “The Tenth Muse” for her accomplishments in multiple areas of the arts. April Lynn James brings this nearly-forgotten figure to life in the first book-length biography in English about the Princess who would become Electress of Saxony. Maria Antonia and her first opera, Il trionfo della f... more
  • 200 Greatest 60s Rock Songs

    by Frank Mastropolo
    The 200 Greatest 60s Rock Songs, some of which topped the charts, were chosen because their stories are fascinating, funny, or surprising. And they're great songs. Rock music is diverse and constantly evolving. Psychedelic rock, British Invasion, protest songs, horn rock, surf rock, Motown, garage rock, pop, blues rock, the San Francisco Sound, blue-eyed soul, folk rock, and more are all represented. The musicians, songwriters, and producers explain how they created the music. Throughout... more
  • Armenia for Kids

    by Lisa Menasian Colloca
    Join two delightful young travelers who will take you on an adventure to the ancient land of Armenia! There, you will journey to the famous Mt. Ararat, visit the giant Alphabet Park, explore Yerevan, and visit historic and religious sites. Discover cultural and culinary traditions, learn Armenian words and phrases and more! Armenia for Kids shines a spotlight on Armenia through appealing characters, beautiful illustrations, and engaging dialogue sparking interest in geography, history and cul... more
  • When I Was Younger

    by Roland H Wauer
    Authors seldom write about their personal interests and favorite things. Although When I Was Younger is not an autobiography - My Wild Life, A Memoir of Adventures within the National Parks - pretty well addressed that. Younger includes such personal interests as preferred food and drinks, music, and various outdoor interests. Younger is a smorgasbord of things that I have most enjoyed and the many unexpected experiences in nature. Examples include encountering a lynx in my path at Denali, fi... more
  • Noir dirt cheap: Film Noir In The Public Domain Vol 1

    by Bernie Dowling
    Noir Dirt Cheap takes the reader to a literary cinema where the committed and the curious will discover marvelous and eccentric insights into film noir. Noir Dirt Cheap is a series of picture essays on noir films in the public domain. That means the films have no copyright owner.
  • Every Note Tells a Story

    by Shie Rozow
    Every Note Tells a Story is a profound and practical handbook that provides filmmakers and directors with an illuminating overview of the film scoring process. Written by veteran composer and music editor, Shie Rozow, this book breaks down seasoned scoring wisdom drawn from his experience working on over 150 feature films, giving readers a deep appreciation for the power of music. Featuring a wealth of handy resources and advice, personal anecdotes, expert film-scoring strategies, and real-wo... more
  • Up at the Villa: Travels with My Husband

    by Linda Dini Jenkins
    Explore Tuscany, Lombardy, Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Brugge, Paris, and more --and take a journey into relationships ad the true places of the heart. This captivating and beautifully illustrated collection of personal essays, stories and poetry recounts the ups and downs of adventure travel, and tells the tale of surviving a marriage and keeping friendships strong, even when the circumstances aren't ideal. Linger over the evocative photographs, savor the recipes, make good use of the tips for tr... more
  • LGBTQI+ in the World: A New Era Green Book

    by Michael Boyajian

    A guide, not unlike the Green Book of the African-American civil rights age, only this version guides international LGBTQI+ travelers through the maze of Pride safe destinations and those that are hostile with alerts on 70 countries drawn from the United States Department of State as well as the comprehensive Human Rights Campaign reports from five countries, the US, the UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia, with reports also from the ILGA and the UN.

    Readers speak out:
    “I didn&... more

  • The Guitar Decoder Ring - Featuring SIGIL - The New Language of Guitar

    by Asher Black
    Meet SIGIL—the new language of guitar. Guitarists who want to improvise and compose, from novice to advanced, will find SIGIL works like a decoder ring for the guitar, yet it's simple enough to keep in one's head. Visualize the whole fretboard. Gain portable knowledge of modes, scales, and intervals without wall charts. This is guitar study re-engineered for every level. Create more interesting solos. Break through your lull or stall. Decrypt the instrument and unleash your play. The authors... more
  • Genesis of a Genre: The Birth of Christian Rock

    by Joe Markko

    October 31, 1969: Hollywood, California.

    Contemporary Christian Music is still four years away from being “a thing.” Larry Norman, one of the progenitors of the emerging genre, has just released his first Christian album, “Upon This Rock.” Amy Grant is 9 years old. Matthew Ward, of the 2nd Chapter of Acts, is eleven.

    At the Salt Company Coffee House in Hollywood, Larry Norman shared the platform with a Southern California “power-trio&... more

  • Pledging My Time: Conversations with Bob Dylan Band Members

    by Ray Padgett
    Collecting over 40 original, in-depth interviews, Pledging My Time: Conversations with Bob Dylan Band Members is the first look at Bob Dylan’s career entirely from the perspective of the musicians standing a few feet away from him on stage – from his earliest days in the ‘60s all the way through the 21st century Never Ending Tour. With a few exceptions, these artists are not household names, but they have in many cases spent years making music with one of the most revered and mysterious artists ... more