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Comics/Graphic Novels

  • Saucerman

    by Olajide Adegbite
    In 1975, the attention of the world caught a space rock travelling through our solar system. Unlike other meteorites in space, it exhibited very unusual signatures on the radar and emitted radio signals which suggests it may be a piece of alien technology floating in space. The entire scientific community was fascinated by this anomaly in space, but that soon changed to horror when it changed, and set course for earth... Thirty years later, it vanished from space! Almost immediately, se... more
  • Dad vs. The World

    by Kenny Loui, Ph.D.

    Beloved father. Devoted husband. World warrior.

    If you've read Kenny's autobiographical manga and webtoon series, Life Lessons from a UFO Catcher, you've gained some insight into his quirky adult life and UFO-catching adventures. But have you ever wondered what your favorite UFO catcher was like as a kid? Wonder no more as you flashback to Kenny's childhood and meet the person that he inherited many of his peculiar personality traits an... more

  • Life Lessons from a UFO Catcher 2

    by Kenny Loui, Ph.D.

    The continuing tale of a man—and his twin sisters—drifting through life, collecting cute, cuddly plushies and valuable life lessons along the way.

    Kenny’s UFO-catching adventures continue. This time around, he has an entourage—his twin sisters, Jinny and Sammy! Besides helping (and occasionally competing with) Kenny to liberate cute plushies trapped in arcade claw machines, Jinny and Sammy also attempt to rescue Kenny from his life of si... more

  • I Miss My Mommy

    by Alison Garwood-Jones

    All of us will have to do life without our parents at some point. Alison Garwood-Jones has written and illustrated a picture book for adults to show what the aftermath looks like. Released on May 10, 2024 – in time for Mother’s Day – I Miss My Mommy takes you right to the heart of the five stages of grief through 150 portraits, some grim, some funny, but all relatable. The stage you’re in may change by the hour, or even the minute. This book helps readers struggling wi... more

  • Double Booking

    by Chas! Pangburn and Kim Shearer; Illustrated by Nic Touris

    While on a trip to Egypt, two siblings, Otto and Nan, stumble upon a sarcophagus. And they accidentally free a mummy cat from a pharaoh's chamber! Now tasked with finding it, their resulting adventure has them exploring the city, learning historical facts, saving each other from danger, and discovering truths about life. What's more, they're going to survive the same adventure – twice! See both perspectives in this flip graphic novel, written by real-life siblings Kim Sheare... more

  • HR Data Doodles: Season 4 - No Place for Vengeance in HR

    by David Turetsky
    Orange You Playing Much has seen many challenges in it's history. Now, they face a new threat... they are losing employees to an unknown entity. How do they find the culprit? How do will our team fight off this unknown enemy? Together. In the world of business, we see challenges like this often. Using data, insights, and good old-fashioned detective work, the OUPM team will work to find out how, who and why. Join Teddy, Ethan, Emmett, Juno, Nathan, Charlie, and the rest of the Doodles to not onl... more
  • Fun, Fast & Easy Dog Training for Kids

    by Tom Mitchell
    “Fun, Fast, and Easy Dog Training for Kids: Super Dog Training Academy” is the ultimate guide for young dog trainers. Written by Tom Mitchell, the “1 Minute Dog” Trainer with over 30 years of experience, this book empowers kids to train their furry friends with ease. Through colorful lessons and tutorials, kids will learn essential training steps, TTouches®, and fun games, creating a lasting bond with their dogs.
  • Snoodles in Space, Episode 2: The Zoodles Strike Back

    by Steven Joseph
    In the award winning book “Snoodles in Space”, Steven Joseph and Andy Case brought us further adventures of Herbie Snoodleman and Sour Croodle-man exploring the universe and battling the Zoodle Kidoodles for the Earth’s entire supply of noodles. In this third instalment of the Snoodles series, the Zoodles are determined to have revenge and with the help of a grimy millionaire whose fallen on hard times, they intend to poison the Earth’s water supply and turn everyone into Willy Nilly’s and Di... more
  • 2024

    by Ted Rall
    Back in the year 2000, Ted Rall wrote and drew his graphic novel, 2024. 2024 was a loving parody and update of George Orwell’s dystopian classic Nineteen Eighty-Four. It was also an attempt to predict what society would look and feel like 24 years in the future. This was a time when one-third of Americans still relied on dial-up landline phone connections to access the Internet. The Blackberry, the first device we would recognize as a smartphone, came out in 2002. The iPhone wouldn’t be intro... more
  • BLING [volume 01]

    by Daniela Smith-Fischer
    After losing all her teeth in a freaky car accident, star swimmer and high-school weirdo, Diana, drained her mom's bank account to replace them with diamond teeth. Under immense pressure to maintain her grades, while dealing with her painful new smile, Diana's mental health is questioned by her best friends and she pushes them away. Diana finds herself isolated, alone, and resenting the effortless privilege many wealthy students at her private school enjoy. Making matters worse, a charismatic ne... more
  • 979-8886790436

    by Sage Grey
    The Many Adventures of Donnie Malone takes readers into the events that helped shape the American twentieth century. They begin when sixteen-year-old Donnie gets caught up in the patriotic swirl of World War I. Enlisting in the U.S. Army, he becomes a pilot during the deadly days at the end of the fighting. The stakes in Donnie’s life are just as high after the war. He wrestles with wealthy investors and powerful politicians who have designs on his air delivery business. He is hired to drive ... more
  • The Teenyboppers #1

    by Maryette Clement
    The adventures of 8 teenage friends
  • Dunce: Arctic Tails

    by Jens K Styve
    In this first English collection of Dunce, we follow the quirky adventures of Brego, Jens K, and Gustav. Brego finds himself entangled in the complexities of a troublesome relationship, Jens K vanishes beneath a table, and Gustav ambitiously sets out to single-handedly save the rainforests. A must-read for enthusiasts of classic comics like Peanuts and Calvin & Hobbes, this book blends everyday life with delightful absurdity, all depicted through Styve's captivating artwork.
  • Cicadapocalypse

    by Roger McMullan
    Fixated on preparing for the winter, squirrel Fae drags her brother Cyrus out to forage. When Fae leaves to hide an acorn, Cyrus comes face to face with a raven and a warning. In the dead of a warm and rainy night, millions of periodical cicadas emerge from the ground. Fleeing for their lives, Cyrus and Fae try everything to defeat them. Exhausted, and with no place left to run, they collapse – only to learn that the cicadas won’t win this fight.
  • Black Defender: The Awakening

    by Dr. David Washington
    When a successful entrepreneur and special forces veteran, Dr. Chris Withers, is reminded of the harsh reality that justice is not available for everyone; he sets out to take matters into his own hands. Along the way, he learns that he needs to become a hero to save his city, and that heroes seek justice not vengeance. In the process of seeking justice, he encounters several villains, a corrupt police system, and social issues that stand in the way of him finding justice, but he will not be... more
  • The Last Free Dog

    by Sarah Kosumi
    In the heart of Kosovo, a litter of puppies is born, and among them, one is a spitting image of the legendary Illyrian Sheepdogs: Lyri. The pride and joy of an Illyrian is protecting a flock of sheep from wolves, bears, and even lynxes. However, young Lyri does not climb majestic mountains but instead mounds of waste. Lyri faces numerous trials in a rapidly changing world as he matures from a puppy into a young dog. His heritage and pack’s traditions give him the tenacity and vigor needed to cop... more