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Comics/Graphic Novels

  • Evolve: a children's book for adults

    by Jean-Pierre Weill
    EVOLVE, A Children’s Book For Adults, is a picture book that takes readers on a playful philosophical journey that explores the age-old question: Who am I? The book narrates three foundational stories from the book of Genesis, subtly inflecting them with existential motifs that inquire where we come from and where we might choose to go. A liberating message is proposed: our deepest purpose is to be free, co-creative participants of the unfolding universe.
  • Werewoofs- Volume 1

    by Brandon Perlow

    In the small Midwestern town of Howlett, navigating high school is tough enough. But when a group of friends are inexplicably turned into weredogs, adapting to their new powers proves to be even tougher. This leads to an unlikely friendship with loner Mara, a werewolf whose father has mysteriously vanished. As the high schoolers team up to solve the disappearance, friendships are tested, and secrets are revealed as the Werewoofs prove themselves in an explosive showdown against a dangerous wo... more

  • Squad Goals

    by Shequeta L. Smith
    Faith Walker, a UCA cheer-captain-turned-coach, is fired from her daughter's championship-bound team, the Dallas Prep Bulldogs, only to be recruited by the lowest ranking cheer squad, the Wiley Moon Scorpions, located at a local juvenile detention center. Faith works to get the girls ready for their very first cheer competition, but with the girls having zero interest in cheering and even less experience, it's an uphill battle.
  • Rayven Choi

    by Shequeta L. Smith

    Rayven Choi tells the story of a young woman who, as a child, witnesses a hitman murder her parents on a military commuter train. She is the sole survivor on the train and is quietly sent to Seoul, Korea where she is adopted by her father's KATUSA. Rayven spends twenty years in Korea before discovering a clue that her father left behind that could lead her to find the killer. She returns to America and seeks help from the FBI, but soon realizes that they may also have blood on their hands... more

  • Post Traumatic

    by Pete Fitz
    As a child, Dagan Harris, was rumored to have eyes that filled with black and sent him into a preternatural rage. Now a father, with hints of schizophrenia, Dagan is called into the fray of WWII. Dagan ships out because he believes his father is communicating with him from beyond the grave. Dagan's wife, Eleanor, fiercely objects his departure, calling him a coward for leaving their son behind. As a bomber pilot, then a prisoner of war, Dagan survives the impossible and the trauma of war begins ... more
  • Pulling Weeds from a Cactus Garden

    by Nathalie Tierce
    The wild and luridly rendered "Pulling Weeds From a Cactus Garden" reflects the dark side of human interaction and alienation. Just like the act of pulling weeds from a cactus garden, it's tricky, and you can't do it without getting hurt. These tales of hazard deliver beauty and humor from otherwise dark situations. The result - visual allegories more easily digested than the circus of life around us. Woven into these tales is a revisitation of several Aesop Fables, stories that provide insig... more
  • The Golden Quest

    by David Delisle
    The FUN way to learn about money The Golden Quest is a graphic novel about a young boy who embarks on a Hero’s Journey with his dog Shelby to discover the Golden Rules of Money. While on this adventure, he learns about spending, saving, investing, and giving. He also discovers “Money Mindfulness” and being aware of what’s truly important to YOU… …The Awesome Stuff. The lessons are universal and will teach children of all ages the secret to a rich life. Your journey awaits…
  • RDW - A Tale of Lost Fantasy - Vol. 01

    by Marco Rudy

    "RDW" is a tale about coping with the burden of command, the camaraderie and friendship found in times of war, and the consequences of failure. Astrid’s first steps into loss, addiction, withdrawal, and PTSD are just the beginning of this visually striking voyage.

    All of that, in stunning traditional acrylics, in a setting filled with magic and folklore, featuring an involving almost interactive type of storytelling.

  • Doc-Related: A Physician's Guide To Fixing Our Ailing Health Care System

    by Peter Valenzuela, MD

    "Comedians have become the truth-tellers. Satire allows you to say almost anything. That's where truth is spoken to power in our society. When you sugarcoat a bitter truth with humor, it makes the medicine go down.
    —Malcolm Gladwell

    Much in the way the comic strip, Dilbert, taught us about corporate office culture, Doc-Related now takes us behind the clinic doors of today’s ailing US healthcare system. A medley of anecdotes, comics, and data-bac... more

  • An Occupational Hazard

    by James Wrethman
    The Novel to Gamble on this Year The Ventura Casino - a glittering arena where the super-rich go to pit their wealth against chance, and admire the beautiful Chicas who deal at the tables.But behind the scenes lurks a corrupt world of credit-fixing, prostitution and rape - a world that only a few brave employees dare to challenge.
  • Babyland, 1: When I Was a Baby

    by Eileen Gillick
    It’s South Park meets the Boss Baby in this YA graphic novel comedy! Bizarre! Hilarious! Random! Dumb! Gullible! Fresh! These are the personalities of the babies you encounter in Babyland. Explore how Baby and her friends (somehow) recall the birth of themselves. Maybe they will even discover what led them to. . . where are they? Babies will never be looked at the same ever again.
  • Autumn and The Forest Guardians

    by Dustin Gibson

    Autumn wakes up in a forest and a new squirrel friend tells her about how she is a forest guardian and must take care of the forest. Her new squirrel friend also warns her not to go the edge of the forest as there is evil there. One day without realizing it Autumn wanders to the edge of the forest and finds that her forest is rotting away. She sets off on a quest to try and stop it and meets other forest guardians along the way. In helping them with their forest problems she eventually comes ... more

  • The Tale of Two Rulers

    by Adarsh Krishna
    This comic book presents the adventures of two rules, who are also best friends, belonging to India and Colombia as they embark on their adventures. It's a story of friendships being born and being broken due to unfortunate circumstances. It's also a story of battles won and battles lost. When the smoke clears, will the king and the Queen make it out alive in one piece? Let's find out. This book is a tribute to a friend of the author's.
  • FOREST FOLK: Picnics & Hijinks

    by RAID Press
    FOREST FOLK: PICNICS & HIJINKS is the premier volume collecting the all-ages webcomic series by Dax Gordine, with a foreword by comics legend Skottie Young, artist on Marvel’s infamous OZ series, and creator-owned series I HATE FAIRYLAND from Image Comics. Forest Folk: Picnics & Hijinks collects the first 109 strips of the beloved series and showcases a sketchbook gallery as well.
  • MR. MONSTER: The Original Adventures Of Doc. Stearne

    by RAID Press
    Mr. Monster was one of the many heroes created during the Golden Age of Canadian comics. These “Canadian whites,” as they have since been dubbed due to the stark white paper they were printed on, were the result of the War Exchange Conservation Act during World War II. The act restricted the importation of non-essential goods from the United States into Canada, including fiction periodicals. Other notable characters from this era include Nelvana of the Northern Lights, Johnny Canuck, Book Windso... more
  • RAID 3

    by RAID Press
    RAID 3 rolls into town at a whopping 160 full pages! Showcasing all-new and original content by Michele SassyK, Gabe Sapienza, Kyle J Smith, Andrew Healey, Danesh Mohiuddin, Danny Zabbal, Joe Infurnari, Ben Shannon, Dax Gordine, Kalman Andrasofszky, Chad Nolan, Eric Vedder, Sheldon Carter, Anthony Falcone, Gibson Quarter, Marcus To, and Ramón K Pérez, all wrapped up nicely in an original cover by the amazing Joverine!