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Comics/Graphic Novels

  • Travel Problems Southeast Asia

    by The Daley Doodle
    People who travel the world live a life of smoothie bowl diets, watching sun rays glisten on the lapping waves of iris lakes and bedding down at night knowing they can sleep safe in the knowledge that everything is perfect and life is a figured out, right? Well, not quite. The Daley Doodle's illustrated journal tells the story of one clueless country bumpkin's very honest, hilarious and 'bowel movement altering' time travelling the world to lands far and wide for the best part of two years... more
  • Genesis II

    by Allen Ling
    Set in near-future San Francisco. Humans have mastered space travel and interspecies genetic engineering. Governments are in shambles, and corporations operate as nation-states with paid militia. Lisa, a scientist researching ground-breaking – and potentially world-ending– technology, has attracted the attention of a malevolent corporate tyrant. Daniel, along with his GMO animal hybrid guardians, fights to save Lisa and prevent global genocide.
  • The Amazingly Awesome Amani

    by Jamiyl Samuels
    Amani Taylor is a boy of few words until he falls asleep. When night falls, he becomes AWESOME AMANI—crime fighting superhero and defender of all that is good. Taking on life’s challenges by day and tackling superhero problems by night, there’s nothing Amani can’t do!
  • Iphelia: Awakening the Gift of Feeling, Children's Edition

    by Erick Kenneth French

    Iphelia is the story of a sensitive child who loves to draw and is really good at paying attention to her feelings and making sense of their messages. Her story illustrates the language of feelings and teaches valuable lessons of empathy, friendship, forgiveness, creativity, and the importance and power of feeling! It is a passionate exploration of the feeling-dimension of experience, inviting children and parents alike to journey toward a deeper understanding of feelings, grea... more

  • Blackwax Boulevard: Five Years, What A Surprise (2012-2017)

    by Dmitri Jackson
    Blackwax Boulevard is the weirdest, grimiest, most obscure record store in all comics. Thus, by hipster-definition, also the coolest! This anthology collects the first five years of the Glyph-nominated webcomic that follows nerds, metalheads, manic pixies, bohos, hobos and every music lover in between as they explore life, pop culture and the eternally dusty record bin. Anything goes when the needle drops at Blackwax! Contains over 200 high-def pages from the original minicomics, plus a new intr... more
  • Jim McClain's Solution Squad

    by Jim McClain
    Finalist, Best in Middle Grade Books, 2018 Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards When a group of six math-themed teen superheroes takes flight in their amazing Coordinate Plane on a new mission, pure adventure awaits! Using their incredible wits and special powers to solve deadly puzzles and defeat their enemies, Jim McClain's Solution Squad helps you learn math without even trying! From the temperature-changing hothead Absolutia to the newest member of the team, Radical, each member of th... more
  • Marie's Books published by Runaway Princesses Publishing...

    by Marie Seltenrych
    Princesses Skylar and Hadley must find the key to the joyful zone where fun is the first rule and the last! Firstly, they must wash rocks, a task they despise; secondly, where is the boy in a green box and his mysterious surprise? Can they return to rule the High Kingdom of great renown or shall they eat dry bread in the low end of town? (Two adventurous princesses will take you on an unforgettable adventure where learning lessons about life, fun, hard work and rules changes their outlook... more
  • #TheTwin

    by Karel Jan Kosman
    #TheTwin is an entertaining and engaging social science fiction. A vividly illustrated story of twin planets, twin heroines, and twin virtues. Food for thoughts served in laconic nuggest of the hashtag age. #TheTwin addresses young readers who will enjoy meeting the planetary twins and their eight female co-stars. Still, the book invites ideas from anyone interested in an interactive publishing experiment: the book and its website.
  • Nasty Rabbit Uncensored

    by D Talada
    New York's own Nasty Rabbit exists to fulfill some basic life goals: drink, smoke, leer at women, listen to the Stones, and avoid social interaction. The problem with achieving the latter goal is that Nasty is none too careful about observing social mores, or personal property laws. In this book, entirely through fault of his own, Nasty gets stuck in a vegetable truck and transported to Mississippi; gets mixed up in a bootleg liquor operation; causes a magician to have a heart attack in front of... more
  • Vignettes Of Debauchery A Hedonist's Dream: Vol. 1

    by Chase Hull
    The book is fully illustrated and is cover-to-cover XXX material that's entirely in English. This is a non-linear, telling, of a couple through their graphic and sordid sexual exploits. This is not your grandmother's romance novel, nor is it a collection of fluffy long drawn-out erotica stories. This at best could be described as, a fast-paced, straight to the point, crude exposé of a couple's carnal desires, played out. It will not be for everyone, nor should it.
  • The Case of the Pinched Stradivarius: The Adventures of Miles and Fargo: Turtle Detectives

    by Elaine Loeser
    Miles and Fargo are your average turtles.They swim, lounge around and fight over the one rock in their tank.But Miles and Fargo are different in one major way: like Jimmy Stewart’s character in the iconic 1954 film “Rear Window,” they witness a crime from the window of their apartment and manage to solve it - without leaving their tank. The Case of the Pinched Stradivarius (Ampersand, Inc., Publishing, April 2018), is a unique whodunit - a mix of television script and comic book.The story is... more
  • First Snow, Volume 1

    by Bun Sakashita
    Belgium, winter 1944, the outset of the Battle of the Bulge. Two American soldiers' fates crossed right before the brutal fighting. Two different destinies followed. The war, the killing, and the senselessness of the battlefield turned these gentle young men into survivors and forever altered their ways of life. Some could no longer understand themselves anymore; some could never be understood again by the world around them. In the first arc of the story, we witness the horrific fighting during ... more
  • What Would I Do, To Make Sure You're Not Blue

    by Matthew Boyd
    As a parent or grandparent you would do anything to keep your infant from being sad. "What Would I Do, To Make Sure You’re Not Blue" is a short rhyming book about how we would gather stars, tickle and love our children forever.
  • The Time Telescope: Season One (The Time Telescope Book 1)

    by Christopher Love
    Historical Bureau of Investigation Agents Tad Jones and Kim Davis research history with The Time Telescope in order to reconnect with their history due to the Great Cataclysm. They discover individuals such as Sybil Ludington, Squanto and Crispus Attucks and more. But what happens when they are TRAPPED in the past. Will they ever return to the 23rd Century? History and Science meet at The Time Telescope.
  • Scarlet Hood

    by Mark C. Evans
    Scarlet has just moved to Norway with her parents. She is unhappy at school, where she has become the target of a merciless bully called Greta the Cruel. One day, she is given a magical scarlet hood by her grandmother, which allows her to travel back in time to the age of the Vikings and confront a fire-breathing dragon. Her adventures will reveal to Scarlet an inner strength she never knew that she had, and teach her about the power of understanding. A heart-warming, stunningly-illustrated grap... more
  • The Great Taelon Laskar - Issue 1

    by S.F. Claymore
    “Taelon Laskar is a prodigy in Psykoria’s Temples of Wizardry. He boasts psychic powers unlike any ever seen. But he is never content – he believes men can ascend far beyond what others deem their limits. What Taelon doesn’t know is that Psykoria has been infiltrated by an inhuman enemy that's already oppressed a foreign kingdom. Will Taelon and the other wizards be ready for this new foe?”