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Comics/Graphic Novels

  • Jay's Big Sleepover

    by Jeremy James
  • Iniquitous

    by Leon Shumba
    A synopsis of an emotional and spiritual rollercoaster that can come across as arbitrary and without a clear conclusion at times. However, like many authors throughout history who have sought to grasp the human mind's obsession with power, greed, and hierarchical societies, the conclusion or solutions are continuously shifting. As history and current events have repeatedly revealed, bodies are continually sacrificed by those obsessed with the devilish fixation of power. The goal is to stir thoug... more
  • I'M FAT!

    by Anthony Feinman
    They look like stuffed animals but could they really be alive? You never know with this sequel to The Magic Press: And other Critter Stories. Anthony Feinman's latest children's graphic novel story, I'M FAT! A Critters Adventure begins with Leni Bear (Short for Millennium) waking up one morning, looking at herself in the mirror and declaring herself FAT! So begins a morning of goofy comments around the breakfast table with her fellow Critters, messy tooth brushing mishaps, fall walks and swee... more
  • SpotZ the Frenchie: He’s been a naughty puppy . . .

    by Kiara Shankar
    SpotZ the Frenchie is not an ordinary dog. He has a big heart and does not think twice before doing what it tells him to do. This leads to all of his mischievous journeys, making him a very naughty puppy throughout the book. Join SpotZ as he causes mishaps and hilarious moments everywhere he goes. This book is a great read for dog lovers.
  • “I See a Bee!”: Baby's First Sentences

    by Maria McCarthy

    "I See a Bee!" is “a deceivingly simple, straightforward, engaging, and colorful children’s book for beginners,” according to The US Review of Books, where Jonah Meyer noted, “Because the book’s artwork is so striking and visually pleasing (rather like paintings), young readers and readers-to-be will find the book-sharing experience enticing.”

  • A Very Strange Party On Bangy-Bong

    by Ashlyn Moss and Peter C. Hare
    A cheeky, zany and humorous tale about three friends from another planet where animals talk and bother and trouble is rife complete with stinky smells and obnoxious cooking recipes.

    by Icarus Parks
    The Dark Tunnel Adventure: QUEST ON THE THRONE! serves as an all-in-one bathroom buddy and monster compendium bringing your lowly deeds to high fantasy life! This witty portrayal of lavatorial adventures is sure to bring a smile to your face, reminding you that you’re number one even when you’re going number two. Humor, Adult Fiction
  • Christmas and Candy Canes

    by Gloria Madden
    Christmas and Candy Canes celebrates the holidays with Santas elves, singing mermaids, and a surprise party. The doves flutter, the mermaids dance, and Goldy Goldfish and her little friends twirl with the blue bubbles in their park aquarium. Ollie and Oscar Octopus become friends while exploring the island's cave. The sea horses fastened pretty-colored shells to the tall seagrass. The big surprise is a sunken ship with many treasures. Santa and his helpers are very busy making toys for his speci... more
  • Puppy Love

    by Julian Lorenzana
    In Puppy Love, a female dog abandons three scrawny, little puppies, and two little boys find them. One of the boys feels sorry for them, so he takes them to his house. There are three pets living with the family already, so the father plans to put the puppies up for adoption as soon as they regain their healthy appearance. His plans go awry as his three little daughters refuse to give them up. Soon, the entire family falls under the spell of the puppies, and the father has a tougher time decidin... more
  • The Book of Revelation As Revealed to Rabbi Zeus by Bob Prophette

    by Bob Prophette
    The Book of Revelation Zeused.
  • New Kid Dictionary

    by Lazar Sarna
    The New Kid Dictionary is a compilation of original expressions, queries, explanations and utterances, (all off-the-cuff) by kids and adults faced with usually common or surprising circumstances. These have been captured and set down here in their original form, thereby preserving the humor, innocence, joy and curiosity that language can offer. Sometimes the wording may be twisted or incomplete. Often the idea is there but half-baked in its expression. These sayings capture a stage in life and ... more
  • The Horsemen: Manifest Destiny

    by Jiba Anderson
    The Horsemen: Manifest Destiny is a journey of three tales that continues to chronicle the past, present, and future of the Horsemen Universe. Ogun: Season of Ice , written by Kofi Malik Boone, tells an early tale of the Master of Iron as he defends a newly - freed people from the wrath of the sinister Mbwari! Witness the psychic death of a nation’s mythic identity as The One Day War tells the story of what happens to those who choose violence against The Horsemen! In Birth Of A Nation,... more
  • 1524119431

    by Richard Dent
    A homeless man is mysteriously abducted. A journal is left on the edge of a subway platform, filled with stories about a world that doesn't exist. Not far from here a scientist is murdered in cold blood. The only clues are his burned down lab, a magnetically propelled motorcycle, and a man walking around New York City with the last living falcon on the planet. Imagine a world where your every thought, your every move, is filtered through The Central Lens Network. Now imagine being a twelve-y... more
  • Snowlands: A Blood Moon (Book One)

    by Morr Meroz
    A brand-new, full-color graphic novel series for animal fantasy fans that delivers a daring adventure and a mysterious threat that has animals–prey and predator alike–disappearing. An orphaned white wolf cub exiled from her pack. A lone snow leopard searching for her missing cub. A bumbling young Pallas’s cat who can’t hold a tune. In the midst of a brutal winter in the unforgiving Snowlands, the mountain sheep begin to go missing. Without their primary food source, the wolf pack faces s... more
  • Ballad of Calypso

    by Dennis McGuire
    "Calypso, Rhyme of the Modern Mariner" is a true story told in a fanciful fashion, employing "The Ballad of Calypso," a 445-quatrain ballad derived directly from Calypso's logbook. The prose, cartoon illustrations and photos which are woven into the ballad places the reader at the helm of a 26' wooden sailboat with a pair of newlyweds on their journey from Portsmouth, Rhode Island to Port Townsend, Washington. The two-year endeavor begins with a successful commercial dive harvest of "herring r... more
  • The Lords of Invention

    by Trenor Rapkins
    The Lords of Invention is a digitally-painted graphic novel that tells the story of two inventors that takes place just after turn-of-the-previous-century New York. It is a tale of success and failure, achievement and envy, love and death. The protagonist of this tale is a man named Augustus Scott. He is the inventor of such contraptions as the automentium machine, the electromagtronicon, and the steam-powered automaton.The antagonist is an aspiring inventor named Levi Pickett. Pickett lives ... more