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Comics/Graphic Novels

  • SHADOWS: Graphic Novel

    by Adam Matthew Smith
    In the not-too-distant future, world society has fallen into post-war poverty. Countries have perished. North America has become an oppressive state where Hypersapiens, humans with extraordinary abilities, are detained from using their endowments by law with government-issued limiter suits. Certain beings' powers have been exploited for hard labor, and the rest are executed en masse. There is a growing public suspicion of Vice President Denton Snyder's direct involvement in the brutal assassi... more
  • THE KNIGHT'S SHADOW: The untold story of the Shadow Knight and his dangerous foe, Mr. Frank

    by Ryan Haider
    14-year-old Jack and his best friend, Alex, have just begun high school. Jack’s new physics teacher, Mr. Frank is a very strange man, and Jack becomes suspicious of him. After an incident, Jack’s life undergoes a dramatic change. Somehow, this odd teacher is connected with the untimely death of Jack’s father. The young teenager enters an adventure beyond anything he could have ever imagined, as a mysterious figure known only as the Shadow Knight emerges. The entire city is transfixed… and Jack a... more
  • Nick Pope

    by Christopher Stanton

    Sixteen-year-old Nick Pope was born with prominent birthmarks around both of his eyes and faces teasing and bullying from both classmates and strangers. He also struggles with depression and confusion about his sexual orientation. Nick finds refuge and release in drawing, and gains tentative confidence that his artistic abilities are worth nurturing and developing. His family moves across the city and he begins his sophomore year at a brand-new high school. On the advice of his ex-therapist, ... more

  • JFK: Final Desecration

    by Kit Basher
    Artificial intelligence ponders the greatest psychedelic pop-culture conspiracy theory of all time.
  • Evil Cast: Volume 1

    by Kyle Stück
    Evil Cast is a love letter to horror, its conventions, and its fans. Think Evil Dead meets Scooby Doo. Created by writer, podcaster, and horror super-fan Kyle Stück (The Night Shift, Humming Fools) and illustrated by Enrico Orlandi, creator of Dark Horse’s The Flower of the Witch, this comic bathed in blood and self-awareness follows fictional versions of Kyle and his longtime collaborator Noah Baslé (Ominous Media) as they find themselves caught up in a horror adventure filled with all the mons... more
  • There is No Shrimp... And Other Lies My Mother Told Me

    by Kenny Loui, Ph.D.

    Tell me sweet little lies or tell me the truth. Nothing but the truth... from a certain point of view.

    If you've read Kenny's autobiographical manga and webtoon series, Life Lessons from a UFO Catcher, you've gained some insight into his quirky adult life and UFO-catching adventures. But have you ever wondered what your favorite UFO catcher was like as a kid? Wonder no more as you flashback to Kenny's childhood and meet the person who shaped many of hi... more

  • Life Lessons from a UFO Catcher

    by Kenny Loui, Ph.D.

    The tale of a man drifting through life, collecting cute, cuddly plushies and valuable life lessons along the way.

    Kenny Loui is a self-proclaimed "UFO catcher," whose life goal is to "liberate" all plushies trapped in captivity inside arcade claw machines. In his UFO-catching journey, Kenny encounters a concerned guardian spirit who tries—but fails—to keep him out of trouble, a beautiful stranger with an affinity for dart games ... more

  • Ameluna Climate Detective Agency

    by Frederic Du Chau
    Luna and Amelie solve mysteries that are caused by climate change. On their fun adventures they encounter frozen zombies, talking plants and figure out how to solve middle school drama. A 280 page full color graphic novel for kids 9-12.
  • Evermore

    by Joshua Gamon
    After a young girl goes missing, her father enters a cursed book of fairy tales to find her. Within, creatures of folklore and figures from classic literature co-exist, uneasily, but the sudden appearance of the human child upsets that delicate balance into abrupt chaos. Now, her father must navigate through the mire of monstrous beings and vengeful queens to bring her home.
  • Buster: A Life in Pictures

    by Ryan Barnett
    Buster Keaton is among the most iconic faces ever to grace the silver screen. By the age of 24, he headlined his own independent studio where he and a handful of collaborators turned out 19 shorts and 10 feature comedies. Many of these films are seen as classics today, and a few are hailed among the greatest films ever made. At the peak of his creative powers, Buster Keaton rivalled Charlie Chaplin. But it didn't last... In this exciting new graphic novel biography, Ryan Barnett and Matthew Ta... more
  • The Phantom of the Opera, a graphic novel

    by Becky Laff
    Christine Daaé hides a terrible secret. For months she has been receiving vocal lessons from a mysterious, disembodied voice; one whose haunting tones can seduce and control anyone who hears it. Christine believes she is being tutored by The Angel of Music but when the horrible truth of her situation is revealed, she is in far too deep to free herself. Can her trusted childhood friend and fiancé, Raoul de Chagny help her escape or will she become another victim of The Phantom of the Opera?
  • Eco Reflex

    by Mallika Vyas
    When Mira gets worried and is curious about how she can protect Planet Earth. Her favorite teddy bear, Eco, comes to the rescue and teaches her ways of living healthily and sustainably. Together, they go through the journey of forming good habits and sharing how we can join them by practicing the Eco Reflex A treat for earth lovers of all ages, through rhymes and pictures, the book will make a good day great!
  • Blackwax Boulevard Is Listening

    by Dmitri Jackson

    Blackwax Boulevard is a slice-of-life comic that follows Marsalis, Hardy, and Veronika, as they strive to keep the titular record store open for business. In this graphic novel collection, Blackwax Boulevard Is Listening, our heroes also tackle the most hot-button issues of the day: racism, homophobia, #MeToo, and cancel culture. Blending pop music esoterica with blistering commentary on wokeness, fandom, and celebrity, Blackwax Boulevard Is Listening captures a generat... more

  • Pack of best freinds

    by Gabriela Kisielewicz
  • Infernal Regions

    by Rebecca Stewart
    A Prime Minister strides into a boiling sea. And disappears. Plunged into a slippery nightmare, he must face the consequences of an environmental war we’ve waged on a terrifying abyssal world. This black-and-white undersea sci-fi graphic novel follows in the inkstains of Moebius, Alberto Breccia and Katsuhiro Otomo and is a love-letter to devotees of hand-inked stories.
  • Rebirth of the Gangster Act 4: Inheritance

    by CJ Standal
    The Thompson and Anderson family saga concludes here! Marcus and Hunter are still dealing with family sins and secrets, but now they have a few of their own. Reeling from a death in the family, Marcus is pulled into Hunter's plans to rob a bank, to rob a safety deposit box with Marcus's family inheritance. But Marcus is sick of being manipulated by Hunter and has a scheme of his own. And Hunter is finally reaching the end of his road to revenge, but Hunter must decide if it's a pat... more