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Comics/Graphic Novels

  • Style Engineers Worldwide Volume 2: Making, Helping, Healing

    by Kristen Bobst
    When Baz finds himself sick and in Valley Cove Hospital, Tilly and the SEWing Circle try to cheer him up the best way they can: with innovation and even some fashion. New Circle member Raleigh, a cancer survivor with a prosthetic arm, Southern drawl, and gift for storytelling, also helps Baz come to terms with his illness. Together the gang discovers that they can help not only Baz, but sick kids worldwide as they make new wearables, help the hospital with its makerspace, and heal together.
  • 1632293641

    by Jason Inman
    16-year-old Jacqueline "Jacky" Johnson inherits a jetpack with a mysterious power source. With her brother, Chuck, and their cat she must protect her home from a threat that may - or may not - be from outer space! Collecting the first volume of Jupiter Jet by writers Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson and artist Ben Matsuya.
  • Fables of the Forest and Savanna: Fun lessons in tropical ecology

    by Alan J. Hesse
    A comic book that portrays South American animals of the Amazon forest and grasslands. The book contains 11 short stories filled with adventure, humor and scientific knowledge imparted by the authors' personal experience as conservation field biologists. Readers of all ages aged 8 upwards will enjoy following the antics of the hero, Flaco the Maned Wolf, and his side-kick Toco the Toucan, as they interact with tortoises, bees, armadillos, parrots, guinea pigs and humans.
  • Charles Darwin and the Theory of Natural Selection

    by Alan J. Hesse
    Charles Darwin and the Theory of Natural Selection tells the story of Darwin's legendary visit to the Galápagos Islands in 1835 and his return home to fame and fortune - and also to hardship, self doubt and inner struggle. Darwin's observations and the many specimens he brought back from his voyage eventually led to the discovery of the theory of evolution by natural selection. Historically and scientifically accurate, this biographical comic tracks Darwin's adventures in the mysterious and wo... more
  • My Silly Dog Spike

    by James Bower
    Spike is a fun-loving dog who makes friends with everyone he meets! He's warm, comical, and smart! Spike is a very special dog who, with his often hilarious ways will touch your heart. WOOF!
  • The Adventures of Belinda Buttercup: A Blossom Land Tale

    by B. De La Mater-Novak
    When Belinda Buttercup becomes trapped in a water lily on the Blossom Land Stream, the swift-moving current carries her away. Belinda’s family and friends hurry to save the tiny Blossom child before she reaches the Loud Waters, where crashing waves destroy anything in their path. Even more dangerous are the Big People, who are destroying the Blossom Land Forest and building huge dens to live in. The little people of Blossom Land and their forest friends vow to do whatever it takes to stop the Bi... more
  • Electric Boat Log One: Revenge is the Only Justice

    by Jim Schultz
    In this first installment of the series a SEAL team and the crew of a U.S. Navy fast attack submarine combat pirates and human trafficers on the high seas. In book one, Revenge is the Only Justice, the crew fights to stop pirates from abducting young women and selling them into slavery and prostitution. Meanwhile our heroine, submarine captain Jessica Bonesteel, finds herself confronted by an evil tormentor from her past.
  • The Billionaires' Handbook: A User's Guide to Wealth and Power

    by Andrew Stevenson
    A sardonic spoof of business books that lambasts the superrich. In this cleverly structured, darkly humorous book, portfolio manager/investment banker Stevenson (Cynicism, 2016) writes from a first-person perspective, as if he’s a billionaire candidly revealing his worldview. Cunning and merciless and made all the more effective by the inclusion of vibrant, colorful illustrations that cleverly reinforce the content throughout, the Billionaires' Handbook tells the story of rising inequali... more
  • Curmudgeons, Conundrums and Druthers that Sail

    by Marc Sherman
    “Curmudgeons, Conundrums and Druthers That Sail” a collection of humorous poems and short stories. Although I call these poems, I do not consider myself a poet. I consider myself as a “humorist that rhymes.” These stories are often comical and satirical. The wonderful light hearted black and white illustrations by Gabe Schleifer, bring my stories alive.
  • Some Strange Disturbances

    A spiritualist with a secret to hide. A choral performer who can't fit in. A Comtesse trapped against her will and in her own body. Victorian London & the evils within will bring these three together to fight against the darkness, both personal and phantasmagorical, that threatens to consume them all.
  • The Brontes: Infernal Angria

    Winner of the 2004 Xeric Foundation Grant Living in the isolation of the Parsonage house in Haworth Village, the four Bronte children make a startling discovery: a doorway to another world! What seems like paradise soon reveals itself to be just as dark as the real world. Can the siblings resist the allure of Angria, or will they be seduced -- and destroyed -- by it? Either way, their spirits, their beliefs and their family bond will be tested to the limit!
  • The Magic If

    If your career was at a standstill... If you were close to hitting the big time... Would you sacrifice everything to get there? In an era of ubiquitous and obsessive media celebrity, stage magician Wynter Steele is faced with this very question. Will he take his career to "the big time," or will he keep the status quo to save his relationship? Frustrated with his magic career, Wynter Steele obsessively runs routines and hustles for gigs to hit the big time. When stunt magician Blaine... more
  • 978-1-5434-1944-3

    by Anthony Phillips
    “Phoenix Angel Illustration” showcase nine characters from three of my published books. “Phoenix Prime One and Two”, and “Ultimate Weapon.” Two of the characters have a short story with their illustrations. The first short story is called “SpiritHawk.” He is an African American Buffalo Soldier an Ex-Musketeer, with the spirit abilities from The Wolf, Hawk, Bear and, Wolf. The second short story is titled “Phoenix Angle.” She is a covert spy for the United Nation. An Egyptian amulet gives her th... more
  • Diary Of The Wild Borneo Kid

    by Raymond Dawson
    This semi true story takes place in a lush green tropical place filled with deadly snakes, crocs and sharks, it’s in exotic Borneo. “Diary Of The Wild Borneo kid” is a story about 9 year Armond, his family and two best friends Delip and Daniel. Armond is known as a ringleader and troublemaker only by the grown-ups, but to his friends he’s the go to guy for dreaming up harebrained schemes just for fun then pulling it off big time just to prove it can be done. Their plan is to build a “Longhou... more
  • The Mannamong - Volume 1

    by Michael Adam Lengyel
    The Mannamong - Volume 1 is a graphic novel urban fantasy series for ages 8 - 12. Set in a fictional version of earth with its own lists of mythos, the mannamong is a common topic of ancient folktale discussing Mother Nature as a deity, the world's natural order, and the conditioning of the soul. While interpreted as a myth to the common man, our main lead Kali Teal learns they are indeed real after being cured by them of an intense unexplainable illness that has plagued her for a long time. The... more
  • The Ten Brave Squirrels of Bryson City

    by Rory Smith
    What can the squirrels of Bryson City do to save their acorns? The Squirrel population outside of Bryson City N.C. in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park live a safe playful life until their food supply is challenged by forces outside of their control. Join the squirrel tribe as they seek a resolution to the problem affecting their safety.