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Comics/Graphic Novels

  • The Germ Who Would be King

    by Jennifer Tremblay
    The Germ Who Would be King is an absurd, humorous poem about the global 2020/2021 pandemic starring the Covid - 19 cartoon character and his booger minions as they try to take over the world. The poem ends in hope and triumph as the vaccine becomes available and the earth kicks him out.
  • In Spite of Ourselves

    by Natalie Dupille
    A graphic novella that follows Natalie, a casual cyclist, and Allie, a hell-for-leather bike mechanic, as they navigate a four-day bike trip a month before Allie is scheduled for a life-changing surgery. Told through earthy, vibrant watercolor comics, In Spite of Ourselves follows the two as they confront challenges both physical and emotional across the breathtaking backdrops of Central Oregon.
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  • Full Body to Body Massage in South Ex Delhi

    by Mantra Spa
    When you have a massage experience, you can appreciate the therapy importance of time spent relaxing in the armpits of an accomplished practitioner. Relax fully in a light-lit wax room with fresh sebum and soothing songs where you can forget the external world's burdens and concentrate on your mind, body and spirit recovery. Our massage practitioners provide a range of quality massage services for both men and women, authentic massage treatments. Our goal is to restore the organic balance and we... more

    by Fabrice Sapolsky
    Richie Reese was a (terrible) child actor he became an even worse Hitman for the Mafia. Now he’s about to face the biggest challenge of his life.
  • Who's Afraid of a Lion: Aesop's Bully Fable

    by Lee Jenkins
    For 31 pages the bully gnat is the only one having fun. On page 32, the lion witnesses justice. Who's Afraid of a Lion? Aesop's Bully Fable is an expanded version of the ancient fable utilizing Dr.Seuss type twisted words and the swirling language patterns inspired by Bill Martin Jr. This is the first book in the Aesop Patterns for Young Readers, ages 4-7. The repetitions are designed for parent/child partnership as segment by segment the children become fluent readers of the whole fable. ... more
  • Death Plays a Mean Harmonica

    by Steve Lafler
    Rex and Gertie get a wild hair and relocate to Oaxaca! Upon arrival in this cultural hub of southern Mexico, our intrepid migrants meet Eduardo, the crafty 1000-year-old Zapotec vampire who prefers chicken blood, El Rey Pelón (the skinny pot-bellied fungus who drives a taxi) and of course Death, who plays a mean harmonica.
  • The Undergrounds

    by Geert Heetebrij
    Four siblings and their dog discover doors to other worlds under their backyard. But as they explore, they are followed home..
  • Stubby & Friends

    by Scott Christian Sava & Richard Lanni

    First there was the movie Sgt. Stubby, which told the amazing true story of history's most decorated military dog. Then everyone's favorite four-legged hero got his own comic. Now you can bring Stubby's continuing "tail" into your home with Stubby & Friends, Volume 1!

    Written by Scott Christian-Sava (Animal Crackers; Spider-Man) and illustrated by Tracy Bailey (Kung Fu Panda), Stubby & Friends is guaranteed to please everyone from dog lovers to history buffs to com... more

  • Awesome Team Verses CoronaVera

    by Anna Svetchnikov
    The first book in a series of therapeutic books to support children and parents during challenging times, focusing on how to manage anxiety, stress, and fears through engaging stories and exercises to support behavioral and mental health needs. Awesome Team vs CoronaVera is a story about three ordinary brothers who went on an extraordinary adventure to defeat CoronaVera. During their adventure they created an AWESOME TEAM to help others. In this book you will find: Kid-friendly information abou... more
  • Arrival Mind

    by Louis B. Rosenberg

    Arrival Mind is a “picture book for grown-ups” about the impending dangers of Artificial Intelligence. Written by well-known futurist and AI researcher, Dr. Louis B. Rosenberg, with wonderful artwork by illustrator Anastasia Khmelevska, Arrival Mind delivers a powerful message in a unique and artful form. It's a must read for anyone who has concerns about AI and the potential of this rapidly advancing technology to rival our own minds. 

    It... more

  • Votes for Women: The Battle for the 19th Amendment

    by Ally Shwed
    One hundred years ago, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified. It officially established that the right of citizens to vote “shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex." But the road to voting equality was long and brutal; and even after the amendment was enacted, many still struggled for access to the ballot. The latest comics anthology from Little Red Bird Press explores the history of woman suffrage and examines the many complex na... more
  • Wolves: Tooth and Claw

    by Sean Causley
    If you fight evil, does that make you good? After a pack of wolves chooses freedom over security they must face a terrible enemy and search their souls to find what lengths they are willing to go to keep their way of life.
  • Rebirth of the Gangster Act 3: A Family Affair

    by CJ Standal
    They say every family has its secrets. The Anderson and Thompson family secrets are deadlier than most, though. The answers to decades-old murders are concealed in their past; criminal alliances, betrayals, and revenge haunt their present. Only one seeks revenge. Everybody else just wants answers. But finding the answers might not be worth it. And, while some can escape justice, none can escape vengeance. Collects issues 13-18 of Rebirth of the Gangster, the penultimate storyarc.
  • Rebirth of the Gangster Act 2: What's Old is New

    by CJ Standal
    The Anderson and Thompson family saga continues, and the sins of yesterday just keep repeating themselves today. Witness first-hand the return of blackmail, murder, addiction, ruined relationships, family drama, and revenge. The critically praised thriller continues with a bang as the creative team--writer CJ Standal and artist Juan Romera--fires on all cylinders. This neo-noir masterpiece is a perfect match for fans of Breaking Bad, 100 Bullets, The Wire, The Godfather, and even Shakespea... more
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