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Comics/Graphic Novels

  • Brother's Keeper

    by Arnon Z. Shorr
    A comic book short story set during Israel's 1948 War of Independence, "Brother's Keeper" tells the true story Jacob Shorr, a teenager from Jerusalem who was wounded in the battle of Ramat Rachel.
  • The Mannamong - Volume 2

    by Michael Adam Lengyel
    Legends spoke of the mannamong, mythical spirits created by Mother Nature to nurture humanity. However, these stories have faded from memory as mankind grew distant from their guidance. Yet, they continue to balance the mortal world while the spiritual realm is shaken. Stuck between the mannamong's affairs, Kali struggles to find peace with Tontorus, the rogue mannamong who has taken over her soul. As Kali becomes increasingly anxious and angry, she slowly transforms into a mannamong spirit, ... more
  • HR Data Doodles: Season 2 - Back to Work

    by David Turetsky
    The employees of the Played Much Gaming Company survived the global pandemic by banding together to overcome many issues. Now, they face even bigger threats from another company, the economic environment and new regulations. How will they work through it? Like they always do... they will work together with Human Resources guiding them through.
  • Red Rapture: Born Blessed To Walk A Cursed Reality! Issue #1

    by Alexander I.A.

    "Would God bless humanity, just to watch it suffer"?

    In a world where a strange phenomenon granted a set number of humans the powers over creation and manipulation, those that are blessed are known as 'NCG', beings with god-like powers.

    This event changed the course of humanity forever, bringing about philosophical questions and catastrophic results, which Negusa has to face head-on, as his own outlook on life and beliefs are challenged. His goal? To solve the my... more

  • Brooklyn Tattoo

    by Adam Suerte
    Brooklyn Tattoo is the true story that covers over 30 years of me graduating from art school, apprenticing in tattooing, and then my 20+ years tattooing and co-owning a tattoo shop here in Brooklyn. It also covers our shop’s four moves (all in a 10 block radius), the trials and tribulations of small business ownership at a time when social media was just being born. It also gets into the 7 year rise and fall of our Urban Folk Art® Gallery on Smith Street, vindictive corporate landlords, exclusi... more
  • Tiger Cartoons

    by William W Fortenbaugh
    William Fortenbaugh, Ph.D. (1964) in Classics, University of Pennsylvania is Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University. He is the author of Aristotle on Emotion, an edition of Theophrastus' work On Sweat, and commentaries on Theophrastus' rhetoric and ethics. In retirement, he came to recognize the unique value of a twenty-eight-foot wooden Catboat named Ghost, its construction and remarkable success on the race course are recorded in detail.
  • How to love a woman

    by Kingsley Morka
    How to love a woman,give her attention ,love and care
  • Bibi + Canary Take on the world

    by T.M. Milos
    After falling out of the sky due to a heat stroke, unemployed and homeless bird, Canary, is befriended by an introverted city bus driver, Bibi, a dinosaur. Together they squatte on an oil rig field and navigate the challenges of life in an urban megacity.
  • Kid Beowulf - Songs and Sagas

    by Alexis Fajardo

    Kid Beowulf – Songs and Sagas collects five original stories from the world of Kid Beowulf. Learn the secrets of monsters and slayers in Shild and the Dragon. Laugh out loud in Lookin’ For Lingonberries! Adventure with knights in Paladins Tale. Survive a Viking raid in Lay of the Last Survivor. Escape bumbling bounty hunters in Boudi’s Bounty. Join twin brothers Beowulf and Grendel on a series of side quests from the awar... more

  • The Birth of The First Amendment

    by Donna Griffin
    Truth. Fake News. The First Amendment. How did it all start? In a courtroom in New York 41 years BEFORE the Declaration of Independence was signed and 56 years BEFORE the Bill of Rights became law... BOTFA is designed to engage youth with information and tools to think critically, communicate responsibly, and participate as active citizens in our democracy. The Birth of The First Amendment is NOT just another history book. The superheroes, drama and suspense of this graphic novel are a new ta... more
  • Ultimate Sibling Showdown

    by Donna Griffin
    Join "The Crew" of sports reporters as they cover the drama of playground competition. The biggest moments in sports history have their roots in childhood and see how they play out with today's young athletes. Basketball is Jay's sport, but he couldn't even walk without braces until he was five. Now as a 10-year-old, he faces the biggest test of his career - a one-on-one contest against his older sister, Portia. Portia is the all-star of the family who beats Jay every time. But now Jay is finall... more
  • Book Writing Bureau

    by Pearl Kingstone

    Welcome to Book Writing Bureau, the leading book writing company in the USA. We are passionate about turning authors' dreams into reality by offering comprehensive publishing services tailored to meet individual needs. With a team of dedicated professionals and a commitment to excellence, we strive to bring outstanding literary works to the forefront of the publishing industry.

  • Gamers Guide to the Tidalwave Universe: Nomads of the Timestream

    by Jonathan Nolan
    TidalWave Universe's time travellers come to life with detailed rules for time travel, the Hour Glass organization, the celebrities drawn into the timestream and even new rules on how to adapt your favorite real-life celebrities into game characters!
  • SHADOWS: Graphic Novel

    by Adam Matthew Smith
    In the not-too-distant future, world society has fallen into post-war poverty. Countries have perished. North America has become an oppressive state where Hypersapiens, humans with extraordinary abilities, are detained from using their endowments by law with government-issued limiter suits. Certain beings' powers have been exploited for hard labor, and the rest are executed en masse. There is a growing public suspicion of Vice President Denton Snyder's direct involvement in the brutal assassi... more
  • THE KNIGHT'S SHADOW: The untold story of the Shadow Knight and his dangerous foe, Mr. Frank

    by Ryan Haider
    14-year-old Jack and his best friend, Alex, have just begun high school. Jack’s new physics teacher, Mr. Frank is a very strange man, and Jack becomes suspicious of him. After an incident, Jack’s life undergoes a dramatic change. Somehow, this odd teacher is connected with the untimely death of Jack’s father. The young teenager enters an adventure beyond anything he could have ever imagined, as a mysterious figure known only as the Shadow Knight emerges. The entire city is transfixed… and Jack a... more
  • Nick Pope

    by Christopher Stanton

    Sixteen-year-old Nick Pope was born with prominent birthmarks around both of his eyes and faces teasing and bullying from both classmates and strangers. He also struggles with depression and confusion about his sexual orientation. Nick finds refuge and release in drawing, and gains tentative confidence that his artistic abilities are worth nurturing and developing. His family moves across the city and he begins his sophomore year at a brand-new high school. On the advice of his ex-therapist, ... more