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Comics/Graphic Novels

  • Getdissertation

    by Aaron Abbey
  • Cloud Stories

    by K. Thor Jensen
    Cloud Stories is the first new collection of comics by K. Thor Jensen in ten years. A thematically-connected journey through the upper atmosphere, it veers wildly between slapstick comedy, creeping horror and otherworldly fantasy. Drawn in a staggering array of visual styles, this is a collection unlike anything you've ever read.
  • A Politically Incorrect History of Hong Kong

    by Larry Feign
    Everything you know about Hong Kong history is wrong! Did Britain colonize the wrong island? Did Chinese refugees come to the right place? And where can I get one of those cool Handover t-shirts? All these are answered in these politically incorrect stories by award-winning cartoonist Larry Feign
  • Hong Kong Fairy Tales

    by Larry Feign

    Seven classic tales and legends told the Hong Kong way:

    • The Three Little Capitalist Pigs
    • The Tale of Ah-Laddin
    • The Wizard of Wah's
    • Jack and the Soy Bean Stalk
    • Little Red Guard Riding Hood
    • The Mon(k)ey King
    • A Hong Kong Christmas Carol
  • Let's All Shut Up and Make Money!: Hong Kong's Last 100 Days as a British Colony

    by Larry Feign

    THE END OF EMPIRE...and of cartoons as we know them! Find out what really happened during those final days as the countdown clock ticked. Includes the entire series of cartoons written during the last 100 days, as appeared in Time, The Independent, and Geo. You’ll laugh at this book almost as loud as Chinese leaders laugh at Hong Kong people’s calls for democracy!

  • Mickey Rat

    by Edward Henrion
    The life and times of Mickey Rat, an immigrant in the USA, who thought the streets would be paved with cheese (they were not). His adventures and final fate are told and illustrated without regard for political correctness in this hard-hitting book of penetrating satire.
  • Heavy Sketches - Volume II

    by Red Rohl
    French fries, giants, football, and Ancient Egypt ... these are just a few of the worldly distractions that capture Red's wandering mind. After 25 years of sketching and a history of never finishing projects, Red finally focuses - creating the sequel to the ultimate graphic novel anthology. The pages are jam-packed full of engaging stories on American Folklore, Cyclops, Einstein, Grendel & more. Accompanied by hundreds of captivating sketches, Mini-Comics, Drawing Tips, Facts, and Spoofs. ... more
  • The Marionette Unit

    by TMU Workshop
    Beatrice Shaw is searching for her missing sister, Melodie, last seen employed at a workhouse run by shadowy industrialist, Henri Dubré inventor of The Marionette Units. He has forged man and machine together to create an abominable dream of never-ending efficiency. As Beatrice enters this terrifying world, she must find a way to break free of the clutches around her and confront Dubré before all hope is lost of ever finding her sister again.
  • Knights of Enmity: Lancelot the Lady Killer (Civic Duties) (Volume 1)

    by Sedrie Danielle
    This is the first book in the illustrated novelette series Civic Duties, which follows Lancelot to the Batallica Hotel where his new lady Vera awaits him. Upon his arrival, he finds that he has been set up by the Vedmak Club and must shoot his way out of the situation.
  • Ghost Steel

    by Young Hyo Jung

    Do you believe what you see is real?
    Even though it seems like the answer is given, there is no evidence that our live is real. 
    We make awkward regulations and concepts, while struggling in our dream, and could it be that we comfort ourselves believing and naturally accepting that the dream is real?
    None of the scientist know about the universe before the Bing bang and the formation of end of the universe. Our main character is faced with reality that has no stability and merc... more

  • Living Together After Retirement

    by Graham Harrop
    Living Together After Retirement (or, There's a Spouse in the House!) is offered as a public service to help couples cope with more together time than they'd ever dreamed of... From award-winning cartoonist Graham Harrop
  • Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!

    by Graham Harrop
    Canada turns 150 years old in 2017! Cartoonist Graham Harrop takes a whimsical look at the celebrations through the eyes of some of Canada's iconic wildlife in this colourful birthday party of a book.
  • E.X.O. - The Legend of Wale Williams Part Two

    by Roye Okupe
    Featured on CNN, The Guardian, NBC & more, E.X.O. The Legend of Wale Williams Part 2 is a science-fiction, superhero story about redemption, set in a futuristic 2025 Africa. Part 2 continues to chronicle the journey of Wale Williams a.k.a EXO, who was last seen hanging on for dear life after his first encounter with the incredibly powerful and sinister Oniku, leader of the extremist group, The CREED. After his shocking revelation, Oniku now has all he needs to launch a crippling attack at the he... more
  • E.X.O. - The Legend of Wale Williams Part One

    by Roye Okupe
    Featured on CNN, FORBES, BBC and more, E.X.O. The Legend of Wale Williams Part 1 is a science fiction superhero story about redemption, set in a futuristic, 2025 Africa! The 136 page graphic novel follows the journey of Wale Williams, an impetuous young adult who inherits a suit with super powers after his father goes missing. Tricked into returning home to Lagoon City, Nigeria following a five year absence, Wale embarks on a journey to investigate his father s mysterious disappearance. As he co... more
  • Heavy Sketches Among Worldly Distractions

    by Red Rohl

    Zombies, pizza, aliens, video games, and the apocalypse … these are just a few of the worldly distractions that capture Red’s wandering mind. After 25 years of sketching and a history of never finishing projects, Red finally focuses - creating the ultimate graphic novel anthology unlike any seen before.

    The pages are jam-packed full of engaging stories on Vikings, pirates, Lincoln, Greek Mythology, TV & more. Accompanied by hundreds o... more

  • Mustard and Boloney Cartoons vol.1, Butt Seriously...

    by Jeffrey Mustard Caulfield and Alexandre Boloney Rouillard
    Master chefs Jeffrey Caulfield (Mustard) and Alexandre Rouillard (Boloney), are pleased to bring you a tasty, humorous unreality sandwich; one low in calories, rich in protein, and guaranteed to fill the stomach sans indigestion. Plus no extra salt or preservatives added! Included as always with our comedic entrées is a large side order of irreverence, and all manner of situations and subjects are drawn upon to create the delicious ‘aha’ moment. Thinking outside the icebox is definitely mand... more