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Comics/Graphic Novels

  • Inferno - The Art Collection

    by Dino Di Durante


    Do You Love Horror Books? "Inferno" Images will Scare You Death.

    "Inferno - The Art Collection" by Dino Di Durante is a full color book of a 72-piece art collection based on Dante's Inferno story, the first part of the literary masterpiece - The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, the second greatest Christian story after The Gospel. This is a completely new, deep and fascinatin... more

  • Trans Planetarium

    by Phillip Knox
    A divine power saves a transgender woman on the verge of death from her suicide attempt and helps guide her on a journey of self-acceptance that challenges her to face her inner demons.
  • Watson and Holmes - Volume #2

    by Brandon Perlow
    Watson and Holmes Volume 2 collects multiple one shot stories of our newest take of the african american detective duo from Harlem. Volume 2 brings stories from Lyndsay Faye, the writer of Dust and Shadow, Gods of Gotham, and Seven for A Secret reinterprets a classic short story and Irene Adler in modern New York City. Brandon Easton writes a compelling story of the murder of a politician's wife in conjunction with sex slavery. Steven Grant the creator of "2 Guns" and Hannibal Tabu write a story... more
  • Pattern Pleasure: 50 Original Patterns for Your Coloring Collection

    by Lily Frizz
    With 50 original stress busting images for your coloring pleasure, this book offers a satisfying experience for today's colorist. There's something for everyone to enjoy.
  • STEAM: Island Under Siege

    by Ashley Eric Peschel
    Set against the conflict of the Second World War, something terrifying has been released on the small island of Malta. Realising they are in over their heads, the local authorities request help in tracking a sadistic killer, whose body count already stands at five. A special team is dispatched to deal with the murderer – and so the hunt begins on the war torn island for a killer that the team soon discover is unlike anything they have encountered before…. If this was not bad enough, the team als... more
  • The Monsterjunkies, An American Family Odyssey GN

    by Erik Shein
    In a small New England town called Foggy Point. At 1313 Road to Nowhere. Secluded behind massive stone walls. Lies a Gothic Mansion. A home to a most usually family and their menagerie of protected strange exotic and 'non existing' legendary creatures called the Monsterjunkies. Follow the adventure as teenagers Crow and Indigo are confronted with harsh "bullying" from their high school peers for being "different". Simply because of their "odd" personal style and their strange funny name. But mos... more
  • Monsterwood Book1: Arrival

    by Jason Rosen
    When an evil regent in the mythical kingdom of Magog threatens to destroy anything and everyone who stands between him and ultimate power, a cynical teen who has spent his life avoiding trouble finds himself smack in the middle of it…running for his life towards a destiny he could never have imagined.
  • A Rupture of Robots: Sketchbook Volume One

    by Vikram Madan
    Art Book, Sketch Book, Coloring Book - this compendium of weird, funny, tender, poignant or simply unfathomable Robot-themed Pen & Ink drawings will delight readers of all ages, especially those who love Robots and Humor. Ideal gift for both adults, who will admire the wry humor, and kids, who will be inspired by the drawings, and can also happily color this one-sided book. Artist Vikram Madan lives in Seattle and has won numerous awards for cartooning, poetry, and art.
  • The Good Bug Book...

    by Paul Calabrese
    In The Bad Bug Book, the author Paul Calabrese introduces us to annoying pests that bug us terribly but have no fear**The Good Bug Book (and Other Cool Creatures) is here. The Good Bug Book looks at good bugs that are beneficial to our environment, and it also looks at other cool creatures that benefit our lives in some way every day.
  • Suzie Slither's Slippery Slide

    by Wanda Birchler
    Suzie Slither’s Slippery Slide is the adventurous story of a fun-loving, curious farm snake, who learns a valuable lesson about not procrastinating too long about doing something as important as finding a place to hibernate when she gets caught above ground in an early snowstorm. This book follows the first Suzie Slither book. Which teaches children it's good to try new and different foods sometimes.
  • Wood Cake

    by Luke Séguin-Magee

    Wood Cake is the story of a tree named Gree who searches for talkative friends to invite to his tea party.

  • Scary Story

    by Kittykat
  • Reco Comics Presents

    by Earl Phelps
    Reco Comic Presents: This premier graphic novel introduces two titles, Boxing Chronicles and Alucard. Chronicles has a story titled, “The Rising Contender” which centers around a young professional boxer fighting his way to the top with his first main event in his home town of Cleveland, Ohio. His opponent not known to him is the older brother of girlfriend. Alucard is a story of Babátúndé Alucard an African who was bitten by Dracula while in a fight with him over 200 years ago transforming him... more
  • Psychic Boy Samuel

    by Beau Breems
    In a world of swords and sorcery lies the verdant land of Varien, home to a young boy named Samuel who is about to discover he has an extraordinary gift - the power of Psychokinesis! (Y'know, the ability to move things with his mind and stuff.) However, Samuel's newfound abilities will soon be put to the test as he is swept into an adventure to save his homeland from an evil army known as the Cobras! But don't worry, he's not alone; With a colorful group of friends that include dragons, were... more
  • Bellows: Fables from the Musical Underground

    by Roberto Cofresi
    In a story where time didn't start at the beginning, and music can be heard inside the trees, The Folk Singer, The Teenager and other archetypes from the world of music wander through grassy plains, heavy woods, basement camps, streets, living rooms, and mountains in their serach for a true song and the meaning of music. These ten darkly comic fables feature a cast of animals, some of them soft and fuzzy, some of them vultures and squids. Together they weave a story like a Möbius strip where y... more
  • Wizard Pickles

    by Chuck Whelon

    Wizard Pickles is an exciting new kind of fantasy puzzle adventure book for kids. It’s primarily targeted towards elementary school readers, but is designed to appeal to search book fans and puzzle solvers of of all ages.

    Wizard Pickles tells the story of young Mazie Pickles and her aunt Wilma who works as a wizard up at the local castle. Every page in the book is filled with different picture puzzles for readers to solve. They range from simple search-and-find activities to ... more