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Health, Diet, Parenting, Home, Crafts & Gardening

  • Parenting in the 21st Century: A Horror Story: A Guide to Surviving Your Children: From Birth Until They Fly the COOP

    by Barbara Woster
    Author, educator...and parent...Barbara Woster, takes you on a parenting journey exploring all ages from birth until they fly the coop.
  • Living Passages for the Whole Family: Celebrating Rites of Passage from Birth to Adulthood

    by Shea Darian

    Nautilus Book Awards Winner that is a treasure trove of creative ideas, rites of passage, songs, birthday celebrations, parenting wisdom, and more. Offers ways for parents and caregivers to reclaim and heal life passages from the past. 334 pages. $21.95 USD

  • Seven Times the Sun

    by Shea Darian

    A one-of-a-kind parenting favorite to.awaken creative possibilities in the home and family. Full of ideas, reflections, practical advice, songs, stories, and everyday rituals for mealtime, going to bed, chores, playtime, and more, 221 pages. $17.95 USD

  • Careers for Girls: Let go the sandbags and dream BIG.

    by Anne Daly

    Diverse and inclusive women with STEM, Trade and Art careers. Whether they walk around, use a wheelchair or wear prosthetic limbs, they are all strong and capable.

    Careers for Girls features: Explanation of STEM, what’s so great about it, and the barriers that stop girls getting into it. A note about girls supporting girls, with logo. A ‘Tap Water’ poem and  jingle for green schools and homes. Draw yourself in your favourite car... more

  • Bloom at 85

    by Alan Bloom
    Alan Bloom was eighty-five when he decided to write this book.The remarkable thing about Alan is that at 85 he does not rely on any medication. He doesn’t suffer from any of the illnesses people of his age usually have. He is very fit, and enjoys a full and active life. He wants to pass on to other people the kind of lifestyle that he believes has enabled him to enjoy a high level of fitness into his eighties. People are living longer, but not necessarily in the best of health. By following hi... more
  • Crafts Create Change

    by Alicia Sanchez
    This book is not just any craft book. In fact, it’s so much more than a craft book. It’s a tool for positive change in your community and in the world. Alicia Sanchez, founder of the “Dear God, Are We There Yet?” volunteer travel community, shows crafters and sewing enthusiasts how to identify the opportunities for change around them and how to use their hands and their creativity to make those changes happen. These sewing & craft projects are easy enough for someone of any age or skill level... more
  • I Love You, Grandma and Grandpa!

    by Angela Panayotopulos
    A loving dedication to all the grandmas and grandpas who make the world a more humane, authentic, and beautiful place for their grandchildren.
  • A Girl's Guide to Puberty and Periods

    by Marni Sommer
    The Girls’ Guide to Puberty and Periods is a body-positive illustrated book that helps girls, ages 9-14, understand what to expect about puberty and everything that goes with it. The book shares “my first period” stories from girls across the U.S. of all backgrounds to help your child understand that everything they are going through is okay and normal. Parents will appreciate that the book also incorporates factual health content and practical tips developed by health experts at Columbia Univer... more
  • Cannabis and Sexuality

    by Pharmacology University
    The cannabis plant is one of the supplements associated with sexuality since ancient times. Cannabis has been used throughout history not only as a medicinal plant but also as a potent aphrodisiac. Nowadays, the knowledge of how the endocannabinoid system works, as it exists in our organism and how relates to the plant; has helped explain this phenomenon that makes cannabis and its derivatives, an attractive alternative to integrate into sexual life.
  • The Flying Sabuki

    by E.S. Curry
    Do you know what a “Flying Sabuki” is? During a week’s vacation together in the Adirondack Mountains, writer E.S. Curry discovers, through nature and his son Åsmund’s imagination, what this phenomenon is and so much more. This uplifting testament to the joys of fatherhood is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn about the connection and bonding rituals that cement the father-son relationship—electronics and distraction free. E.S. Curry and his son Åsmund teach us about working together ... more
  • Treating Food Allergies with Modern Medicine

    by Elizabeth Muller, Elizabeth Hawkins, PhD, MPH, Sanjeev Jain, MD, PhD
    Food allergy is the new epidemic of the 21st century, and the rise in incidence among kids is alarming. This information-packed book was written by a food allergy mom, a psychologist, and a physician expert in the field of food allergies. It is a comprehensive source of practical knowledge for parents, teachers, caregivers, and others who are concerned about food allergies and want to know how best to treat them. The chapters clarify which food allergy treatments are grounded in modern medicine a... more
  • Break the Chains of Dieting

    by David Medansky

    "Break the Chains of Dieting" provides HOPE for you to finally lose weight in a healthy manner without going on a diet and keep it off. "Break the Chains of Dieting" is different from the thousands of other weight loss books. It offers a simple, practical, step-by-step approach to healthy weight loss without dieting through the lessons of fables, analogies, and short stories.

    The 9 Principles in "Break the Chains of Dieting" will help reduce the risk for he... more

  • Blended Families Recipes for Success

    by Barbara J. Peters
    First the book discusses basic information about blended families, such as a definition and statistics. The reader then is presented with easy-to-read recipes for success in numerous areas of family life, such as flexibility and finances. The next section offers options for handling adversity. An end-of-book work area allows readers to plan their own family strategies. The book offers references and is illustrated as if in a cookbook format.
  • Quilt Whispers

    by Doris Steiner Diener
    Quilt-making has been a hobby, only receiving the droplets of time tossed off by the waves of a heavily committed lifestyle. Perhaps that explains why each quilt has been motivated by some aspect of the circumstances or people that shaped my reality. Quilts are silent storytellers. They hold together the substantive pieces of life—events, feelings, people, and beliefs. Each piece is a significant part of the whole. The quilts of my past help recall the circumstances that surrounded them, bringin... more
  • Coronavirus-The Inside Story: Multidimensional Prevention and Treatment

    by Tom Garz
    Coronavirus-The Inside Story: Multidimensional Prevention and Treatment This book focuses mostly on how the Psychological-Emotional aspects of this Pandemic affect our Immune System to fight off Coronavirus, as well as other illnesses. Ebook and/or Paperback-
  • Paging Dr. Within : How to Become, Be, and/or Make a “Patient Listener” and/or a “Super Symptom Checker”

    by Tom Garz
    Paging Dr. Within: How to Become, Be, and/or Make a “Patient Listener” and/or a “Super Symptom Checker” - describes the Concepts of a "Patient Listener" and a "Super Symptom Checker" – Human, Technology, and/or Technology-Assisted Human – Considering the "Big Picture" around Health and/or Symptoms. – Ebook and/or Paperback-