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  • Hatha Yoga para docentes y profesionales: una guía completa para la secuenciación holística

    by Marcos Rodriguez
    Hatha Yoga para docentes y profesionales: una guía completa para la secuenciación holística “Hatha Yoga para Docentes y Praticantes” es una lectura obligatoria si quieres aprovechar al máximo tu práctica de yoga y dominar el arte de la secuenciación integral. En este libro encontrarás las mejores herramientas de ayuda para clasificar posturas de yoga.

    by VAX APP LLC
    VAX APP LLC provides the best covid testing in airports and provides your travel agency with an instant result for covid 19. We ensure that you can show your covid results online with the help of our mobile application. Our application even helps you track covid test results online for your family and friends as well.
  • Sertima 25

    by John Watson
    Sertima 25Tablet is a specific serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) energizer. It works by expanding the degrees of serotonin, a substance courier in the mind. This improves temperament and actual side effects of gloom and furthermore mitigates manifestations of over the top habitual issue, alarm issue, premenstrual dysphoric problem, and anxiety.Take this medication in the portion and term as exhorted by your PCP. Gulp do... more
  • Capable: A Story of Triumph for Children the World has Judged as "Different"

    by Dr. Deborah Winking PhD
    A true-life account, spanning birth to adulthood, that illustrates what happens when one mom unleashes the power of expectations. Months after his birth, Jack remained listless, on a ventilator, without muscle tone. When he was eventually diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome, all Deborah heard were predictions of what he would not be able to do. She was free-falling, weighed down by a toxic brew of helplessness, anger, and fear. Capable provides flesh and blood inspiration for any parent who ... more
  • Getting Back On Track

    by Jill R. Turland
    Getting Back on Track This is a book that is going to rock you back on your heels and get you thinking along new lines. It will enable you to lift up your life and get free of social conditioning that has been crippling us all for thousands of years. In addition, the book will show you how many of the complications to health brought about by medical procedures and drugs over the last century, based on false understandings, can be resolved. Ten common homeopathic remedies in very high (mega) pote... more
  • The 'Feel Good' Flower Essences

    by Jill R. Turland
    The Feel-Good Flower Essences was written to give the world the benefit of a number of new flower essences discovered by the author, as well as to provide natural health practitioners with a good flower essences desk-top handbook for quick reference in the busy practice.
  • Warrior

    by Jessica Duemig
    WARRIOR provides a raw, real, uncensored look into the battle against Triple Negative, Metaplastic Breast Cancer. WARRIOR explores the ups & downs of 9 challenging months of a single, career-driven, pre-kid, badass woman. It explores the hard times, the weird stuff, real life, and the “What the fuck do I do now?”
  • Hatha Yoga für Lehrer und Praktiker: Ein umfassender Leitfaden: Ein umfassender Leitfaden zur ganzheitlichen Sequenzierung

    by Ram Jain
    Hatha Yoga für Lehrer und Praktiker: Ein umfassender Leitfaden zur ganzheitlichen Abfolge Hatha Yoga für Lehrer und Praktiker ist ein Muss, wenn Sie die eigenen Vorzüge aus Ihrer Yogapraxis ziehen und die Kunst der Sequenz Sequenzierung führenschen. Es werden Ihnen die Möglichkeit gegeben, die Hand zu ändern, um die Yogapositionierung zu klassifizieren und individuell zu ändern.
  • Customize Yourself: Nutrition

    by Chuck Rose
    Customize Yourself is an anti-diet, pro-fun approach to control weight, improve nutrition and get fit. It is the post-pandemic, common sense solution that explains how to be leaner, healthier, happier and more vital.  It’s based on a simple plan of reducing foods that cause more harm than good, and finding healthy, better alternatives.  Some comparative titles are Anti-Diet, The Pegan Diet, The Obesity Code and How Not to Die.
  • techiescity

    by martin william
    Techiescity Hi, I’m martinwilliam a social media manager living in canada I am a fan of , business,marketing,and finance. I’m also interested in reading and entrepreneurship
  • Le Hatha Yoga pour les Enseignants et les Pratiquants

    by Ram Jain
    Le Hatha Yoga pour les Enseignants et les PratiquantsUn Guide Complet pour le Séquençage Holistique Le Hatha Yoga pour les Enseignants et les Pratiquants est un indispensable si vous souhaitez tirer un maximum de bénéfices de votre pratique de Yoga et maitriser l’art du séquençage. Des outils puissants vous seront présentés pour classer les postures.
  • Kamagra 100

    by Elsa Dell
  • Just Diagnosed: Breast Cancer What to Expect What to Know What to Do Next

    by Arlene M. Karole
    Just Diagnosed, written by Arlene Karole is based on personal experience. Her book is dedicated to helping others become self-aware and empowered by taking charge of a breast cancer diagnosis. Just Diagnosed started with scores of sticky notes as Arlene Karole began navigating the early stages of her diagnosis. Voluminous research and numerous consultations with doctors and discussions with friends followed, ultimately leading to this book, designed to teach, inspire, and empower. No matte... more
  • Jared's Path Too

    by Barbara M. Schuck
    My husband and I have journeyed down Jared’s path, too, and saw more miracles happening to us and Jared. This path follows Jared from eighteen years old to twenty-one years old—a milestone made beyond doctors’ expectations and a life lived against all odds. Jared and I taught a lot of people along his path. People are not all the same and situations are not all the same. Everyone is an individual and have their own unique path. Medical treatments need to be made for the best quality of life for ... more
  • Jared's Path

    by Barbara M. Schuck
    You begin the parent role as soon as you find out you are pregnant. The care you have for yourself also is caring for the child within. I believe a womans intuition is very powerful. If you have a strong feeling about something, you should listen no matter what others think. You know yourself better than anyone else. Follow your inner feelings.
  • Buy Cheap #1 Generic Drugs: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra

    by Alasmine
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