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  • Dr

    by Chai Ling Low
    ChatGPT ChatGPT "Get Your Sexy Back: Biohacking Your Menopause Journey" is a groundbreaking guide for women navigating the complexities of menopause. Authored by a medical professional with a rich background in aesthetics, nutrition, and wellness, this book redefines the menopausal experience, transforming it from a phase of decline into a period of rejuvenation and empowerment. Challenging entrenched myths, the book illuminates how certain dietary fats, often vilified, are actually benef... more
  • Your Arteries--An Owner's Manual

    by William Driscoll

    This book, based on 40 medical journal articles, describes how you can prevent a heart attack or stroke, by starting with an artery screening test. This screening test is safe, simple, and available without a doctor’s order. If you obtain the test and it shows you have artery clogging, you can work with your doctor to reduce your level of “bad” LDL cholesterol, which causes artery clogging and heart disease. Healthy lifestyle choices and statin therapy are options to reduce ... more

  • The Resilient New Mom

    by Dr. Kathleen Tresness
    The Resilient New Mom: 9 Practices for Emotional Healthis a book for new mothers to help them navigate the transition into motherhood. Through exploring nine practices, Dr. Kathleen Tresness helps new mothers to: • Address common difficulties new mothers oftentimes face in early motherhood. • Explore strategies to help ease the transition into motherhood. • Identify and challenge common roadblocks to help new mothers in successfully incorporating the practices into their lives. The book is desig... more
  • Breaking Free From Pain: From Suffering To Strength, My Own Personal Journey With Fibromyalgia And Healing Modalities

    by Shari Emami
    When you feel chronic pain, it really takes a toll on your quality of life. Get the inside scoop and researched material that will enlighten you on realistic treatment options for fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia affects many people and more woman than me. Read this fascinating book on causes and treatments of this condition. You don't have to suffer anymore.
  • Mom, when is my birthday?: a book about the moments that make our lives special

    by Dimitris Simou
    What does one year mean to a three-year old, restless kid? In a family moment that lasts for a few minutes, a mom, with her own words and her own scribbles, tries to give a sense of time to her three-year old girl. But, what is time and, exactly how do you count time? In this book, you will learn to count time with smudges, cookies and bananas. Or by counting all the sweet moments when your kid falls asleep in your arms...
  • Help for Women with ADHD in Bite-Sized Pieces

    by Joan Wilder

    More Help is a collection of 140 stand-alone pieces that explores how women with ADHD can work on their challenges, quiet their inner critics, and wake up their assets.


    In quintessential ADHD style, the pieces are personal, anecdotal reflections that illuminate, celebrate, and tackle our struggles and triumphs with curiosity, grief, gratitude, and a bit of irreverence: (“If you can’t clean the f*cking house, you can’t cl... more


    by Alexandre Smith
    Discover the enchanting world of cats and the profound impact they have on our lives in "Purrfect Pixels: The Unraveling Love For Cats In The Digital Age And Beyond." This captivating book delves into the history, science, and cultural significance of our feline friends, exploring their unique place in our hearts and society. From ancient civilisations that worshipped cats as divine beings to the modern-day phenomenon of viral cat videos, this book takes you on a journey through the many facets ... more
  • Triple Life Threat: New Edition

    by Donald R Lyman
    We are entering a new revolutionary and controversial phase in the US medical industry! With the discoveries of DNA telomeres, telomerase activators, and stem cell therapy that will create significant alterations to conventional medical procedures, we are facing many drastic changes - completely unknown to the general public. Science has ushered in these and other changes, which most would agree as being coincidental with improvements and progress, along with optimism and hope for our medical wor... more
  • The MicroStep Method For the Overwhelmed Parent

    by Mary Willcox Smith
    Today’s parents seem to inhabit high-speed whirlwinds, where time is scarce and stress runs high. But what if there's a proven way to navigate the chaos, a way to strengthen connections with your children while supporting their personal growth—all through the power of small, actionable steps? In The MicroStep Method for the Overwhelmed Parent, Mary Willcox Smith guides readers on a transformative journey, showing you how to chart a straight course through the commotion and, at the same time, how... more
  • Are You Ready To Try Again?: How to Parent With Success and Joy

    by Madeline Montero
    Are You Ready To Try Again?: How to Parent With Success and Joy: A Mother's Loving Guide to Positive Experiences in Early Childhood Learn healthy parenting practices that allow young children to thrive and simplifies day- to day parenting. This book is for parents and caretakers with children ages 2 + through 6 years old.
  • Permaculture Gardening for the Absolute Beginner

    by Josie Beckham

    “This is the book I wish I had when I first felt a desire to plant a seed.”

    Ready to unlock the secrets to a lush self-sustaining garden oasis, even if you’ve never held a trowel in your life? Tired of old, boring gardening books? Ahhh, livin’ the dream. Your own delicious organic food growing right outside your window. A harvest so bountiful, it feeds you, your family, and the whole neighborhood. Year-round abundance. Yummy homegrown tomatoes. What a life! Sound... more

  • Complete Guide for Infant Feeding

    by Nelson Spinetti
    This book review, educate and provide guideline for every parent and caregiver to calculate the physiologic stomach size to provide proper growth, hydration, nutrition and preventing: gastroesophageal reflux, vomiting, colic, acute life-threatening event and sudden infant death by overfeeding reflux. This book is the work from a pediatric gastroenterologist with over 20 year of experience in this field and providing continue care for healthy, outpatient infant sick, hospitalized in pediatric un... more
  • Beginner Balance Workouts for Seniors, Volume 1

    by Cat Miller
    This colorful guide contains at-home exercises to improve balance for beginners and/or seniors. It contains balance tests to provide an individual baseline from which to measure progress; warm-ups; chair and standing while holding onto a chair exercises that progress from toe to head to develop a firm foundation from the ground up; and cooldowns. This program will help improve endurance, strength, and flexibility – all of which improve balance.
  • Sustanon 250 cycle dosage bodybuilding

    by Elija Miller
    Sustanon 250 is used in adult men to treat a variety of health issues brought on by low testosterone (male hypogonadism). Anabolic and androgenic steroid testosterone isocaproate, also known by the brand name Sustanon 250, has been used as a component of mixed testosterone ester preparations. Visit here for more information:
  • JoTita's Village: Collection 1

    by JoTita Gonçalves
    JoTita's Village - A place that every parent would dream of exists, where everyone is friendly, kind, and helpful, and where valuable life lessons are taught. It is like a perfect world, where we can guide our children to become better individuals from an early age. In a world that desperately needs exemplary individuals, it is our responsibility to teach them how to interact with people who may not always provide the best examples. Nurturing good behaviour in children will pave the way for them... more
  • Video Conference Card Games

    by Gerald Beaudry

    Learn the rules and procedures to play card games modified for play on video calls using real playing cards. Includes: Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Cribbage, Scopa, Rummy, Canasta, Whist, Hearts, Spades, Kaiser, and Contract Bridge.