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  • Playing with #Fire

    by Micky O'Brady
    Seventeen-year-old Everly Aldaire was pretty lit on social media—until a bullying campaign led to her attempted suicide. A few months later, she’s back at the very same school where everything began, only now she is #offline and not sure how to handle her life without posting or checking her feed. Instead of giving her a break, though, fate throws her a curve ball when Everly has to participate in a health class challenge, picking up a new sport. Wouldn’t be too bad, if she wasn’t assigned the ... more
  • Demonic Prince

    by Karen Kincy
    Only a monster can claim me. I'm too monstrous to love, a dragon shifter who's never been courted by a male. Dragonslayers hunt me relentlessly and I kill every last man. Until Rook invades my cave. Tall, dark, and demonic, Rook alone has the strength to defeat me. He chains me and collars me with magic, forcing me to shift into a woman. I'm vulnerable and at his mercy. Worse, he's an incubus who feeds upon lust, and I'm smoldering with barely restrained desire for my enemy. I refuse... more
  • Seed Money (The Scarsdale Fosters Book 1)

    by B. E. Baker
    Some people have all the luck, but so far, Seren’s has all been bad. Seren Colburn's had nothing but bad luck her entire life, so she's not surprised when Dave, a possible buyer for her family mansion, mistakes her for a vagrant squatting in the unfurnished home. If she wasn't about to lose her movie-star grandmother’s house to the bank, she wouldn't even be selling it. But after he realizes Seren’s the owner, Dave has an idea. He suggests they work together to turn the mansion into a... more
  • Another Man's Wife: A Love Story (First Printing)

    by Showandah Terrill
    It’s been 26 years since we last saw Peter Aloysha Aarons. At 52, he’s finished his doctorate, been in the movies and on the concert stage, won an Emmy, made peace with his father, and he’s been married – and divorced. What he’s never been, is in love. That is about to change, challenging his views of morality and utterly destroying his well-ordered and much cherished routine.
  • Everything's Better With You

    by R.L. Merrill
    Everything’s Better With You is a TED LASSO-inspired sports-themed funny romance featuring two guys who've pined for each other for 15 years while their careers soared and their bodies fell apart. Retired quarterback and “nicest guy in the NFL” Leslie Payton met former college cheerleader-turned-reality-show darling Joe Judd fifteen years ago. They spent one magical night...talking. They’ve been pining for each other via text and phone calls ever since while their careers kept them geographic... more
  • A Journey Must Be Taken

    by H.L Howard
    Fate and destiny conspire in this first-in-series quest toward happily ever after, featuring a would-be couple. Middle-aged businessman Tauri connects and is bewitched by the much younger Libi while he’s still unhappily married. When he makes a wish for her to have a new life, she follows his step to America and agrees to join him as a friend. Only after they meet a few times does Libi confess her love but makes the heartbreaking decision to leave when it appears that Tauri’s lofty goals will ... more
  • Magnolia Sunrise (The Magnolia Cove Series Book 1)

    by Stephanie Thompson
    Welcome to Magnolia Cove, South Carolina, a small lake town that feels like home to everybody. The neighbors greet each other and no one is a stranger. Everyone stops by Sally's Shoppe for coffee in the morning and a bite to eat in the evening. Secrets can't survive in a town like this one. Jason and Annabelle have always been more than next door neighbors. They were best friends, in love, and had big plans for their future. The only problem is, Jason's plans include a life of travel and fa... more
  • Mister Fix-It: A Second-Chance Romance

    by Linda Rettstatt
    Suddenly widowed, Maura learned it was time to sink or swim. She decided to swim and took lessons for survival as a self-possessed woman. She’s vice-president of the HOA and spearheading a new project, Lend-a-Hand, to benefit her neighbors in Forest Glen. Major Ben Ableman retires from a career in the Marine Corps and buys a home in the Forest Glen Senior Retirement Community. He’s enjoying the freedom of his own home—until he’s reminded of the rules imposed by the Homeowners Association. It ... more
  • Just Us: He Calls Me Harp Series

    by Heather White Driscoll
    Fourteen-year-old Harper Whitmore has just entered high school as a naïve five-foot tall freshman who has a quick wit and an ability to hold her own. Although she is convinced she is prepared to take on the world (or her tiny island of it), everything changes when she collides with the popular, attractive captain of the varsity basketball team just before second period. Scott Pierce quickly moves in on Harper, leaving little chance for anyone else to date her. Both fascinated and terrified by h... more
  • One is a Promise (His Angel - Book One)

    by Christine Axford
    Lexi Style A life of solitude with my four-legged, furry best friend in the Colorado wilderness is all I need. After surviving a heartbreaking past, I have the perfect setup with predictability and seclusion. Life can’t get any better. Can it? But Bear, my pesky Siberian Husky has different ideas when he brings me to a man, half-dead and covered in snow. I can’t exactly leave him to die. I’ll just nurse him back to health and send him on his way. But things get complicated... Ty Bra... more
  • The Garret on Boulevard Voltaire

    by Patricia Ann Williams

    It is 1964 and Charlotte is about to realize her dream—a year abroad in Paris studying French. Crossing the Atlantic on the S.S. United States, she meets Paul, an American traveling to London to study law. Although Paul thinks their relationship is something special when they travel to Spain together over the winter holidays, Charlotte just considers him a good friend.

    In Paris, Charlotte meets Jean-Luc, a medical student. He is charming, good-looking and sexy. During the summer b... more

  • Do's and Dont's of Relationships

    by Ernest Quansah
    Most people want to date the right people, fall in love and find lasting happiness. This book is written to help men and women to be successful at dating and break-up proofing their relationships and to help couple’s divorce proofing marriage. This book can also help people succeed in online dating. The book attempts to offer something for everyone. Single or married.
  • Fool's Gold

    by Julia Castle
    Sarah Halliday has returned to Wyoming on a mission--to save the reputation of the man she left behind. Deep in her soul, she knows she must return and set things right. She can't let the man she loves lose his birthright because their marriage has too many strings attached. She offers him a deal--she'll come back temporarily until the talk dies down, then she'll be on her way. Rafe Halliday has cooked up the perfect scheme to permanently get his runaway bride back where he wants her--in his arm... more
  • Banished, An Elemental Kingdom Novel

    by Genavie Castle
    Banished by the royal family as a young girl, Zara has adapted to life amongst humans. When her father, the former king, falls ill and demands she return to the Elemental Kingdom to save it from its current wicked, destructive rulers, she refuses. After being exiled, who can blame her? But can she turn her back on the people that need her? Meanwhile, a tragedy makes it apparent that the kingdom’s fate rests in her hands. Forced to work with five powerful elemental men, she doesn’t trust, Zara ... more
  • My Melissa

    by Robert Beatty
    George and Arthur are identical twins, both are in college and living in late 1930s America. They come from a rich upper class Baltimore family. Their father had been taking the family on summer vacations to Miami Beach. Finding Miami Beach to be too crowded, the father changes directions and takes the family to a remote and less known vacation resort in South Carolina. There the boys meet and fall head over rich privileged heels in love with a beautiful local girl who works as a cleaning girl... more
  • Sometimes You Just Know

    by Bill VanPatten
    Arnie Violet is the son of an alcoholic mother and a father who abandoned him at the age of ten. Believing himself unlovable, he lacks self-confidence in everything from work to romance. Then, Arnie meets eighteen-year-old Peter Jordan. Peter is the opposite of Arnie: self-assured, frank, and assertive. There is an instant attraction between them, but warning bells sound in Arnie’s head. His relationships never last long, there is a major age difference between the two men, and most importantly,... more