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  • Ekatrina's Travels In: Greece

    by Philip Augustine
    Ekatrina is a beautiful, intelligent Greek woman who is traveling in her native country. This is the story of her many unexpected and unusual sex encounters (domination, spanking, voyeurism and more) while she explores the history and culture of Greece.

    by Dee Shaffer
    The power of selfless love is illustrated in this book as it takes the reader through the emotionally turbulent life of a brilliant woman. She encounters an unexpected relationship with a man who loves her in compelling and extraordinary ways, and she experiences fundamental healing of her "feral" nature.
  • Breaker of Fate: Thread of Fate Series, Book 1

    by R.M. Derrick

    Navigating grief and loss, Derica leaves the only home she's ever known with her closest friend. Beings suffering a mysterious soul affliction haunt their journey. On the road, they meet other travelers whose fates entwine with theirs. Justus, the gruff, enigmatic mercenary commander, draws Derica like a flame, but he struggles against their attraction. Secrets swirl around the pair as their past and present tangle. As pasts are exposed, and danger circles, Derica and Justus's hearts ... more

  • Native Love Jams

    by Tashia Hart

    As the village of Rainy Bay works out the kinks in their first Indigenous Food Days, Winnow works out the kinks in her love life. Hired to forage and cook for the festival, Winnow arrives in the rural Minnesota community to find her host Niigaanii, is as annoyingly attractive as he is unwelcoming. Can Winnow and Niigaanii pull thorns from the past and harvest the love they find in a berry patch?

  • Labeled: Miss Popular: The Story Of Paxton Chase

    by Alyssa Milani
    Beauty. Popularity. Money. All the girls want to be her. All the guys want to date her. But Paxton Chase's life isn't as easy as it seems. She's not the typical popular girl like everyone thinks. There are skeletons in her closet, skeletons the new boy at school, Grayson Beckett, is surely there to help heal. He's handsome, but not popular like she is. Labels at school matter to the students, and the popular girl with the nerdy boy isn't going to go unnoticed. Follow Paxton's story a... more
  • A Rendezvous With a Rake

    by Tammy Andresen
    “I’ve got one rule and it’s no women on board. Ever.” When the youngest brother of the rough and tumble Smith family turned to smuggling, Fulton Smith knew he had to keep his operation simple to keep from being caught. But the beautiful stowaway, Sophie, makes his life anything but easy. His smuggling self knows he ought to drop her at the nearest port and follow his own damn rules. It’s a dangerous business. The lord in him, however, can’t help but protect the fragile beauty who has demon... more
  • Beautiful Dangerous

    by Becky Flade

    It’s exquisite torture watching you. For your sake, I hope you meet my expectations...

    In the year following her brother’s tragic murder, Public Defender Hannah Patel withdrew into the comfort of family and career. As time passed, the man obsessed with her became a terrifying threat.

    A fatal error caused Detective Doyle Murphy to doubt his future in law enforcement, but protecting Hannah presents an opportunity for redemption. Neither expect t... more

  • The Christmas Cafe

    Jake Myers fights to save a struggling Main Street Wintergreen. As businesses and even the city have largely turned their back on the once-thriving downtown marketplace, Jake tries to unite the community in celebrating Christmas together in the classic ways that had made Wintergreen such a special place. Bea Bailey, owner of the Coffee Corner, one of the businesses Jake is working hard to save, pushes her granddaughter, Sara, to work closely with Jake. As Jake and Sara rally the town and reign... more
  • The Accidental Boyfriend: A YA Romance

    by Lori Freeland
    Some accidents were meant to be. Gabe isn’t a werewolf. He just plays one on TV. Jess isn’t a guy magnet. She just writes teen romance. TV heartthrob Gabriel Wade has never met a party he couldn’t rock, a problem he couldn’t dodge, or a crowd he couldn’t play. Teen author Jessica Thorne has never met a party she couldn’t wallflower, a problem she couldn’t stress over, or a crowd she couldn’t escape. But they both know what it’s like to lose someone . . . someone who’s still here. ... more
  • In Like Flynn

    by Lauren Smith
    A Royal Navy Officer’s Guide to Seducing a Pirate Lass: Go undercover as a fellow pirate Steal kisses whenever possible Do not fall in love, no matter how tempting your pirate lass is Brianna Holland has always been free. Her entire life she’s never known the bars of any cage until she’s captured in Port Royal trying to help a fellow pirate escape. Suddenly facing the hangman’s noose unless she betrays her father’s location to the Royal Navy, she clings to the hope that a new prisoner in her... more
  • Mending Vanessa: An Oregon Romance

    by Roseann Cotton
    Vanessa is happily engaged and looking forward to the future, but love and a peaceful life may not be in the cards for her. A shocking revelation about her parents and her father’s sudden death crumbles her idyllic life. She embarks on a quest to find out what happened all those years ago with the help of JP, a local cop. However, her fiancé Greg opposes the search and is mistrustful of JP’s intentions. After a disagreement, Vanessa calls off the engagement and turns to JP for comfort, only t... more
  • Almost Perfect

    by E.F. Dodd
  • The Curse of Moonseed Manor

    by D. Lieber

    A haunted hotel. A skeptical photographer. A deadly curse that could cost her everything.

    Wren Mabry’s life is a disaster. Her last few years have been rife with tragedy and hardship. So when she’s offered a job at Moonseed Manor, a Gothic revival mansion that’s never welcomed visitors, it seems suspicious. Even so, this is her chance to finally turn her life around.

    The gloom that hangs over Moonseed Manor is enhanced by its cold yet alluring owner, Mr. William ... more

  • Unfriendly Fire

    by Steven Donahue
    Sparks ignite between two firefighters as they investigate a series of arson fires in the idyllic town of Penn Hills, Pennsylvania. Firefighter Wyatt James returns to his hometown for his mother’s funeral, and he kindles a new romance with Kasey Carpenter as they get embroiled in the arson case. This smoldering Romance story follows Wyatt and Kasey as they try to stop the arsonist. Along the way, Wyatt is accused of the crimes, and Kasey tries to help clear his name and bring the real fire... more
  • Shadow

    by Maryam Shafiq
    Layla, the biker moves with her mother from New York to Leavenworth but she does not know what's gonna happen to her there. Her life takes a turn when she meets another bike racer there. Dylan, who is hiding many secrets. They fell in love with each other but due to some hidden government orders, Dylan is supposed to do some stuff. He does not want to put Layla in danger. Let's hop in to see where life takes them.
  • The Duke of Drury Lane

    by Tammy Andresen
    Dubbed the DIFFICULT DUKE Drake Ducat is a man of particular tastes. He craves perfection and he has the power and presence to shape his world to his needs. Which is why he hires the beautiful Lily Grey to help him decorate his box at the Drury Lane Theater. Her unique eye and attention to every detail make her an ideal designer. But what starts as a simple job is turning into so much more… Because velvet drapes are best touched, and fur throws laid upon, and feather fringe… The sizz... more