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  • Piece by Piece: Picking Up the Shards of a Soul Worth Saving

    by Hope Flansburg
    In the summer of 1996, eighteen-year-old Jessie Cody’s peaceful life is shattered. After discovering her sister’s dark secret, she suffers a brutal attack to keep her silent. If the truth is revealed, it will ruin the lives of her family and friends so Jessie’s only choice is to run away. Thirteen years later, Jessie returns home to find she is not the only one harboring painful secrets. As events begin to unravel, the past comes rushing back, and relationships may be destroyed forever. I... more
  • Lady August

    by Becky Michaels

    August Summer thinks she is a nobody until a London solicitor barges into her employer’s drawing room, revealing not only is she the daughter of an earl but a wealthy heiress as well. Optimistic about a new life, she travels to her ancestral home of Linfield Hall, only for her brother to banish her to London to live with her aunt, a dowager duchess with a reputation.

    When Lord Bolton asks him to fetch his illegitimate daughter, solicitor Samuel Brooks does not expect himself to be... more

  • Remembering Hope

    by Parastoo Rezai
    When Bahar uprooted her world to move overseas and start a family, she left behind her friends, loved ones, and a promising legal career in Iran. Over a twenty-year marriage, she and her husband, Omid, raised two precious boys and built the life they had always dreamed of. But their happiness is shattered the day Omid receives a devastating diagnosis. Emotionally and financially broken, Bahar chooses to keep the truth from her sons for as long as possible. Little does she know that more hard... more
  • Matthew Wolfe – The Adventures Begin

    by Blair Bancroft

    At the risk of being taken up by Bow Street, Matthew Wolfe returns to London, hoping to discover some clue to his heritage, which just might be royal. But, of course, nothing goes as he hoped. Not even the role he had eagerly anticipated as one of Harding's Hellions. Yet becoming an adventurer has some unanticipated benefits, such as acquiring an elegant mistress a decade his senior. And discovering his former fishing companion, Jocelyn, has grown into a beauty old enough to make her come... more

  • Love Leads the Way

    by Margot Johnson
    Single mom Tessa Shore runs a successful leadership program at work and supports a mother with dementia. She can handle any challenge in her jam-packed schedule as long as nothing spins out of control…especially her feelings. Engineer Mark Delaney is an expert on pipelines at the same company, but his interpersonal skills need a makeover. Advancing to an executive job requires enrollment in a leadership course he doesn't think he needs. When their professional and personal issues entangle, lif... more
  • Tell me why: I want it that way

    by Ninon Amey

    Sarah, dedicated to her friends and family, struggles to find her way in life. She only enjoys escaping reality thanks to the books she has to read as part of her job.

    Axel is doing his best to deal with everyday problems, and he must confront his painful past while his memories resurface. Music is his only outlet.

    Will their encounter help them face their own traumatic experience in order to be reconciled with life, but most importantly with themselves?

    A moving story about... more

  • love & heartbreak

    by D. R. Nguyen
    “love & heartbreak” is an intimate collection of poetry and prose that dives into themes of love, passion, infidelity, and heartache. The book is divided into two sections love & heartbreak. If you’ve ever experienced the joys of love or the pain of a broken heart, this book is for you.
  • Daisy's Decision

    by Hallee Bridgeman
    Daisy has had a crush on Ken since high school, so going on just one date with him can’t possibly hurt, can it? Even if she’s just been painfully dumped by the man she planned to spend the rest of her life with, and whose unborn baby she carries? Just one date?
  • On the Way to a Wedding

    by Suzanne Stengl
    A car in the ditch. A wedding dress in the backseat. When he finds her, he’s not sure which is worse—her damaged old Honda, her broken ankle, or her clueless approach to life. And that feeling of connection? It’s nothing more than his mind playing tricks on him. He knows love is overrated and he’s not looking for it. If you enjoy sparkling chemistry and down-to-earth characters, you will love ON THE WAY TO A WEDDING.
  • Time of the Rose

    by Bonita Clifton
    A notorious gunslinger with a vendetta. A brokenhearted woman determined to heal. An extraordinary rose. 1878 and present-day are about to collide… Colton Chase searches for the monster that murdered his parents. It’s been ten years and every day that passes only fuels his grit. When he plucks a single rare rose, a wicked thunderstorm catches him in its wrath, and after the clouds clear, his whole world has changed. Madison Calloway is on a business trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, when s... more
  • Making A Difference (M.A.D.)

    by Pinar Tarhan
    Making A Difference is a contemporary romantic comedy set in NYC. Everybody loves Jay. He’s that humanitarian PR guru who doesn’t live like the rich and runs a profitable company so that he’ll have more resources to help people. He defines himself through how much he and his company make a positive impact. He's engaged to a gorgeous CEO whose purse collection could feed the homeless in NYC, but he’s only human. If anyone notices the irony, it’s Jay’s new partner Zoe. 10 years older than h... more
  • Finding Hope

    by Brittany Earnest
    Jade has had a troubled past that has led her to doubt a possible future where she will be happy. When she is told to go on vacation by her uncle, she finds that what she has been told about her family is a lie. With her life quickly falling apart around her, she meets her love interest, Leslie. They both quickly grow feeling for each other, but will it be enough to keep them together through the trouble that they will soon face?
  • At the Pleasure of the Marquess

    by Sofie Darling
    Hortense Marchand has played many roles, but never wife. Until one desperate marquess seeks the lady spy’s help—and her hand… Thief. Spy. Wife. Orphaned as a child, Hortense has had to fight her way to becoming the ton’s favorite private investigator. But for a woman who lives on the edge, the past is never dead. When her former spymaster asks her to find his wastrel brother Jamie, the Marquess of Clare, she thinks it’s just one more job uncovering the ton’s dirty secrets. She has no idea ... more
  • Winter's Widow

    by Scarlett Scott
    Demon Winter is an unabashed rogue. What better way to find more women to warm his bed than helping his sister Genevieve with her ladies’ gaming establishment? It’s the perfect arrangement. Until a duchess he can’t resist walks through the doors and everything changes. Mirabel, the widowed Duchess of Stanhope, has rigidly adhered to propriety her entire life, and all it garnered her was a miserable marriage to a cruel man. With her time of mourning over, she is on a mission to be wicked. F... more
  • To Love Again

    by Bobbi Gistarb
    Sydney's Morgan life had been shattered with the death of her husband, Allen., killed while serving his last tour in Afghanistan.. Six years have passed and she is now ready to move forward with her life but not her heart. Will this decision prove true when she meets Patrick Worthington. Patrick Worthington and his son had established a Foundation in his late wife's honor which holds an annual architecture competition. Captivated by the eyes of a woman entering the competition, he felt a stirri... more
  • Return to Retribution Bay

    by Claire Boston

    They’ve both had their fair share of tragedy. Now the only way to heal could be to catch a killer.

    Sergeant Brandon Stokes hasn’t been able to face his family for over a decade. But when his parents are killed in an accident on their remote sheep station, the guilt-ridden soldier must face his demons and return home. He’s unprepared for the gutsy female drifter who seems determined to help him reunite with his estranged family.

    Amy Hammond has be... more