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  • Bridges

    by Linda Griffin
    In 1963, Neil Vincent, a middle-aged World War II veteran and “Christian atheist,” is working at Westfield Court as a chauffeur. He spends most of his spare time reading. Mary Claire DeWinter is a young, blind Catholic college student and reluctant heiress. To secure her inheritance, she has to marry within a year, and her aunt is pressuring her to marry a rich man who teased and bullied her when she was a child. Neil and Mary Claire shouldn’t even be friends, but the gulf between them is bridge... more
  • Loving Jesse

    by Andrea Smith
    When is love wrong? Jesse Ryan has always been the love of my life, from as far back as I can remember. But time, distance and circumstances beyond my control separated the two of us for many years. Now things have changed. Because you see now I'm a grown woman, and it's time that Jesse sees that for himself. But will he see me as anything other than the child I was when we last saw one another? It's up to me to make sure that he does. Look out Jesse Ryan. September is back. ADULT CO... more
  • Savage City

    by L. Penelope
    When a tragic accident cuts my life short, I’m stolen away to a terrifying magical city of warring shifters. Mistaken for their missing princess, I must impersonate her to survive. But a forbidden warrior with magic in his touch might hold the key to unlocking why I was brought here and what my true destiny is.
  • Needed: A Dishonorable Duke

    by Tammy Andresen
    She is not stalking the duke. She’s just following him. Very closely… When Miss Mona Ayers finds herself betrothed to a marquess older than her father’s father, there is only one thing to do. Find a better suitor. But who is better than a marquess? A duke, of course. The problem is the only one currently on the market, the Duke of Durham, is as derelict as he is determined not to marry. She knows, she’s done her research. She’s read every article ever printed about him in the London Times.... more
  • Hero Spell

    by Josie Malone

    Extraordinary pony farm manager Audra Dawson does it all, training ponies, teaching children to ride and looking after the livestock at Silver Lake Pony Ranch. She sets her sights on the man of her dreams—a man she adores, despite the fact he has other plans. He sees her as a friend, a potential sister-in-law, and a woman more capable than most Army generals—a cross between Gunga-Din and Alexander the Great—but not someone he wants to be involved with romantically. Meanwhile... more

  • The Scandalous Vixen

    by Tracy Sumner

    In this enemies-to-lovers Regency romance, a bold lady and a ruthless duke realize they need to agree to an ardent alliance to get what they want.

    He knew at first sight.
    She knew at first kiss.

    Helena Astley, Lady Hell to the ton, has plans. To control her father’s shipping business, to live her way, by her rules. Her plan is going remarkably well until one ill-advised kiss invites the duke she doesn’t want but cannot resist into her lif... more

  • An August Affair

    by Kin Asdi
    An August Affair Gerald, a successful self-employed lawyer, was about to start a new assignment. Knowing he would soon be working in a stuffy office building for weeks on end, he decided to take a short hike in his favorite forest, hoping he might find bear tracks. He was lucky and quickly found the fresh tracks of a huge grizzly bear. During the excited search for the large bear he accidentally bumped into a pretty woman and, as fate would have it, they had to face the dangerous bear togeth... more
  • Holiday Hope

    by Shanna Hatfield
    Left alone in the world after losing her parents, Cora Lee Schuster travels across the country to the newly-established town of Holiday, Oregon, to become a mail-order bride. She arrives in town to be greeted by her future father-in-law with her betrothed nowhere to be found. When it becomes obvious her reluctant groom-to-be has no intention of showing up at the family ranch where she’s staying, Cora Lee must decide if she’ll follow her head or heart. Jace Coleman has loved trains since the f... more
  • Please Fall for Me

    by M.W. McKinley

    Lei wants the one thing he already has which is to be the bassist for Brotherhood, a small indie-rock band from Oxford, England. When the band relocates to New York City without a drummer or a fanbase, Lei’s worried they made a huge mistake, especially now that he’s an ocean away from his grandmother as she battles a life-threatening heart condition.

    Felix wants the one thing he can't have which is to play drums for Brotherhood. When he offers to help the band find a dif... more

  • Of Plays, Pals, and Pointless Mayhem

    by Tracy Taylor
    Rachel Washington is the golden child of the theatrical world. Or she would be if not for her maniacal friends. She is not a saint herself, but when she is around her friends, Mackenzie Eubank and James Farrington, the hilarity becomes three-fold. Rachel Washington has been given the chance of a lifetime to write and direct a play for her boss, the great producer Mr. Frank McPherson. Now all she has to do is pull her cast of friends together and they could all be rich. However, not everyone is h... more
  • GOLD

    by Maureen A. Miller

    It was the middle of January in Southeastern Alaska. Sara Eckert anticipated at least another two months of vacancy in her remote bed & breakfast. Until he showed up. A man not interested in hiking, fishing, or hunting. So, why was he there?


    Two miners have gone missing. Their disappearance has been ruled accidental. To the firm that sent them to Alaska, that answer is unacceptable. Luke Reis has been dispatched to learn more. Gaining access to the remote wilderness isn'... more

  • The Quest for Psyche

    by Beth C. Greenberg

    The God of Love is a heartbroken mess. Unmoored after losing Pan to his Right Love, Cupid resorts to a very human approach to relieving his misery – therapy. His online sessions seem to be working until Dr. Mariposa Rey mysteriously cuts him off. Sensing she needs his help, Cupid sets out on a cross-country adventure to Lake Tahoe, where his heart is inflamed for his next Worthy. What Cupid doesn’t know is that this fourth test is not a punishment but his one and only chance for R... more

  • Stranded AF

    by Tammy Falkner
    An impromptu trip to Australia. Two adults who’d made a pact as kids to remain friends forever. Two precocious children. Two huge unruly dogs. What could possibly go wrong? Everything. Everything could go wrong. And it did. When Liam Scott looked up and saw Frankie Thompson standing in the doorway of his office, he’d almost had to pick himself up from the floor. Frankie showing up meant one thing: she needed his help. He’d never been able to turn Frankie down, and he couldn’t turn her down... more
  • In Truth

    by Arti Auburne
    This is a fictional account of a French Canadian journalist whose adverse childhood experiences dictate the trajectory of her life. The story spans over half a century and shows her evolution alongside societal shifts as she takes on public interest reporting across the globe to challenge shifting truths. Within its dark themes of poverty, mental illness, and abuse, the most difficult aspects are made mentionable and manageable by an undercurrent of lightness and a hopeful ending.
  • A Risk on Forever

    by NS Perkins
    When Matthias Phillips imagined the new caretaker for his mother with ALS, the last thing he had in mind was a gorgeous twenty-something who didn’t look like she had a day of experience in the field. However, his mother has always been stubborn, and despite his objections, she’s insistent: it’s Adelaide Samson she wants him to hire. After losing her job, Adelaide needs a new gig to continue supporting her family, even if that means working for overprotective and rude Matthias. Once she earns ... more
  • Adventures in Tuscany

    by Judith Isacoff
    From being caught in the Trevi Fountain and splashed on the front pages, to unwittingly bringing home a tasty wild boar, five American women in Tuscany have the unruly time of their lives.