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  • A Bandit's Vow

    by Kate Condie
    She never dared to dream of a love of her own. He never dreamed marriage would be his most dangerous exploit. Eloise Morris always puts her family first, and she spends her days working hard to support them. Marriage has never been part of her plans, but when Eloise is suddenly faced with the prospect of losing their family farm she does the unthinkable and accepts an offer of marriage... from a man who is little more than an outlaw. By rights, Aaron Harder should have been dead by now.... more
  • The Valet

    by S.M. LaViolette
    Stephen Chatham is everything Jo Leather ever wanted. Despite Stephen's tragic past, he's kind, brilliant, and the best employer Jo’s ever had. Falling for him was easy. Stopping him from discovering that Jo is actually Josephine—and keeping him from hating her when the truth inevitably comes out? That will be infinitely more difficult. Stephen doesn’t have much experience with love, but he’s known enough betrayal to last two lifetimes. Emotion doesn’t come easily to him. Neither does passion... more
  • The Bastard

    by S.M. LaViolette
    His was a face that women carried with them into their nightmares, not their fantasies… John Fielding is not a gentleman. His brutal past has left him scarred, mind and body. But the scars are a valuable reminder of what’s truly important. Revenge. And John will have his vengeance on the man who abandoned him when he was just a child. In fact, he’ll make the entire bloodline pay for the sins of his father. No one can stop him. Except maybe Cordelia. She’s everything John is not—kind and... more
  • Found: Bare with a Baron

    by Tammy Andresen
    The Baron Brightmore is the exact sort of rake a debutante should stay far away from… Not that Miss Alexi Starlit need worry about rogues. She’s too busy blending into the wall to catch the eye of a man like that. That is until this wallflower stumbles across a derelict and drunk baron having a tryst in the garden with an unknown lady. And when that woman escapes into the dark, Alexi is left alone with the worst sort of lord. She can’t imagine the situation could get any worse until her hosts... more
  • Take Two

    by Libby Waterford
    Jay Orlando used to be a lot of things—notorious heartthrob, second lead on cult favorite teen drama Sawyer’s Cove, and in hopeless first love with his costar Camille Corsair. Now he’s a humble bar owner reluctantly trading on his onetime fame while she's a certified star. When Cami walks into his bar, the last thing he expects her to say are the words “reboot” and “contract.” While Cami is tempting as ever, Jay has no intention of reprising his role—on the show or in Cami’s life. Cami’s fled... more
  • Hidden Agenda, The Eller Series Book 2

    by Kathryn Halberg
    Still aching from an unforgivable romantic betrayal, marketing tech genius Carlie Eller is weary of her family pushing her to move on. To escape it all for a short while, as well as prove to herself that she can operate independently of her globally renowned family, Carlie leaves Cincinnati for a weeklong conference in Chicago. While battling her own insecurities and severe anxiety, she falls into a dangerous love triangle. Her attention is snagged by both a sexy, bestselling author from New Yor... more
  • Animal Attraction, The Eller Series Book 1

    by Kathryn Halberg
    Tired of meeting men who only wanted to use her as an in with her famous father, Rachael Eller gave up on dating and focused her affection on a pair of lovable rescue dogs. A savvy and successful businesswoman in the suburbs of Cincinnati, her opposition to romance crumbled in the face of a daring prospective client and a local veterinarian. How could fate be so cruel to send these two amazing men into her life at the same time? Can she risk her career for love?
  • Beast Unburdened

    by Robin O'Connor

    When Abigail wakes up aboard a spaceship she thinks she’s landed in a real nightmare and when the creepy slavers throw her in a cell with a beastly alien it seems like the horror has only just begun.


    Ziame might have pretended to be a dumb monstrous beast but with Abigail to woo and protect he knows they need to breakout. With half their guards dead from a previous pirate attack, there has never been a better chance and with Abby’s help they form a plan and get ... more

  • Holiday Home

    by Shanna Hatfield
    Widow Britta Webster can hardly remember life before her village was overrun with German soldiers during World War II. All she wants is to live a peaceful existence and raise her child. But she will do anything to protect Joshua, even if it means begging a stranger to take her to America where her son will have a safe place to call home. Honor, grace, and duty are the driving forces behind Bryce Coleman’s approach to life, even as he strives to survive in war-torn France. Severely wounded, he... more
  • Once Upon a Kiss

    by Carina Rose
    When Lacey Winters escapes her stressful New York City life for a relaxing winter vacation in the Caribbean, she’s ready to get some sun and enjoy a little time to herself. But her plans for peace and tranquility are shattered when she finds that her ex-boyfriend is already at the same resort—and with the same woman Lacey found him cheating with. Reeling from the shock and determined to prove she's moved on, Lacey impulsively kisses a handsome stranger she spotted on the beach for all to see.... more
  • In the Shadow of a Wish

    by Maci Aurora
    In the Kingdom of Kaloma, women are forced to marry by the age of 26 or face terrible consequences. It is the law. Four sisters living in the remote village of Sevens, the northernmost point of the kingdom, are without the means to make a love match. Trapped by their circumstances, they attend to their proper obligation to the law, but time is running out. When one sister discovers an enchanted, golden key deep in the Whitling Woods, it may have the power to change everything, but will the... more
  • Romantic Short Stories

    by Deandre Dean
    Three short stories in one book. Find out if marriage can be broken when sexual fantasies are deemed abnormal. Or read about Alec and his college crush on his hot guy friend. Eboni has the fairy-tale life, but the release of her tell all book has some issues with confidentiality and legal battle with her friends who she used in her book without letting them know. Will this destroy their friendships or is greed more powerful than love?
  • Dreamer of Destiny

    by Barbara Woster
    ​An epic journey that will test a young woman's will to survive, and will lead her into the arms of destiny. Christina begins having dreams after a bout of pneumonia. Can she interpret the dreams in time to save herself...and a People of whom she has no knowledge?
  • Whispers of the Heart

    by Barbara Woster
    Tragedy shook their worlds, but they found a new beginning in each others' arms. Dalian Rivers and Kathryn McMurray thought love would never find them again, until providence lent a hand. Now, the two of them face further adversity that will test their new found relationship. Will Dalian’s love be enough to protect the woman who whispered to his heart?
  • Love Through Time

    by Barbara Woster
    Savannah and Tyeshia are the best of friends, but can that friendship withstand the test of time? ​Tyeshia is a statuesque black beauty with a romantic heart who captures the attention of a 200-year-old ghost bent on mischief. Savannah is responsible for opening the door that brings that mischievous specter into their life, and now she must find a way to close it before Tyeshia is lost forever, but can Savannah focus on what needs to be done when she’s distracted by a ghost of her own?
  • Fate's Intervention

    by Barbara Woster
    Marcelle is as free-spirited as the horses she trains, and just as stubborn. Can Matthew capture the heart of this strong-willed, mischievous woman, or will Fate need to intervene.