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  • The Night Before Scandal (Heart's Temptation Book 7)

    by Scarlett Scott
    What happens in a carriage doesn’t always stay in a carriage... Lord Harry Marlow reluctantly attends a Christmas house party hosted by his brother and his sister-in-law, who also happens to be the woman he once longed to wed himself. He’s not pleased by the prospect of holly and mistletoe and merrymaking any more than he is with the reminder of the love he could have had. But his dismay doesn’t last for long when a mysterious stranger in the midst of a blizzard captures his interest. Lady... more
  • Seeing Red: A Contemporary MM Romance (Trowchester Series)

    by Alex Beecroft
    Bad boys don’t tame easy. Victor is a bad man. Is there anything he won’t do for power and money? Destroy a local business so he can buy it cheap? Kick out its owners and turn it into a cash cow? He relishes the chance. Idris is a good man in possession of a renowned tea-house. He’s put his heart and soul into the place. It’s everything he has and wants... Except for Victor. He wants Victor too. Can the love of a compassionate man restore a predator’s withered soul? Or is Idris... more
  • Carnaval: A Wry Contemporary Mystery

    by S A Finlay
    In the never-ending post-crash decade of London, a month or so before Brexit, it rains a lot, mostly on the young, as they try to shift for themselves. When young Honoré finds herself in thrall to the seemingly Machiavellian much older Gerald, a discreet hostess to bacchanalia held for the great and the good in a mysterious mansion, (yes, we know what type of gathering that is) she recruits first her reluctant sister, Luce, then idealistic Sam to her cause.It's the night of one of the notorious ... more
  • Geraldine (First Printing)

    by Edmund Aristone

    Geraldine at 22 seems to have it all; exceptional beauty, a promising artistic career, and an endless array of would be suitors, but she chooses to be alone. For her, the future is short, a bright flash because she suffers from a bi polar disorder that has brought her to the edge of chaos. Until, she meets Tom.

    Tom is a 28 year old suspended medical surgeon who is tending bar, drinking too much and basically living a meaningless life. Some people would consider Tom to be a little bit cr... more

  • A Really Bad Idea

    by Jeannine Colette
    Everyone has a best friend. Mine just happens to be Dr. Christian Gallagher— the gorgeous, green-eyed heart surgeon who wants to have a baby with me. Yes, you read that correctly. When my mother approached me on my thirty-third birthday with a brochure for egg freezing, it was a glaring reminder that my biological clock is ticking toward its expiration date. I’ve always dreamed of being a mom and had a plan — one that was destroyed when I caught my professional hockey player husband in bed... more
  • The Opposite of Drowning

    by Erin McRae & Racheline Maltese
    Sometimes, love is a natural disaster. Harry Sargent hates his job in publishing, his life in New York City, and his motley collection of disreputable best friends. Making everything worse? He's about to turn 50 and has a crush on the much-younger woman his company just hired to move them into the digital age. At 27, Elizabeth Anne Abgral loves her job, her life, and maybe even her fiancé. But no one can have it all, and as long as she does everything her old-fashioned, high-society New En... more
  • Stonehaven: A Romance for the Divine Feminine

    by Curtis Mitchell
    Back Cover Text Angelica, just graduated from college and a little unclear about what to do next, decides to get some perspective on her future by going on a yoga retreat at an old estate in the mountains. She soon finds herself drawn into the vortex of an Ancient Mystery of Release from the norms and limits of her old life; a Mystery embedded in a Mythology ever-renewing. Spanning 3500 years and engaging one of the core conflict of our times, Stonehaven explores the Mysteries of Love and ... more
  • May Queen: May Day (Holiday Knights Book 3)

    by Elizabeth Rose
    A beautiful but mysterious woman arrives in the castle courtyard one night, as the baron’s replacement to Lord Ricard Wellington’s betrothed. With eyes like emeralds and a smile that could melt even a hardened warrior’s heart, Lady Flora Debenham quickly captures Ricard’s interest. However, she is feisty as well as disobedient and keeps sneaking out of the castle walls. The woods are dangerous and filled with Druids who he believes have killed his parents. Fearing for her safety, he follows her,... more
  • The Letter

    by Ken Donaldson
    A story written in the style of older romance themes using some of todays modern love concept to bring a romantic tale of high school sweethearts torn apart by time until fate offers a chance which allows these two an opportunity to reconnect once more. Highly recommended for ages 15 and over.
  • The Belle Stalker

    by Minnette Meador
    Belle Stark has struggled to conquer crippling fears since being attacked by a maniac. Despite the efforts of countless cops, her stalker continues to roam free. When Belle discovers her lover's mutilated body spread over the furniture, she becomes the prime suspect, but she's certain her attacker is to blame.With no where else to turn, Belle seeks help from her ex-husband, homicide detective Mike Cranston, the one person she swore she would never let back into her life...or her heart. In ... more
  • The End of Hatred (Etherya's Earth Book 1)

    by Rebecca Hefner
    These are dangerous times on Etherya’s Earth… Slayer Princess Miranda, heir to the throne, has hated the Vampyres for a thousand years. Since the Awakening, she's fought to protect her people, choosing to be a warrior more than a royal. When a female Vampyre washes up on the shore of her compound’s riverbank, she seizes the moment to take the offensive. Sathan, King of the Vampyres, distraught at his sister’s disappearance and captivity, agrees to travel with Miranda to resect the Blade of... more
  • Never Kiss an Earl at Midnight: Regency Romance (How to Reform a Rake Book 4)

    by Tammy Andresen
    A bluestocking and a rake… Lady Victoria Ducat has an orderly life filled with academic pursuits and the care of her ailing father. She has no use for a drunken rake like the Earl of Kissinger. Just because he is handsome, charming, and he makes her knees weak doesn’t mean she’s going to give up her principles. So what if Lord Kissinger looks at her the way no man has before? She’ll just ignore the heat in his gaze and the breathless want it brings. She had a plan and she’ll stick to it, whic... more
  • Ghost of a Chance

    by Minnette Meador
    Keenan Swanson is your typical, everyday graphic designer. Well, except for the hundreds of pesky, prank-loving poltergeists that make his life interesting (in a Chinese curse sort of way). He finds his situation precarious yet manageable—until witty, smoking-hot coworker Isabella enters the scene, and Keenan decides he wants her all for himself. With a horny succubus who has other ideas, a burly city cop determined to lock Keenan away, and an evil entity who’s hell-bent on using Keenan’s seed t... more
  • Counterpoint

    by Lauren E. Rico
    Brilliant young pianist Alexandria is poised for classical music superstardom…until the night she unravels in front of thousands at her Carnegie Hall debut. Brilliant young pianist Nate is poised for classical music superstardom…until the night a horrific accident took away everything—and everyone he loved. Now fate—and a wily cowboy pianist named Wyatt—have brought them both to Texas for a summer of intensive study and healing. And suddenly, each must decide if there is enough power in their... more
  • When Dormant Daffodils Bloom

    by Kelsey Lasher
    There was a point in Nora’s life when she wouldn’t have dreamt of ever living a day without her brother Michael and best-friend-turned-love, Finn. The three had been inseparable since childhood. That is until one fateful college party sent them careening away from each other leaving them all to deal with regret and heartache for years. Now, a decade later, the events of life have conspired to bring them back together. Reunited in the midst of fear and uncertainty, they are forced to confront the... more
  • Replaceable Lovers: A novel

    by Estherlina Feliciano

    Replaceable Lovers tells a story of pain, a broken marriage, and new beginnings as a woman journeys to find true love, with the help and support from her two bestfriends she call sisters.