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  • The Heart of a Harlot

    by Kristen Reed
    As Jericho falls, her faith rises. After spending over a decade prostituting in Jericho, Rahab has a vision of rubble and death that shakes her awake both from her sleep and from her self-destructive lifestyle. As news of the Israelites’ victory over the Amorites spreads, the people’s hearts melt with terror while hers fills with hope in the God who leads them. And the arrival of two Israelite spies ushers in a new era in Rahab’s life where her newfound faith is tested and rewarded in ways she n... more
  • Elizabeth: Obstinate, Headstrong Girl

    by Christina Boyd

    On the pages of Elizabeth: Obstinate, Headstrong Girl, ten popular Austenesque authors sketch Elizabeth Bennet's character through a collection of romantic re-imaginings, sequels, and prequels of Pride & Prejudice, set in the Regency through contemporary times. With timeless verve, our Elizabeth Bennet bares her most intimate thoughts, all the while offering biting social commentary about life’s absurdities. She overcomes the obstacles of others’ opi... more

  • A Country Wedding

    by Heatherly Bell
    When Rhett Hunt proposes a fake engagement, Jessie Wilder shouldn't say yes... Rhett is country music royalty, so when he's asked to attend the celebrity wedding of the year at a resort, he agrees. He plans to hide out in the small beach town, relax, and regroup. But when he’s faced with a younger woman’s obsession with him, Rhett knows just how to discourage her. And he wants Jessie to help. Like nearly every other woman in America, Jessie crushed on the hot and hunky Rhett, until a long-... more
  • Untamed Hearts

    by Colleen O'Connell
    Fleeing her wavering feelings for her fiancé, Taryn Ashford boards a westbound train to visit relatives. Her journey awakens unbridled passion with the dangerously handsome, Jared King. When Jared is accused of murder, she is faced with providing him an alibi at the risk of her own reputation. Did he use her to save himself or can she trust her heart – and him - to discover the truth? A truth they must work together to reveal. Gunman, shooter, the brand is Jared King’s life. His skill with a ... more
  • Camael's Gift (Angelic Hosts Series Book 1)

    by Michele E. Gwynn
    If he chooses her, he’ll be damned for eternity. From the moment the archangel Camael set eyes upon Hannah Adams, his heart was forever hers. For Cam, there was never any other choice. He would defy heaven itself, fall from His grace and accept becoming one of the Dark Ones, all for one sweet moment with the human woman. But he’s not the only one who wants her. The Fallen have targeted Hannah as well. Plotting to obtain the key to free Lucifer from the pit of a thousand years, Dagon makes him... more
  • Queen's Island

    by Michele E. Gwynn
    At thirty-four, Claire Townsend found herself fatigued, fifteen pounds overweight, and in need of medical help. When Doctor Marie Petit prescribes a month-long stay at an exclusive spa on a remote island off the French Riviera, Claire believes she's being sent for some rest and physical rehabilitation, but when she arrives, the 'spa' is not at all what she expected, and neither is her assigned therapist, Cade Malone. The handsome Aussie is both annoying and alluring by turns, confusing Claire... more
  • Camael's Battle (Angelic Hosts Series Book 2)

    by Michele E. Gwynn
    If the prophesy is fulfilled, the unborn savior will die… In love, and about to become a father for the first time, the archangel Camael finds himself living a nightmare when his beloved Hannah goes missing. The goddess, Astarte, is orchestrating her fallen lover Lucifer’s release from hellish incarceration and secrets long-buried will be revealed causing chaos and throwing obstacles into Camael’s path to rescuing his true love. Even with help from the rebellious Gabriel, and reluctant Michae... more
  • Hiring John

    by Michele E. Gwynn
    A promotion sends Londoner Britain St. James across the ‘pond’ all the way to Sin City, USA -- Las Vegas. But success isn’t smelling quite as sweet as she realizes she’s middle-aged, single, and with no manly prospects on the horizon. Having no one to share her achievements with sucks, and her man-hungry assistant, Kathy, doesn’t count! As the melancholy sets in, the complimentary drinks flow, and Brit decides that “When in Rome” she should do as the Romans do, if the Romans hired male escorts! ... more
  • Pirate's Prey

    by Colleen O'Connell
    Shane Christian scorns danger as the notorious pirate, Falcon. Feared and respected for his realm over the sea, his exploits are only surpassed by his devilish charm. No battle waged or venture dared is as great as the ploy he devises to protect Maura Brent - a spirited beauty whose willful nature captures his heart. His strategy to thwart the law risks exposure and potential introduction to the hangman’s noose. If he succeeds in safeguarding their love, will he live long enough to treasure... more
  • Lady Law and the Texas DeRangers

    by Xina Marie Uhl
    Cowboys, Indians, and outlaws. It may be 1892 but the Old West is still alive and kicking in the dusty west Texas town of Abalone. When a bad batch of coleslaw kills Texie Cortez’s father she takes over his old job: Sheriff. She’s proud of how she keeps the gunslingers away and the cowpokes in order. Then HE comes to town. Gambler Alec Malone aims to attract attention with his handsome face and slick smile. One look at the sassy sheriff and his womanizing ways get the best of him. ... more
  • Either Or Else Nor

    by Varun Gupta
    They were like two parallel lines. Never together but always together. A story of two people in a night of conversation and conjecture with no start in sight. In the end like we assume that we decide when maybe destiny has exhausted all the possibilities and decided the one for you.
  • Overlord

    by Cyndi Friberg
    Determined to bring meaningful change to her people, Lady Eza of the Sarronti seeks out the leader of the Outcasts and proposes a daring alliance. She expects to negotiate with a barbarian. Instead, Overlord Kage Razel awakens longings that have nothing to do with the rebellion. He intrigues and attracts her, making her ache for the consuming passion she has only experienced in his arms. Yet Kage also frightens Eza. She senses secrets in him, portions of his being he will not share with anyone. ... more
  • Yggdrasil Story

    by Theeraphat Sunthornwit
    Six-years-war has ended, by the strength of only one man. Everyone calls him "Swordmaster". Unfortunately, this is not the story of such time of glory, bloodshed and..... Ruby, interrupting: Sola, why don't you just tell them that this is the story of a man in a harem full of beautiful flower girls. Almond: Could you not disturb her? This is the most important part of our story, and it could decide the future of us all. Ruby: And I want to ask you why the novel cover doesn't have me on ... more