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  • The House of Hope & Chocolate

    by Ava Miles
    Ava Miles, author of the #1 National Bestseller The Chocolate Garden, brings you another uplifting page-turner about hope, the will to start over, and the power of friendship. In this first Friends & Neighbors novel, meet a woman determined to realize her dreams and revitalize a beloved neighborhood with two things she believes most in: hope and chocolate. From the time she was a little girl with a chocolate stand instead of lemonade, Alice Bailey dreamt of opening a chocolate shop. After all... more
  • #Blocked: A Social Media Love Story

    by Savannah Thomas

    Fashion influencer, Winter Smith, portrays a picture-perfect lifestyle to her many followers. In reality, she’s plagued by anxiety, panic attacks, and the memories of an abusive past relationship. Winter’s best friend Mia, a health and fitness influencer, finally convinces her to get out of the house and attend the grand opening of a hipster-tech bowling alley in Portland, Oregon. There she meets the charming, tattoo-covered owner, Bo Blaine. No matter how hard she resists, Winter... more

  • Best men bow ties in India and other gifting options for him!!

    by akansha Singh
    In many relationships, men have always been on the giving side. Many women assume that men do not need pampering, and while some women pamper their men, the men lack the capacity to display how touched they are with these gestures. So, even these women then quit pampering their men. I am married for the last three years and had a one year courtship with him, and I surely agree that men are not as expressive as women and no matter how happy they are with our gestures, they do not vocalize it lik... more
  • Heart's Desire

    by Linda Hoover

    Heart’s Desire 

    In 1880 Boston, Julia Phillips meets Jacob Anderson, a charming jewelry store clerk who makes her heart race, and wonders how she might get her parents to accept a man who isn’t from the upper class. On arrival home, she discovers a worse problem. Unbeknownst to her, her father has a secret that compelled him to betroth her to business associate, Lucien Harris. She wants nothing to do with Lucien and tries to talk both him and her father out of the agree... more

  • Wunderland

    by Scarlett Se Leva


    Twenty-one-year old Simone thinks that she’s finally gotten over her breakup with her high school flame, Ryan Mulligan. The emerald-eyed boy who has haunted her dreams since she was a teen. That is, until she sees him at her best friend’s birthday party, and their love is reignited. As they become reacquainted, Simone and Ryan’s bond grows stronger and stronger. But while Ryan is convinced they are soulmates, Simone&rsquo... more

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    by Complete Fun
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  • Shadow & Poison

    by J.B. Curry
    When monsters stalk the darkness of Prohibition era Chicago, it takes a special kind of hero to kill them. Private detective Mark Van Ryn’s supernatural power over shadow has made him an outcast his whole life. When a mutated creature starts eating Chicago’s gangsters from the inside out, Mark is the only man in the city who can hunt it down and destroy it. But a dangerous lady has a job for Mark too, one that might cost him more than his life. Gifted perfumer Eliza Karlova needs a man. The m... more
  • Sexual Pleasure Away From Home

    by aliya arora
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  • Can We Pretend?

    by Sana Khatri

    From International Bestselling author Sana Khatri comes a sweet yet soul-stirring standalone age gap contemporary romance where desires are sacrificed, beliefs are shattered, and heartbeats – they are unknowingly stolen.

    God, how it hurts to be human.
    I saw him. He saw me. My heart gave up.
    "Guess what?" he'd tell me.
    "What?" I'd say.
    "I've got something that'll make you ... more

  • His Harlot

    by S.M. LaViolette
    What’s the most ruinous mistake a harlot can make? Falling in love with her client … Edward Fanshawe is everything Nora Hudson wants in the bedroom—and everything she should avoid out of it. He gives her the pain, humiliation, and domination she craves from a sexual partner, but his search for the perfect, blue-blooded wife means the last thing Nora should do is fall for him. Except…it’s too late. She already has. When Edward offers to make Nora his mistress, the idea of being utterly u... more
  • Melissa and the Vicar

    by S.M. LaViolette
    Melissa Griffin is quite literally sick and tired. She’s the owner of one of London’s most exclusive brothels, but her failing health is telling her she can’t continue to keep working at her current pace. A relaxing stay in the country is exactly what she needs. Falling for the small town’s gorgeous young vicar—a virgin, no less—was never part of her plan. Their love is scandalous, forbidden…and everything Melissa never knew she wanted. Denying her feelings is unthinkable. Avoiding devastation w... more
  • Love Behind Enemy Lines

    by Jeanette Anderson
    Jannah, a 21-year-old Palestinian, struggles to turn over a handsome Israeli soldier, and one-time friend, as a hostage, or fight the terrorists within her own family.
  • Chandigarh Escorts

    by Harmit Kaur
    Harmit Kaur, from Chandigarh Escorts, ever ready with open arms to give love and attention to the world. Having fun in this world has become quite a task as the levels of stress and worries is only mounting and if a person meets a sexy and beautiful diva like me then, he will forget all his work blues and enjoy the best time of his life.
  • A Portrait of Love

    by Minerva Spencer
    Honoria Keyes isn’t the gawky, impressionable fifteen-year-old girl she was when she first met Simon Fairchild. Fourteen years have passed, and she’s a successful artist, enjoying her independence to the fullest. Simon has changed, too. Gone is the beautiful, gentle boy of Honoria’s dreams. In his place is a dangerous, damaged man intent on avoiding human contact—and emotions. It would be unthinkable to fall for this difficult, wounded recluse. But then again, Honoria has never been one to do th... more
  • A Long Dark Rainbow

    by Michael Tappenden
    Alexander James, now retired, pursued a successful career as an art historian and somewhat eccentric academic. He lives in a dowdy and chaotic flat and is single. His choice. Alone , that is, except for the world of art, which can at times replace the real one. He prefers to forget his past but on dark nights it can return to haunt him. He meets Samantha Reagan by chance at the charity shop where she volunteers. She is sophisticated, divorced and when she admits it, lonely. They had met briefl... more
  • Savage Ruling

    by Aparna Gayle

    “It’s a man’s world,” That’s what her father told her.

    “Women aren’t meant to lead,” Another he said.

    “Your role is to become a dutiful wife to your husband, and a ruthless killer and protector for the famiglia,” He repeated for years.

    Dutiful wife? Alessia can be that.

    Ruthless killer and protector? She done been those from the moment she was able to hold a gun.

    But is that all? Hell no.

    After her... more