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  • Jane Eyre Illustrated

    by Charlotte Brontë
    Public Domain Book: "Jane Eyre" is a classic novel written by Charlotte Brontë. It follows the life of the orphaned titular character, Jane Eyre, as she navigates her tumultuous journey from a difficult childhood to adulthood. The novel explores themes of social class, morality, and the struggle for independence. Jane's experiences as a governess at Thornfield Hall, her complex relationship with the enigmatic Mr. Rochester, and her quest for self-discovery are central to the story. "Jane Eyre" i... more
  • Is It Just Me?

    by Sweet Pea
    In the unpredictable whirlwind of life, Georgia refuses to let her circumstances define her future. Growing up witnessing her mother's struggles, she's determined to chart a different course. Armed with a bold plan to marry into wealth by 25 and have her first child by 30, Georgia dives headfirst into the world of social media dating. Meet Georgia – a spirited and resourceful 19-year-old on a mission to secure her future by finding the perfect partner. With her trusty sidekick Lacole by her s... more
  • My Life With You

    by Amanda Legacy
  • Dead End Florals: A Cozy Fantasy Novel

    by Lilse Asalt
    Hades ruled with an iron fist, handled his affairs with all the cool intellect and remorse that one exudes from death itself. But even a king cannot deny he wishes for spring. To charge his solemn existence, he reaches for a flower -- Persephone -- and plucks her from her gilded cage to flourish in a small flower shop. What they did not imagine were monsters, mayhem, and mysteries that would bind them as partners in law and order.
  • The Location Shoot

    by Patricia Leavy
    Controversial filmmaker Jean Mercier is shooting a film on location in Sweden. While spending the summer creating his latest work of cinematic art, he lives in a nearby inn with his lead actors: Albie Hughes, British veteran of stage and screen; Charlotte Reed, British indie film queen; Michael Hennesey, American TV heartthrob; Willow Barnes, fallen former teen star looking to make a comeback; and Finn Forrester, legendary Hollywood movie star. Mercier invites his friend Ella Sinclair—a beautifu... more
  • A Foreboding Future: Kopp Chronicles

    by Gregory Kopp
    The rise of authoritarian aggression abroad thrusts the dashing British Military Intelligence officer, Richard Cordwell, into mortal danger as he faces his most formidable foe to date, only to be saved by the beautiful French spy Madame Duvernay. Meanwhile, at home, mirroring today’s cultural wars and the controversy over book bans, passage of the anti-obscenity Comstock Law creates an uproar in New York City as it puts an innocent woman on trial. As these events unfold, an immigrant family's ho... more
  • 26 Ways to Come Home for the Holidays: A Christmastime Novella

    by Jennifer Joy
    GET INTO THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT WITH '26 WAYS TO COME HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS,' A FRIENDS-TO-LOVERS HOLIDAY ROMANCE It’s Thanksgiving 1942, and Stella West, the first-ever head of holidays for Hanover's Department Store is left in a bind when her lead window designer runs off days before the grand unveiling of the store’s Christmas windows—a tradition the entire city treasures. Up against the clock, she scrambles to gather together a rag-tag team of store employees to finish the job, including their ... more
  • Rough Around the Hedges: an Uncanny Romance Novel

    by Lish McBride
    Will Murphy spends his down time doing subversive cross-stitch, crafting saucy baked goods for the romance book club he attends with his Nana, and desperately trying to hide the fact that he’s been in love with Vanessa Woodbridge for, well, ever. For years, he’s been content to wear the best friend label. But suddenly it’s starting to chafe, right when Vanessa really needs a trusted friend. Vanessa Woodbridge wants to be a hedge witch more than anything, but her chances of becoming one are l... more
  • Meredith's Journey Begins

    by Edward Green
    Most of us leave school or university with big plans, that never quite pan out. Meredith finds herself floating through life. She’s good at her job, happy with friends, and loves her cats, but when anyone asks her what she’s up to, she’d never quite sure what to say. William fully intends to use his position as a consultant to rule the world from the back seat. None of the risk, and all of the reward. Plus, it’s just plain fun to know he is in complete control. When William hands Meredith his... more
  • A Kiss to Build a Grudge On

    by Brianne Gillen
    Recipe for Love: Take one chance encounter between two strangers, add a near-perfect first kiss…and temper it with a long-simmering grudge. Preheat the oven…  Talented baker Max Mitchell has never quite gotten over the woman he met, kissed, and promptly repelled, all in the space of one momentous V-J Day celebration. So he should be thrilled when fate brings her back into his life—the only problem? She can’t stand him, and now that she’s moved in next door, it’s impossible to resist provokin... more
  • Claiming the Chess Mistress

    by Andrea K. Stein
    The loss of Col’s damning journal pages is about to turn deadly; The forfeit of Charlotte’s closely guarded secrets might destroy her; Will their mutual quest for justice bring them together, or tear them apart? By night, she’s a masked chess mistress who challenges and trounces all takers; by day, she’s the ethereal white-blonde beauty who volunteers at the children’s refuge in Seven Dials — Charlotte Smythe lives a luxurious double life of ease as the mysterious chess genius at Goodrum’s ... more
  • Eternal Symphony

    by Crystal Summers

    "You're the marionette who met with a terrible curse, aren't you?"

    Headstrong Alice Sinclair couldn’t care less about romance until she meets the dashing and witty billionaire vampire named Elijah Tonnerre, who sweeps her off her feet—and she hates it. Enemies to friends to lovers, she dances around her unbridled feelings for this enigmatic man, who cannot resist her beauty, wit, and independent spirit.

    As her forbidden sent... more

  • Daisy Does it Herself: A Funny, Heartwarming Romantic Comedy

    by Gracie Player
    When Daisy's life in London comes crashing down around her, the only thing she can think of is getting away - far away. That's how she found herself stumbling off a train in England's picturesque Peak District - 150 miles from home, with no idea why she'd gone there and even less idea how she intended to get home. Daisy's got a decision to make: Will she play it safe, and return to what she knew? Or is she brave enough to take a leap of faith and create a bold, new life for herself in the last p... more
  • Ghost of Timor

    by Audrey Horne
    Jeremy and Alison are former lovers reunited for the first time in 25 years. Between bouts of lovemaking Jeremy begins to retell the story of his life without her. In GoT, as Jeremy tells of his adventures in Timor during the 1999 crisis, Alison begins to undergo a metamorphosis, embracing her repressed desires. The book ends on a cliff hanger with Alison unsure if Jeremy told her everything about his past. The epilogue confirms, to the reader, that her suspicions.
  • Well Dressed Lies

    by Carrie Hayes
    London, 1877. Retired suffragists, VICTORIA WOODHULL and TENNESEE CLAFLIN are shrewd, attractive, and looking for husbands. But their backgrounds are sketchy. No one knows they've been paid - one might say bribed - a fortune to leave New York. That they've been accused of intrigue, blackmail and worse are details best left alone. London is where they’ll start over. But when Victoria finds the love of her life, her prospects are threatened by a striking resemblance to a character in a ... more
  • The Machinist's Daughter

    by Georgia Adler
    The Machinist's Daughter follows the life of Jesse Thomas as she navigates recovery from the trauma of losing her husband and unborn child in a horrific accident that changes the course of her life, sending her down a path that puts her directly in the sights of a mysterious stranger. A year later, as she struggles to adjust to her life alone, a random encounter on social media soon turns into terror as Jesse becomes the victim of a stalker. When law enforcement is unable to impede his persisten... more