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  • Letting Go

    by Michele Zurlo
    An Impulsive Proposal… The terms of Sabrina’s grandfather’s will require for her to be married in order to gain her inheritance. In a moment of weakness, she proposes to a handsome stranger at work. She needs someone to play a part, and she’s willing to sleep with him to sweeten the deal. A Promise of Passion… With a failed marriage haunting him and something to prove, Jonas Spencer jumps at the chance to have sex with a beautiful, intelligent woman for a whole year. It would be fun, and he... more
  • Serving Up Hope

    by H.M. Shander
    Meghan needs a date to her ex-fiance's wedding, and enlists in the help of a dating website. Three potential candidates inbox her, and she agrees to interview them and see if they meet her rigid requirements. However it's the back and forth letters from an Everyday Joe that really spark her interest. Only caveat, he refuses to send his picture or meet with her until hours prior to the wedding. She needs to decide if she takes another, goes alone or chances it on someone completely unknown, but w... more
  • Christmas Future

    by Valerie Ipson
    While Scarlett Ambrose works her PR magic landing the state of Alaska on the nice Christmas spirit list, her wedding plans and a longing for Arizona’s heat have to wait. But when the wait’s too long maybe a warm-hearted doctor will be just the prescription for lifting her cold, Scrooge-like spirit. Gil Pennington, dubbed online as “The Compassionate Doctor,” arrives in Anchorage to set his late father’s affairs in order. He yearns for a place to call home, but an overdue breakup with his fiancé ... more
  • Ace in the Picture

    by Jude Tresswell
    An asexual detective investigates a gay polyamorous quad. The police suspect one of the quad, Raith Balan, of faking a painting. So do money launderers who sink profits into art. Mike, Ross and Phil, the three men in Raith's life, must prove his innocence. They're hampered by their certainty that a member of the Fraud Squad is corrupt. The senior investigating officer is Detective Sergeant Nick Seabrooke. He knows he is asexual, but is he aromantic too? As Raith's lovers struggle to keep Raith s... more
  • Take My Heart

    by J. J. Sorel
    After being arrested for a crime he didn’t commit, Bronson, a dark, stormy figure, is driven to take revenge on the person responsible. Apart from clearing his name, his other mission is also to find his real parents. Ava is not only dating the guy responsible for Bronson’s incarceration but is also employed by a wealthy loner, who has a heart trapped in secrets, some of which relate back to Bronson. Driven by revenge, Bronson seduces Ava, who, captivated by his considerable masculinity and ... more
  • Matchmade Hearts

    by Elizabeth Rose
    The Matchmaker: Lady Philippa Willoughby is known for hosting many gatherings and celebrations at the castle. Somewhat meddlesome at times, she has taken it upon herself to play matchmaker to the villagers. This, along with her carefree ways, causes her to be the brunt of gossip that she is an improper lady. When her father betroths her to a Frenchman she has never met, she rebels, planning on finding a match for herself at her upcoming St. Valentine's Day dance. The Novice: Lord Etienn... more
  • The Mummy Trap

    by S.G. Lovell

    Full-time cynic Gisele Howard has no illusions about the vegetative state of her marriage or the reason for that state: two tiny humans, a caring but clueless husband, and a selectively deaf dog with bladder control issues make for easy pickings when trying to find a scapegoat. But better a decrepit union than the custodial battle her cousin is waging.

    That is, until her mother-in-law shares a picture of her vagina online, her social media account invites her to become friends with her ... more

  • Desire Lines

    by Elizabeth Kingston
    All he ever wanted was to go home. Leaving his life as a noble hostage behind him, Gryff has fled from one danger to another, never safe, always longing for a forbidden return to his conquered Welsh homeland. Held captive by villainous men, his unlikely savior is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen – and the most deadly. Her silence is unnerving, her generosity unexpected, and her pointed warning that she will not be an object of lust is perfectly clear. Nan has no doubt the ragged Wel... more
  • HWY 550 (Rock Point Book 3)

    by Freya Barker
    Special Agent Luna Roosberg lives and breathes her job. Who needs a personal life when work is so rewarding? When a new case sends her to investigate a local motorcycle club, covering as the president’s new flavor of the week, the lines between professional and personal quickly start to blur. Although the Arrow’s Edge MC stays mostly on the right side of the law since Ouray took the gavel, the appearance of the feds at their gate can still rattle his cage. When a string of robberies point... more
  • Kilted Sin: Scottish Historical Romance (Brethren of Stone Book 3)

    by Tammy Andresen
    All's fair in love and war. Now they just have to decide which this is... Laird William Sinclair is a good man. Like all his brothers he helps those around him, takes care of the less fortunate. So why does Gemma McClaren think she can take advantage of his kind nature and just ride off? He’s good but he isn’t a saint. And he’s certainly not above teaching that tricky little imp a lesson she’ll never forget. Gemma McClaren has learned the hard way that men are scum. She won’t ever fall pre... more
  • Whom Shall I Kiss... An Earl, A Marquess, or A Duke? (Tricking the Scoundrels Book 1)

    by Laura A. Barnes

    What started as a research project soon became a scandal...

    She wanted to prove a theory. He wanted to play a game. Can their schemes lead them towards a kiss of love?

    Tired of watching her friends become ruined by the scoundrels of the ton, Sidney Hartridge devises an experiment to reveal their antics. Her plan is to lure three gentlemen to kiss her and see how they would protect her honor. When her research leads her into her o... more

  • Rock Hard: Chord Brothers, Book 1

    by M. J. Roberts
    Drummer Ryder Chord has been living half a life since he was sixteen when a brutal tragedy strikes his family and he and his best friend hit the road. Ryder, desperate to forget, throws himself into touring life and writing music. When Lexi joins the band, Ryder’s life becomes almost tolerable. Until one day when the rest of the band isn’t there and Ryder and Lexi have to share a hotel room: with only one bed. Rule number one of band-dom: You never sleep with anyone in the band. Rule number one ... more
  • Love & Ghosts

    by Carrie Pulkinen

    She refuses to believe in ghosts.

    He makes a living on their existence.

    Love in the Big Easy shouldn't be so hard…

    Trying to add some excitement to her life, Emily Rollins accepts a dare to kiss a masked stranger at a charity ball. Fireworks ignite with that simple kiss, and she longs to learn more about the enchanting man. But Emily has lost so much of her heart already…

    Succumbing to his ch... more

  • Counting Daisies

    by Nicola Haken
    Dylan Roberts and Cameron O’Neil were good kids. Growing up together, they shared everything. By the age of fourteen they were more than best friends – they were in love. They dreamt of their future, of success, marriage…happiness. They were going to grow old by each other’s side. But… “Kids are stupid.” When tragic circumstances forced them apart, Dylan discovered that life wasn’t the fairytale he dreamed of; it was dark, difficult, saturated with pain and shame. Life wasn’t meant to be... more
  • The Printer And The Russians Daughter

    by Terence Goodchild
    Donald King is the son of Peter King who owns a printing company he takes Donald into the company and sends him on his first assignment to meet Gregory Pavaroni a Russian immigrant made good. There he meets Natalie the daughter of Gregory and falls madly in love with her, but she has other feelings towards Donald and play’s games with his mind, he cannot get her out of his mind and agrees to go horse riding with her one day, where she makes a fool out of him just for the hell of it, but not bein... more
  • 9780463444481

    by J.L. O'Dell

    "An Army Between Us" is the story of two soldiers who fall in love during a time of war despite the obstacles thrown in their path. Lt. Emily Fitzsimmons, a West Point graduate, and SFC Logan Cord, an enlisted man, work together against Army policy, Emily’s immediate supervisor, her father, General Fitzsimmons, amidst a fluid political situation and the storm clouds of war to ensure their love survives.