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  • The Stranger

    by A.A Schenna
    Jeremy was supposed to get off the train since he had to go to work, but he decided to follow the ‘femme fatale’. Elena followed every step he made. She could see his black shoes and his blue jeans but her glance didn’t get any higher. Although, the noise of the railroad was loud, she wouldn’t miss any of his words.
  • The Highwayman of Cordovia

    by Linda Weaver Clarke
    Centuries ago, valiant men and courageous women engaged in daring adventures as they helped their fellow man. With the help of a bold highwayman and a pastor’s daughter, they try to save their country from being taken over by a power-hungry leader. As they strive to stop the Kingmen and thwart their plans, Christine finds herself falling in love with Austin Knight. The only problem with their relationship is that she thinks he is her knight in shining armor instead of a highwayman. If she finds ... more
  • Trapped

    by Maria Hernandez
    Angelina Rivera was at the prime of her life. Surrounded by white sandy beaches, a good job and a condominium she called home. She relished in the peace Miami, Florida had to offer. But her life took a horrible turn when her mother fell ill; forcing her to leave her idyllic life and return to Taft Projects at New York's East Harlem, a place where memories of abuse, alcoholism and abandonment awaited her return. Daryl James ruled The Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, NY with his crack cocaine business ... more
  • An Unspeakable Anguish

    by Baird Wells
    Dr. James Grimshaw, a widower blamed for the death of his wife, sees only what he must of the world around him. He struggles with each day, lost inside London's anonymous crush. His wife's sister, Lady Hannah, moves through London with eyes wide open. Her clever, unforgiving, honest sketches of her enemies and allies, drawn from inside a gilded cage, reveal the crisp hypocrisy of the Victorian Age. Both are unbalanced and craving a life beyond their sad sameness when they meet again unex... more
  • The Rebels of Cordovia

    by Linda Weaver Clarke

    Centuries after the legendary Robin Hood, a group of men and women find themselves fighting for the same cause: for their rights, for freedom of speech, and equality. Robin’s Rebels realize they must fight against the tyranny of a wicked king and help the people survive this oppression. In the small country of Cordovia, small groups of rebels begin springing up, but its Robin’s Rebels who get the attention of the king.


    In this battle for freedom, a tender love s... more

  • Dreaming of Dillon (The Dillon Series Book 1)

    by J.L.Heritage
    Marcus Dillon is a formidable businessman whom has amassed much wealth and status after launching his successful business. After being betrayed and humiliated by his first and only love, he shy’s away from the dating scene, completely unable to trust and love again. His family live in Australia and only come over once a year for Christmas, spending his favourite holiday with him. \tSophie is an ordinary young woman working in the city trying to earn a living. She has a fantastic relationship wi... more
  • This Can't Be Happening!

    by Neha Singh
    When Lavanya decides to pursue her Doctoral degree in biotechnology little does she know that her life will entangle itself with people who will awaken in her new levels of consciousness about the meaning of friendship, true love, sacrifice, jealousy, pain and above all about the crests and troughs that accompany the whole process of research. She is in for a lot of new surprises and a journey riddled with a search for the many meanings of love and friendship impacted by a haunting and mysteriou... more
  • Beauty Sleeping

    by Farha Hasan
    Safia and Aiden’s lives are on an undeniable and inevitable course. Like hamsters on a wheel, they toil through their days and well into the nights, working more hours than anyone should. Safia is an advertising executive at one of New York’s most prestigious firms while Aiden is one of the Wall Street guys. Two people. Two separate lives. Both working to drown their heartaches. What neither realizes is that the loneliness and mundane nature of each day is about to change. Destiny and fate are r... more
  • Lagos Through His Eyes

    by Nick Nwaogu

    Ambitious Nnenna leaves Enugu for Lagos, seeking independence. Sadly, life in Lagos isn’t the buzz she heard of while growing up. Few days after arriving to the city, she meets Segun at an elite party where she serves food and drinks.

    Although Segun’s father is filthy rich and excessively connected, Segun isn’t the type of man Nnenna wants to end up with. Apart from acting immature and completely unfocused, he is Muslim and Yoruba, and every possible thing she never wa... more

  • A Package Deal (Matched Online) (Volume 2)

    by Robin Patchen
    Jo didn’t know she wanted children until she learned that cancer had likely ruined her chances to have them. Dared by her friends to try online dating, Jo meets a man who would be perfect—if not for his obvious desire for a family and her too recent cancer scare.  Carter can’t believe his luck when his first match through the online dating site is the pretty woman from the UPS store. He figures he’ll tell Jo about his five-year-old daughter if things get serious—which he doesn’t figure they w... more
  • Clover House

    by Alan Cuthbertson
    Clover House is a home ran by the local council. It’s residents are there because their parents, family or the community can no longer deal with their behaviour. Leo French has lived at Clover House for nearly 8 years. For Leo life was dull and mundane, that was until Julie Sykes arrived. After uncovering Julie’s secret, Leo uses his limited time and resources to make her wishes come true. At the time he had no idea where it would lead them... This tear jerker has so many twists and... more
  • My Lord Ghost (Grace Sisters Book 2)

    by Meredith Bond
    She only wanted to save his soul. He needed to save her life. Laia Grace wasn’t raised among English society and besides meeting men was so much fun! But when the naive Regency miss introduces herself to the wrong person, her father decides that it’s time she grew up. If only he knew that the house he was sending her to had a ghost in residence. Marcus Bolingbrook is haunting his own home, living in the secret passages and priest holes while he tries to deal with the horrific events that le... more
  • She's Got the Jack: The Kate and Robert Chronicles

    by Suzanne Eglington
    It hasn't even been a year since their wedding, and it feels as though they have lived a million lives, filled with travel, romance, adventure and amazing sex. Kate is finally starting to understand Roberts over- protective nature as she learns more about her dark knight. Then a new arrival changes things. Kate's crazy Uncle Jack shows up in his usual manner, by surprise, and Robert proves to be a pup in this older wolf's presence.
  • Beckham 101: The Kate and Robert Chronicles

    by Suzanne Eglington
    It's been a thrill for the most part learning and living with my terminator of a husband. Some days it is more than I can handle only he seems to do a good job getting me through those rough patches. Roberts past is surfacing more and more the longer we are together. There are times I want to cry or scream as his history unfolds. I have to keep reminding myself...It's his past...
  • You and I: The Kate and Robert Chronicles

    by Suzanne Eglington
    Following her heart Kate understood Robert was her destiny. What chance did she have against the sheer magnetism of his physical presence, the spell he cast upon her. She was enchanted by him with her eyes wide open and all she could think about was wanting more. Kate didn't know a great deal about her dark mysterious knight. She sensed there were secrets behind all his extremes and it was going to be her mission to learn everything. The question was at what cost to her would his secrets reveal.... more
  • Ghost in the Pages

    by Angela M Hudson
    Ghosts aren’t real. But sometimes they’re the only logical explanation. When failed writer Alice Beaumont visits a small town to reconnect with her muse, she uncovers a decades-old mystery that will inspire her next novel. But there are hidden dangers in dredging up the past, and the old ghost in the story has unfinished business that could cost Alice her life.