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  • A Life Cut Short

    by Relle Bateman
    Camry is a down-on-her luck college student with no money, no prospects, and a slew of unfortunate incidents trailing her. Cassia is a New York heiress with no life--literally. When Camry learns of Cassia's ghost and her unfulfilled bucket list, she agrees to help check a few items off, but the final task--stopping Cassia's killer--might prove more perilous than she expected. With time running out before the killer strikes again, it's up to Camry to alert the next victim. But her own string of m... more
  • Beyond Stonebridge

    by Linda Griffin

    In this sequel to Stonebridge, it is 1959, and Rynna Wyatt's abusive husband Jason has fallen to his death after a fight with his bookish, disabled cousin Ted Demeray. The police would like to know exactly what happened, but Ted and Rynna can't tell the whole truth. Jason's death doesn't end his relationship with them either. Rynna is pregnant with his child and traumatized by his abuse. She and Ted leave Stonebridge Manor to start a new life in Brenford, where T... more

  • A Tryst in Paris: A Time Travel Romance

    by Anne Armistead
    Mirabelle becomes The Carousel Time Traveler and falls for a French rogue. What happens in 1900 Paris stays in 1900 Paris . . . or will it? When Mirabelle Montgomery visits the Luxembourg Carousel in Paris, a mysterious time shifter sweeps her into the Carousel’s time travel vortex and transports her to 1900 Paris. Her return will be allowed once she completes her mission to restore a man’s fate gone wrong. But whose? Upon meeting dangerously sexy Jacques Thibaut, Mirabelle believes she ha... more
  • The Summer Song: A sweet romance

    by Lindsay Detwiler
    A sweet, beachy romance by International and Award-Winning Bestselling Author Lindsay Detwiler, The Summer Song is perfect for fans of Emily Henry, Jane Green, and Debbie Macomber. They always say you can't go home again, but let me add to that advice. If you do return home to live with your stoic, lawyer father and meddling mother, make sure you're not thirty with a bankrupt business and a failed romance. At thirty, Mathilda "Tillie" Ashby's life is in shambles. After a failed business ... more
  • Guitars & Cadillacs

    by sabine keevil
    Life is tough when you're dating a Country Music Superstar. From Nashville to Honolulu, Reanne Parker finds that out as she is swept off her feet by the legendary Colton Wright, whose female fans are ready to lay the world, and themselves, at his door. When an ex-wife, who is suddenly not so ex, shows up on the scene as well—with innuendos surrounding a ten year old mystery—their romance, and their lives, quickly become very, very complicated.
  • The Heart of the Cowboy's Violet-Eyed Farmhand

    by S.R. Johnson
    Cheyenne was a lonely girl who lost her parents in young adulthood, lost contact with her siblings for seven years, and got out of a toxic, abusive relationship after four years of misery. Cheyenne’s ex-boyfriend abused her in every way. She’s a country girl, but she’s been living in the city. She was scrolling on her phone one morning before work, and she noticed a job advertisement for a farmhand job. Cheyenne went to her interview and saw a man working. She loved the way he looked and th... more
  • Tutoring the Bookseller: Virgin Hero in a Steamy Regency Romance Layered with Intrigue (S∂¥, Lies, & Forbidden Desires Book 5

    by Andrea K. Stein
    Bookish Lord Whitcombe makes a bold request of 'The Insatiable Lady' Lord Daedalus Whitcombe, owner of the most wicked bookshop in London, has been named a scandal and a disgrace by most of good society. A title he revels in as it sells more books and annoys the very devil out of his haughty brother, the duke. His brother's efforts to close the bookshop become secondary to Lord Whitcombe's fascination with the shop's new, in-demand book, A Feast of Fantasies, by The Insatiable Lady. His quest... more
  • Finally in Tune (Coded for Love Book 2)

    by Kat Vinson

    She’s already successful. He’s chasing a dream. When fate reunites them, can they orchestrate a second chance?

    Casey Washington is happily independent. Worth millions after her stock options exploded, the prosperous data scientist doesn’t regret missing out on a husband and babies. But while back in Oklahoma clearing out her late dad’s album collection, she’s shocked when she runs into a previously off-limits old flame and buried feelings reignite.

    Mu... more

  • The Church Ladies League

    by Áine Dyer
    Sienna Pinedecker's life has been put on hold for the last ten years as she struggled to care for both of her parents after they got sick. But now, after her mother's death, Sienna has the opportunity to start rebuilding her life by herself and be alone - precisely how she likes it. Except God has other plans for her and soon it's apparent that maybe being alone isn't really everything she thought it was.
  • Challenging the Chef

    by Shanna Hatfield
    He wants a peaceful, anonymous existence. She needs an escape from the stress of her life. Will their shared passion for cooking lead them to a taste of love?
  • Love in the Liner Notes

    by Katta Kis
    Two ex-boy band heartthrobs. A witchy sex educator. The love triangle no one expected. Cazzi has been in love with her childhood best friend Patrick since, well, forever. He’s the only one who gets her paganism, her passion for sex education, and knows what happened on the worst night of her life. But when she kissed him, it ruined their friendship. Now Patrick is back in her life—until his old bandmate throws a wrench in their relationship. Rohan is an ex-boy band heartthrob on his las... more
  • A Church in Ipswich

    by Briar Hill

    It was an enigma. The ancient monument known as St. Thomas Cathedral in the quiet town of Ipswich, Massachusetts. After centuries of use, the decaying and decrepit church was slowly falling apart; the last congregation having left decades ago. Ready to put it out of its misery, the Town of Ipswich hired the largest engineering firm in Boston to determine its fate. This simple decision, however, will prove catastrophic. From murder in the streets of Shenzhen, China, to political upheaval in Ma... more

  • Regret & Romance

    by Rebekah Santoro
    Melody Haden is excited to begin her dream job at a local public library, but her dream turns into a nightmare when her college ex-boyfriend Jamie Washington starts at the library the same day. Confronted with a painful past, Melody tries to ignore this walking reminder of a broken heart by hanging out with her plucky best friend, helping her new elderly friend, and maybe even getting a new chance at love with a library patron. Jamie has other plans however, and pulls out all the stops to befrie... more
  • A Deal With a Duke

    by Tammy Andresen
    The Duke is her brother’s best friend… Which is the ONLY reason the Duke of Upton agrees to take Anna Smith away from London to protect the fragile beauty. Rath’s dark looks and derelict life are not compatible with the effervescent Anna. In fact, she quakes in fear every time he comes near her. As she should. If she had any idea the dark past he holds in his cold black heart, she’d surely run screaming from his country estate. And that can’t happen because he’s not the biggest bad in t... more

    by Rejoice Kur
    ANYEZAH is a story about a young woman who sets on a journey of self-discovery. Her early years were spent in a small village around extended family members. Then moving to a town and later a city at the time the story begun. The story covered a series of ruminations and inner dialogues through which the narrator trounced her anxiety over her unpredicted journey in love and career. She hid behind her defeats and found solace in her reflections along the path of reversed journey she had taken as... more
  • The Earl Was Wrong

    by Britt Belle
    Born a vicar’s daughter, Emmeline has dedicated herself to her younger siblings and, as a result, has been too busy to consider her own future. At twenty-four, marriage seems unlikely—until she meets a practical lord who offers her the very thing she’s always dreamed of: a family of her own. Sebastian ought to be the perfect husband, but he can be overbearing and emotionally distant. To her relief, she begins to catch glimpses of a kind, caring man behind his cold exterior. Can she convince him ... more