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  • Bride of Ice (The Warrior Daughters of Rivenloch, Book 2)

    by Glynnis Campbell
    Cool and commanding warrior maid Hallidis Cameliard’s destiny is clear—a husband appointed by the king and eventual reign over Rivenloch. So when her cousins are captured by a Highland laird, she naturally takes charge, seizing the laird’s right hand man as leverage. Captive Colban an Curaidh knows his clan cannot afford war, so he counts on his honor to keep the peace, charming Hallie’s clan and melting her heart. But when he offers her more, fate snatches away her one chance for love, and o... more
  • Well . . . That Was Awkward

    by Megan Olavarria

    John and Em meet on the boardwalk as the moonlight dances off the Chesapeake Bay.

    She thinks he’s gorgeous and comes down with a case of instalove.
    He thinks she’s a panhandler and gives her five dollars.

    The embarrassment is enough to send Em running for a life makeover. The only problem is, she’s spent the last decade looking after everyone else in her little town and now she’s totally forgotten how to self-care.

    Adding to that garbage heap of ... more

  • Think of Me

    by Kat Schuessler
    When Detective Josh Hartnell's wife had a psychotic break, he needed to figure out how to raise their daughter on his own. Two years later, when his friend and partner decides to set him up with a woman, he doubts that anything will come of it. Rita Morgan is a law student at Kent State University. After her disappointing relationship with a professor ends, her friends insist on setting her up with a single dad. Although Josh is sweet and incredibly sexy, he comes with some baggage--in the shape... more
  • No Backward Glances

    by Kat Schuessler
    When Lorelai Todd has her heart shattered by her boyfriend, she vows to never trust a man again. Six months later, she is called to the hospital where she works to help with an emergency. She speeds to get there and is pulled over by Jay, the handsome cop that will eventually threaten to break down the walls around her heart. After pulling over the beautiful nurse that caught his eye, Jay regrets not asking her out, until he is called to the hospital to identify a potential kidnapping victim who... more
  • How the Lady Charmed the Marquess

    by Laura A. Barnes

    A love that sneaks upon you unaware …

    All she had to do was to pretend an interest in the gentlemen invited to the house party. He only came to the house party to amuse himself. After they are thrown together for the entertainments, will they realize the depths of their desire for one another?

    Charlotte Holbrooke enjoyed her simple life at her uncle’s estate. She filled her days by spending time with her family ... more

  • Bangalore Escorts

    by Reshma Pandit
    I always offer a genuine and different type of escort service in Bangalore to high-end people who always want to spend his precious time with a professional escort. Gentlemen if you are searching for a good class, educated escort and also want to travel with a girl, who can give you the GFE experience and treat you like a prince then meet me, I am the complete girl according to your wish and you can also check my website pages for know more about my Bangalore escorts service that what I can serv... more
  • Desert Fire, Mountain Rain

    by Amy Schisler
    Andi Nelson’s dream was to go to the Naval Academy and serve her country. As an intelligence commander with SEAL Team Three, her life is what she always imagined until a lapse in intelligence leads to the death of her team and the man she loves. Plagued with survivor’s guilt, Andi returns to her hometown in the Arkansas Ozarks only to discover that Buffalo Springs is as depressed and broken as she is. Wade Montgomery, a mover and shaker in New York City’s world of finance, has closed his hea... more
  • B08LTXX1ND

    by Claudia Shelton
    Welcome to Nature's Crossing, a small Missouri town needing more than a face lift to survive. Got a moment? We'd be happy to show you around… Big-city newscaster Ashley Lanovan never dreamed she'd be divorced and unemployed at barely thirty-eight years old. Needing time to plan her future, she agrees to housesit for friends in Nature's Crossing. After setting new life goals, and adjusting to small-town culture shock, she realizes that her priorities have been misplaced for the past ten years.... more
  • B07S2LY4KF

    by Claudia Shelton
    To ex-Navy SEAL Mitch Granger, responsibility isn’t just a word. It’s his Code of Honor. But when assigned to protect Coercion Ten’s latest target, she challenges his authority, defies his rules, and wreaks havoc on his personal willpower. Fighting for her isn’t a problem. Giving his life for her isn’t a problem. Forgetting their world-stopping kiss? Definite problem. And if he can’t concentrate solely on keeping her safe, it may cost them both their lives. Journalist Liz Walkert’s missing fa... more
  • B07B8VPNL2

    by Claudia Shelton
    Former vice cop Mackenzie Baudin is at the top of criminal organization Coercion Ten’s hit list. If they get hold of her, she’ll be leveraged against her uncle, director of OPAQUE’s special ops force. She’s now saddled with agent-protector Josh Slater. He might be hotter than ever, but she’ll never forgive him for walking out on her ten years ago. Unfortunately her penthouse, which is now his domain, is way too small for the both of them. No one else knows better than OPAQUE agent Josh Slater... more
  • B00J6U7MA6

    by Claudia Shelton
    Three years ago, Marcy Bradley let the man she loved go so he could follow his career dream of being an FBI agent. She sent divorce papers. He signed. She never filed them. Injured during his last assignment, FBI Special Agent Jean Bernard—JB—Bradley questions the integrity of his fellow agents. A few days recuperation back in his hometown will give him the perspective he needs. The added bonus is it'll give him time to convince his ex-wife to come back to him, despite his life of risk. But when... more
  • Love Is Forever

    by Ellen Carter
    Dr. Julia Crane has worked hard all her life. She has put herself through college by taking out student loans, playing all kinds of gigs, and teaching. She is beginning her second year as Instructor of Music at Chapman State University, a small Liberal Arts college in Northern Kentucky. David Jennings Cooper, however, secured his undergraduate degree with an athletic scholarship which paid for everything. After graduation, he signed a multi-million dollar contract with a professional basketba... more
  • The Black and White Virus

    by Mike Jason

    The Black and White Virus

    The United States and Russia are in the midst of a global struggle for world domination. Tensions are running high due to Russia’s recent threat to unleash a chemical weapon containing a deadly virus capable of killing millions of people around the world.

    The media is covering the strong possibility of the viral threat day and night, causing many people to panic. Citizens across America are stocking up on supplies and wearing face masks to protect t... more

  • Nerdelicious

    by Mary Frame
    The plan is simple: stay in Blue Falls, Texas, for a few months to lick my wounds, search for work, and save up money to move back to New York. Then breeze back into town with a great job and a new plan for my life, and show my ex and everyone else what I’m made of. Like the Punisher, but you know, without all the violence and eternal vengeance. So when a silent giant of a man known only as Beast asks me to help him with dating of all things, the simple plan gets a little complicated. Everyone ... more
  • Hiding Away

    by Carrie Thorne
    He's not a playboy. Not a bad boy. Not an alpha. Admittedly, Aiden McAllister didn't always keep his nose clean, and there are those that might describe him as... well, as any of the above. Most regrettably, he's always been bridled with a bullseye on his forehead that decries him as marriage material, so he ran far and fast to avoid such a suffocating trap. Natalie is clearly hiding something, and Aiden suspects she is more than the introverted photographer she claims to be. One fantastic... more
  • When to Dare a Dishonorable Duke

    by Tammy Andresen
    He’s far too dark and dangerous… The Duke of Danesbury is not a man to be trifled with. Dark and wickedly handsome, the man’s reputation precedes him and Lady Cassandra Winterset knows when to leave a man alone. She’s a widow after all, and versed in the harsh realities of the world. What she needs is a husband who will secure her future not a man who will only provide a temporary escape from her reality. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t tempted…. Still, she’s smart enough to know when to ... more