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  • Dream Lover

    by Talyn Gore
    Some say true love in a dream is your mind compensating for the love you can’t find in reality. But I wasn’t looking. Who’s to say that love in a dream isn’t real? Perhaps it’s simply another form of reality. The veil between fantasy and reality is very thin. What happens when the two collide? Eli ~ I thought I had it all…until I met her. She only exists in my dreams…so please don’t wake me. We live a lifetime together in my dreams; but every morning when I awake she is gone. She’s always th... more
  • Dream Lover

    by Talyn Gore
    Some say true love in a dream is your mind compensating for the love you can’t find in reality. But I wasn’t looking. Who’s to say that love in a dream isn’t real? Perhaps it’s simply another form of reality. The veil between fantasy and reality is very thin. What happens when the two collide? So, here I am sitting on a park bench at five o’clock in the afternoon, waiting for my dream girl to arrive. Mind you, I don’t know if she’s actually real. I mean “real” like a live person or if she is ... more
  • Ransom My Heart (Cheapside Trilogy Book One)

    by Judy Gerlach
    Evangelist Timothy Locker is an outspoken abolitionist with a passion for winning souls as well as helping fugitive slaves. When Haven Haywood, daughter of a slaveholder, unexpectedly appears on the scene during the rescue of an injured slave who escaped from Cheapside Auction Block, Timothy’s heart is instantly smitten. But it’s not long into their courtship that differing views on slavery come between them. When Cheapside threatens Timothy’s friend, the slave preacher Micah, Haven must decide ... more
  • A Matter of Time

    by Connie Webb
    Callie is a Sumerian orphan with little memory of her true family. Raised by the Caledonii to be a Huntress, she must earn her place within her new clan (not as easy as it sounds). Betrayed by those she calls family and sacrificed to the gods of her enemy, her trials have only just begun. Her soul is torn from her body and placed in the body of a modern woman. Fleeing from deranged gods, fighting to recover her stolen memories and falling for a sexy half dragon...with the help of unlikely alli... more
  • Pocket Piece Cameo

    by Robert Costelloe
    Raised in a small Pennsylvania town, Jill and Blake seem the unlikeliest match of all. He is a star athlete, but as a football lineman, he is self-conscious about his size. She's a thrill-seeking acrobat and gymnast, a tomboy who prefers computers to boys. Allison, on the other hand, seems to have it all: beauty, brains, talent, and ambition. But epileptic seizures scramble her life and her outlook. All three are upended by a treachery breathtaking in its audacity and shattering in its impact. C... more
  • Coinage of Commitment

    by Robert Costelloe

    Coinage of Commitment is a different kind of love story. It features characters determined to find romance that's better than the relationships they see all around them. Something richer, something higher, something longer lasting—something worth holding out for. These are characters willing to plan and search for what they want.

    Wayne and Nancy meet in the late 1960s and recognize these special qualities in each other. Their attraction is irresistible. But they have class, po... more

  • A Boy, a Girl, and a Ghost: A Novel of... Love, Life, & Family

    by Robert J. McCarter
    A Novel of... Love, Life, & Family A Boy. Sixteen-year-old Aaron Wade. With his “second strike” with leukemia in remission and his health restored, the summer of 1977 feels like a turning point… until he starts to see a ghost in the Cedar City, Utah graveyard. A Girl. Seventeen-year-old Helena Monfort. She grew up too early, the tough girl with a bad reputation that just needs a friend. A Ghost: Lionel Malak. A simple man, he doesn’t understand why someone would murder him, but longs fo... more
  • Geeky, Freaky, Clueless

    by G.G. Andrew
    Phineas Harrington was Vina Penjarla's first real kiss. But when she discovers the gorgeous Brit is the new theater director she'll be working with, things get super complicated. After all, Vin knows nothing about this dating stuff. And as her attraction for the sweet and intelligent guy grows, so does her fear that he's keeping a big, dark secret. But what if Vin has a secret of her own?
  • Scandalous Duke (League of Dukes Book 5)

    by Scarlett Scott
    Felix Markham, Duke of Winchelsea, has devoted his life to being the perfect statesman and raising his daughter after his beloved wife’s death. But when devastating bombings on the railway leave London in an uproar, he is determined to bring the mastermind of the attacks to justice. He will lure the fox from his den by any means. In her youth, Johanna McKenna donned a French accent and stage name to escape the clutches of her violent father and became the darling of the New York City stage as... more
  • Wanton in Winter (The Wicked Winters Book 3)

    by Scarlett Scott
    A desperate earl... Cameron Blythe, the Earl of Hertford, is about to lose nearly everything he owns to creditors in the wake of his blackguard father’s death. The only way to stave off ruin is to find a wealthy wife, even if it means aligning himself with one of the infamous Winter sisters. Any of the chits will do. Except for Miss Eugenia Winter, that is, whose reputation has been tainted by scurrilous gossip. A defiant lady... When Eugie spurned an odious, fortune-hunting suitor, the las... more
  • The Forgotten Duke (Diamonds In The Rough Book 5)

    by Sophie Barnes

    He never imagined he'd be the man he was born to be, or that one woman's faith in him would change his life forever...

    When Carlton Guthrie, Scoundrel of St. Giles, encounters a runaway bride in the London slums, he offers to help her. Not out of kindness, but because she's the Earl of Hedgewick's daughter. Using Regina to exact his revenge on her father seems like the perfect plan. Until Carlton starts to fall for the innocent beauty.

    Se... more

  • Alma Underwood Is Not A Kleptomaniac

    by Lacey Dailey
    Alma Underwood is NOT a kleptomaniac. But she does take things that don’t belong to her. The best part about working as a maid in her parent’s motel is pocketing all the random objects people leave behind. From old ticket stubs to the glue that comes with a toupee, Alma has discovered it all and stored it in a tub beneath her bed. Her greatest treasure isn’t what she found in room six at Great Lakes Motel, but it’s who she discovered in an old, abandoned train car behind her house. H... more
  • Thunderstruck

    by Maria Riegger
    They're opposing candidates in a contentious election who have a scandalous past. Years ago, Monica and Brian had an intense affair, which ended in heartbreak. Years later, Monica ends up facing Brian in a congressional campaign on the outskirts of Washington, DC. Old sentiments resurface, threatening to derail Monica's political plans. And when everything becomes public, Monica turns into a woman with nothing to lose. She's determined to win the election at any cost, despite whatever she ... more
  • Carmine: Blood and Thunder (Shades of Red Book 4)

    by T.L. Christianson

    Are vampires real? And given the choice...would you choose to turn?

    Vampires are the last thing nurse Sofia should be worried about. She's working two jobs and struggling to care for her ailing mom. However, her patient, 98-year-old Mrs. Shaposhnikov, is convinced vampires exist and continually talks about them to anyone who will listen.

    Sofia's troubled by the stories, but dismisses them until her patient's family visits from Russia. Among the visitors is tall, dark, ... more

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