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  • Wrong For Him

    by Christi Barth
    Amelia Kirkland’s been head-over-heels for Teague Sullivan forever. Not that she’s ever let him know—as her brother’s best friend, he’s officially off-limits. That’s even more true once they become partners in rehabbing a historic inn. She can’t risk what she’s building with her brother and her friends just to fulfill a lifelong crush. Can she? When Teague left the Special Forces, he didn’t know what would come next. Until his best friend, Alex, won an inn as a lottery prize and made him a pa... more
  • The King's Cowboy

    by Madeline Ash
    He’s the reclusive king no one expected—in love with the cowboy he left behind. Prince Tommy Jaroka’s social anxiety rules his life. And it weighs heavier than the crown when an attack drives him to step up and lead. A king can’t hide from his people. Disguised, he throws himself into local nightlife in a bid to confront his demons, and is blindsided by an entirely different pain—his best friend of twenty years and secret love, Jonah Wood. Battling public duties and a threat to the throne,... more
  • The Brazen Bluestocking

    by Tracy Sumner

    In this Regency romance by award-winning author Tracy Sumner, a willful bluestocking matches wits with a devilish scoundrel she never expected to desire with every beat of her heart.

    A defiant society outcast.
    A forbidding rogue who doesn’t believe in love.
    And a passionate wager.

    Daughter of an earl, Lady Hildegard Templeton hasn’t conformed to what society expects from a woman of her station. Industrious and unique, she’s created an emboldened organiz... more

  • A Scent of Lilac

    by Frances McCoy
    Mabel Flanigan is certain of three things: she is in love with Bonnie, she must escape Pleasant Meadows Mental Hospital before her scheduled brain operation, and when she escapes her father will stop at nothing to have her recommitted or worse. Sixteen year old Mabel has always felt different from the other girls in Wheatonville. She is determined to go to college and study astronomy, but when seventeen year old Bonnie moves to the sleepy midwestern town, Mabel realizes that there is more to ... more
  • The Spinster's Swindle

    by Catherine Stein

    Enter a world of twisted fairytales and Victorian spiritualism in this sequel to The Scoundrel's New Con.

    Revenge is in her future. But falling for her enemy's son is one fate this spiritualist could never have envisioned.

    Playwright Maxwell Millerson would rather spend his days dreaming up stories than cleaning up his father's messes. But a trendy renovation has the family's gaming club on the brink of ruin, and not even Max's im... more

  • Love Unfailing

    by Tara Taffera
    Anna Andros, a new Christian, becomes enraptured by the worship leader on stage each Sunday. His love for the Lord appears as solid as his strong muscles on display each week. The attraction is mutual, and Anna is drawn in by his charm. Meanwhile, she becomes closer to another man, this one a lifelong Christian and family friend. Conflict arises as she is torn between the two men in her life. Is the worship leader as genuine as he seems? Or is the one she has known for years who God has in mi... more
  • The Certainty of Chance

    by Jacquelyn Middleton
    THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT DECEMBER… Madeleine Joy is feeling more meh than merry. When an Icelandic volcano erupts six days before Christmas, hazardous ash congests European airspace, canceling flights indefinitely—including the thirtysomething's connection to Paris. Stranded alone in London, separated from her sister, and with the devastating one-year anniversary of her best friend’s tragic death just days away, Madeleine has never felt less festive. And as if things couldn’t get worse, the cu... more
  • With Every Sunset

    by Jane Lake
    Charlie - It all began when I saw him in a red Chevy parked at the edge of a cliff. Xander. I was lost...and he was a lost soul. He drove me home, and before he disappeared into the dead of the night, he dropped a bombshell on me. Then he left, and it left me reeling, wondering whether he had made it through the night...and the summer. Until I saw him on my first day of school, and from that day, everything he did consumed me. He was the type of guy that could make you fall in love with just a l... more
  • Love and Other Sins

    by Emilia Ares
    Mina’s life is going according to plan, she’s acing AP Calc and is perfectly content with her non-existant social life. Though only a high school junior, Mina knows time is an investment and she’s putting all her capital into academics. Oliver is ready to burn down his old life and start from scratch – complete with a new name and emancipation papers – in L.A. When the two are thrown together through circumstance and develop an unexpected connection, they discover how hard it is to keep the past... more
  • 978-1-7376695-0-0

    by Lance Ringel
    August, 1988 – the hottest summer in more than a century in New York, a city shadowed by the AIDS epidemic. Gary Gaines is 35 years old and three years past losing, in the most sudden, unexpected, terrible way, the love of his life, Becker Barnes. And then again, he is not past it at all. One night, to forget their mutual pain, Gary and his best friend Julia Stern, an even more recent widow, venture out to a funky East Village restaurant. There Gary meets, in the most unlikely circumstances, Ric... more
  • Saving Ariel

    by Molly Kendall
    Ariel Matthew enjoys escaping into the worlds and adventures of her favorite books, but she can't escape her past, no matter how hard she tried to push it from her mind. Haunted by a traumatic event, Ariel struggles to find peace from her memories of what happened. When Axel Stone walks into the small coffee shop where she works, her world is changed forever, and she begins to believe that happiness might be possible. But neither one of them is ready for the devastation that ensues when both of ... more


    Summer 1977. As the Son of Sam and a scorching heat wave plague New York City, Laila Levin, a Jewish sociologist from Long Island, meets Dr. Eduardo Quintana while giving a speech on the epidemic problem of teenage pregnancies. Laila is relationship-shy after a disastrous marriage, and Eduardo has never completely recovered from his high school sweetheart’s desertion. He is finishing up a residency in New York City and plans to open a family practice near his hometown in New Mexico.

    ... more
  • Hometown

    by Wendy Rich Stetson
    Newly fired from the teaching job she never really wanted, Tessa Meadows retreats to her childhood home in sleepy Green Ridge, PA to housesit for her globe-trotting parents. After a chance encounter with an Amish family over whoopie pies and yet another with her second grade Sunday School teacher who now works at the local hospital, she finds herself in an unlikely love triangle between a strong, silent carpenter and a dashing young doctor. Since when is her hometown crawling with hot guys? S... more
  • The Unifieds

    by Carla Trueheart
    In the year 2273, the former United States is divided into two sectors: the Unifieds and the Solitaries. Seventeen-year-old Eldree Concord has studied all her life to become a Go-Between, a citizen who works as a peacekeeper between the Unifieds and the Solitaries. As a Unified, Eldree lives with uniformity among citizens, cutting-edge technology, and a structured government. The Solitaries, however, live scattered, old-world lifestyles with limited rules and regulations. With vastly different w... more
  • Sadie

    by Shanna Hatfield
    For most of her life, Doctor Sadie Thorsen has imagined seeing the world on grand adventures. When America joins the war raging across the Atlantic in 1917, it seems her dreams are about to come true. She travels overseas as a contracted physician, eager to do her part to help the war effort. Endless streams of wounded push her to the limits of endurance, then she receives word Harley John Hobbs, the man she's loved for years, is missing in action. Unable to bear the thought of life without him ... more
  • Mended Hearts

    by Angelina Disano
    Katie Williams is used to pretending. Raising her younger brother on her own and struggling with depression, she’s made it this far with fierce determination alone. Matt Stephens has suddenly lost his mother. He’s at her apartment, going through her personal belongings and trying not to fall apart, when he meets the pretty brunette who lives upstairs. Can these two broken hearts heal each other? Or will distance and a threat from Katie’s past cause them to shatter for good?